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Hi everyone! Creator of the blog here. I’ve gone ahead and added a donate button to the sidebar of this page. If you appreciate what I’ve done here and the work that goes into compiling and reading through information for everyone, and are in a good place to donate or signal boost this, that would be a wonderful way to let me know!

What the money is for:

I am currently in debt of over $6,000.00 for university classes I had to drop out of due to disability/lack of accommodations, and also urgently need to fund my reconstructive chest surgery for my mental health. I’m also hoping to fund for a service dog in the future when and if the other things are taken care of. I am currently in a place where I am not free to leave the house or partake in the quality of life I want due to disability and dysphoria, and chest surgery is my first huge step to helping that!

Thanks so much everyone!


Hi. Hello. Hi. So I know I’ve been like super spotty, patchy with my activity. Our impending doom has been affecting my mental health (along with my being off my sleep meds for appx a week, which for not actually helping me fall asleep or sleep all that long *do* help the quality of my sleep) so it’s been a chore actually getting anything done at all, let alone concentrate on anything for more then 5 minutes (this is seriously cramping my reading challenge output, yo). ANYWHO - I should be around more especially since my therapist told me that she got the go ahead to fund the sign up fees for the muay thai GYM which means 7 day a week, 14 hour a day access to all the kickboxing & BJJ classes I want (this is much better then the last place I was at) and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY PUNCHING AND KICKING THINGS MAKES ME. 

Oh I also got my sleep meds back and am slowly reverting back from all day zmobie state to “actually being able to make lists and cross most things off them in a day” state. Which is probably more important then the gym thing, but really I’m just a lot happier when I am doing muay thai and it’s been almost a year, which makes me sad.


I have had a bunch of people ask for more copies of the comic about mental illnesses I put together for my Girl Scout Gold award, but since I don’t really have the funds to print more I’m gonna do some commissions to get the funds! You can read the comic at, and the companion at if you like.  

Even if you can’t commission anything a signal boost would be helpful! I really want to be able to print more copies so they can get out to more people!!! (Prices are negotiable within reason, since I’ve never done this before and I don’t know that the ones listed will apply to every picture)

Tarot Readings for Cheap

Hi, I’m Crystal and in short, I’m running very low on funds due to unexpected vet bills and needing mental health days. So I’ve decided to open up a few novice tarot readings to help generate some money. A lot more info is available underneath the cut (including the hows, whys and the order form), so please make sure you read it!

3-Card Reading: $10
This is a very simple 3-card reading that will tell you the basics of your problem- past, present, and near future.
Star Spread Reading: $25
This is a more advanced spread, which takes on the form of a five-pointed star with a significator card (heart of the matter) in the middle of it. This is good for questions of the heart or other matters close at hand.
Week-Ahead Reading: $30
Want a fun glimpse into your week ahead? This is a 7-card reading that will tell you what you need to know for the next few days ahead.

If you are interested, please send the order form below the cut to

As a heads up, I take Paypal only! Please signal boost this if you can. Now onto the questions and details! Please be wary that it’s very long.

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