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Shiela you know about Star Wars before the new movie right? What do you think of Rey and Kylo feeling each other afterwards? I see this trope a lot and was wondering if there is any backing to it.

Force Bonds. 

It has a lot of backing to it actually!  In a small scale, the most noticeable force bonds happen commonly through consciousness. We see this through the original trilogy more often than the prequels. Specifically when Leia and Luke sense each other in ESB and ROTJ. And Luke sensing Darth vader at the end of ESB.

One can make the argument that Obi Won uses a Force Bond to speak to Luke through the series. But I see that more as the ‘alive after death’ force magic than actual Force Bonds.

Prequel wise some say its a bond to his mother that Anakin senses his mother in trouble, but that I consider more Force Visions than bonds. 

My best experience and example of a true, true Force Bond is through Kreia (Darth Treya) and the Exile (later, Meetra Surik.

On the grips of death, both Kreia and Exile reached out through the force subconsciously to strengthen themselves off each others will. I would say Exile’s week connection made her even more co dependent of ‘feeding’ off of Kreia’s force power. 

Either way, they created a Force Bond so powerful that when Kreia’s hand gets cut off, Exile feels is across a space station as if her hand were cut off too. 

They feel each other’s pain acutely. They can talk to each other in full, clear, conversation, show each other visions and images of thoughts and what they are seeing, and feel each others emotions. Kreia uses this to her advantage to teach/manipulate a lot of what Exile is feeling and interprating, but Exile can use this against Kreia later on. 

Through gameplay, the Force Bond is further enforced by actual abilities and enhancements. When Kreia is healed, Exile is too. 

And Kreia goes as far to say that if she dies, Exile might likely die too. (this could be a manipulation on Kreia’s part, but with how strong the bond is and how much you get in tune with each other I really wouldn’t be surprised by it.) 

There’s even a point were they both, in tandem, delve into other peoples minds together. Which always sort of blew my mind, lol. 

Eventually, Exile defeats Kreia and cuts off her other hand and their bond through force. I’m not sure if this means a bond like this can only be psychically detached. I’m sure thats not true but – theres was particularly strong.  

However an thing to think about is that Exile was already a magnet of naturally occurring Force Influence, as she could drive someone to her side in a weird natural manipulation of anyone around her. So maybe thats why the bond was crazy strong. 

As far as Kylo Ren and Rey goes, in my interpretation, there is no doubt in my mind that they could absolutely have a Force Bond. How strong it is might be debatable. Kreia’s and Exiles grows through them nurturing it. They train together and grow together. 

Kylo Ren holds a parallel to Kreia in that, he feeds Rey the Force and shows her what it is to tie yourself strongly to it. He inadvertently becomes the catalyst behind her full awakening, by showing her the tether to the force and latching her on. 

What I got from the interrogation scene was a slingshot effect. 

“Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.”

Meaning Kylo could feel the force in Rey. And when he pushed on her mind to explore that, he basically broke the dam. He showed her his own prowess of the Force and Rey seemed to be like, “Oh, thats how. Okay.” 

After that her abilities unleash right in his very stupid face. 

And through both their clumsy, inexperienced probing, I could see them very easily creating an unintentional bond. 

However unless the two of them both reach out to each other and grow it together, it might not get any stronger than fleeting senses here and there. Or nightmares. 

Otherwise when Rey slashed his face down the middle, we would have seen her in pain too. 


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hello i am kylosolotrash and i honestly read your meta's over and over. Big fan of your work. I am curious about you thoughts on the line "You still want to kill me." It seems so strange that he would say that bc he abducted her. I am kind of thinking that he knows they are connected through the Force and he is shocked that she is not curious about it. Like "You still want to fight me when there is clearly something happening between us. Don't you want to know more?"

Honestly when it comes to the line "You still want to kill me,” I oscillate between:

A) Thinking this is a clue/hinting towards a shared past together, where they were maybe not so antagonistic with one another. That Kylo is confused/somewhat bitter that Rey does wish him harm despite this shared history. OR

B) Kylo genuinely does not understand that even though he’s treating Rey better (in context), he’s still being a dick. The idea that in his mind, he’s gone out of his way to be accommodating to Rey, and the fact that she still wants to kill him is a mark against his hospitality/”kindness” towards her. Kylo has an ego - a big one - but it’s very fragile ego. He feels slighted by Rey’s rejection.

