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“I’m the type to fall in love at first sight. I’m a manly man when I’m dating.  I was like Lee Young in that I would assertively express that I like someone to that person. There are a lot of scenes that made my heart flutter, so I enjoyed reading the script.  Through this drama, I came to realize how enjoyable it is to look at only one woman.”  - Park Bo Gum

We were reading through a script in drama and the teacher said that the guy was using his sex appeal to get a job and then looks at me and says, “This sounds like something Serenity wrote.” (serenity is my birth name but I don’t really like being called that other than at school.) My drama teacher is amazing. a few weeks ago he asked me how my fanfiction was going.

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Hello, this isn't a question, but I read through all the recent TBS drama on twitter. I just wanted to say that I've always admired your content even though I haven't played Sims 4 yet; I kept your site in my bookmarks for when I did eventually buy it. I love and appreciate your creativity so much. I hate that disrespectful and triflin people ruined things. I'll leave it at that but just know that you're one of my favorite cc creators. 💙

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hey, so, i wanted to address your post about the whole “kerfuffle” but i didn’t want to reblog your original post because i agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly on that – to just let the fandom breathe. probably ironic, coming from me, is it not? XP i’m probably one of those “keyboard-scuffling” folks you were referring to. i’d like to explain, as briefly as i can, my own personal reasons for even making a point to reply to your post and to seemingly continue to scuffle, if you’d be willing to read.

my main point of view is vastly different than the majority of the fandom. my blog description (and URL, even) says it all. i’m a hardcore punky monkey shipper, in all aspects. that alone sets my perspective apart from the majority of the fandom. not to say that i’m a martyr or whatever, just that my opinions on the show and on certain characters and ships will be different than the majority. which is fine by me!

the fact that my viewpoint is different is important because i see the fandom differently than most in that i don’t care for cophine or delphine all that much. i’m not saying that cophine isn’t extremely important and that it doesn’t play a key role in the show (because it /is/ important and it /does/ play a key role – likewise with delphine), just that i personally don’t care for it.

that viewpoint, unfortunately, can and has been interpreted by some as perhaps “adversarial” and that i’m trying to “pick fights” or “shove my viewpoint about cophine/delphine down other fans throats” which is extremely far from the truth! but the reason i am choosing to respond to your post now is because honestly, i am the /last/ person who actually wants to pick fights with other clone clubbers. i know there are posts on my blog and my rambles in tags on my blog that seem the opposite, but that’s just me expressing my untagged frustration. which is another reason i’m choosing to respond to your post – because it was tagged in the orphan black tag, because it pertains to orphan black. but more importantly, it was tagged to be /seen/. i will definitely be the first to say that most of my posts regarding cophine and its fans on my own personal blog are salty and outspoken and probably brash and rather ridiculous. but i don’t tag them because the fandom doesn’t need to see it. i am glad that you tagged your positivity post (the same post i linked above) because that’s exactly what the fandom needs right now, especially going into season 5.

so where am i going with this? honestly i don’t know. but there was something about your “call out” post (i guess you could say) that just didn’t sit right with me. and i think the main reason for that was because my viewpoint on the “kerfuffle” differs from yours. i see it as a necessary discussion to have in the fandom for one simple reason – there is division in the fandom, and it needs to be addressed. there’s an elitist attitude that exists within the fandom and, as far as i can see (and you may absolutely correct me if i’m wrong), the attitude comes primarily from cophine shippers. now, this is NOT a blanket statement saying that /all/ cophine shippers have this attitude. i know for a fact that this is not the case. i’ve met a few wonderful cophine shippers during this whole “kerfuffle” who’ve noticed the attitude within the fandom as well. and it’s for that reason that, as much as i would love to drop this whole thing, i can’t. 

