So like 12 thousand years before the OT the Republic voted a guy named Contispex I into the office of Supreme Chancellor who was part of a then-prominent, popular religious order called Pius Dea. Both he and the religious order he adhered to were super xenophobic, and through him the Republic started a series of crusades against a wide variety of non-Humans and non-Human sympathizers, initially beginning by an invasion into Hutt Space (which was easily fueled by a popular hatred towards the species). After he stepped down, his successors continued the crusades for, oh, nearly a thousand fucking years. 

It took the Jedi Order 32 years after the start of these crusades to decide they didn’t want to have anything to do with this (good job guys), so they decided to retreat to Ossus. (Side note: Ossus is the strategically-important world that, earlier in galactic history, the Jedi used as a fortress and base for launching reconnaissance/attacks into the Tion Cluster and Hutt Space. Interesting.)

They stayed on Ossus for the remainder of that thousand-ish years while the Republic continued to wage its xenophobic wars and conduct purges over the course of nineteen Supreme Chancellors’ terms. It took the Caamasi coming to the Jedi and asking them to intervene before they decided to get involved yet again in galactic affairs (of course it had to be a long-time closely-associated culture like the Caamasi to get their attention, lol). 

So the Jedi spent the next few years in planning their coup. They recruited the Bureau of Ships and Services, who implanted a rogue code into the Republic’s fleet so that when the Jedi gathered their forces and the Republic ships jumped into hyperspace to engage them, it scrambled their trajectory and spat them out into deep space with blank navicomputers and useless hyperdrives, leaving them to drift between the stars and starve to death. (This seems to be a recurring Jedi trick, doesn’t it?) 

So anyway, the Jedi formed a strike team, forcibly removed the Supreme Chancellor from power, suspended the Galactic Senate, and just for good measure also rooted out every single adherent to the Pius Dea religious order from any political office

They installed one of their own, Jedi Master Biel Ductavis, as Supreme Chancellor who, totally coincidentally right guys, also ended up being the Grand Master of the entire Jedi Order. 

We have zero information on how long he was in power and what his rule was like, which has me raising eyebrows because you’d think that since the Jedi Order has such influence on how Republic history is recorded, they’d be all “and his tenure was a time of peace and prosperity, etc etc” but there’s nothing.

Which is particularly odd because the next Supreme Chancellor we have any information on is one of my favourites, and he definitely has that “ushered in a time of renowned peace and prosperity across the whole galaxy” thing down. To the point where the GFFA historians go ape-shit over him in the praise department. 

So with all that previous fuckery said, can we just take a moment to appreciate that one of the greatest figures in Old Republic history wasn’t the self-installed Jedi Master, but instead was (actually voted in like his predecessor should have been) Supreme Chancellor Blotus the Hutt. He served in that capacity for 275 years, was beloved by Senate and citizen alike, and ushered in an era of largely-unparalleled peace and prosperity - even the Jedi and the Sith didn’t have any quarrels while he was in power. 

…I honestly forgot why I decided to write about this. It isn’t really even meta so much as a history lesson. I’m totally tagging it as meta though because it’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to. ||D

What I actually love best about ‘The Avengers’ (the Emma Peel years)

It’s so playful.

The playfulness is reflected in the plots themselves, which in their free-ranging subject matter and level of silliness could easily have been transcribed from the playground adventures of seven-year-old me if not for the level of Britishness and sexual innuendo. Time and again, storylines unfold themselves with a rampant disregard for establishing a baseline level of reality in favor of just plain having a good time.

What I mean by a baseline level of reality is that most shows have a fairly concrete answer to the question: if Mulder and Scully were investigating this mystery, who would be right? In Gravity Falls, it’s Mulder, because the paranormal is real. In Scooby Doo, it’s Scully, because the paranormal is some jerk in a mask. The Avengers has no such easy answer, because the answer is always ‘what would be more fun?’ Steed has a perfect body double? Ahaha don’t be ridiculous; how could you have been fooled for a second! Telepathic space plants taking over the world? Well, of course those are real. Time travel? Nah, just an elaborate mechanized fake. The telepathic invasion of dreams to plant suggestions via creepy Santas? Well, that happens all the time.

