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The ACOWAR box, curated by the amazing girls at @the-yachronicles has finally, fiiiiinally arrived! 🎉🙌 (No, but really, the Romanian post office is an absolute joke 😡)
But it was so sooooo worth the wait! I can’t even begin to explain how happy this box made me! All the care and thought that went into it is amazing ❤ Thank you so much for a wonderful box, loves 😍 You absolutely kick ass!
The ACOWAR box included:
* A Court of Wings and Ruin by @therealsjmaas (😍) @sjmaas
* A custom-made and exclusive High Lady of the Night Court candle by @koolandco (it smells absolutely divine I can’t even 😍)
* A custom ribbon bookmark by @charmedfiction (gooooorgeous, wings and roses on one side and a star on the other ❤)
* A custom Feysand bookmark by @readandwonder_ (all the feels forever ❤) 
* A Feysand print by @charliebowater (I fangirled so much it’s not even funny 😂) @charliebowater
* A Night Court tote bag by @paperlyandco (it’s so pretty and it has one of my favourite quotes on it ❤)
* A baby Rhysand sticker by @taratjah (the cuteness is too much 😍) @taratjah
* A custom pin by @eviebookish (I’m so in love with the design, it’s gorgeous)
I adored everything about this box ❤
Everyone needs to check out The YA Chronicles because they’re absolutely fantastic ❤