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It's funny how some ss fans say it took naruto two years to love hinata and ss was apparently Canon in 699.When sasuke took longer to love sakura back because of his redemtion,the poke in 699 was not romantic,it was sasuke accepting her feelings not returning them,at least nh knows when naruto began to love hinata,with sasuke don't even know when,during their travels,during sasuke shinden?At least nh don't have to read between the lines and read underneath the underneath to see their love.

At least nh don’t have to read between the lines and read underneath the underneath to see their love.

You call this having to “read between the lines”?

Kishi couldn’t have been more explicit if he tried Anon :S

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Do you ever think people examine Shakespeare too closely? For example, reading into every line of every character, or every individual word of a sentence to gain deeper meaning, when its likely that Shakespeare himself didn't intend most of the things we attribute to him? I understand that readers give books meaning beyond what the author intended, but sometimes I feel like people take analysis way too far in a very reverent way when it comes to his writing. Do you think this is dangerous?

Do they? Sure. People do that to pretty much everything ever written. But here’s the key that makes it somewhat defensible (and I’ve addressed this in an earlier post about the idea of authorial intent, which I think you should read): Sometimes authors themselves don’t even know what they intend. Speaking as an author, there’s all kind of weird attic shit piled up in my subconscious that probably manifests itself in my writing that I don’t fully understand. True of Shakespeare also? Who knows. But here’s the other thing: What a writer wrote and how various different cultures at various different times respond to it are in some ways equally important, because how we interpret a piece of art says a lot about who we are. Criticism of Hamlet from, say, 1942 is going to be wildly different from criticism of Hamlet from last year. And those differences are hugely valuable, because they show us how culture is evolving. Food for thought.
Jump On My Saddle - Etwas_Schlau - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
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While Ian’s at work, Rose decides to spice up her cleaning.

Prompt fill for Caedmon. Based on “Pony” by Ginuwine.

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"It's best not to dwell on such minutiae" is one of my favorite line readings of the entire series. GARAK.

So Guess What, @memory-for-trifles has done some investigative journalism for us and turned up that minutiae is the plural and minutia the singular, though most people conflate them into one they call “mi-noo-shuh” because “mi-nyoo-shee” sounds INSANE.

And so now we all have to face surely a DAILY choice of whether we’re going to pronounce minutiae wrong, like an asshole, or pronounce it correctly, like an asshole. THANKS, GARAK, u fucker.

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What wedding pics? You all are being so cryptic. Most of us can't read thru the lines. Who's wedding?

Andy Mientus’ wedding this past summer. There are tons of pics from the wedding photographer many of which are faker than fake couple are featured in. They were originally released, conveniently, the day before Hedwig San Fran opened and apparently they resurfaced last night.

Yes there are some photos that actually make them look like they can tolerate each other. But there are some that very much tell the truth.

Desperate attempt to sell them as legit as the whole thing completely implodes. They really should just give up at this point.

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"Where are you?!" Felix yells into his phone. "Please come get me." Jack looks around the room, terrified. Angst please!

SHits GettiNG fUCked Uppp
Edit: anti somehow slipped into this ???? My bad yall

Felix grunted, throwing his phone onto the couch as he paced back and forth. Jack had sent his a weird message only moments before, reading something along the lines of ‘he’s going to take over, don’t let him do this’. Felix would of course panic, calling his boyfriend several times only to be met with a dial tone each time. It would only be moments before his phone began ringing however, Jack’s contact taking up the screen. He wouldn’t bother with hello’s, scrambling out a “where are you?!”
Jack would whimper, voice cracking as he spoke. “Please come get me.”
Without explanation he would hang up, texting an address to Felix, the Swede rushing to his car.

Jack would look around the room, throwing his phone to the side as he sighed and sat down in a black leather chair. His eyes would trail across the abandoned warehouse as he spoke to himself, loud and clear. 
“Are y’sure we should be doin’ this? I mean he’s heard about ya before but he doesn’t know that’cha… real?”
The voice inside his head, talking fast and low would reply. “I’m sure, Jack. Just let me take over, yeah? I’ll talk to him nice and simple for you.”
Jack would nod his head, eyes squeezing shut tight. He could feel the transition, the slight trickle of blood as the gash in his neck formed and his eyes flicking to a menacing black. Anti was a long time ‘myth’ relating to Jack, but no one knew that all those ‘skits’ were really the demon having some fun.

Felix would be panting as he ran into the warehouse, expecting to see Jack in some type of trouble. What he didn’t anticipate was the boy to have his throat slashed, eyes black. He would clench his fists, preparing to go mad at Jack for taking this ‘anti’ thing too far when the boy moved forward.
“Nice to meet you, Felix,” the voice would talk slow and deep, something out of character for Jack, “the names Anti.”
“Jack this isn’t funny! Is this some dumb video idea cause like-“
Anti would smile, hushing Jack internally as the boy began to panic. “I’m not fucking with you, Felix. I’ve inhabited Jack’s body for many years, you know he’s talked about you a lot? Me and him, we’ve grown rather accustomed to each other, and he wanted you to finally meet me.”

“Wait- are you- are you actually being serious?”
The demon would roll his eyes, sighing as he spoke. “Could Jack do this?”
Felix would have no time to react as the boy reached his claw like hands to his throat, slashing further into the skin as blood bubbled and slid down his skin.
“Anti? T-that’s actually you?”
“Best fucking believe it.”

okay pls let me elaborate on why i love “look for the force and you will always find me” so much one last time. chirrut and blaze’s relationship on based on trust, and this trust is absolute. these words, chirrut’s last words, are not a promise or consolation or some shit, bc they don’t need that. chirrut has no doubt that he and baze are meant to be together, he has no doubt that even death can’t change that, and he has no doubt that baze is gonna be looking for him in the afterlife. so he is not giving any promises, they are so past promises in their relationship; no, instead he leaves an instruction on how to find him. what he says is “we will always find each other, and i will be waiting for you, so here’s where you need to go so we can meet again and spend our eternity together”. i just can’t believe how big their love is and how sure they are of each other


Kaz leaned back. “What’s the easiest way to steal a man’s wallet?”
“Knife to the throat?” asked Inej.
“Gun to the back?” said Jesper.
“Poison in his cup?” suggested Nina.
“You’re all horrible,” said Matthias.


“Both taking on a challenge and creating something is painful. But it’s fulfilling. So thank you, for sweeping away the dust that had collected on my body, for encountering me. Ever since that day, my world, even the keyboard, became colorful.”

They don't see him

I feel like when people, even liberals, look at Billie Joe they see someone who makes a scene on national TV and hates on Donald Trump a lot, but what they don’t see is his caring and collected side that goes hand in hand with his anger.
They don’t see him bringing up Black Lives Matter and Flint because they saw the “Trump is like Hitler” headline, and decided they read enough to judge.
They don’t see him talking about the working class getting screwed over because he posted a picture of hate speech sprayed on a wall after Trump’s win, and decided they saw enough to know his hate is dividing the nation.
They don’t see him eloquently reflecting the election, they don’t see him getting in touch with his fans, they don’t see him writing that we should reject hate and stand up for what we believe in, they don’t see him defending millennials for being demonized by his generation, they don’t see him reassuring minorities that Green Day will be a safe space for them, they don’t see his panic, they don’t see his outrage with injustice, they don’t see his knowledge, they don’t see how much he cares.
Because they saw an aging, rich, white man stomping his feet on live television and calling Trump a fascist, and allowed themselves to be smug and think they knew enough.