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Light’s terrifying expertise with hacking is one of the most underrated things in this series. The fact that Light hacked and deleted L’s computer records makes me wonder a lot of things

  • Were Light’s technological skills better than L’s (assuming L designed his own security systems)?
  • Or did Wedy show him backdoors? And if so, why?

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Hey! I really really love your blog! I've almost read everything here! This is my lifeline <3 Thank you so much creating this!! Also I wanted to ask if there were any pet name fics/fics in which taekook use pet names a lot? I'm sorry if this is an odd request but please try to! Thank you!

here are some I found! sorry if it’s not much but people don’t usually tag stuff like that haha you could probably find a lot of smut fics where they use pet names if you just search through our smut tags! someone asked for bottom tae fics with pet names a few months ago and you can find that here

(I’m not sure if you want pet names in a fluffy way or smutty way, so I’m giving both!)

make this chaos count  by aetoms - Taehyung struggles and battles with himself a lot during a three-month break the band is given. Jeongguk is somehow always there despite everything.

(this is a pretty heavy fic - but with hurt/comfort & a happy ending - but it was the first thing I thought of because guk calls tae “peaches” in it and it’s super cute)

same old mistakes by lualovespugs - Taehyung wanted to try out new things –he just went a bit overboard or, Taehyung is a sucker for pet names and Jeongguk is a whipped man.

i forget to breathe (when i’m with you) by locks - “Do we have a deal, angel,” Taehyung repeats, and Jeongguk can hear that he’s losing his patience, hands resting on his hips. Jeongguk lifts his head, snapping the lid closed. “Pleasure doing business with you, daddy,” he nods, sending a grin up to Taehyung who just narrows his eyes at him. “You’re lucky I like you,” Taehyung mutters, sounding mildly threatening as he steps over to him and tilts Jeongguk’s chin up, leaning down to press a kiss against his lips. Lucky doesn’t even come close. Or, Jeongguk’s trying to figure out how he ended up with a sugar daddy when all he wanted was a couple packets of instant noodles.

(lots of pet names!!!! “petal” being the cutest one)

you the one that i dream about all day by locks - Taehyung finally convinces Jeongguk to do the boyfriend tag/boyfriend does my make up tag.

The Devil Wears Socks (In Bed) by officialkth - Taehyung spends the night at Jeongguk’s place for the first time and Jeongguk is, for lack of a better word, shitting himself. Until he realizes Taehyung wears socks to bed. (part 3 of the adventures of shy!guk and model!tae series)

don’t call me baby (not before i’m ready) by sleutheryn - The three times that Taehyung called Jeongguk ‘baby’ and the one time that the latter did. 

see me, feel me by aeterisks & aetoms - Jeongguk never thought he would end up stumbling upon his Twitter crush’s nsfw account, much less discover he’s a camboy. As if that wasn’t enough already, he ends up at Jeongguk’s place with something he can’t refuse.

untitled by sweetlyblue - tae in heels, bby!jk and humiliation

little fangs by bapstae - Even though Jeongguk constantly teases Taehyung about the size of his fangs, he still adores both them and Taehyung.

Nice dream by frevan - … And he awakens, drenched in sweat, to see Jeongguk leaning over him. He feels an unmistakeable tightness in his pants. How embarrassing.“Are you okay?” the other asks, face pink. Taehyung blinks a couple of times.“Yeah, just a dream, no worries,” he reassures, voice scratchy. He hopes Jeongguk can’t tell.

Love, Laughter and Happily ever After by minyoonD - Taehyung tries to surprise Jungkook on their anniversary but Jungkook’s excitement gets the best of him.

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oMG THAT VAMPIRE AU WAS SO GOOD!!! 💓 ahhh fuq me upppp I love all your worksss 💓 can I also have a vamp au drabble? Maybe a lil kinky feeding scene from our fave southern gentleman (coughfuccboicough) TJeffs? Thank you!! 💓

AHAHHHH YES!!!!!! (T/W: Pain kink? But not really smut?)

“Mmm, Thomas,” You breathed, his body so close to yours.

You longed for the nights with him, the only time you truly felt him near. Daylight was the silencer of your love and it pained him; he desired you night and day. Your relationship was defined as a reciprocity. He needed you. Really, it could be anyone, but he chose you and that was something you honoured, it was a pleasure to be his lifeline. 

“You know, I can read your thoughts, my Love,” Thomas reminded you, pushing his hips down against yours. 

“Then do something about them, please,” you practically begged, feeling him. 

“You know what I want,” Thomas growled.

“Please,” You drug your nails down his arms, on either side of you. 

Lowering himself close to you, he kissed and tenderly sucked at the side of your neck as if teasing you with the idea of him giving you the sweet, painful, pleasure. Opening his mouth, he grazed his fangs along your pulse point. He could smell your blood, see your veins, they were pulsating just for him. You could feel his chest rise and fall against yours. It was the calm before the storm. 

“Oh, my Love,” Thomas whispered, his hand coming up to the side of your neck, thumb going to the curve of your neck.