The playfulness reaches its heights with Steed and Mrs. Peel, whose relationship is introduced with a novelty doorbell and a fencing match. In their first season together, their episodes end with a tag scene of them relaxing and having fun together; if I remember correctly, that scene is often comically sped up at the end.It’s no accident that each episode in the next season begins with ‘dress-up’ and a mock fight sequence. Not to mentions Steed’s obsession with ever more elaborate ways to deliver the message “Mrs. Peel, we’re needed.”

And from there they never let up. Throughout the series they play with model trains, guns, trampolines, umbrellas, cameras, puppets, dolls, and more. In the middle of a fight scene, Mrs. Peel takes advantage of the bars of a chair to pretend to be  a zoo animal and growl at Steed. Another time, Steed sees the need to rescue Mrs. Peel–but why choose any old rescue method when the villains’ jungle-in-England theme means you can grab a goddamn vine and launch yourself at them, yodeling like Tarzan? And Mrs. Peel just runs with it, like any good player following another’s lead, with her response. It’s great.

AND! This attitude stands in marked contrast to that of many of the villains, whose potentially playful obsessions with shopping centers or roleplay or cats or whatever have turned harmful because they’ve selfishly prioritized them over actual living people. (Steed may have strong opinions how to be a proper gentleman and wear a proper bowler, but he still defends the humanity and lives of those who don’t fall into that model. Mrs. Peel revels in activites ranging from modern art to medicine to judo to nuclear physics, but she rejects all philosophies that prioritize one thing to the extent that it leads to a dehumanizing mechanization of life.) And it’s in contrast to the victims, whose tunnel vision about  honey or Arabian nights or what-have-you mean they never see the bad guys coming.  

The Avengers seems to suggest that it’s all very well and good to have a consuming interest in sword-canes or leather catsuits or the Hellfire Club or cinema or golf or botany or being the perfect butler, but that things come and things go, and happiness requires a flexible, improvisational, irreverent, and above all playful attitude where the only attachments are to other people.

Steed and Mrs. Peel put each other first, and have fun.

tl;dr: Steed and Mrs. Peel are suave, sexy secret agents who are the epitome of cool, and they are such because they are joyously and unashamedly huge fucking dorks about the things they love.

starklyannas said: 

I used to be convinced Sansa was a ravenclaw until I read your meta actually. She admires courage the most, like what you mentioned about petyr, her idealization of Robb, her love for tales of knightly valor, to the way she reminds herself to be brave. She’s not an obvious gryffindor like I think Arya is, but her values and outlook reflect the house more than any other one (although she’s probably going to adopt more slytherin qualities now)

yes–and i like it also because to me it fits in so well with the way she is aware of herself as a person vs viewing herself as almost a fictional character in her own life at times.  and i can see (and even support–i have 3 conflicting opinions lol) the argument that that as a structure is a very ravenclaw structure except that i do think that it’s as much about prioritization as it is about what manifests.

and bc it’s sansa and prioritization and what manifests are so often at odds with one another more broadly throughout her entire arc it just gets so analyzing sansa’s head fast u feel me?

I’m new to tumblr and still navigating around the conventions and courtesies. I thought I would make a few things clear:

  • Anyone is welcome to take my gifs and screengrabs for any purpose. It would be nice to have the source acknowledged, but I’m not gonna sulk if you don’t ;)
  • I don’t automatically follow back because I’m already seeing twenty reblogs of every post about Tom Burke/Aramis/The Musketeers :) So I tend to follow/follow back blogs with original content or who mostly reblog people I don’t already follow. Please don’t hate me
  • I can’t deal with people who are so obsessed with a character or pairing that they have to get super aggressive about them or about hating other characters or parings. I was in fandom a long time ago and that kind of crap totally turned me off for over a decade. When it comes to the Musketeers, I love them ALLLLL (except for Rochefort). I’ll read and recommend any pairing, and happily read and discuss meta for any of them. I’m not in the fandom except here, and don’t want to be
  • I like kind people. I block unkind people.
  • I’m always up for a chat
  • I’m always happy to make gifs and screengrabs on request
  • My dash is a constant source of fun, beauty, and happiness, so thank you all :)

