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When Pens winger Phil Kessel arrived at Ricoh Coliseum for Pittsburgh’s optional practice on Friday, he was met with a surprise.

Instead of finding his gear in a locker stall, it was set up on a chair outside of the locker room, complete with a case of Coke-a-Cola, cups for coffee, some signs and a big sign above it all reading “The Phil Zone.”

The prank was the brainchild of center Evgeni Malkin and head equipment manager Dana Heinze.

The backstory is this. On Thursday the Pens were playing against the New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center. However, there were only 24 locker stalls available and 25 players in attendance.

Heinze approached Malkin out of respect and asked if he would mind being placed in a chair, since he was not playing that evening against the Devils. Malkin, of course, was fine with it.

Heinze set out to find “the nicest chair possible,” and set up his gear on the seat. As the team arrived for the morning skate, Kessel began chirping both Heinze and Malkin. He even tweeted a pic of the seat saying: “Pigeon couldn’t even get a regular stall.”

So Malkin and Heinze put their heads together for some payback.

“It wasn’t my idea. It was Dana. He said we need to answer,” Malkin said. “I wanted to answer today and Dana helped me.”

04/07/17: Phil Kessel gets pranked + Inside Scoop: Payback for Phil

Dear Evan Hansen characters as stuff my family and I have said
  • Evan: I don't say shit because avoiding conversation is my middle name.
  • Heidi: Never judge a woman by her onions. Especially a woman as awesome as your mother.
  • Zoe: I spend my time recovering from an abusive relationship and putting hot sauce on everything. It's more just a coping mechanism now.
  • Connor: *rehearsing dance competition solo* (in time with the music) I hate my life! When will I die! Everything about life makes me cry!
  • Cynthia: What do I do? I'm an actor for Christian yoga DVDs. I lied. I'm not. But I am very good at making gluten free bread.
  • Larry: Now girls, I'm your father, and I have two doctorates in music studies, but I do have my fair share of vintage baseball cards and haunted softball stories. *shudders*
  • Jared: I spend all my time listening to The Adventure Zone and reading fanfiction, and now you want me to work? Not gonna happen honey.
  • Alana: I wear blazers. BLAZERS. How could you possibly think I'm still "the straight one"?
I just want to say,

as a white writer I may put things in fics that poc readers can’t relate to and when that happens please tell me! Because it is absolutely not intentional and if you tell me I will immediately correct it because fanfiction should be inclusive for everyone and I would hate for someone to feel like they can’t read my fics because I wrote something they couldn’t relate to and took them out of the zone of reading. So please, please, please tell me if you see something like that in my fics and know that it was an error on my part that I am more than happy to correct and that I’m deeply sorry happened in the first place. I really do try to watch how I phrase things when describing the reader but there are obviously things I am ignorant to as a white person so please don’t hesitate to correct me. I will not be offended.

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What is the best way to differentiate whether a person uses Fe or Ne? I notice both functions in either dom/aux position radiate joy and energy oftentimes and like to share their ideas and opinions verbally and often. It sounds silly, knowing that there is a lot of difference between a judging function and a perceiving function, but behavior wise I sometimes struggle to pinpoint the difference.

Have you ever read, or seen a movie based on, Oscar Wilde?

Many of his plays are satires, open mockery of the absurdities of social norms; he mocked, maligned, twisted, and pointed out the shallowness of it, in comedic form. He mocks three-volume novels, shallow females, and many other things in The Importance of Being Earnest, and social climbing, deceit, and caring about one’s position in life in An Ideal Husband (among many, many other things).

In the 1500s, there was a scholar named Erasmus who thought it a great idea to write an “offensive” (for the times) satire in which a recently deceased pope threatened to force his way into heaven with his gang of banished sinners (he sold them worthless indulgences) after Saint Peter told him to get lost; in order to understand the magnitude of this statement, you must understand that in the 1500′s, common belief saw the Pope as “infallible,” and next to God, therefore to suggest that not only are his indulgences (get out of hell cards, which people paid for with actual money) rubbish, but he’s not going to heaven either, was a radical and offensive statement.

