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Back to Back Badasses Trope:  When two people are completely surrounded, outnumbered and outgunned, by simply coming together and having their backs against each other, they are suddenly much more capable.


Reading while leaves gently fluttered and fell around me 🙊 this day was spent learning about the histories of different practices and branches of paganism as well as some traditional witchcraft 🍂✨

for a minute, let me talk about the several reasons why no matter how many months have passed since this day, i still cannot stop staring at this certain candid: 

  • namjoon’s skirt i hate how nobody appreciated this enough
  • look at how ironed namjoon’s clothes are [i wonder who pressed them]
  • those pants fit him so pleasingly i find myself staring again and again
  • how namjoon glows in the sunlight
  • namjoon’s skirt !! the ‘in bloom’ shirt concept for 화양연화 promotional activities, it’s a massive bag of yes from me
  • that hair color on yoongi a smol strawberry cupcake i’m not okay at all
  • that soft smile on his face
  • the fact that yoongi is actually dressed in the clothes that namjoon described his ‘ideal type’ to be wearing: “t-shirt, jeans and red converse highs, that’s it”
  • does anybody want to speak about how good that flannel looks on him
  • and yoongi looks so smol, almost like he’s under boyfriend! namjoon’s protection
  • matching couple clothes
  • the rude amount of boyfriend material in this picture 
  • they might as well just be holding hands
  • also have we spoken about namjoon’s skirt !!!!
  • this candid alone is fanfic/drabble worthy
  • god save me

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I've been reading older fanfics from before info about the metaverse so akira wears his phantom thieves outfit in the real world. just imagining it applying to cannon makes me laugh so can I get s/o (and other pt members if it's not asking too much) reacting to finding out that akira owns a 1-to-1 replica of his joker outfit?

This is something he would really do tbh. Thank you for the request! I’ll combine everyone’s reactions so I hope that’s all right. Enjoy!

Note: Sorry for being gone, I have to keep up with my studies. ;A;

Edit: I had to add Akechi because I have no self-control.

The Phantom Thieves:

  • S/O isn’t surprised at all; they actually think it’s really endearing.
  • They’re actually really into it since they think Akira looks really good in his Joker outfit. my longest yeah boi
  • He’ll wear it in private sometimes and S/O loves it so much.
  • For instance, he’ll randomly strut around the house to make coffee or read a book in his full get-up. it’s a really comfy outfit
  • He’ll sneak in some kisses just to see S/O blush, and he’s super extra about it.
  • More specifically, Akira will dip them before slowly kissing them or he’ll do the Spider-Man kiss.
  • S/O likes to hide in his coat sometimes, or they’ll just wear it when they’re cold.
  • When they actually discovered the outfit tucked away in his closet, they put the entire thing on out of curiosity. including the ‘clown shoes’
  • Akira suddenly walked into the room right as they tugged the gloves on to finish the outfit.
  • He blushed with his hands covering his face for a whole hour while S/O peppered him with kisses and teased him by mimicking his Joker persona.
  • That makes him blush even more because he isn’t even aware that he smirks and tugs his gloves when he’s Joker. that makes it even cuter tbh
  • But when he puts the Joker outfit on it’s a complete 180.
  • Now S/O is a hot mess and Akira is the confident one. he’s wearing the pants now
  • He’ll get them against the wall and slide a finger under their chin to tilt their head up.
  • He does that smirk and brings his face really close theirs but he won’t kiss them.
  • He’ll just hover and brush his lips against their lips, necks, or collarbone while his other hand ghosts over their arm, waist, etc. because he’s a jerk
  • Meanwhile, S/O’s face is on fire and they’re thinking about R-rated things.
  • They’ll get impatient because they can’t take it and tug his collar to kiss him.
  • Akira blushes like crazy but he goes with it anyway.
  • S/O always knows when he’s having an off day because he’ll put it on in an attempt to regain his confidence.
  • They just snuggle him on those days.
  • Morgana is the one that suggested the idea in the first place.
  • He asked Akira to get him a yellow scarf once, and then he told Akira that he should find a place to make his thief outfit, just for old times’ sake.
  • Moving on, Ryuji gets secondhand embarrassment at first but then he asks Akira where he got it made.
  • He makes a mental note so he can order a Skull outfit later.
  • Ryuji and Futaba team up to take pictures of Akira doing really mundane things like vacuuming or cooking and then writing ridiculous captions like ‘need me a freak like that’ or ‘he actually did it, the absolute madman’.
  • Akira did the French girl pose on his bed in the Joker outfit one time and Ryuji and Futaba posted it in the group chat with the caption ‘someone call the cops i think my treasure just got stolen ;)’. 
  • Everyone replies with ‘whoooooooa lookin’ cool joker~ ;))))))’. 
  • this would never happen but i can dream
  • Ann thinks it’s kind of weird but still funny.
  • She actually thought she was in the Metaverse when she first saw him wearing it so she panicked for a moment before he explained.
  • She habitually calls him Joker or leader when he wears it and it’s really cute.
  • Overall, she’s really understanding about it since she thinks everyone’s thief outfits are pretty cool; who wouldn’t want a replica?
  • There was a costume contest in Harajuku once and Ann bought a top hat for him so he could look like Tuxedo Mask while she dressed as Sailor Moon. 
  • they won of course
  • Yusuke wants Akira to model for him now more than ever.
  • He just chuckled when he found out that Akira had a replica.
  • “It suits you quite well, after all, so this is rather unsurprising.”
  • Like Ann, he calls Akira ‘Joker’ whenever he wears the outfit.
  • He rambles about the fine craftsmanship of the outfit and how much he misses his Fox garb, so Akira surprises him with it on his birthday.
  • Yusuke proudly wore it for the rest of the day. he got an offer to catwalk for fashion week
  • Makoto thought she was in the Metaverse for a second, so she touched her face to see if her mask was there.
  • Then she became surprised by the incredible amount of detail.
  • She’ll probably end up reminiscing with him over coffee, saying that it all seemed like a dream in retrospect.
  • She’ll also joke about the police force being taken more seriously if they had Phantom Thief outfits, and then she’ll blush when Akira points out that they’ll have to call her Queen if she wears hers. she secretly loves that idea tho
  • Futaba and Haru think it’s so cool.
  • Futaba actually tried it on once but she was swallowed by the fabric.
  • Then she surprises Akira by revealing that she had her own thief outfit made.
  • One time, the two do that crouch-praying pose in front of dumpster and captioned it ‘another man’s trash is another thief’s treasure’ and the rest of the Thieves nearly kicked them out of the group chat. futaba is the one with the authorization you fools
  • She convinced him to show Sojiro, and Sojiro was completely baffled.
  • “You’re telling me you saved the world wearing that? How the hell did you manage to sneak around?”
  • Akira explained that it’s more mobile than it looks, and Sojiro just sighed before chuckling, “I guess it does suit a punk like you pretty well. Just don’t wear it while I have customers around.”
  • Anyway, Haru could not stop giggling for five minutes when she found out.
  • Then she was really amazed when she saw the replica.
  • It was the spitting image of the real thing.
  • She tells Akira to wait for a moment, then she reappears wearing her custom musketeer outfit and the two laugh together for five more minutes. these two are so cute
  • She smiles a lot when he wears his outfit, mostly because she feels so giddy from the nostalgia.
  • All in all, everyone loves their leader and wants their own thief outfits. same tbh
  • BONUS: Akechi is slightly irritated but mostly surprised.
  • He does confess that Akira pulls it off well and he’ll admit that he’s a bit jealous. he’s a lot jealous
  • “Even as a replica, your shoes still don’t match your attire.”
  • “Neither did yours.”
  • “That is true… but did you really need to point that out?”
  • Meanwhile, he secretly has a Crow outfit that he randomly puts on.
  • He has a lightsaber with sound effects too.
  • Akira walked in on Akechi while he was wearing his Crow garb and swishing his saber and Akira just walked back out saying ‘nevermore’.
  • Akechi tries so hard to not laugh at the ridiculous pictures of Joker in the group chat but he just loses it and snorts into his hand. 
  • yes he normally snorts when he laughs don’t try to tell me otherwise

