what type of sunny fan are you? part 2

The Charlie Fan: You will rescue your precious rosebud from the depths of the sewers and give him a bath and a comfy sweater and some abuse survivor therapy and nothing will ever wTF he bIT ME.

The Dee Fan: Dee is a rock-hard magical glowing goddess and she’s too good for this earth, which is why you made that aesthetic post one time and then went back to reading all those MacDennis fics.

The Mac Fan: You are overjoyed your warm bashful lovestruck boy can be gay in the open, where he’ll immediately make a ‘no fatties, no Asians’ Tindr profile and embarrass us all.

The Dennis Fan: You are stalked to a dark alley in the dead of night. Your footsteps increase in speed as you sense a presence behind you. You trip on a loose brick, and ten thousand pictures of Glenn Howerton crying fall out of your jacket. You can’t even be ashamed.  This is who you are now.

The Dennis Fan (alternate): You are sitting in a burning Range Rover. 'This is fine,’ you say.

The Frank Fan: No one believes you exist. You are comforted by how Danny Devito is an immortal troll and thus will transcend death itself.

The Filthy Casual: “It’s this wacky 'Seinfeld on crack’ shock comedy about five sociopaths, lol, I bet they’re drunk on set all the time.”

The Overinvested: “It’s a dramedy about how substance abuse, mental illness, and toxic kyriarchy create a poisonous and self-defeating system.”

The Really Overinvested: “It’s a dramedy about how substance abuse, mental illness, and toxic kyriarchy create a poisonous and self-defeating system that can only be overcome by the proper combination of people kissing each other. Would you like to read my zine about - where are you going?”


fandom: bts
member/reader: taehyung, female
genre/warning(s): smut, college!au, slow build-ish
length: 9K+
summary: apricity: (n.) the warmth of the sun in the winter [request] Could you please write a taehyung smut; college!au where reader(law student) is cold and stand-offish and kinda doesn’t want yo do anything but work but taehyung(literature student) observes her from afar and writes about her once he gets to know her (as graphic as the heavens will forgive you for please and danke 😊)

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#Onezineaday is back!

Hi guys, guess who is back?

 I know it past a lot of time since  I post a #onezineaday regular post, but I’m back and with a lot of new zines to review and share with you.

 This time everything is organized so it´ll be a one zine a day (every day since now) Remember that if you want me to post your zines in this blog, please  mail me  at I’ll be waiting for your cool collab.

 Let’s continue creating, reading a sharing zines!


-El Gato Fanzinero.

 PS:Below is a sneak peek of what is coming this week.

En Español: Hola chicos, regresa #unfanzinealdía, se que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde el ultimo post normal mostrando zines, pero lo importante es que estamos de regreso.

 Ya está todo organizado para que haya un fanzine cada día sin interrupciones. Si deseas que aparezca tu zine aquí, escríbeme a estaré encantado de postear tu trabajo

. -El Gato Fanzinero.

Zine Contributor Lineup!

We are proud to at long-last reveal the zine contributor lineup for our zine!

Please help us welcome our wonderful 35 artists, cosplayers, and writers! Over the next month, they will be creating works featuring your favourite Haikyuu!! setters and aces as they travel across the world!

Additionally, we are releasing the official zine title:

Wanderlust: A Haikyuu!! Setters and Aces Fanzine

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions, and especially Tsu @tsushiki and Shirin @actualscienceside for “Wanderlust” – a title so good it was recommended twice – and Momoko @momokkoi for the subtitle, “A Haikyuu!! Setters and Aces Fanzine” ✨

The creation period officially begins now! BUT WAIT!

While our contributors are working on the zine, we’ll be releasing some bonus items for you:

  • a series of featurettes for each of our zine contributors, with a new installment each day
  • fun games and quizzes (with mini prizes)
  • also… we may host a giveaway! stay tuned!

For more information, keep reading below!

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My art half of @caseyvalhalla‘s fan fic for @kh-worldsconnected fan zine °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°!!