Maybe it’s both.

Fangirls Make them Break Up (or, Steve Rogers versus the Internet)

read it on the AO3 at

by Mushroom

Tony attempts to break up with Steve because of haters on the Internet. Steve is not having any of it.

Words: 1574, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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hey! have you read the new meta by AnotherShade? I really wanted to read your opinion about it since you're my favorite blog :)

well thank you, Nonnie. but i don’t plan to read it, because it will be beautiful and logical and i will become sad wishing 0UAT was either beautiful or logical. everything i’ve ever seen @anothershadeofgreen say is at least 10x smarter than Adam and Eddy put together. 

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So, I finally read the big meta! I have to say, at first, I didn't completely got it. It made sense, but I couldn't really dive into it (it was also 4 in the morning so that might have come in play...) But I reread it (after two or three cups of coffee kicking in) and the dots started to connect. It is actually genius. I highly doubt the writers are that clever tho.. Anyway, I was wondering, since there wasn't any mention of it, is Lily a real person? Or is she just a fragment of Emma's dream?

I understand the 4 am meta problems, I get them too and I’m the one writing it ;)

It is a very rough draft we presented and we focused on getting the big picture out before we put in the details and clues and proofs. It’s a work in progress :)

And however much I love being called a genius, we didn’t create the ouat puzzle, we just try to solve it.

It’s a coincidence if it happens 10 times in 5 seasons, but when it happens 10 times every episode, it’s intentional.

We haven’t typed out Lily yet on the blog but we will. But to give a short answer to your question: yes and no. 

Lily probably was a real person who Emma was friends with when she was 14/15.

In the flashbacks young Lily looks like Regina because Emma is working through her prejudice about rich people, Regina, and acknowledging the fact that Regina, though privileged, she had a difficult life too.

Adult Lily is Emma. Lily is Emma’s dark side. Both Emma and Lily were send into our world in a pod because of Snow White and Prince Charming.

“Riled up savior blood” - since the blood is Emma’s, it’s Emma. So we get a few more clues about Emma’s past through adult Lily. (Where she lived 5 years ago, working in a diner, the trailer etc)

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Do you ship Madalena/Gareth and Richard/Bobbi as well as Galabella? I'd love to know what you think about the ships and read a meta of yours on them.

as i’ve said before in regards to galavant, i sort of feel like it’s not much of a ships show, at least for me. it’s about the music mainly, and the relationships are sort of secondary to the characters as individuals. so for galavant, i’m on board with whatever is canon. 

that said, i did really like madalena and gareth bc an evil power couple is a fun twist! 

I Could Be Really Wrong About This

Okay, so I could be wrong about this. Like, really, really wrong, but I feel like this should be discussed.

I was making a ficlet spiel (x), and I used this gif in it:

And it made me realize something…


Cas may be fluent in two languages, but CAN CAS READ?

Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of people, but stories can also repair that broken dignity.
—  – Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story.

“It’s such a simple gesture, but the camera focuses in on that key like it’s the freaking Tesseract. Why? Why is this moment with Bucky so prominent in Steve’s thoughts?…This moment is an echo of exactly what Steve’s feeling in the future: lost and alone. Everything that means home is shut behind the locked door of time (or a coffin lid).  But against all possibility, Bucky is alive. And, to Steve, Bucky doesn’t just have the key back home, he is the key back home.” (x)

Hannibal watched Will sleep. Listened to him breathe. The last time he had paid such close attention to another’s breath, he had been listening to Mischa’s lungs failing.

He inhaled deeply of Will’s fevered scent and stroked his hair. How long could he let it go this time?

Even a week ago, it had seemed a simple thing to spin out Will’s illness, unwinding his mind like Penelope at her loom, playing for time and for control. Now, he thought of the consequences of failure. For the first time in many years, doubt came to him on soft feet and pulled at his sleeve with a child’s hand.