About a decade ago, Rob Bell came on the Christian Evangelical scene and caused a tremendous stir by announcing there is no hell, scripture does not support the concept of hell, and many common beliefs about scripture are fundamentally wrong and based on myth rather than serious study of the period, the people scripture was written for, about, and to, etc. He also caused a sensation by suggesting God isn’t who most people think He is – with the result that many have branded Bell as a heretic, but that hasn’t stopped him.

What do all of these people have in common?

They were/are Ne’s.

Ne is not a function that “radiates joy and energy” and wants everyone to share their ideas; its purpose is to take things as far as they can go, and then leap into the unknown, to challenge people way outside their comfort zones. Ne reads between the lines and essentially mocks that which fail to live up to its standard; it sees beyond the obvious to the intangible, to the absurdities of life, beliefs, practices, and so on. And because inevitably, Ne is either paired with Fi or Ti, it doesn’t much care at its level of potential offensiveness; it believes society should be moving forward at a steady pace and abandoning outdated ideals; Bell was naively “caught off guard” by how viciously traditional Christianity struck out against his radical ideas (he was also, as many Ne’s are, ahead of his time; the same movement has, in the last decade, grown astounding speed and started to turn up in multiple voices, supported by many different people doing similiar research; but like an intuitive, he “saw it” first).

Yes, Ne-doms can be funny – even hilarious. They often are, because they take almost nothing with total seriousness, and can see the absurdities in everything life has to offer; but with the ENFPs in particular (such as Erasmus) there is an underlining strong moral judgment, which often manifests in art or literature aimed at shaking your sensibilities and challenging you to rethink things; they want to frame reality in a different way, to provoke thought. Under the comedian is the dark, introspective but hopeful cynic, who believes nothing is too sacred to point out its flaws. Ne’s are comfortable with that; they encourage it, the more the rest of the world “resists” an idea, the more they are curious to explore it, because it’s just an idea… what harm can it do to think? It’s just an abstract discussion.

Thought drives the Ne-dom, not action, not social motivating in a Fe way (”we have a moral responsibility to drive society forward, join our movement!”) but in a disquieting, somewhat uncomfortable Ne way: “Let me show you through this idea how outdated, absurd, or wrong this belief system is.”

(This example is primarily Ne / Fi, but it should give you a general gist of how Ne decides to act on its beliefs – through an intangible object rather than sensory action.)

The Ne takes Jesus’ teachings about love, forgiveness, and compassion, and pairs it with scenes from movies depicting Christians persecuting each other, burning witches, fighting Muslims over Jerusalem, boycotting Harry Potter novels, or banning Moors… to point out, without words, how far removed Christianity is from Christ’s message.

IMPACT. Disturbing. Offensive. Things people don’t want to think about, but in your face. Ne is saying: deal with this. Look at it. End it.

Someone says, “Life owes me more than this,” and the Ne replies, “Life only owes you death, and it will pay up.”

Ne is not this cuddly thing, or a rainbow-pooping unicorn; Ne is introspective and disturbing and unnerving to those without it, because it threatens everything the world says is fine and is most comfortable when shoving people 100 yards outside their comfort zone.

Fe’s usually let people float in their comfort zone, because offending people gets you nowhere. Fe is about expressing emotion, accomplishing things through social harmony or recruiting others, collective motivation and support, creating emotional dynamics, and, in a healthy Fe, doing it in non-offensive ways that bring general wholeness and improvement to all involved.

If you just want an example of Fe vs. Ne… go to YouTube and watch an interview with Hugh Jackman (ESFJ) and then one with Jeff Goldblum (ENTP) and note the differences. ;)

- ENFP Mod

Connor Murphy x Cheerleader!Reader hcs

- Connor met you for the first time because you’re friends with Zoe and he had to drive you, Alana, and Zoe to the mall

- Connor really didn’t want to, but he had to

- His parents weren’t able to and he needed the car after, so here he was driving down the highway with 3 teenage girls laughing in the back seat

- Well Zoe was sitting shotgun, but she kept talking to the two girls behind him

- He was trying not to lash out, he wanted to though

- The laughter was like needles on a chalkboard to him

- Occasionally he’d look in the rearview mirror, he’d see your smile and kind of scoff

