reading the play now and it's fantastic

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Have you read the cursed child yet because i feel like that's the book (well, it's a play really) that Draco gets his redemption arc from.

That’s very true but even though I’m now much more fond of cursed child, I still can’t bring myself to view it as canon sorry

i read the most awful(and by awful i mean fantastically written but emotionally devastating) fanfiction by skullka 

and i had to do fanart in order cope with all my emotions

(basically hinata ends up in a wheelchair after an accident and cant play volleyball anymore and kageyama blames himself and there’s lots of guilt and sadness but also fluff and its great and go read it now)

quote by skullka in case you couldnt infer that

Sometimes I watch a Naomi match and people ridicule her dancing she does in the middle of matches and I’m like ??? How do you not get that the whole reason she dancing in the match is to show that her opponent ain’t shit to her? That she will literally treat this match like it’s her own personal play time because she doesn’t even have to worry. Like that’s a great heel tactic right there but instead I hear “she doesn’t have to act so ghetto/ratchet all the time”. Like she used to do that as a face to show that she’s staying positive but she found a way to do it now as a heel, and it still has the same effect granted, but it’s more mocking now and it’s fantastic.