hs au frerard fic

i was walkin down the halway when suddenly, frANK IERO pushed me down

frank was always  so meAn to ME!! it made my hart hurt.. no1 could no my TRU feelins. i crid n he laughed at  me n  i crid harder 

“pls frnk s top i love u” i gasped i could ont believe i just told him teh truth

frank loked shokcd “i love u too gerd” i smiled and we made out. 

A royal bastard  → an instrumental playlist for Fitzchivalry Farseer    

Track list and annotations:

  1. The Hanging Tree // the Witted bastard 
  2. Dziki Gon // for a girl in red skirts 
  3. The Parson’s farewell // assassin’s apprentice 
  4. Easier said than killed // red ships 
  5. Returner  // on the Skill road
  6. Farewell Apollo // Badgerlock
  7. Dragon racing // valet, bodyguard, friend, beloved
  8. Cloak and dagger // pack brothers 
  9. Fight the tyranny // Old Blood 
  10. Son of the Harpy // in her lair 
  11. Like i’m gonna lose you // something older than the fallen mountains
  12. Wake me up // Withywoods
  13. Merida’s Home // for a child sweeter than honey
  14. The King’s Arrival // a crown of iron 
  15. Welcome to the jungle // they’ll pay in blood
  16. Cannon in D minor // heart of an assassin