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The name Hitler does not offend a black South African because Hitler is not the worst thing a black South African can imagine. Every country thinks their history is the most important, and that’s especially true in the West. But if black South Africans could go back in time and kill one person, Cecil Rhodes would come up before Hitler. If people in the Congo could go back in time and kill one person, Belgium’s King Leopold would come way before Hitler. If Native Americans could go back in time and kill one person, it would probably be Christopher Columbus or Andrew Jackson.

I often meet people in the West who insist that the Holocaust was the worst atrocity in human history, without question. Yes, it was horrific. But I often wonder, with African atrocities like in the Congo, how horrific were they? The thing Africans don’t have that Jewish people do have is documentation. The Nazis kept meticulous records, took pictures, made films. And that’s really what it comes down to. Holocaust victims count because Hitler counted them. Six million people killed. We can all look at that number and be rightly horrified. But when you read through the history of atrocities against Africans, there are no numbers, only guesses. It’s harder to be horrified by a guess. When Portugal and Belgium were plundering Angola and the Congo, they weren’t counting the black people they slaughtered. How many black people died harvesting rubber in the Congo? In the gold and diamond mines of the Transvaal?

So in Europe and America, yes, Hitler is the Greatest Madman in History. In Africa he’s just another strongman from the history books.

—  Trevor Noah, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

history-rover  asked:

Prompt: Phichit beta reading Yuuri's self insert fanfic of himself and Victor, and Victor finds out (credit everyone in Discord!).

S/O TO EVERYONE IN DISCORD @history-rover @forovnix @omgkatsudonplease @exile-wrath @dystopiansushi @emerald-imperial


“Victor, can I tell you a secret?” Yuuri asks with vodka seeping from every breath he exhales, with his hand slipping up Victor’s shirt at a varying pace, first slow, then fast, then slow again, as though he can’t decide what to do.

Victor touches Yuuri’s ankle with his foot, shifts closer to him until he’s about to fall off of the barstool. Phichit and Christophe are sitting nearby, but ever since Yuuri had one shot too many, he’d been locked in his own little world with Victor. “You can tell me anything.”

Then, he’s struggling to get his phone out of his pocket. Victor reaches a hand to help him, and as soon as their skin touches Yuuri grips his hand, lacing their fingers while holding the phone with his left hand. He places it on the bar, then opens the internet. “I’ve gotta show you… I never showed you. I don’t think I ever showed you.”

He leans closer, nuzzles his neck. “Showed me what?”

“This,” he says, and then taps on something. “I used to…” A blush flushes across his cheeks and Victor kisses him. He tastes of alcohol and something sweet, something he can’t quite name. “You know how I liked you?” Their joint hands move to Victor’s thigh and rest there. “Before I met you?”

He’s aware that Yuuri was a fan, and he nods.

“I used to write,” Yuuri is saying, and pushing the phone towards him. “Do you see this one? Five thousand kudos, Vitya. Five thousand. And it’s… I loved you then, and I love you now. I loved you so much and I wrote about you but now I don’t have to ‘cause I have you.”

Victor blinks, stares at the phone screen.

From Russia With Love by vicchanfan202

Rating: Explicit

Relationship: Victor Nikiforov/Reader

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe – Coffee Shop, Self-Insert, Strangers to Lovers, Fluff, Smut, Hardcore Smut but there’s plot I promise, (My first fic!!! be nice plz), Misuse of whipped cream, Explicit Sex, kitchen sex, strawberries in all the wrong places, sex in a lot of places lol, Food Kink, Praise Kink, BDSM (Probably), Gold Kink, Sugar Daddy, Temperature Play, Male Original Characters, Female Original Characters, Daddy Kink

Language: English

Words: 217891 Chapters: 12/12 Kudos: 5027

Victor Nikiforov is on top of the world–he possesses beauty, medals, fame. Everything but love. When he bumps into a young man at a coffee shop, everything changes.


“Do you like it?” Yuuri asks, and his thigh presses more firmly against Victor’s as he shifts closer.

Victor swallows thickly. “Yuuri, I…”

“I used to write them in Japanese, but Phichit beta’d this one for me,” he explains, then hiccups, then yawns. He wraps his free arm around Victor’s shoulders and leans on him, burying his head in his chest.

“You have a daddy kink? And a praise kink? And a… What does strawberries in all the wrong places mean?”

Yuuri moves a hand to his ass.