So remember when we thought mofftiss were being really fucking clever because this text

reminded us of this handsome gentleman from doctor who


They told us in the first episode how Sherlock would survive the third.

gif credit lisa-imsherlocked


“Shut up with the ‘King’ crap, I’m here too!”

“I’m Hinata Shouyou, and I sprouted from that concrete.”

Reminder that the first time Hinata met the tallest person on his team, he straight up jumped over the guy, and snatched a volleyball out of the air above his head. He jumped more than 190 cm in the air. He then proceeded to assert his presence, and tell Tsukishima off for ignoring and underestimating him. Reminder that all this was because Tsukki was basically bullying Hinata’s rival (read “goal”). 

Reminder that when Hinata met arguably the best high school volleyball player in the prefecture (or was it the country?), he once again jumped and snatched a volleyball from the air and out of his reach, because Ushiwaka was trashtalking Aobajousai. The team that Karasuno’s been trying to beat all year, that Hinata’s seen first hand has all kinds of really skilled players, who Ushiwaka is talking about like dirt. Aobajousai is Karasuno’s current rival, Hinata’s current goal. And he won’t stand for Ushiwaka making them seem insignificant, anymore than he would if it were Kageyama. 

Reminder that canonically Hinata’s response to people belittling rivals that he looks up to (which is also by extension belittling him) is to just… jump over them. He just jumps impossibly high, grabs their volleyball from midair, and then tells them off, and says he’ll win. Like, the only thing he’s good at is jumping, so his strategy for intimidating people is to jump over them, and say a cool line when he lands.  And it works. How even. 

Reminder that Hinata Shouyou is 162.8 cm of bouncy sunshine and intensity and terror, who can almost definitely jump over your head while you’re standing up, who never gives up a fight even when he’s already lost, and won’t let anyone trashtalk him or his unbelievable ambitions. If that means defending his rivals, he won’t hesitate. If you don’t already respect Hinata to some degree, you should seriously consider it.

The nature of the Veil

I never post meta because I prefer to write it out, but Wikipedia has some really great animations of the harmonic series.  I saw it and thought… what if this is how the Veil works?  What if the Veil is the dissonance that disrupts the consonant, harmonic nature between the real world and the Fade?


First overtone

Second overtone

Third overtone

There are waveform animations over at Wiki, but this presents a few ideas to me regarding partial breaches of the Veil/thinning of the Veil.  I’m not going to go much farther than this conceptualization because I don’t think truly this is how magic works in Thedas, but when the Inquisitor says, “The Veil is more like a vibration,” this is what I think about.

I think I know who is going to die in 3B.

I don’t know if anyone has thought of that yet, but I was lying awake in my bed not thinking anything at all but suddenly it hit me like a brick. I could be totally wrong, but in my head it all makes sense, I feel like I found all the answers of the universe and it makes me so mad I haven’t thought of it before because it’s so simple.

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underthesamestar  asked:

I rewatched the last episode again and I started crying when Haru was saying sorry to Makoto and now I am crying again... Yanny, I love them so much, so much, they are so beautiful, I can't describe with words how beautiful they are. I wish everyone to find a person to love and be loved by them like Makoto and Haru love each other.

Makoto and Haru’s relationship (in S2) shined the brightest in this ep

It made me think about their relationship as a whole

All that they went through…

and the hardships that they had to face…

BUT were able to conquer together, simply by being each others’ strength

…that solid base of support.

It showed how they grew as a person..

