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-Love Live! // Love Live! Sunshine
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-Boku no Hero Academia
-Sailor Moon // Sailor Moon Crystal
-Steven Universe
-Fullmetal Alchemist // FMAB
-Fate/Zero // Fate/Stay Night: UBW

  • me: time for bed. let me just read a few chapters of this manga before i fall asleep
  • *50+ chapters later*
  • me: my eyes burn
  • me: i’m so tired if i close my eyes right now i’ll sleep for an entire week
  • me: one more chapter tho

universallynightstar  asked:

Hey Elizabeth! I'm trying to get into the Fates series since your blog inspired me to want to watch it. Where would I start? Is there a manga that is recommended to read first or just the anime? Thanks!

Actually, if you want to join me in Fate hell you’ll want to start with the original Fate/stay night visual novel! This post has some download links if you want to pirate it (and sadly you WILL have to pirate it if you want to play it in English, since I think the PC versions are out of print or require some serious searching to find, and DEFINITELY not legally available overseas). If you would prefer a text-based LP, the Let’s Play archive has you covered.

The plot involves main protag boy, Shirou Emiya, accidentally summoning King Arthur and getting dragged into a battle royale between a bunch of wizards and dead guys over a magic cup, though you might have already known that. The first route, Fate, is Saber’s route and an introduction to the setting. The second route, Unlimited Blade Works, is supposed to be Rin’s route, but kinda gets highjacked by her Servant, Archer, and Shirou’s character development. The last route, Heaven’s Feel, is Sakura’s route, and is infamous for being absolutely hardcore. You’ll want to do each of these routes in the order I just listed, since they were designed to be played in that order.

Important notes: The original game was an eroge, which means there’s some badly written porn scenes you’ll need a censor or content-replacing patch for unless you want to read Nasu constantly compare sex to food (they’re like 30 minutes total of a game that takes 24 hours to complete so you’re not missing much at all). The posts I linked already come with censor patches however, so you should be fine. Also, be warned that there are some major themes of sexual assault and abuse throughout the game, so if those are triggers for you I do not recommend it.

If you’re confused on the two versions, the original Fate/stay night VN is ye olde porn game from 2004 for the PC, while the Realta Nua versions are the various updated releases for Playstation devices and PC. Realta Nua is also the worksafe version of the game, cutting the porn and adding new scenes. 

After that is Fate/hollow ataraxia, a sequel of sorts that infamously took a full decade to get a proper English patch out. The game focuses on our boy Shirou, who’s found himself dragged into a time loop as the Grail War starts again, Bazett Fraga McRemitz, the original Master of Lancer who has somehow gotten ahold of a new Servant, Avenger (or as I like to call him, Hobo Satan), and Caren Ortensia, the daughter of evil priest Kirei Kotomine from the first game. Also everyone’s alive again except Kotomine, and the game is half serious, half shenanigans. I’m not sure where you can download this one, but the English patch is right here. Be warned that there’s more NSFW and themes of sexual assault, and no censor patches this time, so be warned!

Then there is Fate/zero, a prequel series of light novels. This time the focus is on the Grail War prior to the one seen in F/sn, and the main character is Shirou’s adoptive father Kiritsugu Emiya and his many personal tragedies. No one really gets a happy ending here and it’s a bunch of edgy old dudes being Grimdark, so do be warned. There’s an official English of the manga, but the light novels are stuck in hell, though a fan translation of the light novels can be found here.

For anime, there’s the DEEN animes and the Ufotable animes. The DEEN animes over the Fate route (TV anime) and UBW route (movie), and honestly they fucking suck, I do not recommend them at all unless you want to see the origin of the “People die when they are killed” meme.

The Ufotable animes, meanwhile, are absolutely gorgeous, and cover Fate/zero (TV series), Unlimited Blade Works (another TV series), and Heaven’s Feel (upcoming film series). If you want to watch the animes, these are what I recommend. Everything that’s out is up on Crunchyroll for free, so you should be able to access it pretty easily if you have adblock on.