there are posts out there threatening to virtually cut off people’s heads for saying that delphine’s not important. do i understand the concept of a joke? sure i do. but to people like me, those of us who sit outside the fandom norm (cl/cl shippers and shaysima shippers who honestly just want to do our own thing), to see someone, even “jokingly”, threaten to essentially disown them from the OB fandom just because we would say that delphine isn’t important? even if it’s meant to be a joke, there’s an underlying, subtle elitist attitude hidden within that message that really makes people feel unwelcome. and it’s not that anyone has actually ever said that delphine’s /not/ important. she is. she’s an excellent character that fights for cosima within this morally grey area – and it’s that moral ambiguity that truly /does/ make her an awesome character. it’s just that she’s not /the/ most important. to some people, mrs. s might be the most important. or felix. or art. or any of the clones. it’s not saying that art is the most important of the /show/, but that he’s that person’s most important.

and there’s lots of people who think that delphine is the most important character to them. which is great! it’s good to have a fave. but from where i’m standing, these kinds of fans jump the gun a little too quickly the second anyone says that delphine’s not important and unfortunately misinterpret it to be “delphine’s not important /at all/” which, for me and for many others that i’ve talked to, is not the case. there may be a minority out there who think that delphine’s not important /at all/, but to most of us, when we say delphine’s not important, we just mean that she’s not important to /us/ and that we have other faves that we care more about.

so that’s why i’ve chosen to reply. because i’m not just keyboard-scuffling without thinking, without taking time to breathe, without considering that maybe i should just try to enjoy the show while it’s still around. i have been thinking (a lot – which… would explain the length of this post. my apologies) and noticing things within the fandom. and honestly that’s why i want this discussion to continue. a civil discussion, a proper debate. i understand why there would be those within the fandom who would be/are already frustrated that this is /still/ ongoing, and i completely respect anyone who would wish to just completely block people, blacklist tags, do whatever they need to do just to enjoy OB’s last season to its fullest. 

but for me personally, i still want to address this division. it’s not something i’m manufacturing just to create drama because i (excuse the crassness) “get off” on it or whatever. the division is already within the fandom. whether it’s mainly meant to be a joke between friends or not, the fact of the matter is that some people don’t see it as a joke. and i’d just love everyone to respect each other and allow everyone to enjoy what they want about season 5 without the drama.

When your reading a fanfiction and unnecessary drama breaks through.

Look at the awesome custom font being used for Taboo. I love the raven + dagger.

BBC One posted this teaser of the Ep. 1 shooting script earlier today, and said:

The read-through is underway for #Taboo, an 8-part #BBCOne period drama about the East India Company. The series has been written by Steven Knight and stars #TomHardy as rogue adventurer James Keziah Delaney. #BTS#BehindTheScenes

Links:  “Kristoffer Nyholm and me Taboo ~ pre prep” // “Me and my Dad - Taboo 2015”  //  Tom Hardy and His Dad Wrote a TV Show Together  //  FX Nabs Tom Hardy BBC Drama Series ‘Taboo’ // “Taboo” is tentatively slated for a mid-2016 premiere


                   CHOI YOUNG DO & YOO RACHEL :: Historical AU

                          “What?”  He scoffed from the throne, leaning over with
                      an  elbow  resting on his knee.  “Dare to say that again?”

                          The edge of her lips curled ever so slightly. “As you
                      wish.” The words “your Highness” roll off her tongue with a
                      slight sting.  “I said, you seem to have finally gained  some
                      confidence now that the late emperor has passed away.”

                          “You forget who you’re speaking to,” he warned.

                          “Emperor or not, you’re still the same kid I grew  up with.
                      I’m still the only one between the two of us who  isn’t  afraid
                      to take the steps necessary to secure the power we deserve.
                 You’re welcome by the way.”

H A P P Y   H O L I D A Y S  TO @tyndaridaes from your @kdramasecretsanta​ 

OKAY so to explain that mess of a snippet of there, I had a Macbeth vibe one day sooooo I went with it. –Well to preface Heirs is actually the only drama from your list that I’ve seen all the way through LOL. I was going to marathon the other dramas but I’ve read through your youngra fics, and pretty much took a stab in the dark and guessed that you somewhat enjoy the ship. Anyway, I thought about Rachel and Young Do being betrothed from a young age, and decided to keep Young Do’s Daddy Issues TM in his backstory (bc what is Young Do without his father problems? Happy, for one but happiness is rare in historical plots.) Later on down the line, Rachel devised a plan to help Young Do to ascend to the throne with her as empress through nefarious means. Amazing. And here we are. 