- But he doesn’t do it cause he’s like ew smiles

- He does it because he thinks you’re beautiful, but doesn’t want to accept that

- When you guys get to the mall, be breaks away from you quickly

- He spends most of his time in Hot Topic or the food court

- The only bad thing about Hot Topic is that some of the employees are dead set on talking to him

- That’s when he retreats to Chick Fil A to get a milkshake

- He sits alone and looks around at all the people

- Then you, Zoe, and Alana decided to ruin his good ole me time and sat near him

- Zoe and Alana went to get food and you kept glancing at Connor

- Not in a bad way, but you were interested in him and you thought he was a little cute whoops

- But Connor took it as you staring at him because he was a freak and weird

- “Take a picture, it will last longer” he barked at you

- you looked away quickly and your cheeks flushed

- after a few awkward moments, you moved to sit across from him

- “I didn’t mean to stare, well. I didn’t mean for you to take it in a bad way. I just wanna get to know you, that’s all. I don’t think you’re a freak”

- Connor nodded in response

- After that minute interaction, you started talking to him more and more

- and badabing badaboom, two months later you two started dating

- When you were nearing the end of your school year, the cheer captain came up to you and asked you to try out to be on the squad next year

- You were confused because you weren’t super athletic, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t excited

- Then, you grew worried because cheerleaders were seen as prissy and you knew how Connor felt about “popular” people

- But still, you hoped Connor would see past the standard stereotypes and support you

- At lunch, you asked him how he felt about cheerleaders, to test the waters

- “You know how u feel. Most of them are just stuck up girls who have no sense got others feelings.”

- “But have you ever actually talked to any of them?”, you retorted

- “No I haven’t. Why do you care?”

- you looked at him angrily, “I just don’t think you should judge people you don’t know. You didn’t like it when people did that to you.”

- Connor felt a flash of guilt, you were right

- “I’m going to try out.”, you said to him

- He was shocked, “Wait, what?”

- “They want me to, so I will. I would like your support on this.”

- Connors attitude took an 180, “Yeah, I’ll support you. I promise.”

- “Wait what?”

- Connor repeated himself

- You smiled brightly and gave him a big ole hug, “Thank you!”

- When it came time for you to try out, you were beyond nervous

- You had been practicing ever since you got asked, much to Connor’s dismay

- He wanted you to pay attention to him and do the things you two normally did when you hung out

- Ex: watch Twilight Zone, read poetry books, make out

- But now almost all your attention was on your routine

- But being near you was good enough for Connor

- When you actually tried out, Connor waited for you outside the gym

- He was nervous for you, not because he didn’t think you wouldn’t make it

- You were in there for like 20 minutes and that made him worried because you said it would only be like 10 minutes

- Then when you came out you had a beaming smile

- You gave him a massive hug

- He hugged back, “Did you make it?”

- “Well, I won’t know for sure for like a week but I think I did!”

- Connor was at an emotional crossover

- On one hand, he was happy and excited for you because you really wanted to be on the squad

- But he was also scared because he didn’t want you to be introduced to this new life and leave him behind

- When you got the results back, you were on cloud fricken 9

- Connor tried to mimic your happiness, but it was hard to

- You could see how sullen he looked after you told him the news

- But, you reassured him that you loved him and you weren’t ever going to leave him

- That settled him for a while

- Sometimes when you had to leave a date early by like 10 minutes, he felt like cheerleading would take over your life

- But he sucked it up and supported you every step of the way

- He even went to the first game you cheered at

- He clapped, while Zoe yelled, “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND”

- lol she had no fear in expressing how proud of you she is 

- ANYWHO after the game some of the cheerleaders wanted you to go to some party and you are like nah I wanna hang out with my boyfriend

- And Connor felt really happy

- He was so giddy because you wanted to be with him

- What??? Did??? He??? Do??? To??? Deserve??? You???

