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BOOKS READ IN 2017radio silence by alice oseman

I wonder sometimes whether you’ve exploded already, like a star, and what I’m seeing you is three million years into the past, and you’re not here anymore. How can we be together here, now, when you are so far away. When you are so far ago? I’m shouting so loudly, but you never turn around to see me. Perhaps it is I who has already exploded. Either way, we are going to bring beautiful things into the universe.

before broadcast:

solar: please accept my heart

during broadcast:


byul: ok fine i love you solar i love you i love you i love you /is making hearts/

/sunhae’s aka yongsun’s letter/

“say i love you and thank you sunhae. if you really do it i will find you and give you a kiss”

/staff calls yong/

solar: byulyi i love you

reasons to read radio silence by alice oseman

  • a contemporary realistic ya novel set in england featuring characters who actually sound and act like contemporary english teenagers!!! yes this is so rare that it does deserve three exclamation marks
  • a really refreshing critique of the social and academic pressure put on young people to go to uni, even if they’re not suited to it
  • a beautiful friendship between a boy and a girl who have a typically tropey meet-cute and then DON’T FALL IN LOVE
  • you know that feeling you get when your heart flutters over an adorable fictional couple? i seriously have FRIENDSHIP BUTTERFLIES from reading this book
  • four of the main five characters are lgbtqiap - including a bisexual protagonist whose story doesn’t revolve around romance and a canonically demisexual character WHO USES THE WORD
  • eta: also three of the five mains are poc!
  • It’s all about friendship and fandom and figuring out who you want to be and doing what makes you happy :’)

[Summer break 20.8]

I finished reading Radio Silence last night (I cried), and today I finished The Bright Sessions (I cried even more), and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (I didn’t cry… but I’m glad I finally finished it. No more seasons for me). I found some new podcasts to listen to (EOS 10, and The Black Tapes), so I’ll give them a go. 
This weekend, amongst other things, I kept on planning this story stuck in my head. I also started taking few notes about this other one that keeps popping in. Let’s see where that gets me. 
Desktop (and phone) wallpaper from @emmastudies!
First picture taken from my instagram @mapoftwenties 

I’m starting two 30 day challenges as of tomorrow: the back to school one, and the decluttering one.

Listening to: Radio One at V festival - Friday night’s programme