It was such an honour to get to collaborate with such a talented writer, and I hope this does the fic justice :’) The theme for the zine is TIME, and we interpreted that as nostalgia in the form of a retro video game <3 I wanted to do something different, and tried to replicate the feel of an Atari box art for the background, so i hope that inspiration comes through \o/ 

A huge thanks to @sylvermyth for organising this and reaching out to me! I hope everyone continues to create amazing kh inspired works <3


Hey there everyone!

One of the writing portions we’re making for the zine is a QnA section! In this section our writers will answer YOUR questions as if they were Zen.

If you have any SFW and fun questions that you’d think would be fun to read in this zine, please send them to us! We’ll be taking 20 questions in total.

Please message us your question(s) for Zen and also specify if it’s okay to credit your username in the zine. You can also send in your questions anonymously!

Thank you everyone!!

Killing Stalking Zine? SFW

I wasnt sure but- I’m wondering is Killing Stalking allowed to be sold as a merchandise? I’ didn’t want to make one without proper knowledge if it was allowed.

PSA: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!  This zine will be completely 100% safe for work, there will be no explicit content, that exploits violence, or anything triggering. I would like to compile my drawings of Yoobum & Sangwoo (tbh…’s just gonna be a zine full of Yoobums…) , these are examples of that the zine will contain. 

AESTHETIC THINGIES ARE MY FAVS ;v; I really love the fact I can really explore different ways to draw plants and stuff with these characters.

So would anyone be interested in purchasing…. ; q ; I’d really would love to send one to Koogi as a thank you for creating such an amazingly written manhwa ahahah ;v; Let me know~~~

🚀🚀Summer is nearing, and the RFA is planning a fun trip to the beach!🚀🚀

This zine is still in the making, but stay tuned for more updates! Follow our tumblr and twitter for WIPs and other fun stuff!! If you are interested in purchasing, PLEASE vote on our twitter poll (it’s the pinned tweet!). It is important for us to know a rough estimate on how many people are attentive! The more people that show interest, the more goodies we can include in the zine ❤︎ ❤︎ 

Read our FAQ for more info on the zine! 

Volume 2, Beauty Karamatsu: The Road to Beauty, still accepting submissions!

Volume 1 has been finished for a while now! We included over 100 different artists, who all created beautiful pieces centered around Karamatsu. 

Next is Volume 2, “Road to Beauty”, and we’d love to have you join!

The first post about volume 2 got a little long, so here’s the rundown:

  • Up to 100 different artists will be included.
  • Traditional art, digital art, craft photos, and cosplay photos are all acceptable! This does include comics. Cosplay photos require proper credit to models / photographers. 
  • The main themes are “KARAMATSU” and “BEAUTY” (however you choose to interpret that!). Karamatsu and/or Karako do not have to be present in the image, but the theme should be obvious in your work. 
  • Entries that do not follow submission guidelines cannot be accepted into the zine. Please read the directions carefully!
  • The FINAL DEADLINE is FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST.

For more details, please read the information provided on the entry form! 

The entry form and more information are located here!

You have until 8/25! Good luck!

ChubbyMatsu Zine!!

Aaaand here it is guys! The chubbymatsu zine in all its glory! I like to thank all the artists and writers who participated and helped shape this zine! Without you guys this wouldn’t be possible so thanks a bunch!

I hope you enjoy reading the zine!!

If you participated, you may submit your entry and use the tag, “chubbymatsu zine” so I could be able to track it and reblog it on the account!! Thank You.

Hello everyone!

We have recently been made aware of the negative response to one of the prompt options for the EmiMike Zine. We acknowledge the parties’ concerns and have taken them into consideration as we prepare the zine.

We have decided to drop the word “mafia” from our descriptions, captions, and stories after this incident.

As the curator, I have encouraged all participants in the zine to read up on the matter in order to better educate ourselves, so we may be more sensitive to the issue and be able to make responsible choices in creating our art and stories.

We apologize for our oversight and hope everyone will still support and enjoy the book.

Salve a tutti!

Recentemente abbiamo ricevuto un responso negativo ad uno dei prompt per la EmiMike Zine. Riconosciamo la preoccupazione delle persone che l'hanno sollevato e ne stiamo tenendo conto nella preparazione la zine.

Abbiamo quindi deciso di eliminare la parola “mafia” da tutte le descrizioni, didascalie e storie che fanno parte della zine.