Victor clears his throat. “Tomorrow, when you’re sober, we’re going to have a talk about why you haven’t told me these things.”

He giggles. “My legs are asleep. So’s my face.”

He chuckles and cups Yuuri’s cheek, using his free hand to open up the fanfiction on his phone. He copies the link, texts it to himself. “Your face is asleep?”

Yuuri nods, yawns. “Let me tell you about the story, okay? It’s a…” His brows furrow in concentration, as though he can’t remember what he was going to say. “There’s smut, right, but–”


“Sex, like a lot of it. I think there’s, like, nine sex scenes in the second chapter. The relationship develops quickly. But the plot,” he says, and pokes Victor’s chest. “It’s all about the plot.”

“Nine sex scenes in one chapter?”

Yuuri hums. “Not all sex, but like sex, you know?”

“I don’t know. I really, really don’t know.”

“I’ll explain, no worries. Phichit, do you remember From Russia With Love?” He turns to his friend.

Phichit’s eyes widen with recognition, his pupils dart back and forth between Victor and Yuuri. “You told Victor about your smutty self-insert fanfiction that hit five thousand kudos?”

“Remember the strawberry scene?” Yuuri prompts.

Phichit pales. “I’ll never forget the strawberry scene.”

“We’re going home, and I’m finding that strawberry scene,” Victor states, taking Yuuri’s hand and leading him towards the door.

“There’s another part with chocolate syrup–that’s where the temperature play comes in.”


~ The following morning

“What happened last night?” Yuuri asks, stepping into the kitchen and seeing a pack of freshly-bought strawberries sitting on the kitchen counter.

jimon fic recs

(updated with descriptions) 

3 times simon flirts with jace in serious situations + 1 time jace gives it a try by hexicity 

‘“Well–well you should come to the library. With me. So that we–so that I could check you out.”There’s a brief silence during which Jace considers opening the car door and letting the demons have him for dinner, but Simon’s sudden bursting laugh halts any and all thoughts.“Dude.” Simon heaves between laughs, wiping at his eyes. “Oh, Jace, that was so bad. Oh man, oh Jace. Oh no.”’

worlds apart by banesexual 

‘highschool AU where Simon is the biggest nerd for space and the guys on the football team like to tease him, except for Jace Lightwood: captain and star quarterback who thinks it’s super cute.

slight misunderstandings by madzielightbane

‘jace and simon reflect on their feelings about why neither of them seemed affected by simon drinking jace’s blood as vampire’s usually have much more significant an effect on people.’

the obi-wan for me by the_magnificentbane

‘Jace never thought he’d be grateful to be forced to work on the day of the new Star Wars’ film’s release, all because Alec decided to cash in one of his favors so he could go on a date with that guy from last week, but turns out working instead of watching the movie wasn’t too bad.’

he’s got something special by rocketshiptospace

‘“I’m in love,” Simon declares, as he joins his friends at their table in the library.“Groundbreaking news,” Raphael deadpans, “Really, I’m shocked. This is too much. I can’t handle the pure surprise that comes with this revelation. I had never expected this. Next you’re going to tell me you’re in love with Jace, of all people. Then my mind will truly be blown.”Or, Simon is in love with Jace. He hates Christian Ozera, a famous singer. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds.’

call it magic by rocketshiptospace

‘The cutting boards are at it again. Or, well, they are fine for most of the morning, until Jace comes in and they start circling around his middle like they’re trying to sacrifice him to the food gods. Or something. At least they aren’t chanting anything.“Just one normal day,” Jace says, “Just one day I want to come in here and be like ‘Hi Simon, here’s your delivery!’ and that’s it. Just once.”“You and me both,” Maia says, eyeing one of the cutting boards currently circling Jace. It’s holding a half chopped tomato she had been working on.“It’s charming,” Simon says, with the voice of someone who has had to repeat that exact phrase way too many times. “It adds character.”Or, Simon owns a sandwich shop with a haunted kitchen. Jace delivers his bread.’

only fools by rocketshiptospace

‘Jace looks conflicted now and Simon places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Simon Lewis, what does he know about dating?’ Well, from experience, very little. But I’ve been friends with Clary all my life, and on top of that I’ve watched enough rom-coms to be able to confidently call myself an expert. You’ll be successfully dating Clary before you can even say ‘Simon you’re an idiot’. Trust me.”or, Simon convinces himself Jace is into Clary, and like the Amazing Best Friend that he is, tries to teach Jace how to properly wine and dine her. It doesn’t really go as planned.’

