Oh, Fitz can eat anything. You should see the stuff I’ve watched him eat when he was off the page.

Robin Hobb, Friday Ask you anything

(this is making me imagine WAY too many things)

A royal bastard  → an instrumental playlist for Fitzchivalry Farseer    

Track list and annotations:

  1. The Hanging Tree // the Witted bastard 
  2. Dziki Gon // for a girl in red skirts 
  3. The Parson’s farewell // assassin’s apprentice 
  4. Easier said than killed // red ships 
  5. Returner  // on the Skill road
  6. Farewell Apollo // Badgerlock
  7. Dragon racing // valet, bodyguard, friend, beloved
  8. Cloak and dagger // pack brothers 
  9. Fight the tyranny // Old Blood 
  10. Son of the Harpy // in her lair 
  11. Like i’m gonna lose you // something older than the fallen mountains
  12. Wake me up // Withywoods
  13. Merida’s Home // for a child sweeter than honey
  14. The King’s Arrival // a crown of iron 
  15. Welcome to the jungle // they’ll pay in blood
  16. Cannon in D minor // heart of an assassin 

“I have loved that man as I have loved no one else.

I do not say I loved him more than I love your mother. But that the way I loved him was different. But if you have heard there was anything improper in our bond, there was not. That was not what we were to one another.

What we had went beyond that.”    

Guys, it’s happening. Tomorrow, I get to meet my favorite author of all time: Robin Hobb. This is a dream come true for me! If you’re wondering why I love her so much, she is just incredibly full of talent and skill…Her world building, character development, and plots are all spectacular, and have rekindled my dream for writing my own fantasy book one day. I do believe she’s the only writer to ever have me go from absolutely loathing a character to utterly adoring them. All I can say is that I am so, so thankful for this opportunity. After much debate, I’ve decided on bringing only one book for her to sign- my original little Assassin’s Apprentice paperback that started it all.

Great books, awful covers: today’s #grimdragon challenge. These covers are downright corny, and awful in a way that made my boyfriend raise his eyebrows when he first saw me reading them. Of course, these books are the beginning of my absolute favorite series and thankfully have received much better covers than these.
Hobb my absolute 👸 queen of fantasy, and I will recommend her at every turn. And though these covers may be awesome, I have also become extremely fond of them for that same reason. I have defended them against many a harsh judgement, and the covers now have homey, well-loved sentiments attached to them in my heart.