liberals…as long as the state has access to military technology and nukes and all that…i want to at least have a gun or two. Let me put this in a language you can understand. Ahem (sjw voice) As a person of color I would like to find deterrents to gun violence that don’t involve mass disarmament Because my ancestors would have had an easier time if they had glocks on deck and (looks at notecard) White Privilege. Thank you read my zine

When u think about how pete introduced and helped andy out w being vegan straightedge at the beginning and now its a big part of andys life and also how they used to have sleepovers in pete’s basement and read comix and make zines and how theyve known each other since they were like 15/16 I’m on mobile someone add a pic

what type of sunny fan are you? part 2

The Charlie Fan: You will rescue your precious rosebud from the depths of the sewers and give him a bath and a comfy sweater and some abuse survivor therapy and nothing will ever wTF he bIT ME.

The Dee Fan: Dee is a rock-hard magical glowing goddess and she’s too good for this earth, which is why you made that aesthetic post one time and then went back to reading all those MacDennis fics.

The Mac Fan: You are overjoyed your warm bashful lovestruck boy can be gay in the open, where he’ll immediately make a ‘no fatties, no Asians’ Tindr profile and embarrass us all.

The Dennis Fan: You are stalked to a dark alley in the dead of night. Your footsteps increase in speed as you sense a presence behind you. You trip on a loose brick, and ten thousand pictures of Glenn Howerton crying fall out of your jacket. You can’t even be ashamed.  This is who you are now.

The Dennis Fan (alternate): You are sitting in a burning Range Rover. 'This is fine,’ you say.

The Frank Fan: No one believes you exist. You are comforted by how Danny Devito is an immortal troll and thus will transcend death itself.

The Filthy Casual: “It’s this wacky 'Seinfeld on crack’ shock comedy about five sociopaths, lol, I bet they’re drunk on set all the time.”

The Overinvested: “It’s a dramedy about how substance abuse, mental illness, and toxic kyriarchy create a poisonous and self-defeating system.”

The Really Overinvested: “It’s a dramedy about how substance abuse, mental illness, and toxic kyriarchy create a poisonous and self-defeating system that can only be overcome by the proper combination of people kissing each other. Would you like to read my zine about - where are you going?”

My art half of @caseyvalhalla‘s fan fic for @kh-worldsconnected fan zine °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°!!


It was such an honour to get to collaborate with such a talented writer, and I hope this does the fic justice :’) The theme for the zine is TIME, and we interpreted that as nostalgia in the form of a retro video game <3 I wanted to do something different, and tried to replicate the feel of an Atari box art for the background, so i hope that inspiration comes through \o/ 

A huge thanks to @sylvermyth for organising this and reaching out to me! I hope everyone continues to create amazing kh inspired works <3


be witching [sister zine to mad witch mag] issue #1

a platform that seeks to provide a place of release, passion and comfort to young witches without a voice. someplace where an ever-growing collective of individuals (re: witches) are sharing their experiences, their art and parts of their lives, in hopes of being able to provide some help to someone else.

[click to read]

what type of sunny fan are you? part 1

The Reddit Fan: You once saw a Ponderosa Steakhouse and you nearly crashed your car from laughing so hard. You got 2000 upvotes for the photo so the traffic jam you caused was totally worth it.

The Twitter Fan: Glenn tweeted something about kale. Time for a groundbreaking #implication joke.

The Tumblr Old Guard: I’ve been here for three years and I have no goddamn clue who anyone is anymore.

The Tumblr REALLY Old Guard: Holy shit remember when everyone just wrote Charlie/Burn Gorman’s cameo from that one episode? Thank God that’s over.

The Pacific Rim Fan: Holy shit what did this fandom turn into? I’m so glad we dodged that bullet. Time to watch Charlie Day be adorable with zero guilt.

The Tumblr New Guard: Two years’ hiatus? People are freaking out about two years? Let me tell you about the last fandom I was in, ok?

The CharlieMac Shipper:
You just finished watching the Christmas episode and you can’t wait to write more cuddles for those sweet pure blood-covered boys.

The DeeDennis Shipper: You don’t exist, you’re an occasional ironic tweet from Kaitlin Olson, certainly no one LIKES this, it would be so UNFORTUNATE if someone got the WRONG IDEA about what was APPROPRIATE on this VERY WHOLESOME SHOW OF HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.

The CharDee Shipper: Your ongoing conflict about whether Charlie likes sex or not can’t stop your celebrating how you’re suddenly the most canon ship on the show at this point.