Who has two thumbs and is somewhat obsessed with everyone’s favorite revolutionary boyfriends? This person!

Historic(-ish) Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, based on @ciceroprofacto‘s take of them in their beautiful, wonderful, mindbogglingly good Lams fanfic Song of Alexander, which everyone should read, because it’s just. So. Good. 

History Books

(Voltron: Lance Mcclain, Klance, Sheith, Angst, set in the Future)

- - -

It’s been about twenty years since they first entered space They’ve defeated the Galra empire and everything is as it should be except Lance is unhappy.

He knows that he should be satisfied with all his done and all he has accomplished but twenty years later as he pours over a history book he can’t help but to feel an agonizing emptiness.

He is staring at a picture of Keith and Shiro standing next to each other, wide grins spread across their face and their hands intertwined together by their sides, their wedding rings catching the light of the camera flash as the picture is being taken. He has read the book front to back and despite the entire chapter dedicated to Shiro and Keith’s wedding he cant seem to find a single mention of his relationship with Keith.

Of course it has all the general stuff such as their positions as paladins and how their style of fighting is amazingly complementary, and there are dozens of chapters dedicated to the battles they’ve fought together. But there is nothing in regards to their romantic relationship.

Lance supposes he should of expected it but it still hurts.

They had dated for two years. Two whole years full of laughter and love and agony.
During that period they had gone through the Confrontation of Jeqial, the War of Babiyana, and finally the Battle of Anexpl.

8 years of fighting insane enemies, near death experiences and near constant battles had taken its toll on The team of Voltron.

Hunk had a panic attack any time someone tried to talk about what happened on Xenor-P, Pidge’s left eye didn’t work anymore (even though he knew she had created a new one with Hunk’s help, he knew she still felt the loss), and every single member of the team suffered severally from the mental strain it took to try and keep the universe in Balance, after all, not every planet could be saved no matter how hard they wished it otherwise.

Despite all of this one of the things he regretted most is what happened during the Battle of Anexpl.

Keith had died, and he would still be dead if it weren’t for Allura and the advance medicine of Anexpl, but those five minutes of frantically checking for the weak pulse of his heart before being unable to find one at all was one of the worst things that Lance ever had to endure.  

Five agonizing minutes of panic and heartache and rage as he watched Keith lay pale and bloodied on the dirty ground of the sandy planet, the only thing indicating life was the soft gurgles as he took a breath. 

Even after Allura had successfully revived Keith, his heart finally beating steady and his lungs filling with air, Lance couldn’t help but notice how pale Keith’s skin was and how shallow his breathing seemed to stay after that. 

Their bed; which was once a place that held memories of late night kisses, laughter and adoring looks when the one person thought the other wasn’t paying attention, now only brought a feeling of dread to Lance’s heart.

Had Keith always been that cold?
Did his heart usually stutter? 

Everything Lance loved about Keith kept reminding him of when Keith laid on the ground dead. The flush of his sleeping cheeks only reminded him of when they were painted with drying blood.

When Keith was sleeping next to him he couldn’t help the way his chest seemed to catch in his throat, Not from adoration as it usually did but from a deep set anxiety. 

Lance slowly stopped kissing Keith’s forehead when he woke up. He stopped cradling him in his arms as they sat through meetings, and when Keith confronted him about it? Lance ran.  

Lance barely remembers the conversation now. A few words he’ll regret here, a scream every now and then before he finally came out and said it.  

“I can’t do this anymore”  

At first Keith couldn’t seem to comprehend it before a look of agony and acceptance slowly settled in. Lance had expected screaming and and rage but all he received was a curt nod and simple

“I see”

before he turned around and walked away.

Keith didn’t sleep with Lance that night or any night following their break-up. 

Keith had taken his clothing and items from their shared room whilst Lance was showering one day. He went into the shower with his room still filled with Keith’s presence and returned to it hollowed out and empty. 

They still worked together well as a team but the banter and playful attitude that was usually present during their battles was absent. The team noticed of course and they worried but Keith and Lance were nothing if not stubborn and so they carefully made sure that Voltron was in no way affected by their split.

It continued like this for four years before Shiro and Keith got into their relationship.  

It had been agonizing, of course it was, but was Lance going to admit that to anyone? Then five years later Shiro and Keith are getting married in the castle with Coran officiating.

