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Modern Day Hogwarts!AU

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  • Oh my GOD being a Witch/Wizard in the 2010-2017 era would be so much fucking fun I swear I’ve never wanted to be a modern witch more than I do now
  •  Imagine every Friday night to celebrate the weekend, whatever year you’re in has a battle of the bands tradition, where everyone gathers in the Hufflepuff common room to rock tf out.
  • Pureblood student’s learning muggle music and instruments and LOVING it.
  • Every person in the year having mad hangovers the next day, and being dragged to the Quidditch pitch. All of the older students who attended the battle the previous night would all be dying, some of them even conjuring their own potions in an attempt to stop their hangovers.
  • “10 points to Ravenclaw” *AGGRESSIVELY DABS* 
  • If you weren’t in Hufflepuff yourself, the Hufflepuffs would be so fucking annoying. In EVERY SINGLE HOUSE EVENT they would all be chanting this song. (Even better if there was a Hufflepuff vs Slytherin Quidditch match and all the fucking Hufflepuff’s start shrieking the snake part)
  • I’m convinced there would be a Wizarding equivalent to social media apps like vine, instagram etc. Imagine the fucking vines that would be made through the school year im dyigreqdasiuf
  • Some Ravenclaw students using the room of requirement as a gym, because they know not only the importance of a healthy mind, but a healthy body too. Some Gryffindor students tagging along too when they notice what they’re up to, interested in muggle ‘leg day’, as they call it.
  • Piercing’s getting banned but most students being like lol fuck ya, wearing nose rings, septums etc all the time without fail.
  • Skater kids would enchant their skateboards to be able to hover, riding them in the corridor to their classes. Some teachers like Professor Longbottom would let it slide, others such as Filch wouldn’t be as forgiving.
  • Voldemort would become a meme.
  • He would definitely be a meme oh my god I am CONVINCED of this
  • In the History of Magic studies, the selected teacher would be expressing how dangerous and fearful the Dark Lord had once looked, one of the Slytherin students yelling out, ‘He doesn’t even have a bloody nose?! Dark Lord my arse.”
  • Muggle born students would take their pureblood friends to Muggle music festivals like Glastonbury and Reading Leeds, and they would go OFF. 
  • Wizards/Witches enchanting their camping tents so it’s like a small cabin, so it wasn’t uncomfortable to sleep in after a long day of seeing all the bands.
  • Kids who stay over the Christmas holidays would so stay up and play beer pong for New Years- all the Ravenclaws using advanced magic to cheat.
  • In Charms class, the students in their last year would do the mannequin challenge, making objects levitate while someone records it all.
  • Gryffindor students being annoying little fucks and trying to see how many teachers they could get to dab over the year. This turns into an annual house event for students, Slytherin always winning.
  • For Halloween all the older students enchanting their image to look like professors, which may become problematic through the day.
  • Hufflepuffs coming to class stoned, but never get told off for it. Sure, the odd point or two will be taken away if it’s that obvious, but those little shits always get away with it. Bonus points because their common room is so close to the kitchen.
  • If you haven’t heard this song before, I believe the Gryffindor would change the lyrics to “Gryffindor sound, we aint fucken around, fuck our classes man so we keep it underground, cause potions each day got me feeling like shit but it’s all worth while when the weekend hits.”
  • Slytherin students playing odds on, getting their Gryffindor mates to jump into the black lake to see the giant squid. 
  • Muggle borns taking their pureblood friends to rugby/hockey/soccer games, and them not having a fucking clue what’s going on.
  • Students using Snapchat to record small snippets of Mandrakes screaming then slow it down- Professor Longbottom finds this hillarious.


Can we please talk about the fact that Reading&Leeds Festival consider My Chemical Romance as an option as a headliner in the future wtf DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING

A Poem For Emos

Our fandom’s really crazy,

But crazy=genius so it’s fine.

You can help us ship Ryden,

But the milk fic is where we cross the line.

There’s also Frerard and Peterick

And don’t forget Joshler too,

But those are just our gay couples

There’s a lot more we need to teach you.

We have the skeleton clique

Who says “rawr xd” or “coconut sharks in the water.”

They often sing Taco Bell saga

And debate which of the boys is hotter.

They run around in ski masks

Creating theories and shouting very loud,

But they’ve got insane fan base skills

And always make the smol beans proud.

We also have the killjoys

Who seem always ready to fight or die

But if you start to play “The Black Parade”

There’s a 100% chance they’ll cry.

MCR X was a huge letdown

And most of their fandom is gone,

But no matter what happens,

Their memory will carry on.

The sinners from the Panic! fans

Really live up to their name

They probably write the smuttiest fanfiction

When they’re not playing the “cover important stuff” game.

All their band members left them,

And girls/girls/boys left us dead,

But we will always love our Beebo

With his Vines, Persicopes, and huge forehead

There’s also the youngbloods,

Their singer lost his hand.

They have super long song titles

And their lyrics are hard to understand.

The bass player used to be emo,

But now he’s just the selfie king.

They began in the summer of 2001,

But currently haven’t released anything.

Gerard Way’s super sassy,

Frank Iero’s really small,

Brendon Urie’s usually drunk,

And Dallon Weekes is very tall.

Patrick Stump’s got a soul voice,

Pete Wentz has “not a bad dick,”

Tyler Joseph has dark thoughts,

And Josh Dun is “sick as frick.”

So between the forest fanfic

And the crazy APMA’s,

You can find us at Hot Topic

Or still stuck in the Myspace days.

If we aren’t at Warped Tour,

We could also be at Reading and Leeds,

Or trying to uncover the truth of Cape Town

And reunite MCR is our plan succeeds.

However, we are but a simple fandom,

Dressed head to toe in black.

So we’ll end by saying “Thanks Pete!”

And going off to watch Emo Bands on Crack…