My little sister told me that if I blacked out all the sex parts, she’d wanna read my new zine, and I was like, I can do that, and so I spent the last hour on editing a censored version just for her, and I’m just so flattered that she wants to read something that’s like, practically my autobiography?  Like I share it with y’all to try to get some sense of “wow maybe people will understand me a little better” but my sister was literally around for all that, like, she’s going to be adding a deeper dimmension to the massive amount of stuff she already understands about me, and I’m just… excited for the family member I trust most to know these things about me, things I could only tell my best friends…

ok ok ok today: 

-go to NRM  and suck it up because i want good grades

-come home and cook dinner - i don’t know what to make yet but i have so many vegetables so i might try to make a casserole w eggplant, cauliflower, mushrooms, leeks?? i don’t know!! 

- do all the cleaning things blah blah blah

-work on NRM paper for a while

- go to gym, listen to some chad vangaalen and watch middle aged men fail at basketball for 40 minutes.

- write in journal, work on zine, meditate, read my book! 


Join us for the next few days as the creators of @boomstudios‘ new title, JONESY, take over the @comics blog with all sorts of fun, ferrety content.

Jonesy is a self-described “cool dork” who spends her time making zines nobody reads, watching anime, and listening to riot grrrl bands and 1D simultaneously. But she has a secret nobody knows. She has the power to make people fall in love! Anyone. With anything. She’s a cupid in plaid. With a Tumblr. There’s only one catch—it doesn’t work on herself. She’s gonna have to find love the old-fashioned way, and in the meantime, figure out how to distract herself from the real emotions she inevitably has to face when her powers go wrong…

Pick it up at your local comic book shop starting February 10, 2016!

Have questions for writer @samhumphries and artist @sadsadkiddieWant love advice from Jonesy?

Send ‘em in! Sam and Caitlin will be participating in an exclusive Q&A with @comics followers through the 11th and on Valentine’s Day. Feel free to submit as many questions as you’d like!

Be sure to check out the Jonesy tag to see what’s been shared so far.


HEY Y’ALL! COME SEE ME & MY BUDS READ STUFF & ASK US QUESTIONS & FREEZE YOUR BUTTS OFF WITH US! I’ll have stuff for sale and pens to sign it with and we can take selfies and it’ll be great. Dunno what I’m reading yet, but look at this DOPE-ASS FLYER I made. Let’s drink coffee and get rowdy.



Beer & Zines, Public Brewing Company, Kenosha (2/4/16)

Liz shared a piece about resolutions and meaningful connections and wax museums (amongst other things). Julia shared a piece about being young and broke and queer in the Motor City. Jonas shared a piece about the best/worst cover band ever. I shared a piece about breaking my ankle in the pit (and nostalgia and exes and the punk rocks).

Emily Smith discusses the place of zines in contemporary American politics, over at Ploughshares. As she puts it, “Zines, like street art, are allowed critical power through anonymity—a function newsstand periodicals simply can’t perform for the sake of reputation or the sacrifice of advertisers. In this way, zines are small-scale democracies.”


February is the month to enter. 

You can start working on your contributions now if you wish so you’ll have more time.


 Please submit until 31 Mars.

-This is the safe for work version with the most lovely, angsty and safe/sane/consensual side of rusame. There is a few nudity and non-explicit sexual content but nothing above Teen rating.

You can enter to both zines. One piece each one.

Read the FAQ and Zines to clear any doubts. 

You can also ask me but the admin would love company!

the tag is : rusamezine


The date is still unsure.

-This one is for the most dubious, gorish and violent side of the ship. It will contain mature content, not-safe/dubious-consensual themes and even character death. It will all be with the proper warnings.

This zine does not promote violence or any sort of dubious acts. 

There will be triggering stuff but all in their respected places and with warnings of content.

Please do not send hate since I won’t reply. 

This is not meant to offend anyone. We can’t ignore and neglect certain parts of the world and humanity so bare with us and if you do not wish to see just don’t look. We are trying to please every single taste which means heavy content will be probably on the nsfw version and we would love some respect. Keep in mind that all the contents are not part of reality. This is only for entertainment purposes and we do not intent to break any rights.

Thank you.  

Participate and have fun!

Beer & Zines

Sick of generic beer and boring readings?

Come to Beer & Zines!

Featuring readings by some of the midwest’s finest zinesters:

Jonas, Julia Eff, Liz Mason, and Jessie Lynn McMains!

Plus, a Q&A with the zinesters, a zine reading area, delicious craft brews (& non-alcoholic root beer!), and more!


Some of the new things we’ve picked up in the past week or so for our online store!

See all the new stuff here

It has been a fucking excellent week. Thursday night was the zine reading, and it was so great, even though I didn’t sell many of my zines. I got to hang out with some of my favorite people on the planet, drink some delicious beer, share my words, hear other people’s words. The crowd was excellent and so was the venue. Julia and I never got around to making that split zine, but we did stay up late talking about silly shit and laughing a lot. Friday morning, after my little one was done with school, we picked him up then took Julia to the Greyhound station in Milwaukee. I came up with an idea for a haunted poetry event for Halloween; it started out ridiculous but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I think it might turn into something real. Friday was like the old days (my old days)–had a gig, barely slept, back on the road all sleep-deprived and caffeinated. Drove north through the beauty of winter Wisconsin, snow and the lake and deer and wild turkeys and cows; good tunes on the radio. Spent a couple days in Door County, drank a lot of delicious beer, wrote notes and notes for Things To Write; walked around in the snowy woods, went to a bookstore, watched people ice bowling. Being off the internet for a few days was really good for me. Now I’m home, and it’s time to dig into writing and editing and planning for upcoming classes I’m teaching.