- That night was just cuddles and sci-fi movies

- He was v proud of you

- NOW TO MORE BROAD HEADCANONS (does that make sense)

- Connor is like really jealous of the other cheerleaders

- Because they spend so much time with you

- And he also his very suspicious of the football players because he sees them all as sleazy

- When he’s around the football players and you (which is every seldom) he’s like physical in the sense that he’s holding your hand, or has an arm wrapped around your shoulders or waist

- Like a subtle way of being like back off they’re mine

- tbh he never saw the appeal of the cheerleader uniforms until he saw you in yours for the first time

- he immediately thought you looked smokin’

- he made sure what you knew that (if ya catch my drift lmao)

- Plus he also thought you just looked so adorable when you were cheering with the squad

- just looking like you were having the time of your life

- his heart just swelled with immense love

- he got very worried when you had to do any flips and stuff

- when he heard of it, he wouldn’t stop being paranoid that you’d get hurt

- he’d be on the edge of his seat when you were doing your routine

- when you succeed, he’d let out a breath and smile

- golly gee he loves you and is proud of you for doing what you love and not succumbing to the stereotypes

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what do u think the back of dans denim jacket says

possibilities include:
spicy memes
i love memes
meme lord
edge lord
kinkshame free zone
i read a wikipedia article about sartre and now i’m an existentialist
daniel h.
dani snot on fire
the alien emoji
don’t ask me about my fursona
go away
my celebrity crush was j law but now it’s evan p
weeb trash
phil trash
deep dark and dank

Be Quiet (Remus Lupin)

Request: Can you do prompt 56 and 73 with James? Maybe the reader could be going on a secret date with Remus and James gets suspicious and over protective? Sorry if it’s so specific! I won’t mind if you do something different, it was just an idea I had
56. “You’re hiding something from me.”
73. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

(Another @daphnegreengrass boii)

It’s not a secret date, really, but it is a hella protective James (also a lil bitter) with lots of name dropping and cute Lily Evans moments.

You’re hiding something from me,” James says, staring at his best friend and you try not to laugh from across the room. Remus doesn’t look up from the cards in his hand.

“Maybe it’s because we’re playing poker,” he counters sedately and James hesitates before shaking his head.

“False. You’re twitchy.” He changes the order of his cards then looks back up at his pale friend. “My divination is working perfectly, and judging by the stars and the moon, you’re not ill.”

“Maybe he has his period,” Peter pipes up, raising the stakes and watching Sirius fold.

“Maybe his mouth tastes like mandrake all the f*cking time,” Sirius hisses and you wrinkle your nose at the thought.

You shouldn’t be eaves dropping, if James catches you he’ll get all whiny and make subtly mean comments until you leave, but you just can’t help it.

“No, it’s none of that,” James says seriously before shaking it off and beaming at Remus. “Ready to lose every sickle you’ve got?”

As the three display their cards, you can see a clear winner. Peters face falls, James is suddenly scowling bigtime and Remus smiles, as calm as a still lake.

Man, do you wanna splash around in the water.

“Still got all my sickles,” he observes and braces for the shove that James pushes him with.

“Come on,” you whine, your gaze glued to the bright green of Remus’s eyes. He’s looking particularly edible like this, his back to the stones and a nervous smile twitching at his lips.

“I- ah… I’m-”

“Leave off, Y/N!” Lily calls from down the corridor, her voice growing closer, “you’re never gonna get a date with Lonely Lupin.”

“But he’s cute and I’ve seen him staring at my legs.” You pout at the redhead and she throws her head back in a laugh. Remus flushes red in front of you and you try not to smirk at the utter adorableness that is a blushing Remus.

“Is that why you’re wearing that?” She nods pointedly to your skirt and you laugh, turning this way and that for her.

The skirt is supposed to be this short, but it’s not for him. It’s for me. Makes my ass look like an apple.” Lily laughs and you shoot her a cheesy grin. You eye Remus, taking in the way he’s specifically only looking at your face and his slightly daggy clothes, and sigh. They’re not ugly or anything, they’re cute. But something in his image makes it seem like you’re out of his league. “We’d be an adorable couple though. Then he’d get full rights to touching my apple ass.”

“Alright, alright, let him be,” Lily orders, grabbing your hand and dragging you away from him. You sigh as you follow her, but your focus quickly shifts and you’re ready to go all over again.