…and grew as ‘best friends

And how, while life seemed to throw them ALL the reasons to give up

to let go

they instead find MORE reasons to hold on to each other.






I Could Be Really Wrong About This

Okay, so I could be wrong about this. Like, really, really wrong, but I feel like this should be discussed.

I was making a ficlet spiel (x), and I used this gif in it:

And it made me realize something…


Cas may be fluent in two languages, but CAN CAS READ?


Meta by Proxy

Thanks to my best friend who is, “illustrious in the extreme and remaining, I have to inform you, entirely anonymous”. 

We’re 8 ½ minutes into ASiP and she yells, ‘HE CAN READ UPSIDE DOWN!’

John can read upside down.  Sherlock is upside down.

John can read Sherlock.

This is foreshadowing their instant connection but also shows that when John hits on him at Angelo’s, he has read Sherlock right.  He was flirting with him.  A lot.

Evangelion analysis/essays/metaposts/theories Masterlist

I originally gathered these for some friends of mine but I decided to share it here on tumblr as well so ayy

Hopefully reading some of these theories will help you shape how you view the Evangelion universe and understand it better!

 I’ll probably continue expanding this post in the future

Starting posts: Good to read before going into in-depth analysis and/or if you just finished the series and want to understand what is going on.

In-depth posts:

Kawoshin related posts:


(9/2/14) I added some more stuff!! The ones with the date marked are the newly added ones. Have fun and remember to reblog and/or like the original posts you’ve enjoyed so far! These people should definetly get all the recognition!!



I have a ton of asks of people freaaakkinngg out on why Killian said what he said to Emma so here we go. I am gonna tell you why.

We’ve watched Emma and Killian’s storylines for several years now. We have gotten to know them both very well. 

We have learned that Emma is a a BAD ASS, strong, rough around the edges gal that don’t take shit from no one. We learned when she gets a broken heart, hurt, anything like that, she becomes even stronger, harder, tougher. It shows. It’s her personality.

We’ve also seen Killian get hurt and broken hearted. But you know what. Unfortunately it is NOT his personality to grow stronger from it. He said he was weak. Well no, he isn’t weak. But he acts SO much on emotion. With his heart. When Killian get’s hurt, unlike Emma who uses her HEAD to get out of the situation, Killian uses his heart. He acts on emotion a LOT.

When he was telling Emma he wouldn’t be strong enough to hold back the darkness, he wasn’t really lying. He knows himself. Does it make him weaker than Emma? No. But it means his way of dealing with things are different.

Emma lied to him. She kept something so huge, BEING THE DARK ONE, away from him. Her darkness mixed with her love for him was making this seem like the right thing to do. She had a plan. It backfired.

So Killian just found out this WHOLE TIME, he has been living as the first EVER, 2nd Dark One. I mean. TALK ABOUT A BAD DAY!

He now KNOWS he has darkness in him. 

And let me put it this way. You get hurt, and you are like, EH! I’m okay! It was nothing! Then you see you are gushing blood and INSTANTLY you start freaking out because SHIT maybe you aren’t okay!

That’s what is happening to him right now. WAVES of emotions are taking control of him, betrayal, heart break, hurt, anger. MIX that with the darkness and you have one VERY upset Dark One. A Dark One who acts on EMOTION a LOT.

GUYS. He feels broken. He feels let down. He feels DARK.

He warned Emma. He wouldn’t be able to hold off the Darkness. He TOLD her.

And he isn’t right now. It’s got him by the heart. And not only that, but it’s just got hold of someone who was lied to and HURT and we ALL know Killian does not behave his best when he is feeling those emotions.

His loss of Liam turned him into a Pirate. His loss of Milah turned him into Captain Hook, the most feared Pirate on the seas.

His loss of HIMSELF is what is turning him into one of the most DANGEROUS DARK ONE’S to ever have lived.

Is it Killian talking? No. You always justified what Killian did as a pirate with “BUT HE WAS BROKEN HEARTED he was ACTING out of a BROKEN HEART.” Was it right? His behavior for so long? No. But it was what happened.

