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Kara Szamborski recommends Secret Six #1

The latest Secret Six series from gailsimone already promises to be just as twisted as its pre-New 52 predecessor. Six freaks are trapped in a box, and their imminent doom seems like a foregone conclusion—but are they alone?

In this first issue of the new series, we are given just a taste of what’s going on and who’s been thrown together, but it’s enough for me to want to read more. Regular readers of Simone’s work will rejoice that the rugged, fierce Catman is back on the prowl, this time alongside the one and only Black Alice, who can borrow the abilities of any being, though she has traditionally favored magic abilities (she swipes from Zatanna for a panel here, and it’s anyone’s guess who she borrows from next).

The trapped six are raunchy, dangerous, and angry, so it’s nearly impossible to imagine them working together to escape their current predicament. That’s the real fun of it, though; with the Secret Six, you never know quite what you’re in for.

I can’t wait to see where this series goes. In the meantime, definitely check Gail Simone’s original run with the Secret Six. Her work on this title was hugely influential on me, because her complex, flawed characters reject labels and societal expectations to forge their own way through an ever-greying world where nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

For the complete set, start with Villains United, then follow the Six to their miniseries, before the main event, 36 issues of amazing comics that wrap up in the most satisfying way. Get reading, and get ready—the next new issue is only a month away!

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Gail Simone has been one of my favourite writers since I read her run on Secret Six. The dark sense of humour, shifting loyalties and various warped moral codes made it a must read for me, and I have since sought out her other work, which universally shows an empathy and eye for human behaviour that marks her not only as a brilliant writer, but a great person. Her battles on the internet and in print for people who find themselves marginalised in society are a wake up call for an industry & fanbase that sorely needs it. And, having met Gail & her husband at the London Film & Comic Con, I can confirm they are as awesome as you might expect!

Anyway. I may have missed the boat slightly, but, at least when I started drawing this, it was Gail’s birthday, and I felt I should mark that somehow. So happy birthday, Gail!