“So, when’s our date?” You coo, interlacing your fingers with hers and she scoffs, before slinging an arm around your neck and pulling you in to plant a sloppy kiss to your cheek.

“We’ve had our date, baby, I was exhausted within ten minutes.” You frown, only to recall the shopping trip to muggle London and laugh aloud. The memories you made that night… “Exactly, you love rat. And how’s Remus supposed to take you seriously if you’re asking out everyone?”

“I’m keeping my options open! But he’s the main goal. Quiet, bookish and scarred. Everything a girl dreams of.”

“Why… You’re going to hate being with him, why are you even trying?” She eyes you, her curiosity obvious and genuine and you pull from her grip. Waltzing away a step, you pause to gather your thoughts- then plonk onto the bench behind you.

“I like to sit.” You stare at the stone eaves above, unable to look at her while you say this. You’ll chicken out if you do. Merlin, this sounds stupid. “I like the quiet and I love to just sit and read or zone out. You probably do not know this since I am such a wild card. And while I love to sit and be quiet, I also love people and making memories. And when you’re doing that, making memories and the like, people start to question you when you’re just sitting and being quiet.”

“And Remus likes to sit and be quiet.”

“Remus probably loves to sit and be quiet. And I’d love to sit and be quiet with him.” You peek at her and try not to smile when you spot her giant grin. “I also want to meet him in the astronomy tower at 3am and ride him into the sunrise.”

When she throws her head back and laughs again, loud and delighted, you beam.

“He also looks like he’s got a secret dom hiding in him and I’m curious if that’s true,” you tease, squeaking when she smacks your arm. “What! You can’t see it?”

“No!” She gasps, giggling and you scoff, rolling your eyes.

“He’s a soft boy, but you know, soft boys can get hard,” you offer and she squawks, her feet pitter patter dancing on the spot.

“I love being your friend,” she snorts, taking your hand and pulling you to your feet to envelop you in a hug. “And if you can’t sit quietly with Remus, you can sit quietly with me.”

“Aw, baby!”

“I know, I know.”

“She asked me out again.” Remus blushes and Sirius whoops, leaping at James and body slamming him.

“Yes, boy! Get her! She wants you, and I swear if you don’t date her-” He cackles, only to frown when he notices the others aren’t leaping around with him. “I won’t like take her or anything… I’ll just be really unhappy with you.”

“I think you should go out with her,” Peter says, nodding and Remus grimaces. His gaze moves to James who wrinkles his nose.

“She’s… I can’t think of a word that isn’t derogatory and I can’t use those cause I know she’s nice. I know. She’s fleeting, she doesn’t stick with people and our Remus deserves better than to be another notch on her bedpost.”

Sirius laughs, “she hasn’t even got notches on her bed, Marlene checked and told me.”

When the others stare at him, he blushes and waves them off with a muttered excuse about curiosity.

“Look, I think Remus should hold off, if not ignore her completely. She’s hot but is there really any substance there?” James says with a roll of his eyes and Lily smacks him upside the head. “Ouch- Evans! Where did you even come from? And what’d I say about touching the goods?”

“Shut up, ass,” she snaps and he nods once, zipping his lips and winking. Lily rolls her eyes. “Y/N is all substance. James just doesn’t like her because when he asked me out, for the fifth time, she pushed him off the pier. No one knows this because all that substance means she doesn’t embarrass people needlessly. When have you guys ever heard of Y/N making fun of people?”

“Never!” Sirius cheers and Lily shoots him a dead eyed look that has him flushing. “Sorry.”

“And Remus is just nervous because he has to deal with you two gits all the time-” she points between Sirius and James, while winking at Peter, “and it’s exhausting. He assumes she’ll be the same, which while the evidence does point that way, is an unfair assessment.”

“Are you going into law?” Peter asks, a smile lighting up his eyes and Lily pauses, a soft blush dusting her cheeks. “You’re very convincing.”

“We’ll see, Pete.” She smiles, before turning her glare on James and Remus, “don’t judge her unfairly and don’t be a Bitter Betty.”

Sirius attempts a slow clap and Lily smacks his hands down.

I’m going to dinner and I hope you all think long and hard about what we just discussed.”