That’s all of the main, non-spinoff stuff. The spinoff stuff would require a post of its own and would get overwhelming fast, so I’ll give it to you only if you want it. If you want something to just jump into, Fate/Grand Order is the really popular mobile game spinoff that everyone’s talking about. It’s about an organization called Chaldea that’s devoted to protecting humanity’s future survival by going back in time to correct anomalous time bubbles called singularities, summoning Servants to do so. While the premise is radically different from most Fate works, it’s pretty welcoming for newbies and there’s an official English version for iOS and Android, so you can just download it and start playing. If you want to get into the spinoffs, hit me up again, but that should be plenty of content for now. Have fun!

peptalkrobodt  asked:

If I wanted to play/watch/? Fate how would I go about doing so? Like where would I start

Well the easiest way to go about it would be to watch the Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] anime, idk about Zero but Stay Night is on crunchyroll and the dub is on netflix apparently. You can watch then in any order, Zero comes first chronologically but Stay Night was written first so it doesn’t really matter and both orders have their merit. There’s also an old anime and movie of Stay Night from 2006 and 2010 respectively but those are terrible don’t watch them unless you’re drunk off your ass.

After that you can basically do whatever in any order tbh, most fate/things are only connected in that they play in roughly the same universe and use the same magic concepts, and there’s so much of it that nobody in their right mind expects you to have read/played/watched everything or even the majority of stuff. Most instalments have a bunch of cross referencing and even reusing of side characters going on but none of it is central to the main storyline.

Literally any post on how to get into Fate/series will always come down to “you really gotta play the VN” tho so. Please play the VN if you have time. It’s pretty long and heavy with three routes that have to be played in order for the best result but there’s so much good content in there that just didn’t make it into the anime (if only because the anime is only one route). Make sure you get the rerelease though, it’s called Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] and lets you play the routes in any order, and it removed the infamously terrible sex scenes (unless you’re into that in which case feel free to get the original im not kinkshaming)

There’s a lot more fate/stuff to get into but Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero are the most central and the most accessible so I’m gonna list the rest under a cut

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Cover designs of Yoneda Sensei’s fanart Doujinshis, in order of publication from new to old. It’s interesting to see the characteristics of her style, and how it has developed through the years. It was interesting to see the bird motif in Saezuru is resembles the titles in the Crows ZERO fanarts. If the “crows” in the Crows ZERO symbolize the bad boys in the original manga, it’s easy to assume the crows in Saezuru symbolize the Yakuza. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the first scene in “Don’t Stay Gold”, seems more like a fight between high school boys rather than a fight between a punk and Yakuza. And of course, REBORN! is staged with the mafia, and Giant Killing is a soccer story, so we can see she likes hard core guys.

 Talking about REBORN!, the “Tsundere” and sensitive quality of Hibari reminded me of Shima, while open-minded but inconsiderate Yamamoto reminded me of Togawa. It’s not to say the characters are the same, but I assume Yoneda Sensei’s interest in these type of characters made her want to draw them in her original works.

 I became interested in her fanarts, after I translated/posted Yoneda Sensei’s twitter post about when she was drawing her first commercial work, Doushitemo Furetakunai.  Since her editor’s initial response to her plot,was “it’s all right to do something like, people getting killed!”, I wondered what kind of fanart she was drawing to have the editor say this.

 I read what I could get hold of, but there were only a few, since it’s very difficult to get hold of her old Doujinshi. Moreover, I haven’t read most of the original work the fanarts were based on. So, I am in no position to discuss her fanarts in any depth, but the quality of the Doujin Mangas I read were clearly very high, and deepened my respect for her.

 List of fanart Doujinshi after the cut. (publication dates are according to Chil-chil)

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Sam’s top 7 10 anime of 2014! (2013 post here)

                  Comments in the captions :)

  • Noragami
  • Tokyo ESP
  • Barakamon
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Bakumatsu Rock
  • Kill La Kill 
  • Parasyte - The maxim 
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Fate/stay night; Unlimited blade works
  • Aldnoah Zero

Runners up;
Tokyo Ghoul (its like shinji ate kaworu and became the ultimate animu weeb zombie, i went on to read a bunch of the manga but stopped because what the actual fuck kaneki-kun) 
Buddy Complex (because they were clearly banging eachother to gain superpowers in their mecha bro-bot brainlink thing ok)
Love stage (which was ok up til creepy sexual assault then no ty. gross.)
Mekakucity Actors (idk what was really going on but it was cool all the same).  
Doten Ni Warau (adorable nii-san anime with delicious protag costume designs)