The MacDennis Lesbian: You’ve been in the fandom two whole weeks and have already watched every episode three times while high on tears and cocaine.

The MacDennis Conspiracy Theorist: Hello would you like to read my zine entitled ‘Color Theory: Next Season MacDennis Are Going to Rainbow Prom’?

anonymous asked:

hey najia! i'm new 2 ur blog so sorry if u've answered this before but what's your opinion on "allies?" straight/white allies are apparently a thing but personally that whole concept is annoying to me?? like the only voices i want to hear in the lgbtq+ movement/in regards to racism are NOT straight white ppl lol. to me, if you want to be an "ally" just treat ppl like a decent human being and LISTEN to those who are oppressed. idk, whats your take on this??

we need more than listening and we need more than allies, we need critical engagement with all of the complexities of our experiences & positionalities and we need race traitors.

Anyone who concerns themselves with anti-oppression struggles and collective liberation has at some point either participated in workshops, read ‘zines, or been parts of deep discussions on how to be a “good” ally. You can now pay hundreds of dollars to go to esoteric institutes for an allyship certificate in anti-oppression. You can go through workshops and receive an allyship badge. In order to commodify struggle it must first be objectified. This is exhibited in how “issues” are “framed” & “branded.” Where struggle is commodity, allyship is currency.
Ally has also become an identity, disembodied from any real mutual understanding of support.
The term ally has been rendered ineffective and meaningless.

Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing The Ally Industrial Complex, an Indigenous perspective & provocation

On Nonprofit Certified “White Allies” and Privilege Theory:

Communities of color are not a single, homogenous bloc with identical political opinions. There is no single unified antiracist, feminist, and queer political program which white liberals can somehow become “allies” of, despite the fact that some individuals or groups of color may claim that they are in possession of such a program. This particular brand of white allyship both flattens political differences between whites and homogenizes the populations they claim to speak on behalf of. We believe that this politics remains fundamentally conservative, silencing, and coercive, especially for people of color who reject the analysis and field of action offered by privilege theory.

Who Is Oakland: Anti-Oppression Activism, the Politics of Safety, and State Co-optation

[W]hite activism, especially white anti-racism, is predicated on an economy of gratitude. We are supposed to be grateful that a white person is willing to work with non-white people. We are supposed to be grateful that you actually want to work with us and that you give us your resources. I would like to know why you have those resources and others do not? And don’t assume that just because I have to ask you for resources that it does not hurt me, pain me even. Don’t assume that when you come into the space, that doesn’t bother me. Don’t assume that when you talk first, talk the most, and talk the most often, that this doesn’t hurt me. Don’t assume that when I see you get the attention and accolades and the book deals and the speaking engagements that this does not hurt me (because you profit off of pain). And don’t assume that when I see how grateful non-white people are to you for being there, for being a “good white” person that this doesn’t hurt me. And don’t assume that when I get chastised by non-white people because I think your presence is unnecessary that it does not hurt me. Because all of these things remind me of how powerless non-white people are (albeit differently) in relation to white people. All of these gestures that you do reminds me of how grateful I am supposed to be towards you because you actually (or supposedly) care about what is happening to me. I am a bit resentful of economies of gratitude.

The White Anti-Racist Is an Oxymoron: An Open Letter to ‘White Anti-Racists’,” Tamara K. Nopper

see also:

White Purity,” Asad Haider
Identity Crisis,” Salar Mohandesi
Tokens of the White Left,” Adolf Reed
Not All Politics Is Identity Politics,” Kenan Malik

#Onezineaday is back!

Hi guys, guess who is back?

 I know it past a lot of time since  I post a #onezineaday regular post, but I’m back and with a lot of new zines to review and share with you.

 This time everything is organized so it´ll be a one zine a day (every day since now) Remember that if you want me to post your zines in this blog, please  mail me  at I’ll be waiting for your cool collab.

 Let’s continue creating, reading a sharing zines!


-El Gato Fanzinero.

 PS:Below is a sneak peek of what is coming this week.

En Español: Hola chicos, regresa #unfanzinealdía, se que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde el ultimo post normal mostrando zines, pero lo importante es que estamos de regreso.

 Ya está todo organizado para que haya un fanzine cada día sin interrupciones. Si deseas que aparezca tu zine aquí, escríbeme a estaré encantado de postear tu trabajo

. -El Gato Fanzinero.

Zine Contributor Lineup!