It was beautiful, of course it was, but Lance didn’t stay for long.
Now three years later, twenty years after they had left Earth, Lance is sitting alone in his home on Earth , reading through a history book. Occasionally he would have a visitor, whether it be the new Blue paladin, or Hunk checking in on him but otherwise he was relatively left alone.   

Keith had stopped by exactly once.

They had sat down at the dinner table and Lance without looking up from his cup of coffee had finally started the conversation that was twelve years overdue.

“I still love you”

“I know”  

“I wish I had never let you go" 

"I know" 

And that was it.  

They finished their drinks in silence, Keith had stood up, thanked him and left.

It wasn’t until he was cleaning up he noticed the piece of paper sticking out from underneath Keith’s tea cup.
It was a single photograph from twelve years ago, when they had been baby faced and in love.  

Lance was lying next to Keith in their bed fast asleep but Keith was awake and looking at Lance with an expression of total adoration.  
Lance stared at the picture for a long while before he carefully placed it in a photo album and sat down to do something he should of done twelve years ago.

Lance mourned for his lost love.

FAVORITE OLICITY FICS:  Part II – Olicity Fandom Work

Warning: half of this list crushed my heart and danced on the left pieces

Favorite AU Fics:

I’m sorry there’re toooooo many



I want to Thank every Olicity fic Writer out there because You are remarkable! You are making lives brighter even if it includes broken hearts more often than not! You are and always will be what a fandom needs the most! THANK YOU!


Lit Meme → [8/10] Books: The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller

A flurry of panic erupts around me, but nothing penetrates. Only a haze of sounds brushes against me. Yelps from Mama, my sisters. Papa turning back to Yurovsky, his mouth moving. What? I can’t understand you. Read it again please. Yurovsky’s voice once more, like a needle on a gramophone. Papa, still asking, What? What? 
Another flash - Yurovsky and his squad answering with open fire. 
I cross myself and close my eyes. 
Where we go next, we go together.

storm-fly  asked:

8. Were you ever going to tell me?


Astrid sighed and looked away, keeping herself from gazing into her Dragon’s innocent eyes. “He’s an idiot.” She explained. “A lying idiot on top of that. A marriage contract with Cami? How could you keep that from me?”

Stormfly squawked, settling down into the soft grass a bit more before wrapping her tail about her rider, who was sitting beside her with her back against the dragon’s side. Astrid looked out at the ocean below the sea stack she and Stormfly were now seated on, regret and sadness in her gaze.

“I just… we’ve been dating for weeks now. So what, he’s gonna let me fall in love with him-”

Storfmly rolled her eyes, already knowing that Astrid had been in love with Hiccup for years now… they just hadn’t expressed their feeling until three weeks before.

“-then go and break up with me because he has to marry Camicazi? I mean- how could he!?” Astrid, in the quick moment of frustration picked up a pebble and tossed it in the air, letting it drop to the ocean. 

Astrid huddled into herself, her head dropping against her knees while her hands wrapped about her legs. A single tear trailed down her cheek, dribbling down into the corner of her mouth. “I love him, Stormfly. I just… I just can’t believe he’d hide this from me! Isn’t marriage kind of a big deal?”

Stormfly crooned sadly, bumping Astrid’s hand gently. 

“I just…” Astrid sighed, closing her eyes and letting the wind tickle her skin. “I just don’t know…”

“Astrid!?” came a shout from above, causing her to give a small jump in surprise, her fingers itching for her axe. “Astrid you out here!?”

She bit her lip and remained silent, hoping Hiccup would just fly off without noticing her-


Stormfly squawked and lifted her head, amiably giving away their hiding spot.

Astrid groaned and turned away when Toothless landed, Hiccup jumping to the ground and making his way towards her.

“Hey, Astrid? What’re you doing all the way out here?” He crouched down beside her, sitting comfortably before wrapping an arm loosely around her stiff shoulders. She went rigid, digging her teeth into her lip to keep herself from screaming at him to go away.

Hiccup seemed to realize something was wrong, for he pulled away and grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to look at him. “Astrid?”

She opened her eyes and stared at him, removing her teeth from her lip so she could answer. “Go. Away.” She hissed before shrugging out of his hold. “I know, Hiccup, and I don’t want anything more to do with you.”

Liar. She said to herself mentally, but refused to voice any such thing out loud. Hiccup was already promised to somebody else, she had to act this way or things would just get all the more complicated. 

