reading the lines

Word count: 576

On Tuesdays, you had a morning class; and you hated it. The only good thing about waking up at an ungodly hour to make it to campus was that you had the early afternoon to spend with your boyfriend, Hoseok.  Hoseok had the tendency to procrastinate going to the studio until the evening, so Tuesdays were not necessarily the worst day of the week.

this particular Tuesday you decided not to drive, mostly because of the awful morning traffic but partly because you were too lazy to try to find a parking spot near your building. with that, you asked Hoseok to pick you up so you wouldn’t have to bus back and therefore spend more time with him. He easily agreed with the promise of you buying lunch as thanks.

Your lecture was Hell, you almost fell asleep, and you were hungry. But to your surprise, the professor had let the class out 15 minutes early.  It wasn’t a bad day out, weather-wise, so with the extra couple minutes you found a picnic bench and began to get ahead on the chapter for next weeks class. in less than a few minutes, you looked up and saw a classmate heading towards the table.

“Mind if I join you?” your friend said.

“please go ahead,” you accepted the company with a smile.

the silence wasn’t awkward if anything, you appreciated the calm presence of your friend who decided to also look over their books. It seemed the time had passed quickly, so quick that you received a text from Hoseok, telling you he was on his way.

You packed up your textbook and played on your phone for a few more minutes.

“heading out soon?” your friend asked. Just as you were about to respond, you felt arms wrap around you. 

“whats up, jagi~!” you heard Hoseok say into your ear.  Turning around to grin at your boyfriend.

“Hey, babe, you ready to go?” 

“yes please, I’m starving!”  you turned around to say goodbye to your classmate when you realized the face they were making. Their face was lax and eyes wide. you realized they were staring at Hoseok, and it seemed Hoseok also noticed it as well.

“so you want to introduce me to your friend here?” he said in a goofy voice.

through the introduction, your friend loosened up a bit and began to regain their composure, you still found they acted very cautious. Deciding to ignore it and go about your day, you said your goodbyes and went to get lunch.

Later that night, Hoseok made his way to the studio and you were curled up on the couch watching some television. Surprisingly, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. Pausing the t.v., you turned your phone on and saw a message from the classmate you sat with just earlier that day.

“can I ask you a question?” you read the message,


“that guy that picked you up, is he from that music group?” Staring at your phone, you smiled at the screen. laughing at the attention your boyfriend attains from just being himself.

“lol yeah, that's him,”

“damn, I didn’t know he was gay,” With this, you got a bit suspicious, not wanting anything to go downhill by finding your friend to be homophobic.

“uh yeah, i guess he”

“Well congrats, man, he’s really hot,” relieved, you thanked your friend and turned your phone off, continuing to watch t.v. 

btw, for everyone out there misinterpreting pied piper cause you just wanna be mad… “ 착해 “ does not mean “good girl,” it literally means “being nice.” As in, “I’m giving you a reward for being a good person” … the sort of weird, sexual undertone of “good girl” just isn’t there.  For this entire song the person being spoken to is genderless because it is easy to say all this without gender pronouns etc.  There is no way of knowing who they’re talking to in this song, just that they’re using informal speech (which is unsurprising since the song is literally about holding power over someone). 

If it creeps you out to listen to a song about BTS having power over the listener, that’s fine, but that is the point of the song. That’s not an interpretation??  By calling the song pied piper they are referring to themselves as A VILLAIN? I read it as a song about their guilt over making fans sacrifice time and money.  You can read it as a toxic, gross celebration of power over fans if you want, but even if you wanna read it that way please don’t claim that it “is” something sexual despite the fact that it is pretty clearly about them and their fame and their fans and not meant to be metaphorical in that way? Celeb-fan relationships have a very uneven power balance, but you want BTS to just act like they aren’t complicit in that???  Personally, I think it’s cool and fun and less fake to draw attention to in a tongue-in-cheek way, but you do you.

this whole thing just reeks to me of that scandal that IU went through, where she tried to sarcastically tell the story about how she had been objectified and infantilized her whole life, and then was destroyed by netizens for romanticizing lolita-ism.  Like, “we’ll all be ok with weird power structures between idols and fans, but once you idols are honest about them, we’re gonna act mad and grossed out.” You’re welcome to interpret music however you want, and you’re welcome to like it or not, but music cannot always be easily digestible and black and white.  Otherwise it’s boring.


i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.

Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])

  • You: "enjoys" the change of "seasons"
  • Me: exists in a perpetual state of breathtaking, extended agony in the liminal space between my summer aesthetic & my autumn aesthetic, eating bomb pops in knee-high wool socks while crying to lana del rey in a pile of fake bats and copies of The Great Gatsby
Because,” said Thor, “when something goes wrong, the first thing I always think is, it is Loki’s fault. It saves a lot of time.
—  Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman

He did not want to leave Dumbledore’s side, he did not want to move anywhere. Hagrid’s hand on his shoulder was trembling. Then another voice said, “Harry, come on.”

A much smaller and warmer hand had enclosed his and was pulling him upward. He obeyed its pressure without really thinking about it. Only as he walked blindly back through the crowd did he realize, from a trace of flowery scent on the air, that it was Ginny who was leading him back into the castle. Incomprehensible voices battered him, sobs and shouts and wails stabbed the night, but Harry and Ginny walked on, back up the steps into the entrance hall. Faces swam on the edges of Harry’s vision, people were peering at him, whispering, wondering, and Gryffindor rubies glistened on the floor like drops of blood as they made their way toward the marble staircase.