But now that he is defending his OWN loss of himself, people are having a problem with his behavior? That isn’t fair to him to be honest. This isn’t even just KILLIAN talking now. This is the darkness. The darkness acts off your worse self.

So yeah. Does it hurt like HELL to hear Killian say those things to Emma? FUCK YES.

But does it HONESTLY make SENSE? Absolutely.

Dark Swan was dangerous because of her strong will, her mission, her love, and her no bull shit personality.

Dark Hook is dangerous because he’s wounded. And we all know the worst bite comes from a wounded heart.

Anatomy of a fight

Since I’m fresh off having seen The Force Awakens for the sixth time yesterday, I wanted to write an analysis of the fight scene and the dynamics of the action. It’s a really fascinating sequence, and it’s worth considering in detail.

It begins when Finn and Rey are confronted by Kylo Ren in the forest. He is dishevelled and wounded - blood leaks from his side, and he beats his fist against his injury to fuel his pain and rage. Finn and Rey are both disgusted and frightened by him, and Rey is impassioned when she calls him a monster - this ties back to the interrogation scene, where Rey referred to Kylo as a “creature in a mask”. While he attempted to undermine that impression then by removing his mask and revealing his human face, the Rey who faces Kylo at the film’s climax - the Rey who witnessed the murder of Han Solo - is wiser and has learned that monsters can have very human faces. And Kylo himself has dispensed with any niceties. He tells Finn and Rey that Han Solo cannot save them, positioning himself as a predator preparing to attack two helpless, orphaned children lost in the woods. It could hardly be more fairy tale-esque if it tried.

I’ve seen various people say that Kylo was attempting to murder Rey by flinging her back into a tree after she attempts to fire at him, and while it’s clearly a cruel and violent gesture I really don’t think that was his intention. I think he planned on stunning her, which is exactly what he achieved. Kylo is painfully aware of Rey’s burgeoning powers (thus the many brief scenes of him stalking around Starkiller Base looking for her and receiving updates from stormies - he is conscious that he needs to stop her, and stop her quickly), and he knows immediately that she needs to be removed from the equation. His only miscalculation is in not knocking her out thoroughly enough - he merely dazes her, leaving her semi-conscious.

I analyse what’s going on with the “TRAITOR!” moment thoroughly here, so won’t repeat myself. Suffice to say that Finn inspires a frightening pitch of rage and malice in Kylo, and that this comes through in how he fights him. Particularly striking is the moment when Kylo and Finn have locked lightsabers, with Finn pressed against the tree and the crossguard of Kylo’s lightsaber burning a hole into Finn’s shoulder. Kylo’s face is alive with sadistic pleasure and malice as Finn screams in pain, and that’s the scream that stirs Rey to consciousness. Kylo is utterly indulgent of all his darkest impulses with Finn, and he demonstrates not even the remotest flicker of pity or respect for his victim. By slicing Finn’s spine open, Kylo wants to damage and ruin him - it’s the ultimate payback for Finn’s treachery, in all its manifestations.

The scene where the lightsaber flies past Kylo to Rey is easily one of the most powerful moments in the film, and it’s stupendously played by the actors. They form a tableau against the snow, with Kylo seeming to move his arm in slow motion as he regards Rey with a strange mix of awe, wonder and disbelief. When he looks at her in the film, it’s the same moment where he says “it is you” to himself in the novelisation. He knows who she is, and is electrified by that knowledge.

The main fight between Rey and Kylo can be neatly divided into two stages: before and after the offer. Before, Rey is very much at a disadvantage - while her strength is extraordinary, her fear and inexperience are vividly on display, and she focuses most of her energies on putting distance between herself and Kylo. She’s constantly scrabbling up rock faces and staggering back, aware she needs the distance if she’s to stand a chance. For his part, Kylo fights mostly defensively when Rey attempts to strike him - he takes a few swipes at her feet, presumably to try and disable her, but isn’t truly on the offensive. His approach with Rey could hardly be more different from his approach with Finn - he shows no desire to destroy or humiliate her, only a need to stop her.