Hiccup’s face went void of all expressions for a moment, before it was filled with shock and confusion. “Wh-what? Why? I-I thought… what happened, what’d I do?”

“You lied.” She forced out, trying to keep calm. 

He blinked. “Wh-what? I’m confused, I don’t think I-”

“I know about Cami, Hiccup.” She said stiffly. She blinked back tears, her voice dropping to a whisper. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

HIccup’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “No, no, nononono, Astrid, that’s- what did you hear? Gods.” He ran a hand through his unruly hair, looking drained and panicked. “Did Snotlout-”

“Yes. Snotlout.” She whispered angrily. “Snotlout told me. Snot. Lout.” she spat the last words, now furious that it had been Hiccup’s cousin to relay the information, and not Hiccup himself. 

She tried to get out of his grip and stand to her feet, but Hiccup grabbed her shoulder and arm again, keeping her from escaping. 

“No, Astrid, listen. Snotlout probably told you Cami and I have a wedding contract- right?”

She nodded, the tears stinging her cheeks as the tears undauntedly streamed down. “Yes.” She whispered.

“He’s wrong.” Hiccup shook his head. “He forgot to tell you one very important bit of information.”

She grasped onto this small hope, desperately begging the gods that what Hiccup had to say would make all this right… that he hadn’t lied to her and that they could still go on being a couple, and perhaps someday wed.

“We broke that contract years ago.” Hiccup added. “Nobody knew about it- even I didn’t know about it- till about two years ago. Dad knew I wanted to make my own future and how much of a tradition breaker I was, so he ended the contract. Cami was actually overjoyed with it, because she’s found her own love. So the tribe’s peace treaty was settled, just without the wedding contract.”

Astrid blinked, joy filling her chest.

“Snotlout found out yesterday about it while reading through the history books.” Hiccup explained, not looking away, but instead staring at her with a calm and hopeful gaze. “He was just trying to get you mad.”

“He succeeded.” She quipped, a smile slowly spreading across her face. “Oh, Hiccup, I’m sorry- I-I should’ve known Snotlout-”

“Hush.” Hiccup pressed a finger to her lips, effectively silencing her. He too was smiling, albeit softly and apologetically. “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you I suppose…”

“No, this is my fault.” She gestured to both of them, then the area about them. “I overreacted. I’m sorry.” 

Hiccup grinned and once again wrapped an arm about her shoulders, drawing her close to his side. “Eh, just a little misunderstanding.” He stated happily. “So… we’re good now, right?”

“Oh yes.” She whispered, smiling up at him, “Good as new…”

I’m sorry this was rather rushed and not all that great, but this was a rewrite because I lost the original version, so there’s my explanation, I’m sorry again :) I hope this wasn’t too crappy though…

And to those who’ve sent me prompt requests, thank you! I’m having so much fun writing them, especially since isn’t working at the moment. This really gives me something to do, and I’m really enjoying writing them. :D But I have quite a few to do, so I’ll probably only have the requests open for a little while longer, so if you have a prompt request send it now! :D

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yo ib history kids check this out

i was reading through one of the history subject reports and this is super relevant

  • Every essay provides a specific task for the candidate. Candidates need to identify the key terms in the question and plan an effective and relevant response accordingly. Question analysis means reading the entire question, breaking down the task into constituent parts or themes and then avoiding the temptation to produce an avalanche of information whose relevance to the specific demands is quite marginal.
  • 5-10 minutes writing a plan of the response is time well spent and can aid in providing a coherent and focused answer. Encourage candidates to include the plan within the exam answer booklet - having made sure to draw a line through the plan to indicate it is not part of the essay answer obviously.
  • In questions relating to Topic 3 - candidates must exercise great care in identifying whether questions are asking candidates to focus on rise or rule of single-party leaders - or both! Marks are lost by candidates who fail to identify the scope of these questions.
  • A thematic approach to essays, when appropriate, usually produces a more successful outcome. The chronological narrative often tends towards descriptive writing and curtails analytical treatment of topics.
  • Opinions need to be supported by relevant, accurate historical knowledge if candidates wish to achieve the higher grade bands. There is no substitute for mastery of the material and its focused deployment in the attempt to meet the demands of the task.
  • Define terms which appear in the questions - not only for the sake of examiners but in order to clarify the task at the outset for the candidate - “ideology”, “totalitarian”, “collective security” for example - need to be explained at the outset.
  • Historiography is not the be all and end all of history essay writing. It should not be a substitute/replacement for solid factual knowledge, accurate chronology and sequencing which must for the basis of any effective essays.

