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Hey everyone! So I made two new printables (I’m still new at printables so if you have any critique or advice please message me!):

  1. A Must Read List: Being an English major (and thanks to someone’s request) I decided to make a ‘Must Read List;’ it’s a combination of books I’ve read in High School and College, including books I loved, hated, and books I still haven’t read, but really need to.
  2. A Monthly Goal Tracker: I love keeping track of goals, so I made a ‘Monthly Goal Tracker,’ that’ll keep track of up to four major goals per month, along with 5 steps to achieve each of those goals and space for your reward!

[Printable Version] [Web Version]

After many months of work, the free FE Brave New World Fanfiction Anthology is finally done! Inside this book you will find seven amazing stories about the characters from Fire Emblem Awakening, all centered around friendship and family, made by and for the fandom. Enjoy our reading our work! (The printable version works better on mobile devices and kindle readers, while the web version is optimized for desktop.)

Art by Vy. Stories by Abby, Acqua, Brenna, Emma, Rashi, Rose and Yuki. Beta’d by Sarai and Arihime. Organized and assembled by Emma.

Please let them know what you think of their hard work! More information about the individual stories below the cut.

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At any level of education (and especially grad school, and specifically when pursuing your doctoral degree, like me, *cries*) books are very important. You have to read! Whether assigned or as a part of your research, the reading process can be daunting, and as the books pile on, you can feel like you’re drowning.

The past few days, I came out with an idea of a tracker to help me sort through chapters of books I’ve read. If you find it interesting, you can download the pdf for free here: link

The first three columns explain itself. You can use to note details of books or journal articles you’re reading.

The ‘tracker’ column has 20 boxes in it, you can divide them based on how many chapters/parts the book/article has. The lower row is a space for you to label the boxes. You can label it with chapter number or name or whatever you like.

For example, if the book you’re reading has 5 chapters, you can have 4 boxes to represent each chapter. Below the 4 boxes, give a label. Now, once you finish reading a chapter, shade the boxes with color. I use highlighters so it looks more festive ;)

The tracker has helped me feel like I have achieved something (no matter how small) and, at the same time, it motivates me to fill in the gaps. I hope it will help you too ❤️

LMAOoooo this is SO LATE… I used the @thearialligraphyproject printable for June and I love it…so much 💘 I wrote my goals for the month in the “notes” section but I haven’t even completed half of them ofmg 💀 I hope everyone is having a nice June ☀️☁️🌿😊

Reading Printable!

There’s a section to record the name/author/chapter, and deadline of the reading. You can note down the key themes, and any questions or thoughts you have while reading. There’s a section to record anything that you want to look up, and a new term column to help build your vocab. Plus, a section to link with class notes.

Access the printable here.

Hi everyone!

Look now! I made a printable! Basically I needed some kind of overview of all the readings I need to per subject per topic, whether I had already perfected my notes, etcetera. So I made a neat little Reading Planner. Its features:

  • An empty row for your class title
  • Chapters sorted by deadline/date
  • A column for pages
  • Columns were you can check off if you’ve read, summarised, taken notes on and revised the chapter
  • Three columns where you can add your own ‘chapter tasks’

A link to the google drive page is here, where you will also find a brief guide on how to use this thing (although it’s pretty self-explanatory).

If you print this please like/reblog this (it’s okay if you don’t btw). I would love to hear from you in my askbox, whether you love using and it’s made your life much easier, or you can’t use it because it has a couple of issues. Let me know!

Also it would be really cool if you made a photo of your planners filled in and tagged me ;)

Many thanks to thispathismine for the feedback

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Tuesday, 3rd November, 2015 25/100

 25th day of productivity 

 I was hoping to start reading Woyzeck yesterday but I had three doctors appointments and was really tired afterwards. So I begun to read and take notes today. If you’d like to see how I organise my notes or how I take them let me know! Don’t forget to check out my printables for school readings😇😉