Durarara!!/Izaya analysis/meta

Musing time!
I’m so sorry…this is long….
Ok, I realize the things I’m about to say may be unpopular opinons, but just remember that they are only my opinons and of course I cannot say anything for certain since I’m not Narita, but I thought I’d put this out there since I don’t see that many people considering it.
First of all, a large part of this fandom ascribes to the headcanon that Izaya is a sociopath as well as asexual/aromantic or just plain “incapable of falling in love” or loving any human above another.
But consider if none of that is exactly true.

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I know everyone has gotten emotional over the limo scene so another post about it is not necessary BUT IM GONNA MAKE ONE ANYWAY 

bc I didn’t notice at first but it’s not just that they all jump onto each other it’s that Jay literally pulls them into his arms!!!!!!!! 

Evie sees them going into the water and they all start screaming

The jay’s hand comes down behind the girls (also note Ms. Rotten To The Core Mal immediately shoving herself into Evie’s arms lmao)

And he grabs evie to pull her to him (bc note she hasn’t moved at all, it’s him pulling her around and into him). And also if you look, Jay’s arm is coming up and obscuring Carlos’s face, meaning his arm is coming up to also pull Carlos into him

And then his arm goes around Mal as well 

meaning this huge nerdy What Me a Traitor loser literally pulls the other three to him!!!!!!!  I know it’s been pointed out that their first instinct when faced with death is to huddle up but also - Jay’s first instinct is to pull everyone to him, to try and safeguard them


Leave me here to die please

Since I’m awake anyway …

You know this part right here:

Where Bucky’s hand is wavering on the gun and then Tony’s all surprised that Bucky actually fired?

I figured out why Bucky’s wavering hand looked so out of place for me – it’s the first time we’ve seen Red Shirt Bucky handle a weapon.   Before this, all the shots we’ve seen of Red Shirt Bucky has been “I don’t do that anymore” and running away by jumping off buildings and riding motorcycles and running with his precious backpack straps.  imhp, Red Shirt Bucky = Pacifist Bucky.

The other Bucky we’ve seen is dressed-in-black, armed-to-the-nines, on-the-warpath-with-Steve Bucky.

So maybe this is the moment when Red Shirt Bucky stops being Pacifist.

Regardless if how it will actually play out in the film, I absolutely LOVE the idea that the character arc for *Bucky* is finding something that *he’s* willing to go to war for – whether it’s Steve, himself, or Steve’s faith in himself, or … ::gasp:: something completely unrelated to Steve. (So many possibilities!)  

Plus it works so well with what we’ve seen in the previous trailer.

Basically I want to read fics now where Bucky chooses not to fight – not because he’s still recovering, not because the Avengers won’t let him, but because He Doesn’t Do That Anymore.

"Oh, Watson, no one made me. I made me."

I’m reading Richard Ellman’s excellent (and famous) biography of Oscar Wilde, and in the context of Wilde taking risks by meeting up with known or alleged homosexuals during his Oxford days, he notes that Wilde at that time wrote in his copy of Nicomachean Ethics the following note:

“Man makes his end for himself out of himself: no end is imposed by external considerations, he must realize his true nature, must be what nature orders, so must discover what his nature is.”

side-eye dot gif

On the legend of the OeK and how Eto fits in the picture

(Also posting part of this post as a stand-alone because for some reason it won’t show up in the tag and I’d love to read you guys opinion on it)

To make things clear from the beginning: I think that what really messed with the fandom was what exactly the existence of a One Eyed King really entails in the fictional world of ghouls.

The only real OeK we know with certainty existed is the one who lived one hundred years ago. We have the confirmation they existed for real and weren’t another one of Eto’s ploys because even Yoshimura knew about them:

Tokyo ghoul, chapter 51

So, this guy’s existence was such a threat for humanity they even had to found an organization to fight against it. 

And this is probably because they were another naturally born half ghoul (since Kanou created such a scandal because he was the first one to artificially create one through surgery), and thus awfully, abnormally strong (looking familiar, yet? Yeah, just like Eto).

Speculations aside, let’s stick to the facts. Eto says:

In the past, the appearance of a One Eyed Ghoul was a portent of great change.

We could safely assume that it still is. The imagery of a one eyed ghoul as a symbol for change and revolution is still a fact even 100 years later. The original OeK died but the idea sticked (and this is why we see them portrayed as a crowned skeleton). And this is why everyone looks so surprised and excited when they realize Kaneki is indeed a one eyed ghoul too. The first to appear in a very, very long time (beside Eto, but she kept under wraps most of the time).