So, I’ve been reading Olicity fics obsessively for almost a year now and I really wanted to make an list of my absolute favourite works. This list is to appreciate these incredible writers and to recommend new(and mind bogglingly good) fics for those who unlike me, haven’t read almost every olicity fic ever written after 2014. This list includes finished and unfinished one shots and longer fics. I’ve added links to all the writer’s tumblr’s that I found!

  • Origin by eyrk (Role reversal Au, with Felicity as the vigilante and playboy!Oliver, will absolutely destroy you both with it’s incredibleness and the fact that it gets updated very rarely)
  • Anyone Else But You by javajunkie (Frenemies(?) to lovers. Will make you laugh hysterically and then cry like a baby)
  • once upon a december by roselland (Anastasia, aka my most beloved Disney movie & BRATVA AU??? Like I loved this fic before I even had read the first sentence tbh)
  • Employee of the Month by ihatepeas (S1 rewrite, with Felicity as a detective& Papa Lance’s partner. Oliver is a little shit of a vigilante with horrible cover stories and Felicity is the cutest human being ever who predictably sees through all of his lies.)
  • Queen of Chemistry by tssgry (High school-Frenemies-Tutor Au? With sassy Felicity & kinda really cute(and brooding) Oliver.)
  • And Then It Ends, Your Little Winning Streak by MachaSWicket (Oh man. Oooh man. This one will make you wail your anguish and feelings to your dog in 3am. Partly because the feelings it gives you, and partly because no one, I mean no one will ever write ‘scared for Felicity’s life’- Oliver better than this. Seriously, this one changed my life.)
  • A Week off the Grid by fiacresgirl (Post s3 road trip fic!! The title basically explains what they have in mind, but it doesn’t tell you how much you’re going to adore it)
  • Still by TeaWithLemon (Set somewhere in season three, O&F deal with bombers, kidnappers and Ray Palmer. I have so many feelings about every chapter in this fic. So many. When you’ve read it, because you have to(!!), come and message me so we can yell about it together.)
  • Long Time Coming by MachaSWicket (Felicity and Oliver get interrupted way too many times when trying to finally have sex with each other. This one is still my absolute favorite smutty one shot. You’ll see why, trust me. )
  • The Dark Prodigal by pulpklatura (Period drama/Regency Au. I have no words for the talent this writer has. Properly done research & A+ characterization. Also, no big deal, the writing happens to better than many of the novels I’ve read written by acclaimed authors.)
  • Blood Hands by Bre (A brilliant Bratva fic with slowburn romance, piNING?? and incredible sexual tension.)
  • Devil’s Backbone by anthfan (Felicity and Oliver begin a physical relationship after Sara’s death. You’ll love this if you are a slut for angst like me.)
  • can’t escape this now by callistawolf (Another arranged marriage Au, but not with Bratva, but a Mob. Falling in love while trying so hard not to, basically my favorite thing ever)
  • Or Forever Hold Your Peace by katanaxriot (Best friends Au, where hidden(or new?) feelings rise after they end up sleeping together. Oh and Felicity being engaged sort of complicates matters. Lots of miscommunications, jealousy, sexual tension & pining. You know, my favorite tropes as always)
  • Charmed by midnightofthesoul (Oliver should watch out what he says about his future colleagues in the presence of one tiny blonde. Oh god, the awesomeness of this one, seriously. Bad ass Felicity & thoroughly whipped Oliver)
  • Break by eyrk (After S2 finale, Felicity needs a break from Team Arrow, and moves to Gotham and you know, forms the Justice League. Everything about this one is pure magnificence, everything. *Shia Labeouf voice* ‘JUST.. READ IT!!)
  • Who Gave You Eyes Like That (Said You Could Keep Them) by Riley_Scott (Felicity has known Oliver a long time, but doesn’t know how deep his feelings are for her . But when Oliver finally realizes he should show those feelings in other ways than just trying to get her to sleep with her in various lewd ways, she knows she’s in trouble. It’s awesome, trust me.)
  • Between Love and Skate by dettiot (Figure skating Au, in which Felicity and Oliver are new partners. All the sexual tension & fluff! This also gave me soo many flashbacks to my preteen years, when I was utterly obsessed with figure skating)
  • Nothing Can Harm You Here by serenadreams (Felicity meets Oliver, a homeless war veteran on the side of a road. I have no words for the beauty of this work. Heartbreakingly angsty but yet so hopeful?? Just read it.)
  • Rooftops and Parking Lots & Stay With Me by gnimaerd (Felicity has an affair with Oliver, who is not her husband. Really well written two fic with equally amazing sequel piece. Deals with angsty issues amazingly. Oliver is so hopelessly Oliver in this one; pining, brooding, clueless sap. *cries*)
  • Blank Space by YellowFlicker (Au in which O&F knew each other pre-Gambit.)
  • got game by the pound by lisbei (Three times Felicity uses sex to get the assassin/Al Sah Him out of Oliver. Set after Oliver is brainwashed by The League. Angsty smut. Fluffy smut.)
  • Step By Step (We All Fall Down) by FanMomMer (Set during the summer before S3. What if Felicity hadn’t been as forgiving about that ‘I love you’ and what if the deleted kiss actually happened? I’m already so in love with this one.)
  • Between the Shadow and the Soul by apinknightmare (Set during the summer before S3. Oliver deals with the aftermath of the fake-real ‘I love you’- Oliver’s feelings for Felicity are written in an unbelievably and breathtakingly beautiful way. Angsty, but you know, with an happy ending)