Come curatrice ho incoraggiato tutti i partecipanti ad informarsi sull'argomento, in modo da essere più sensibili rispetto al problema e in modo da poter prendere delle decisioni responsabili nella creazione delle proprie illustrazioni e storie.

Ci scusiamo per la svista e speriamo che possiate continuare a supportare e apprezzare la zine.

anonymous asked:

Kaye! U gotta update us with what happens with your mom! *cue dramatic music* Will she manage to read your zine? XD

LMAO OK she really wanted to see it right so I was like oH UM OK;;;;;; so I was like here it is then I flipped through it w lightning speed and i was like yep that’s that haHA then she was like I wanna read it tho then I’m like Another Time Mother Your child needs to get to workin’ *pretends to draw*

I got away this time idk if I’ll be lucky next time omg

Introducing Alystair!

pronouns: they/them or he/him
age: 20
online at: @Not_SoSure on twitter

Alystair wrote a short story titled “The Breath and the Dirt” for the pilot issue of Callithump! They describe the piece as, “Two boys grow up and fall in love in rural Kentucky.” His story contains beautiful visuals and a lovely depiction of the evolution of a relationship.

Pledge to the Callithump! Kickstarter to get a copy of the zine and read Alystair’s amazing contribution!

We asked each of our contributors to answer a few questions about themselves! Here are a few of Alystair’s answers:

Q: Describe your perfect weather:

A: “Bright sun, frequent breeze, clouds moving very quickly across the sky.”

Q: Can you boogie?

A: “I can fake it, but only with non-dancers.”

Q: Do you have a queer role model? If so, who?

A: “Miss Major.”

Q: When did you start writing?

A: “I started writing seriously when I was a senior in high school.”

Q: Tell us anything you’d like!

A: “I am embarrassingly bad at checkers. I have never won a game.”


pairing: bokuto/akaashi
word count: 3,075
rating: general audiences
summary: Keiji is a child of the spirits, and Bokuto is painfully human. Together, they try to bridge the gaps. Inspired by Princess Mononoke. 

written for @hq-ghibli-zine, in collaboration with the amazing @betanoiz!

“I just saved your life, you know!” The man called after him. “What’s your name? Don’t you want to know mine?”

He did want to know, which surprised him. What use did he have for a human’s name?

He didn’t respond, but he stopped.

“It’s Bokuto,” the man said.

Keiji didn’t stick around to hear any more.

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anonymous asked:

I'm back and your feelings about colors added a year to my life I would read a zine, a novel, a monthly publication of you discussing different colors 10/10 didn't think my art crush on you could grow any bigger yet here I stand, punished for my hubris, delighted, please, if you will, discuss: ultramarine (french or standard), spring green, confectionary pink, silver, and the natural cream color of unbleached bone

thanks i’m glad ppl like my weird feelings on colours - as per ur request:

ultramarine (french): bougie.

ultramarine (standard): frigid. quiet. deep aches, seek chiropractor, seek counsel, seek some variation of priest.

spring green: i have literally never watched skins but i once saw a screencap of a character saying something like “i bet she bangs like a fairy on acid” and honestly thats the first thing that occurs to me with this one

confectionary pink: canker sores, root canals. migraines that gravitate behind the eyes. incessant talking, fingers click-click-clacking on tabletops, untrustworthy but pretty.

silver: melancholy but she will tell the truth.

unbleached bone: here is home.

This week, we have my only memory as a kid considering gender variance. Would things have been different if I had been supported in my statement? I don’t really know. Well all know what did happen, though.

In the past week, this comic has climbed past the 100 followers mark! It’s so great to see that this art, which is very close to my heart, find a place in the hearts of others. Thanks so much for your support!

I also have some exciting news! As you know, GQutie is not only a webcomic, but my senior thesis for my BFA Degree. In three weeks, I’m going to be presenting my thesis to my school, and if any of you guys are in the Portland, Oregon area, you can come see it too! It will be between April 29th and May 3rd at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. See me talk about my art, my experience, and read my limited print zine with the first ten comics! I’ll get more information to everyone soon, if not on here, then at the GQutie blog. Hope to see you there!