We are proud to at long-last reveal the zine contributor lineup for our zine!

Please help us welcome our wonderful 35 artists, cosplayers, and writers! Over the next month, they will be creating works featuring your favourite Haikyuu!! setters and aces as they travel across the world!

Additionally, we are releasing the official zine title:

Wanderlust: A Haikyuu!! Setters and Aces Fanzine

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions, and especially Tsu @tsushiki and Shirin @actualscienceside for “Wanderlust” – a title so good it was recommended twice – and Momoko @momokkoi for the subtitle, “A Haikyuu!! Setters and Aces Fanzine” ✨

The creation period officially begins now! BUT WAIT!

While our contributors are working on the zine, we’ll be releasing some bonus items for you:

  • a series of featurettes for each of our zine contributors, with a new installment each day
  • fun games and quizzes (with mini prizes)
  • also… we may host a giveaway! stay tuned!

For more information, keep reading below!

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Trans 101- a zine!

“Trans 101 (How to Be An Ally to the Transgender People Around You)” was made to fill hole in our social etiquette.

It is a loose “guide”, of sorts, meant to clear up what is okay and not okay to say or do regarding trans people.

Written by a Real Life Trans™️, this zine covers topics like pronouns, respect, bathrooms, and being outed.

It’s a short and informational read for all types of people, and it’s especially great for passing out at Pride events, or other times you want to spread awareness!

Sections are Up!

We will be having four main sections for content in the zine! Read more about them below the cut:

This zine is open to artists, writers and graphic designers!
Applications will be open from August 25th ~ September 22nd!

Reblog to spread the word! <3

About UsScheduleFAQTwitterMobile Links

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Hey there everyone!

One of the writing portions we’re making for the zine is a QnA section! In this section our writers will answer YOUR questions as if they were Zen.

If you have any SFW and fun questions that you’d think would be fun to read in this zine, please send them to us! We’ll be taking 20 questions in total.

Please message us your question(s) for Zen and also specify if it’s okay to credit your username in the zine. You can also send in your questions anonymously!

Thank you everyone!!

Killing Stalking Zine? SFW

I wasnt sure but- I’m wondering is Killing Stalking allowed to be sold as a merchandise? I’ didn’t want to make one without proper knowledge if it was allowed.

PSA: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!  This zine will be completely 100% safe for work, there will be no explicit content, that exploits violence, or anything triggering. I would like to compile my drawings of Yoobum & Sangwoo (tbh…’s just gonna be a zine full of Yoobums…) , these are examples of that the zine will contain. 

AESTHETIC THINGIES ARE MY FAVS ;v; I really love the fact I can really explore different ways to draw plants and stuff with these characters.

So would anyone be interested in purchasing…. ; q ; I’d really would love to send one to Koogi as a thank you for creating such an amazingly written manhwa ahahah ;v; Let me know~~~


I was up real late reading this Undertale zine (the creators of the zine are Sekrit @sansybones and Worms @withtheworms) and guess what I literally just noticed? Sans pulls out his wallet to pay Grillby for the drinks but Sans’ wallet has a little name and face on it. I didn’t think about it the first time I saw it but now I realize that it’s Ness, from Earthbound, on San’s wallet. I don’t know if Sekrit and Worms were hinting at something by putting Ness on there like that but it’s hilarious that Sans has that wallet nonetheless. 

Also, I loved this zine, guys. I’ve had it for a while now but thank you @withtheworms and @sansybones for making it. The final picture/drawing in the back/end is my favorite. X3

Preview of my piece for the @ml-disaster-relief-zine !! it’s a Miraculous Ladybug themed, donate-what-you-want charity zine ! 

It has a wonderful line-up of artists, and all profits go to charities ! You can preorder the zine by donating even $0.01 !! (follow the instructions here to know exactly how to proceed) There are other amazing things you can get besides the digital copy of the zine, including a raffle going on, so make sure you read the infos !!

The zine will be out mid-november ! i’m super excited !!!

