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I remember one time in elementary school i picked out one of those ever world books because they were in the kids section of barnes and noble and i needed to bring in a book to school so i brought it and i hadnt read it yet. but i brought it to school and like this teacher i had idk what their problem was and they lifted it up and talked about bringing appropriate reading material to class and like they kept shooting me dirty looks and making an example out of me and i just remember being so so confused because i hadnt read the book yet and i got it from the kids section…. even when i read the book after and revisited the book later as an adult i still dont see what the big deal was??? it wasnt that bad its just ya fiction 


Monday, 12.12.2016, | 12/100

My Calculus final is over, and I probably get 50%. I did the best I could so I’m just a bit disappointed that I am not as naturally talented at Math as some people I know. Such is life. 

I don’t want to go home immediately after the exam, so I take a walk around campus and head to my favorite bubble tea shop. There I set up my new booklr account, read some news and find out some material for my next exams. 

Its a shame that Iron Fist is bad. Finn Jones will get even more harrassed by SJWs for exercising his right to work.

On the other hand, I get to see the miserables rejoicing that a show is getting bad reviews. Imagine having such a sad life that you find happiness in that. And imagine acccusing whitewashing when the character is white and there is no whitewashing but you jump on a bandwagon becuase you can’t think for yourself. Thanks for making me feel better about my life, I look at you and realize that things could be much worse for me.

PS: The next time you want to whine about whitewashing or harrass a human being for making use of his right to work, you may wanna pick up the source material instead of making ignorant statements. Just some advice sweeties. 

When bookstore employees roll their eyes at you for coming up with an armful of comics and graphic novels and two of the titles you’re holding are Neil Gaiman stories turned into comic format and you wouldn’t have picked them up if you hadn’t already read the source material?

Also, graphic novels are books, you asshats.

I took 7 AP classes during high school and I really wanted to write a post about my experience in them before I completely forget everything. I was very privileged to go to a large high school that offered many AP classes and while I know that every teacher is going to teach an AP class differently, I hope my experiences and tips can help ease your anxieties about these classes. So in order I took AP Government, AP Microeconomics, AP Language and Composition, AP Studio Art, AP Literature and Composition, AP Statistics, and AP Psychology. 


Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Government was not an easy class for me. I was only a sophomore when I took it, and I was not prepared for the amount of work this class required. There was a TON of reading, and if you didn’t keep up with the reading, you had no idea what was going on. I really recommend keeping up with your reading and taking extensive notes on the material. This isn’t a class for people who don’t typically complete reading assignments. 


Difficulty: ★★★☆

I also took economics sophomore year, and it was easier than government, but it wasn’t exactly something I was good at. The math totally went over my head and was my downfall. Getting a good grade in this class wasn’t hard, but you really have to understand the material if you plan on taking the AP test. I thought I understood the material, but I got a 1 on the test. This class won’t be hard if you’re good at math, but if you struggle with math, it’s going to take a lot of work. 


Difficulty: ★★★★

If your teacher is the same as mine was, this will be one of the hardest english classes you ever take. Every single one of my essays was graded as if it were the AP test, so this class will really whip your writing into shape. You practically have to unlearn everything you’ve been taught about writing, and learn how to really write a good essay. That being said, this AP test was easy since you spend literally the entire year writing essays that are graded as if you were writing an AP essay. This class isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to learn and write, it is a great experience and it really prepares you for writing college level papers


Difficulty: ★

Studio art is easy, but it’s very time consuming. You need to figure out a good concentration if you plan on taking the AP test because you’ll need to send in a lot of different pieces. That being said, you don’t really have any assignments other than making art and analyzing art, so it’s pretty easy in terms of AP classes. 


Difficulty: ★

***YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THIS CLASS IF YOU PASSED THE AP LANGUAGE TEST BECAUSE COLLEGES WILL ALMOST ALWAYS ONLY ACCEPT THE FIRST ENGLISH CREDIT. If you want to take this class just to look good on a college application, go for it, but don’t waste money on the AP test if you already passed the previous english test. That being said, AP lit isn’t very hard. It’s strange because AP language is incredibly new and challenging, but lit basically goes back to the whole “read a book, write a 5 paragraph paper about it, repeat” thing that most people are used to. I regret taking this class because I didn’t know I couldn’t get credit from it going in, so I wish I would have taken a more interesting class instead. 