I had a lot of fun making this for you so I hope you like it somewhat? If not the idea, then hopefully you think the manips are cool. idk OTL Please have a good holiday season!! It was great getting to know you through your blog and to have the chance to make this for yoooou~~~~

Cassandra Clare and the Lawsuit of Unavoidable Drama

I read through stuff really fast, so here a quick and easy catch up post on the latest dramafest. (I swore I wasn’t going to get involved in this sort of thing, but misinformation is going to be everywhere.)

Who is suing whom?

Sherrilyn Kenyon, author of a set of books about “Darkhunters” who protect the world from evil. She has written many short stories and novels about this premise. She also sells merchandise and makes YouTube videos promoting her books. She may have a movie or TV show in the works. She is suing Cassandra Clare, author of the Shadowhunter Chronicles. She is also suing the Mortal Instruments City of Bones movie, the Shadowhunters TV show, and certain merchandisers.

What makes this lawsuit important?

There’s a lot of evidence that suggests she has a good case. Not only did she contact Ms. Clare years ago to ensure City of Bones did not infringe on her copyright, she has also been in contact with her and her representatives since then to discuss concerns the Shadowhunters series was breaking copyright law. Despite repeated reassurances the concepts in Ms. Clare’s books and certain design elements like the “Angelic Power Rune” are very similar to previously published designs and concepts of Ms. Kenyon’s. She also has evidence the similarities between them has negatively impacted her brand.

What is she suing for?

Ms. Kenyon is not only suing for money to compensate “irreparable losses” from Ms. Clare, the movie franchise, and the TV show, she is also asking the court to prevent all three of these entities from using certain terms and designs she claims are to similar to hers. This includes the word Shadowhunters, among other elements.

What will this do?

We don’t know yet. Optimistically, Disney and Ms. Clare will give her money and Ms. Clare will have to alter her future work so it doesn’t infringe on Ms. Kenyon’s rights. However with a court battle things can get complicated and we don’t know what concessions various parties will end up making before this is over.

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ Teaser

Guys I am sooooooo sorry for not posting this when I said I would. I have been really busy with work and unfortunately just haven’t had a chance to finish it yet. I promise I am working on it, I just need a little more time. For now here is a small bit of it though and I hope you guys will like it! 

“Oh no.. Oh no this is not good, not good at all”, the red head said in shock as he read through his twitter feed.

“What’s got your panties in knot now Mr. Drama?”, asked Maks as he walked into his living room; basketball ready in hand to go shoot some hoops with his overly dramatic ginger friend.

“Bro you’re not gonna believe this but these two love struck idiots have done it now..”

“What idiots? Done what? You’re not making any sense man.” He walks up behind the couch to read what’s on Alex’s phone screen over his shoulder. “Oh my god”, he says, “oh my god they fucking didn’t”, he repeats running his hand through his hair.

“They did. And the media is going nuts!”

“Those idiots! How could they!?” Maks was pacing up and down his living room at this point. “Mom and pops are gonna kill them! No, scratch that, Kaz is going to murder them..” he says with wide eyes.

“What are we gonna do?” Asked Alex, scrolling through his phone some more. “Practically every tabloid is publishing the news on social media. I’m pretty sure Z’s dad will know by now.”

And as if on cue, Maks’ phone started ringing in his pocket. “Shit it’s him.. Hey Kaz what’s up? It’s great to hear- Yea I just read the tabloid- No I don’t know why they did it- Okay Kaz calm down I’m going to try and get a hold of them- Yes I’ll let you know- Bye.”

Thoughts so far?? I promise I will post the rest asap! (:


BBC One posted the Ep. 1 shooting script today.

@bbcone “The read-through is underway for #Taboo, an 8-part #BBCOne period drama about the East India Company. The series has been written by Steven Knight and stars #TomHardy as rogue adventurer James Keziah Delaney. #BTS #BehindTheScenes”

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