I want to tell you (yes, you) that depression is a disease. I want to tell you that the shitty voice in your head that says: you suck, everything you do sucks, you should just quit, you should just give up, isn’t your voice. It isn’t your voice and it isn’t the voice of anyone whose opinions matter. It isn’t real. It’s a symptom of a disease.
I want to tell you that the voice in your head that says: you’re a burden, all you do is hurt and disappoint people, you should just die, isn’t your voice. It isn’t your voice and it isn’t the voice of anyone whose opinions matter. It isn’t real. It’s a symptom of a disease.
I want to tell you that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary feeling. Everything passes, and so will this. I want to tell you that if you die you’ll never again get to read a zine or write your own zine. You’ll never again get to stay up until three a.m. listening to your favorite sad songs. You’ll never again get to have a cup of tea or watch a movie with your best friend or send a nice message to someone on the Internet. You’ll never get a letter in the mail or feel those new-crush flutters or get to have a really good cry.
What I am trying to tell you is that there are so many reasons to stay alive.

And I want to tell you that I know what it’s like. I hear that voice all the time: everything you touch turns to shit and garbage, you should just give up. Sometimes it means give up writing, and sometimes it means give up life. I fucking hate that voice.
I know what it’s like. Even on good days, that voice will sometimes come out of nowhere. I can be sitting at my desk, or driving across town in my car, or even hanging out with my best pals, and then that voice pops up and says: you should just fucking kill yourself already.
On good days, I can ignore the voice, or tell it to fuck off. On bad days, the knives in the kitchen and the pills in the medicine cabinet whisper to me. They tell me how easy it would be, and how much better off everyone I care about would be, if I finally did it. On bad days, the gas oven in my house whispers to me. It tells me I should go out Sylvia Plath-style. It tells me that I always knew that to be a girl poet means you have to die. (This is another reason I shouldn’t own a gun—a gun would be much harder to ignore than a knife or an oven or a bottle of pills).
I know what it’s like. This summer, I read Telegram #39. In it, Maranda Elizabeth writes: I want to live, or, I want to want to live. I cried when I read that.
On good days, I have so many reasons to stay alive. On bad days, all I’ve got is that I want to want to live, and I try and muddle through until I reach a day where I want to live, again.

I want to tell you that if that voice, those voices, are talking to you right now, you need to do something. Punch a pillow and pretend it’s that voice. Scream FUCK OFF at the top of your lungs. Listen to Black Flag at top volume, just “Rise Above” on repeat so loud the windows rattle. Write a zine about how sad you are, and then burn it. Or write a zine about how sad you are, and then make a copy and send it to someone else who might need it. Paint a shitty picture and never show it to anyone. Put on clothes that make you feel beautiful or badass or cool or however you most need to feel, and take pictures of yourself. Give yourself a stick and poke tattoo. Steal lipstick from the grocery store. Read The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad, by Adam Gnade. Check out The Icarus Project’s website. I don’t fucking care what you do, as long as it works for you. Just do something.
And I want to tell you that if it doesn’t work, keep trying. I want to tell you that if you can’t go it alone, don’t. Reach out to a friend. Call your therapist. Check yourself into the hospital. Get on meds. Get your doctor to change your meds. Whatever works. Whatever helps.
I want to tell you that I know how scary it is to look for outside help, how scary it is to reach out. I want to tell you that it got so bad for me this summer that I am currently looking for a therapist after not having one for many, many years. And I’m terrified. But I know I can’t do this alone anymore.

I want to tell you that healing is not a moment, it is a process. I want to tell you that I know how shitty it feels when you realize that you may never reach a moment when you’re fully healed. I want to tell you that it’s okay. We can be our broken selves. We are allowed that. We can be broken and wounded and sick but still live our own best lives. When the world is sick can’t no one be well? But I dreamt we was all beautiful and strong.
I want to tell you that you are beautiful and strong, but that you’re allowed to be weak, too. That you can be weak and still be strong. I want to tell you that you’re not a burden. That you’re precious. That the world needs you exactly as you are—broken and wounded and beautiful and strong.

I want to tell you (yes, you) that I’m down in this shit with you and I’m fighting, too. I want to tell you that I am often tired of fighting, and I want to give up, but I won’t. I want to tell you that I’ll help you fight in whatever ways I can.
I want to sing to you:
You are not helpless. I’ll help you try to beat it.
I want to sing:
Poison river, got a paddle and I’ll never leave without ya.

—  Jessie Lynn McMains, from Reckless Chants #23: What Cannot Be Said

anonymous asked:

What do you want to do after you're finished with college/grad school?

i’d love to be working as a professor/full-time director at spaces where i could continue my work with identity history and creation

i also want to create a space where women and femmes/queer people/trans people/POCs can do and share art and perform and i feel like that’s something i could be good at organizing

i can imagine a space where people could make/read zines and literature with a lending library and chairs and also snacks and a performance space for poetry and theatre and music and i really want to create this space