reading too much asoiaf

ASOIAF is such a great series. Like anything I love, my obsessive analyzing can sometimes hinder my enjoyment, but sometimes you just gotta step back and think, “Wow, someone made up in their head so many amazing characters in a fantastic magical world and took the time to write it all down so I can enjoy it.”

Even if there are things about it I don’t like, that doesn’t erase the fact that there are so many things about it that I love, that make me feel hope and grief and love and loss when sometimes in my own life I’m not sure how to feel them. 

I am Tyrion telling hard truths through humor, I am Jon thinking I must distance myself from my friends, I am Catelyn doing what she must when all she wants to do is stay in bed. I am Cersei’s ambition, Stannis’s skepticism, Sam admitting he’s a coward. I am Arya trying to make her actions have meaning, I am Jaime discovering the loneliness of arrogance, I am Bran trying not to dream of knighthood. I am Sansa watching and waiting, Dany longing for both Westeros and the red door, Doran wondering if he’s waited to long to do anything.

There was a time when the only person who cared about these characters was grrm, and now half the world does. So if you’re ever getting frustrated with the books, remember the parts that made you love it. Even if you don’t watch the show, at least it has brought quality gif material for book scenes and made tons of people read the series. At the end of the day of both gushing and ranting, I’m just glad this story exists.