When they both reach the precipice, the moment is a filmed in a way that underlines Rey’s massive disadvantage and apparent helplessness. Her body is bent backwards, close to falling, from the power of Kylo’s blade pressing fiercely against hers. Her face is contorted with fear and despair, alight with terror, and Kylo is clearly on the brink of victory.

And this is when he makes what is perhaps his singlemost ruinous error of judgement. Instead of finishing the fight as logic dictates he should, he offers to become Rey’s teacher. There is no mention of Snoke or even the Dark side - Kylo is intent only on Rey, and the offer he makes is an offer made between the two of them. In short, Kylo is ruined by his self-indulgence - his regard for and fascination with Rey win out over his duty to Snoke. He selfishly wants her to himself, and his vanity and arrogance mean he thinks he has her in a position that will force her to submit.

When Rey closes her eyes she is clearly drawing on the Force for strength. Ridley’s performance is particularly brilliant here, with her face transmuting away from exquisite peace and serenity the moment she adopts an animalistic snarl. While the Light side of the Force enabled her to steady herself and resist Kylo’s temptation, the Dark side of the Force is what empowers her to strike back against Kylo with rage and fury. The Dark side is fuelled by passion, and that’s the word that best describes Rey in the second half of the fight. She is transformed by her rage, becoming unstoppable and relentless. She is slender and small, and her size alone should mean she doesn’t stand a chance - but she’s powered by something greater than herself, something that means she can wrestle with a man far stronger and taller than she is and overpower him. 

At the culmination of the fight, Rey’s approach to Kylo is disturbingly reminiscent of Kylo’s approach to Finn. They both appear to derive a kind of satisfaction from causing pain, dealing out unnecessary, brutal blows intended to scar, punish and humiliate their recipient. Rey didn’t need to brand Kylo’s face, but she clearly wanted to, even if only for the moment it took to make the strike - and that, I think, is the biggest hint we have about the direction that’s going to be taken in Episode VIII.

Right, that’s my latest bit of meta delivered for your reading pleasure! As always, this is just my interpretation - I welcome discussion, so would love for any of you to bounce your ideas off me. Let me know what you make of my take, and present your own!


Tasha Lem is the cause and River Song is the effect.

The Mother Superious of the Papal Mainframe called out the Silence, unwittingly setting Kovarian on her journey into the “long and bitter war” against the Doctor, which ended up causing the cracks in time in the first place. River is a product of this very conflict. She is a chess piece in this war, it runs in her blood in the most literal way – genetically manipulated, conditioned from birth on to fulfil her purpose.

It is only fitting that they would share similarities, but they are also profoundly different people.

What River and Tasha have in common is a considerable potential for destruction

Tasha, the religious leader. She deals in power, both in ideational and physical. There’s a visible thrill as she assesses the situation at Trenzalore and cautiously wages her influence to tip the scales in favour of her purpose. We see just how perilous this can be as her decisions become a catalyst to the dangerous situation she is attempting to salvage.

River, the former assassin. Strong, cunning, rebellious, raised to be a killer. But even after she decides to make her own way, to go against her conditioning, she still made time stand still when she refused to be used again. She’s the woman who believed her suffering to be greater than that of a dying universe, who led the world to a brink for love.

The difference lies in the path they take, how they react to an awareness of just how much harm they could potentially cause: While Tasha turns to peace and doctrine, River finds herself in knowledge and tempered chaos.

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Get to know me » 1/5 relationships
     ↳ Arthur and Eames (Inception)

The relationship between Eames and Arthur is the metaphor of right brain/left brain interaction. Eames is the right, responsible for random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing, subjective, looks at whole, whereas Arthur is the left, dictating logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective, looks at parts. Eames put down Arthur as “unimaginative” and Arthur challenged Eames with “specificity”.