He kissed your neck one more time before piercing your skin. Blood pooled out from your responsive skin. He sucked at the dark liquid, it was perfect. You whined underneath him. Your nails clinging onto his biceps as he became more alive from your blood. He took a lot, but not enough. Removing his teeth from you, he sniffled your not bruised and bloodied neck. He became addicted to you more and more each feeding. Never wanting to stop.

“Thomas,” you breathed, squirming a bit, not needing him. 

“Stay.” He demanded, voice dark. 

Tightening his grip around your neck he made two new puncture wounds, causing you to scream out in pain and pleasure. He gently shook his head, sinking his fangs deeper into your vein. Grinding his hips down against your to keep you in place, you moaned and gasped from everything happening to you. You moved your hands to his back, suddenly he growled deeply.

“I-I’m sorry,” you barely breathed, his hand tightening again around you; his sharp nails jabbing into more of your flesh.

Your wedding ring. Solid silver was touching his back, burning deep into his skin. Thomas didn’t responded as he sucked on your wounds, licking them. You pushed your hips up, but he pushed back harder, sending surge for another pleasure through your body. 

“Thomas-” You felt dizzy, lightheaded.

Pulling away from you he slit his own skin, letting you suckle on his wrist. You took his wrist with both your hands placing it to your lips, you let the blood drabble into your mouth until you felt awake to suck at it. You looked up at him through your eyelashes. He was breathing heavy, head tilted back, mouth parted. You saw his sharp teeth drip with your blood, his bottom lip had blood stains and a drop made its way down his own neck. Looking down to you, he smiled, wiping some blood away from his lip with his thumb. 

“You do taste heavenly,” he breathed, “but there’s more I want to taste than just your blood.”

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It must be hard being a Sakura fan...Cause all she receives is constant hate!! How do you even handle it?

Well it’s definitely not easy…

I’am no idiot anon-san. I know that Sakura is a well hated character. I know that people hate her guts and that us Sakura fans have it tough. But when I first started reading the manga? I didn’t know that. Cause I only ever read the manga. I never went to the comment section or any social sites to see what other think. I wasn’t influenced by others opinions. So it was easier for me to like her cause I never read the manga like it was my lifeline. To me it was a cool story and that Sakura is a cute character. I liked her a lot and I came to love her during her fight with Sasori. That’s when searched on her and all I saw was nothing but hate!!!

And it shocked me cause I never knew she was that hated!! It made me disappointing and really sad cause Sakura was my all time favorite character.

Even kishimoto knows very well that she’s hated. He tried to make her popular but it was to no avail. She was so hated that kishimoto said that little girls used to come up to him and tell him that they hated Sakura. While on the the other hand Hinata was so loved that he even considered making her the heroine cause of the hate Sakura received. But it was too late to do that. 

I partially blame him for that. The guy tried to make her more popular by focusing more on her beauty than on her talents. And that’s not how you make a character likable!!! You make them likable by focusing more on their talents and skills than their love story!!! 

(Which is why I think that Mashima is a better writer than Kishimoto. Cause Mashima knows how to develop his characters.He knows how to make them shine. He gives them awesome fighting moments. Look at Lucy!! She is also well hated but God Dammit she was treated 10000x more better than Sakura!! Cause Mashima gave her awesome moments!! Kishi can’t do that. He’s incapable of making a female character shine.)

I mean the guy can make good female character. Like Konan and Kushina and Tsunade. But he can only do a female character that is all about fighting? or all about romance. He can’t do both.

And above all? Sakura is the main heroine of a shonen manga. That means people have high expectations of her. She’s on the spotlight more and people want fights. Not romance!! And I get that!! on the other hand? characters like Hinata? who is also all about romance? is not hated for it. And why is that? Easy cause she is not the main character. She’s not constantly on the spotlight. People don’t expect much from her. So yeah she’s more loved.

But like what am I supposed to  do with that? Change my preference? All of a sudden like a character based on their popularity? I’m not that shallow.

And I hate the people who keep reminding us sakura fans about it!!

Like look at this asshole!

Do you think I deserve this? To get hate over my preference? Just cause I like sasusaku and sakura, that means I have to be hated as well? What do they want us fans to do?

We know that sakura and sasusaku is hated, but that’s not gonna change everything, 

I know she’s hated, but I still love her. I wish Kishi gave he more fighting moments rather than completely forget about her for 400 chapters and than give us some cool moments which are always followed by her being saved!! 

As a fan I’m disappointed with how she was treated. I wanted more from her. I want nothing more than for Sakura to be more loved. But obviously that’s never gonna happen.

So all I can do is block these morons and continue loving my ship and character without caring about what others think.

Doldrums: III

He was the last one to come down to the mess for breakfast after the watch change, and when he reached the galley to get his meal, the rest of his watch had already claimed their food and found spots at the hanging tables. Standing at the pot that held the last of breakfast, Silver reached for an empty bowl then hesitated. He watched Billy for a long moment, expression shrewd.