“Marlene, stop doubting yourself and just kick her ass already!” You groan, meeting McKinnon’s nervous stare head on. “Bellatrix isn’t going to stop dissing you unless you show some substance.”

“She’s a dirty cheat though.” You watch Marlene’s eyes dart toward the Slytherin table and you sigh, patting her hand.

“Those aren’t insurmountable odds. And she probably wouldn’t expect you to just pop her one in the nose.” You shrug, grinning and Dorcas giggles quietly at your side.

“Hey, Y/N!” Someone shouts and you wave in the general direction the voice had come from, not looking up, and keeping your gaze steady on Marlene’s.

“Pop her one in the nose.” She repeats and you nod once, watching as her eyes move to Dorcas, who reins in her giggles to nod along with you.

You look about the great hall and spot Remus and his group a few seats down, his friends talking animatedly. The bench shifts beside you and Lily blocks your view of the foursome, her red hair much too thick to see through.

“Stop gazing, they’re not worth your time.” She sniffs and starts loading up her plate.

“What do you mean?”

“They were talking about you and it wasn’t kind. It wasn’t really cruel either but it wasn’t positive. Point is, they’re stupid and you can do better. Check out Gideon, now that’s a man.” Your gaze moves to the two red haired twins, zeroing in on the more serious of the pair and you can feel yourself soften. “I know for a fact that he would date you. I overheard him saying so to Fabian.”

“Everyone would date me, Lils, that isn’t very strong evidence to his character,” you scoff and she rolls her eyes.

“Hey- ah, Y/N?”

You blink at the soft voice and peer over your shoulder to see Remus crouched beside you.


“Yeah?” Your voice is very soft and much too delicate and you have to stifle a scowl at the embarrassingness of it all.

“Go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend? Just you and I?”

You’re about to burst out with an acceptance when you hesitate. Hogsmeade is Hogsmeade. At your silence, his cheeks start to get red and you inhale a quick breath and gather your courage.

“Maybe we could stay here? I…” You trail off, unsure how to say that you want to just sit in the library. Just the two of you.

“Here’s fine, here’s great.” He grins and your sigh is all relief. “Saturday, I’ll meet you on the lawn at nine and we can decide then?”

“Sure, sure. Yeah.”

“Great.” He smiles and you can’t help mirroring the expression, the two of you caught in a moment of stillness until Lily purposely elbows you. Hard.


“I better go,” he mumbles, rising and moving back to his group where Sirius wraps him up in a hug and kisses his cheeks.

the last (4/4) of those requests i super nicely did as a favour 


i love remus, he boo

The idea is already in her head when the ship crash decides it for her.

ALIEN SHIP CRASHES IN A WAR ZONE, headlines read across the globe. It’s a cargo hull full of refugees fleeing one war to drop straight into another. There are outreach groups petitioning the UN, the president, anyone who could send aide. Everyone is at a standstill about it, as no country wants to take in a few hundred aliens, and every day reports come in of refugees dying in the crossfire.

She’d already been toying with the idea of activism, especially now with aliens openly living under the amnesty act. So she tells the DEO she wants to go overseas to help stabilize and protect the refugees. She’s told absolutely no, she gets a direct order from the president herself to stand down. America has a loose financial tie to one of the countries at war and Supergirl interfering could cost the US millions in trade deals. Kara tries to argue she’s not property of the US, she’s here to protect everyone. They tell her as long as she is a protected member of their operations she belongs to America. So Kara agrees to keep supergirl here, but Kara Danvers puts in a call to Cat Grant, who just so happens to have media operations in the war zone and a standing open position for any job Kara ever wants.

So Kara Danvers climbs into a rickety old cargo plane and flies East, feeling the pages of her life fluttering into a new, exciting chapter.


Mobile friendly! Links for series go to first part only, and then the continuations are at the end of the each part! If any one of them has a problem, please let me know! Reminder that most works contain smut. Often contain gifs. Some are suggestive. Read responsibly. Enjoy!


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Confessions from Undergrad

I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. I was a terrible student while getting my BA. I only took good notes in one class, fell asleep watching assigned videos, had no idea how to read effectively, had study marathons, and highlighted everything in my text books.

