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Hi Marta, I read what you posted about RotE and just wanted to say this: I have lived with depression and I know how terrible it is, so please take good care of yourself and most importantly learn to protect yourself. You become less over-sensitive so that the fate of fictional characters no longer sends you into depression, because it's not good for you! I used to be like you and didn't want to change because I thought if I felt less strongly about things I'd be unfeeling and cold.

Hello anon ! Thank you for your concern and for your message, very much!!! I wanted to reply to you privately, but doesn’t work the option :/ Anyway, I’m better. I only look tumblr for the private messege or upload a drawing, but I’m get away from the publications of the AF or fandom. I’m a bit better. I have started to draw to Fitz and Fool again (after 15 days), it’s difficult, but I feel in peace with them and already I don’t cry. This has never happened before to me and I will take care for the future. I promise you :) I don’t want to think that this was a mistake; they are important to me, I only need to rest of Hobb. Fall in love with the Fool (and a Fitz) was (AND IS) wonderful, so I don’t want to forget that :) I’m better, and i will be fine soon! I promise you!! <3 Thank you much for your words!!! It’s very important for me :)

Will stuff be done? Tune in next time to find out.

I put an air purifier in my room last night, and I feel moderately rested and non-achey for the first time in days (weeks?). Possibly there is correlation. I’ve been an inactive blob the last few days, but I feel halfway like a human being again and maybe I can get some stuff done!


  • Phone calls x2
  • Utilities
  • Buy plane tickets for summer
  • Write a thing!! 15 minutes min.
  • Catch up on 20000 Leagues before family call


  • CoMC posts if time permits
  • Take some notes on recent chapters
  • Read new ROTE book!!!