“I did warn you,” he said, in what Billy supposed passed for a sympathetic tone from Silver, “that nothing but disaster could come from growing attached to someone like Miss—”

He didn’t remember deciding to punch Silver, but suddenly his knuckles were stinging and the other man lay sprawled on the floor of the galley, blinking up at him in shock. And for just a moment, everything else stopped, Billy’s dreams forgotten and Miss Abby’s laughter silenced, finally. It all came rushing back in as Billy recognised the sudden quiet in the mess, felt the eyes of the crew on him, but for that one moment he’d been free of it.

“Fuck off, Silver,” he said, then turned and stalked toward the ladder without a backwards glance.

—excerpt from Doldrums chapter III, by @primarybufferpanel and @sheliesshattered. Abigail Ashe x Billy Bones, Miranda Barlow x James Flint. Chapter 3/?, currently 13,600 words. Part 3 of All Hands.

KuKi Appreciation Post!

Because I just realized, I had so much works between these two that I haven’t posted up- In reality I’m itching to show the fandom this adorable OTP of mine that transcends LawPhelia by a 0.00000009 margin. xDDDD

Now, who do we have here? None other than @quiethistess for Kira and our favorite lazy cat Kuro, as the OTP—— [ KuKi ] !!

These two are giving me the diabetttuuuuss because of the fluff— so go on and see ‘em for yourself!!! <3

^Because being comfy together is what they do best~

^”May I have this dance?”

^meme gifs that reminds me of them. Sulky Kuro tho xDDD

^Kuro tries.

^How Kuro surprise hugs VS.

^occasional surprise hugs from Kira.

^Because lion form Kuro is a great bed too. Warmth, fluff, and his gentle purring~

^Oh and because Kira plays Overwatch and mains Mercy, we’ll have Kuro be her partner too— which leads us to Kuro Genji!! (dont mind the Neko Kuro tho xDDDD hehe). Once again, SHIP THEM.

^And we have Kira trying to review, and Kuro trying to help her review… but that “help” is intended for something else. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hehehehe

^Oh and because Kira faints quite a number of times during chat… Kuro either lays down beside her and poke her awake, or he makes it worse by saying lines like these. xD

I also have little drabbles about their daily lives too, ranging from fluff to smut. HEHE, but anyways—- *has to scroll up 4 times to quench the ship* I MEAN SERIOUSLY!! LOOK AT THEM. LOOK AT THEM AND SQUEAL. AhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH Too cute for words! Their personalities are so similar yet so distinct that it compliments them so well! 

Hmm hmmm!! KuKi is, right now, part of my lifeline haha! But anyways, thanks for reading till the end! And even though I said this is a KuKi appreciation post, I’ll have to also point out that this is an appreciation post for @quiethistess herself! She’s an amazing artist y’all! And watching her stream her works just makes it even better– So make sure to check out her blog and her works cuz you guys are missing out oN A LOT!!!   (^ ⓛ ω ⓛ ^)

❤ ❤ ❤  KUKI FTW!!!

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Top 5 fav blogs and why

Thanks for the ask, nonnie! There are so many blogs I LOVE, I’m still trying to make more connections but I’m kind of the worst at communication.

1. @paperbacktrash - Becca is super sarcastic and witty, her posts are always on point. If you need a good laugh, you’ll find it there. She’s also pretty rad outside of Tumblr and someone I consider a close friend.

2. @darlingfireheart - Aly is unfailing kind and inclusive. I like how I just get random messages every once in a while - I often suck at communication but she never fails to reach out anyways.

3. @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos - I am actually super new to following this blog but the content found here is incredible. I’ve also not had the pleasure of having one-on-one conversation yet - I feel terrible because I don’t even know your name haha. But this blog puts Game of Thrones/ASOIAF together with ToG and ACOTAR and those are my three favourite things so each day I find so many more things I love posted here.

4. @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks - I’ve admired Bianca’s blog from afar since I started here and I just love the diverse content. She seems really nice but I’m actually just generally a shy person who can’t think of things to say - but I see the group of friends she’s got on Tumblr and they’re #squadgoals / #innercirclegoals haha.

5. @aelin-and-feyre - Also new to following this blog, but I listened to her talk about Rowaelin as her favourite ship the other day and it makes me super stoked to see another Defender of Rowan with Aelin haha. I love the Preferences and these ToG re-reads are my lifeline right now. The content here is also awesome, when you follow a lot of blogs that follow each other, you often get a lot of the same content in your feed but this blog is pretty refreshing.

Frankly, I’m still discovering a lot of blogs and I enjoy interacting with everyone that I can. So send me messages, asks, recommendations, anything! I’ll do my best not to suck at talking! <3

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Name: Mia
Age: 14
Country: USA

Hey I’m mia. I’m super involved in band, I play the tuba. I’m also in color guard and tumbling. Im highkey obsessed with the Ballingers. I like read also. Music is my lifeline. I’m looking for someone with similar interests as me.

Preferences: No preferences about gender or race, sexuality. I don’t care about age as long as you aren’t older than 20 or younger than 12.