reading tokyo ghoul

Problems of the tg fanbase

Hey guys is it just me who has had problems with a certain corner of the Tokyo ghoul fanbase? I’m guessing some have guessed who i’m talking about, yes the transgender fanbase are so aggressive and they can spoil the fun of this manga sometimes by forcing their opinion onto others, its pathetic really but who am i to judge.

  • Me: I'm gonna read Killing Stalking.
  • Best friend: don't do it.
  • Me: i come from Tokyo Ghoul, Atack on Titan and Parasyte. Ain't nothing scaring a bad bitch like me.
  • [2 hours later]:
  • Me[crying]: why is this happening to my baby yoobum? Life is so unfair. That bitch, sangwoo. No, i can't.
  • Best friend: i told you.
  • Me: shut up.

Anonymous said : “you should draw eto! If you feel like it. I LOVE your art and i would frame it on my wall if I could. I hope you have a nice day! :)

Eto with short hair for you ! ! (And wah thank you..♡!!!)

at this point im just abusing the star brush

something i made a while ago/  made this as a print but got lazy when looking for places to print so eh

Lil redraw of one of the doodles I did back in 2015 for @farbsturz‘s fic~

I had to find the post for reference for something and couldn't leave without fixing at least one of the doodles….


Doodle thing based on a conversation between kanekis-perky-buttocks and me~ ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Please excuse my styles constant changing, I started this like a month ago and just kept coming back and forth from it so ; v ;

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