It all started out with The Principality of Moscow!! Later named Muscovy by Tsar Peter the Great around 1700! and people say Sealand doesn’t have a chance… Well we didn’t doubt Muscovy!! Also Moscow is the “heir” to the (Eastern Roman Empire) Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople! (Later named Istanbul when it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire aka modern day Turkey) The Byzantine Empire was the east half of the Roman Empire… so for all of you Hetalians out there… you could say that Russia is related to Italy, Romano and Seborga and (I think this is right) Rome would be his Grandpa too!! meaning that Byzantine Empire would be his father and I think the Italy brothers would be his cousins? I say this because as Rome started to fall they divided into east and west so lets say that our beloved grandpa Rome is the west and we know Byzantine is the east! Muscovy (Russia) wanted the lands to its south and east so they married Grand Prince Ivan the 3rd to the last niece of the Byzantine Empire thus is why I said that Moscow (Muscovy/Russia’s capital) is the “heir” to Constantinople! Sadly at this point in history the Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople was already captured and long gone turned into Istanbul… meaning that (If we want to think about this from a Hetalia standpoint) Russia grew up on his own… alone and Byzantine Empire was dead and probably either didn’t tell Russia/Muscovy who he was related to or if he did Russia was just never introduced/allowed to be introduced to the Italy brothers or (even sadder…) Italy and Romano were never introduced to Russia and were not told that they were related to him… or (The worst situation) Rome did not want the Italy brothers to know that they were related to Russia because he didn’t want to be associated with the defeat of Constantinople which was, besides Rome the Christian capital of the world at this time, but after its defeat by the Ottoman Empire the city was quickly converted to the Ottoman’s primary religion which was(possibly still is? I don’t know about the present religion of Istanbul) Sunni Islam. To Rome this would be a major disgrace to be associated with. I DO NOT mean that to be disrespectful to anyone but the fact is that the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire did NOT get along and certainly did not share the same religious views.

I was just reading through my college history book and I thought that I would take a crack at making a headcanon that is backed up by history!!! But if you have evidence that this IS wrong please inform me and I shall change this!!

This is the most in-depth headcanon I have ever created!! If you like it and would like more just ask and I’ll see what I can do!! Also I felt bad for leaving all of you for so long.. so I hope you enjoy!!


(I thought that I would add the notes that everyone added to this post because I thought they were really cool and everyone had great things to say!! Honestly I didn’t think anyone would respond and if they did I thought it would be negative or maybe someone liking it but this is great!!!! Also you all brought my attention to so many things I didn’t even know about Russia and various other nations so thank you to everyone and you can always keep adding things and I’ll try to add them to the post so they can be seen and not just hidden in the notes!!)

december-dragon added: I believe it was Peter the Great who named Russia an empire when he took power, rather than Muscovy which it had already been, because though it remained a tsardom Peter the Great wanted a title that was more European as he sought to westernize Russia.But aaahhh, it’s always so interesting to read about that early history- there really is such a close relationship between Russia and Byzantium, and the resulting relations are fascinating. Always great to read others spreading this history.

stautris added: I myself would recommend  reading about Russian and Scandinavian relationships at IX-X centuries.;)