So you guys don’t make my mistakes and so you can learn from my own I’m going to let you know what I did wrong and how to do things right.

Note taking: Don’t copy verbatim

Taking notes doesn’t help if they make no sense to you, my biggest mistake was I would never put things in my own words. I would just copy things down verbatim from my textbook. When I went back to review them later they never made any sense. They also had no sense of organization, it was a jumbled mess and I couldn’t find anything.

Note taking: Do put things in your own words and organize them

Putting notes in your own words helps two ways. One, it makes sure that you understand the concept and you’re not just a parrot. Two, it will make way more sense when you’re reviewing later if it’s in plain English and not academic jargon.

Having a organization system for your notes means that you’ll be able to find the information you need when you need it so you don’t waste valuable study time finding what you need. The tactic I have now is hand write a sloppy copy version of my notes and then organize everything in OneNote. I’m also considering doing a neater version of the handwritten in case I don’t feel like staring at a computer screen anymore. Also repeatedly rewriting information helps me retain it better.

Reading: Don’t cram it in all at once

Reading textbooks and academic journals is the hardest part about studying for me, and I’ve been a bookworm my whole life. I even read history books for fun! But I swear textbook people phrase things in the most complicated way possible just to sound smart. More often than not while reading I found myself zoning out and not actually taking in any of the information. I had no idea what was important and what wasn’t 

Reading: Do read the intro and summary first

The introduction and summary in a chapter, or the abstract if it’s a scholarly article, will tell you the main points that you need to focus on and what they want you to get out of the reading. I have also recently found that breaking up the reading into smaller, more manageable chunks improves my focus. If I can’t process what I’m reading I put it away for 5-10 minutes and do something else.

Studying: Don’t cram and don’t be vague

Multiple studies have shown that studying for hours at a time reduces how effective it is and how much information you actually retain. Cramming a semesters worth of information in twelve hours for a test is not likely to get you an A. I used to do this so often, I would literally spend all day working on an assignment only to realize what I was writing made no sense. I’ve also found that when it comes to setting goals for how much you want to accomplish in a study session being vague is a recipe for failure. In undergrad I would write things in my day planner like “reading” or “discussion posts.” Not helpful when you have four chapters to read.

Studying: Do study in small chunks over time and be specific

You see it all over tumblr. Take a break every 20-30 minutes of studying, it helps you be more effective. Since I’ve started doing this I have to tell you it works. My writing is more clear and I can retain more effectively. Personally I read in between phone calls at work so I usually get 3-5 minutes of studying and then 5-10 minutes of getting yelled at by people that hate insurance. Having clear guidelines for what I want to accomplish in a study session or on that day has also helped reduce the amount of pressure I put on myself and allow to be more realistic. Instead of just “reading” I’ve started doing, “Read part one of chapter 2.” 


I am no help here. I can’t and probably never will be able to highlight effectively. What I’ve started doing instead is putting post-it notes in my books to mark important pages or to document questions that I have while reading. I think this is because I can’t bring myself to deface a book, even for academic reasons.

Walls Could Talk Part 2 || Im Jaebum

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
a bit fluff, angst
Idea: From Halseys powerfull song Walls could talk
*fake texts inserted*

The days went by. You still was hurt, cried alot but unfortunately there wasn’t anyone there for you. All you had, was Im Jaebum. Your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you. And you didn’t even know, how many times he actually did this behind your back.
Of course, he promised never doing something like this but after a few arguments between you two he seemed already weird. Distanced and introverted he acted. You thought, you knew the guy you shared 4 years the bed with.
He even texted you every day from that incident on. How do you dare to do this?, you thought every time you read a new message.   

It’s right. You moved right away after this whole mess happened. By walking in every room, you thought: Did he fucked here another girl?
Even if you loved your apartment, you couldn’t hold back all these pictures in your mind.
But another bad point about all this mess was that you couldn’t move to another city or country. It would have been too nice to be true. Doing your librarian job was your only dream which you could full fill here. And you got good money for it.

After 3 months sleeping in fortunately cheap motels you moved in a shared apartment with another girl you met in the library. The good thing was that she wasn’t there often, and  she was introverted, which was good because you hadn’t answer any   questions then. Talking about living actually on the street wasn’t the best impression you could get.