AP Statistics

Difficulty: ★★★☆

For someone who isn’t good at math, stats wasn’t incredibly difficult for me. I actually really enjoyed the class once I learned how to take notes and study properly. I recommend doing all the homework assignments, because math is like a language in that you need to practice every day to be good at it. If you are wanting to take an AP math but aren’t quite ready to commit to AP Calculus, this might be a good alternative for you.

AP Psychology

Difficulty: ★★★☆

Psychology involves a lot of note taking, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t incredibly challenging. Especially as a senior, I considered it to be a pretty easy A. If psych is a subject you find interesting, and you don’t mind a lot of note taking, this will probably be a pretty easy class for you. The AP test was also fairly easy, so if you do well in the class, you’ll probably get at least a 3 on the test. 

And those were my experiences in AP! If you have any specific questions about these classes, feel free to shoot us a message! 


3.6.17// All set up to study with some strawberries and chocolate. I’m keeping my materials simple, as I only need to draw up an outline of Siddhartha. I’ve got all my needed notations in my book, so hopefully I’m all set for my work. :)

I changed my study location for this, and it was very refreshing. 


One Day & Thank You

I stole a gossip girl book and my reward to myself for completing my tasks later is to get so…. blented and read it and cut up for collage material

Watching the mock trial episode of Bob’s Burgers and I have never related to a character so much as I have Louise in this moment. It brought me back to high school when we had a mock murder trial and I was a defense attorney and made a kid cry on stand. I did ask to treat him like a hostile witness. In retrospect, I think he just was bullshitting and didn’t read up on his study material.

Srsly though one thing i absolutely love about Kozaki’s xander (or his character arts in general, really) is that his official artwork perfectly encapsulates his character/ personality, or at least the JP version of the character.

especially how his facial expression is drawn. it does a great job at conveying him as the stern and intimidating yet simultaneously melancholic and lonely figure he is

which is largely why i vastly prefer Kozaki’s drawing for xander over the other artists’. sure it’s the guy’s official/original look and he looks the hottest drawn by Kozaki but most importantly no other artists really can capture the essence, the spirit of the character through visuals as great as him.

but then again it’s not really fair to compare them to Kozaki bc he had to read up the character’s fact sheets/development materials in order to design xander and thus has a better grasp on him. anyway, i kinda just want to see Kozaki draw him again some time.

I’m honestly really proud of myself this quarter because I’m not stressful studying and I’ve attended every lecture. I did well on weekly quizzes and kept up with reading and materials. I have all B’s and rn I’m calmly studying as opposed to last quarter where I had a breakdown and was failing one class, had borderline grades around C’s and didn’t study well. 

Fancy Meeting You Here.

   The hosting even had been going on for a good portion of the night and honestly..It didn’t appear to be going over very well. From what Crosscut could see there weren’t too many guests and plenty of hosts to go around. Needless to say it had been rather quiet at his table, but on the plus side he’d had plenty of time to catch up on some reading.

  But now, he was officially out of reading material, his cup was empty and the playwright was growing increasingly bored. That was when he spotted a familiar green frame across the room, deciding he wasn’t going to miss anything, left his table to stroll over to the towtruck.

    “My my, aren’t you a handsome one.” He cooed with a chuckle, hoping to take his partner a bit off guard by approaching him from the rear. “Tell me, sir are you still hosting? I wouldn’t mind some time with you for a while.”


Honestly it is perfect after along day. To have someone read a story to you or listen to a guided mediation. Also this perfect for people in school who don’t like reading/can’t keep up with the reading material or have a lot on their plate and don’t have time to read. They have a ton of classics and I’m sure they will be adding more. The only problem is that if you don’t have Spotify Premium it is probably best when it come to listening to books to use a computer because it won’t play the books in order if you are on a mobile device (iPod,cell phone,tablet) but beside that I think this is amazing.

Want Japanese Books?

So if you don’t mind digital books, this is for you! If you go to the Japanese Amazon website and make an account on there, you can buy kindle books on there in Japanese! (If you have the phone app, I believe you can simply just change your country in the settings of your current account.) You can purchase your kindle books on there with your home country’s currency, and they have a fair selection of free books as well. I hope this opens up reading material accessibility for you guys!