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I swear SR is testing my patience. She now tweeted a gif from the table read but of course it's not the side of the table where Kerry and Tony would be.

Kerry is sitting next to Scooter and it looks like Tony is not there at all

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It's weird, I was just talking to my boyfriend about how fun it would be to make a scripted TW podcast that was basically scripted fanfiction that I would write, heavily focused on sterek of course... my only issue is finding people with free time to play the characters... and writing the scripts... and having time to edit the audio. Meh, I still think my idea is better than Jeff's, even if I'll never do it lol

I think about this constantly with audiobooks.  I love listening to sound design, it’s just very niche and the audience is never going to be large.  Even the Black List Table Reads had to close down which kills me yo. 

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Yeah. The Error cast seemed to be more fun. In SDCC 2015, all of them were making funny faces, the Dead Sea was saying something about "Transformers" in a kid's voice and everyone was laughing, because of him. They even did that "Mannequin" challenge while Thelma just took pics of her seating card at the table read.

Errow may have a shit show, but their cast is usually fun when they are doing ish like comic con.