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KuKi Appreciation Post!

Because I just realized, I had so much works between these two that I haven’t posted up- In reality I’m itching to show the fandom this adorable OTP of mine that transcends LawPhelia by a 0.00000009 margin. xDDDD

Now, who do we have here? None other than @quiethistess for Kira and our favorite lazy cat Kuro, as the OTP—— [ KuKi ] !!

These two are giving me the diabetttuuuuss because of the fluff— so go on and see ‘em for yourself!!! <3

^Because being comfy together is what they do best~

^”May I have this dance?”

^meme gifs that reminds me of them. Sulky Kuro tho xDDD

^Kuro tries.

^How Kuro surprise hugs VS.

^occasional surprise hugs from Kira.

^Because lion form Kuro is a great bed too. Warmth, fluff, and his gentle purring~

^Oh and because Kira plays Overwatch and mains Mercy, we’ll have Kuro be her partner too— which leads us to Kuro Genji!! (dont mind the Neko Kuro tho xDDDD hehe). Once again, SHIP THEM.

^And we have Kira trying to review, and Kuro trying to help her review… but that “help” is intended for something else. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hehehehe

^Oh and because Kira faints quite a number of times during chat… Kuro either lays down beside her and poke her awake, or he makes it worse by saying lines like these. xD

I also have little drabbles about their daily lives too, ranging from fluff to smut. HEHE, but anyways—- *has to scroll up 4 times to quench the ship* I MEAN SERIOUSLY!! LOOK AT THEM. LOOK AT THEM AND SQUEAL. AhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH Too cute for words! Their personalities are so similar yet so distinct that it compliments them so well! 

Hmm hmmm!! KuKi is, right now, part of my lifeline haha! But anyways, thanks for reading till the end! And even though I said this is a KuKi appreciation post, I’ll have to also point out that this is an appreciation post for @quiethistess herself! She’s an amazing artist y’all! And watching her stream her works just makes it even better– So make sure to check out her blog and her works cuz you guys are missing out oN A LOT!!!   (^ ⓛ ω ⓛ ^)

❤ ❤ ❤  KUKI FTW!!!

I forgot to tell you guys, but I had my palm read this weekend and was told that my lifeline is healthy, balanced and strong and that I will live a long time and not look my age. I’ll work really hard for several years until I burn out. I will have a very tall son.

She also said I may inherit the family business. I hope she doesn’t mean alcoholism!

I finally moved into my apartment!

Reading for class tomorrow. On the left, you’ll see my planner/lifeline.

ADVICE: buy/make a planner and USE IT! It helps you stay organize with class work and life activities. This is especially useful if you’re involved in a lot of club/organizations; it’s very difficult to remember everything you have to do. This planner is how I make it through law school.