Even if it hurt you, you couldn’t delete Jaebum’s number. You didn’t know why because it was over but you just wanted to follow his status and profile pic to check if he got a new girlfriend.
But he didn’t change his profile picture even once. It remained as it was 4 months ago now.
Unbelievably 4 months passed by so fast, you thought as you made your way to work.

You had to admit that you thought of Jaebum still every day. Imaging how would things would have gone if you hadn’t caught him. But some when you would have found out.
As always this Friday wasn’t that much trouble at the library so that you could check the news and just hang out at the information area of the building.
‘Got7 moved to a new area in Soeul. Please respect their private comfort zone.’, you read. After that post you saw the district on a picture they moved to. You just glanced at the monitor as you recognized that it was 2 streets away of your apartment.
Shit. So the possibility of meeting again was high, because you knew that Jaebum liked jogging in the neighborhood.

All will be fine, your mind told you. But you still had the feeling of the energy and adrenaline in your veins while you thought of meeting him again. Of course, you was full of anger, even if 2 years   would pass by you still would be. But deep inside you hoped for meeting him, just to take a look at him and melt because of his attractiveness.

You couldn’t sleep this night. All you could was imaging meeting Jaebum again. Bumping in him or just seeing him walking on the other side of the street, like in movies. Smiling about your own stupidy you suddenly heard a knock on your door. Your apartment mate never interrupted you and barely that late at night.
“(Y/N)? I have a letter for you.”,   she said shyly. That was the first sentence after one week from her   mouth, so that you could remember how she actually sounded.
“Where did you found it? Was it in letterbox?”
Immediately she shook her head. “It was right in front the entrance door.” With these words she closed your door behind her. Curious.
You ripped the letter paper and a common handwriting came to your eyes.

First of all: I’m not a stalker. But you still might know that I love jogging in the neighborhood. So i found your address. i don’t want to pressure you, but i would like to talk to you about some stuff. Nothing serious. Just a talk with you and me. please answer this time. i would be okay with a 'no’. i just want to see you again. Your handwriting too. Anything would be okay.

I miss you.


You shed a tear. You couldn’t believe that he still didn’t give up on the relationship of you two. His sense of fighting for you, you recognized   just now. While your brain screamed: No, don’t do it. You will get hurt again., your heart said instead: you still have feelings for him. It’s just a talk.

After reading the letter a million times, your eyes closed because of their heaviness. 

A scream let your eyes open widely. Was it in your dream or did your silent roommate just screamed? More possible was the first opportunity but why were you in a shook status like someone spilled cold water all over your body.
You decided to ignore it and tried to fall asleep again before you heard the loud voice again.

Okay, now you didn’t dream at all., you said to yourself. What if there was a criminal in your apartment? What if he hijacked your roommate in this moment? Too many thoughts came into your mind. Before you could order them, you had a baseball bat in your hand, which was a gift of your father to protect yourself. The only thing that remembered you that your father wasn’t a selfish bastard.
With heavy breathing you slowly opened the door and took a look in the floor. Nobody was there, all you could hear was a quiet voice talking. In anxiety and fear you made your way to the living room. You didn’t recognise that you held your breath while waiting at the door case to jump in the room. “Stop it!”, you simply said, not that powerful as you wanted, but loud enough that the two eye pairs watched you confused.

Now was the moment when you took another breath before you hold it again. These two beautiful eyes stared right into yours and you in his.
“Jaebum.”, you whispered, before you dropped the baseball bat. That was even more shocking than hearing a scream, that made you waking up.
He was about to say something but closed his mouth, which was still beautiful as everything of him.

“How did you get in here?”, you asked with more confidence.
You let your gaze slip over his body and recognized a little bobby pin in his hand. A souvenir of some of his whores, was the first thing you thought. But then you saw the silver ball at the end of it. The one you missed for 4 years. It was the one you lost at the day when you met Jaebum for the first time, and he still had it, which made your heart flutter.

There I go, I’m wastin’ a Saturday, sittin’ at ho-home
Told my new roommate not to let you in
But you’re so damn good with a bobby pin