Tsukiyama and random people at the restaurant:

Even Itori (who, I will remind you, is a Clown and very well versed in information gathering. If anyone should know about any oeg showing up, it’s her):

Etc, etc.

We can safely assume that the OeK has become a legend, and thus is widely known and accepted by the whole ghoul world:

Tokyo ghoul, chapter 57

So of course Eto will exploit that legend and try to get something out of it.
What I meant when I said she is still the OeK is that she still retains a similar power to that of a proper king. I already tried to explain it in my follow up to the original post here (x), but I’ll try to repeat it as clearly as I can, to try and dispel any persisting doubts.

As the One eyed Owl, as the founder and leader of Aogiri, as Takatsuki Sen and as a naturally born half ghoul she has the same power and influence of a King. 

  • She pretty much already does what she pleases in the ghoul world because she indirectly controls Aogiri, an organization with thousands of affiliates
  • At the same time, she has influence and a respectable name in the human world, as Takatsuki Sen (and we saw how powerful that weapon could be when she gave out informations about Sphynx to Amon back in TG, thus having Amon doubt the morality and justice of his own organization he so thoroughly believed in just moments before. 
  • As a naturally born half ghoul her power is too great. So great V tried to kill her (sending Kuzen/Yoshimura) because her existence alone “threatened the balance” between human and ghoul world. 

So, even before Kaneki came into play, we already had a legitimate heir to the legend associated with the One Eyed King. Except Eto never wanted that title. Note how I’m saying she doesn’t want the title, because I already said she still has the power attached to it. As for what could possibily be her reasons for that, I already tried to explain it in my post I linked above. Here it is again: (x)

So, let’s go back to chapter 61: 

Before the meeting, Eto is shown being reminiscent about her past (you could as well say about her failures: the two times she got seriously injured). She thinks she’s becoming old and probably also that she can no longer reach her goals by working alone. 

In other words, she needs an ally. She needs for someone to actively take the title and be a symbol for her own revolution. 

And who is the perfect candidate for that? The one guy she’d shown to have an unhealthy obsession for and who already impressed great part of the ghoul world just by his existence alone? Eh, Kaneki. It’s always him. It has always been him, since the news of his sekigan went around the whole ghoul world. 

The OeK is not someone who already exists (aside for the guy from 100 years ago). If they really existed in this time span, they would have already brought change. Which is not the case, as we all can clearly see. Ghoul are still oppressed. Humans are still the ones in power (being the majority). No understanding between the two species has been reached

Also, that would be pointless, because if they existed, she would have already gotten her hands on them. Instead, she spends 13 years trying to build the foundations for her own change, up until one day she realizes what she’s doing is not enough anymore. She’s getting old and things haven’t changed much. 

And that’s why Kaneki gets back in the picture, because now he’s (quite possibly) as strong as her, has his own reasons to hate this twisted world who only brought him pain and loneliness, yadda yadda yadda. I know many tumblr users already pointed out the parallels between Eto and Kaneki and how closely they have shown similiarities in their own journeys, so I won’t repeat it all. 

Suffice to say, Eto is still the most powerful character in the story and Kaneki is the most fitting one as for the harbinger of change. he’s a ductile character, he already changed himself many times in the past, and thus is Eto’s perfect pawn to play the role of the one widely recognized as the King, while she plays him like a string from behind the curtains. She even gave him her kagune! She’s already manipulated him (telling him they were the same, telling him she was fond of him; love is the one true and only weakness Kaneki has shown thus far, and she knows. She’s playing him on her palm already).

There is something more than a little sick and sad about this scene. The first time Sasuke called her annoying - he completely meant it. Sakura was crass about Naruto being a lonely orphan, which didn’t go over well at all with Sasuke who was a lonely orphan himself (not to mention the fractured bond they’d developed over the past four years at the academy together).

The second time it was about as affectionate as Sasuke could manage considering the circumstances. He was acknowledging that he did remember their first one-on-one conversation as teammates and that team seven had meant something to him.

This time. Well. He’s pretty damn serious about his plan to sever every bond he’s got. This is a taunt and a precursor to the attack he’s about to launch on her.