reading too many myths

AU where person one of your otp creates a statue and it’s incredibly beautiful, they start to fall in love with it( I’m going to say it was a certain love goddess who did it.) and they begin hoping with every fiber of their being for them to become real, and they do (going to say it was Aphrodite again)and the statue knows them, it heard all of the conversations and remembered.

lukewarm arizona and sour skittles;
the man at the cashier smells like tobacco
and two-dollar america
the radio news whispers of oxygen dying and baltimore rising.

the man gives me a chip-toothed smile and says,
“they’re dropping like flies, sweetheart.“

all of a sudden the nation has me in a chokehold;
we’re repeating history but not the past.
i guess mama read me too many myths.
wrap icarus in a black hoodie and call him trayvon
and call him freddie and call him eric and call him -

i guess we love sky born boys when they’re drowning in the sea
and not bent into concrete.
i guess we love the stories but not the blood.

mama told him not to fly too close to the sun,
now he’s staring down the barrel of hades’ gun.
we sing achilles, achilles, and we live like the gods
and we tell our kids they can be anything.

i guess that also means dead.

lukewarm arizona and sour skittles,
the man smiles, and i wonder if his great grandson’s history book
will worship these winged ghosts.
because baltimore’s burning, and these kids they are flying.

god, i hope we’re close to tasting the sun.

—  black icarus || naiche lizzette