(Thank you very much for the suggestion!! I shall see what I can find!! Right now my history book only told what I mentioned about Russia and Byzantine but I’m going to check into what you said!!)

thiscrazyhetalian added: Well wouldn’t he also be related to France (“Big Brother France” to N.Italy) and once it is canon and Moscow is the heir of the Eastern Roman empire , doesn’t this mean that he is related to Greece (and Possibly Cyprus ) too? This is really interesting and if you think about it, almost all nations have some kind of relation :) * the byzantine empire is mama Greece in canon i forgot to mention and now it doesn’t make sense But still if you think about it non-canon-icallly it still makes sense , like , i agree with the fact that Rome and the Byzantine empire could be brothers ,but in my headcanon the western and roman empire his sons and Romano is Byz.’s son while N.Italy is West’s son and thats how we got them calling the Roman empire “ Grandpa Rome” but anyway this is my HC they could possibly be brothers too. Also lets not forget that Spain might as well be a son of Rome , wow Russia has many relatives.

huggiebird added: I fully support this stuff. I do. But the person who wanted to Westernize Russia as well was Catherine the Second, of Russia.
She was very facinated by France and their ways~

(Indeed Catherine the Great was very influential in Russia’s history! you could say she greatly influenced Russia!! anyway thank you for adding Catherine because she was far to important for us to even think about forgetting!!) 

Beautiful Surprise: Tom Holland x WOC Actress

This goes more into depth on how Tom and Reader found out they were having twins. Part 1 Part 2 

You were throwing up like a maniac. “Tom, honey, I don’t think I can go to the event.” You said rinsing your mouth out. “It’s okay baby. I understand, you need to rest anyway.” He lead you to the bed, “Do you want to go to the Doctor’s?”

“No, it’ll pass.” You smiled. “Okay, well please call me if you don’t feel any better. I’l see you later babe.” He kissed your cheek and walked out of the house. 

Your mind started going to all sorts of assumptions, What if I’m  pregnant again?

You pushed that thought out of your head and finished reading your weekly book. You kept thinking about being pregnant and then about your two previous miscarriages and felt yourself beginning to cry. The therapist said it was good to let your emotions out, he said it was normal for those memories to come back and cause you grief. 

You wiped away your tears and decided to take your dog out for a walk. You knew that while you and Tom loved dogs, that it would never take the place of the children you lost. You two had talked about surrogates and adoption. 

“Can we just drop it.” You said to him. “But y/n, it’s safer and our chances of having a child are greater.” He said following you around with the pamphlet. “I said drop it Tom!” You yelled feeling tears stinging your eyes. “Don’t you think I have researched this stuff? I’ve done it so much that I can’t even think! I want us to have children Tom, I do. But I also want to be the one to bring them into this world!” He ran over to you and hugged you, resting your head on his shoulder. 

Your relationship had been rocky and you two fought more often than usual. While you blamed yourself, he blamed himself as well. You had gone to marriage counseling but sometimes it didn’t always work. 

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Written in Blood

At 4:30 on Friday, there came a gentle knock on Mustang’s door. Mustang didn’t look up from his work. He only pulled the pen cap from between his teeth and said, “Enter.”

The door started to slide open, and the motion caught Mustang’s attention. He watched it at eye-level, startled only slightly when he was met with the sight of a shiny metal chest plate. Mustang adjusted, tilting his head up to meet the armor’s eyes.

“Uh, good afternoon, Colonel. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Nothing too important.” Mustang tapped a finger to his report, passing it off as if it hadn’t slowly been eating him for the past week. “I suppose I could spare a minute, considering I only ever see the two of you every few months or so. I didn’t know you were in Central.”

“…Yeah,” Alphonse answered after a pause. He adjusted the papers pressed between his right arm and body. “We came here following a possible lead with a ring of smugglers, but we didn’t find much.”

This got a reaction out of Mustang. He made a small noise, one eyebrow quirked. “Wait, you mean the Havana Ring? That group that got busted last week?”

Al laughed. He moved forward and pressed his stack of papers down on Mustang’s desk. “Yup, that’s the one. We heard they might know something about the trade of things that don’t exist outside the black market. That they had their own line of philosopher’s stones, but it ended up being just a rumor. Brother tore the place down after that.”

Roy huffed, caught between amusement and disbelief. “We’ve been chasing them for months. All they told me is that a few military men finally busted them. …Guess they meant you two.”

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