she waits for her husband
she loves him, probably more than anyone else ever did
definitely more than the boy under his fingers
or the girl in his sheets
she waits because she has to
a lonely soul will break alone
a kaleidoscope of broken shards
she paints her nails pink and pretends she doesn’t care

she wears short dresses and shows
dark skin, round cheeks, thick thighs
people call her fat and unhealthy
but she laughs at their ignorance
and puts pearls in her ears
the mirror calls her beautiful
the magazine covers don’t

she wears black combat boots
bright red ilps over clenched teeth
her mother always told her that real girls wear skirts and dresses
instead of skinny jeans and military jackets
real girls keep their heads bowed and their tongues locked
real girls don’t bite and claw their way out
real girls don’t need to

she’s no one’s first choice
not in school, not at home
her arms are heavy from the books she
keeps neatly tugged under her arm
eyes hidden behind thick reading glasses
short skirts and long woollen jumpers
they always take from her
but never give

- modern myths | r.m

I just met Mark Gatiss and I showed him my Sherlock tattoo and he touched his heart and awwwed and shoot my hand and his hand was warm and firm and then he tried to read my skirt to figure out which Sherlock Holmes story it was from and he couldn’t figure it out but he said it’s “definitely from the Adventures of” and then I asked him who his favorite character to write is and he said “Sherlock, of course” and I said “of course, he’s your brother” and he said “of course, he’s my brother!” But loud and snippy like Mycroft and it gave me life

Crossdressing (Chanbaek)

Plot: Chanyeol finds himself falling for the new boy who happens to look extremely hot wearing a skirt. 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff

Side Pairings: Kaisoo, Xiuchen, Sulay

*a/n: 3rd time writing this and honestly an excuse to have chanyeol say ‘yo nice skirt’ bc i love that shit* 

*Warning: Very long lol.* 

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Sometimes I feel like Misty gets written off as just the tomboy of the Pokeani. Like, I get it, Dawn and Serena are really girly girls compared to her, but… Misty has always had a huge romantic side, a soft spot for anything cute, and an eye for girly stuff herself. She loves dressing up for example, loves bikinis, kimonos, bows, make-up. Not sure when she got watered down into the tomboy with a lack of feminine qualities but, trust me, they’re there.


It’s time again for FRIDAY FASHION FACT, and today features another designer bio! We’re talking about the self-proclaimed “King of Fashion” himself, Paul Poiret. Always ahead of his time, Poiret is remembered for his innovative, exotic, and often shocking designs.

Paul Poiret was born on April 20, 1879 in Paris. His father was a cloth merchant, and his family had very little money. From the time he was a small child, Poiret was obsessed with clothing. When he was just a child, Poiret was sent to work as an apprentice to an umbrella maker, where he would gather scraps to make clothing for his little wooden doll. By the time he was a teenager, Poiret was actively trying to break into the fashion industry. He went around the city peddling his sketches, eventually selling 12 to the prominent Parisian dressmaker Madeleine Chéruit.

Poiret continued selling sketches until, in 1896, he was hired by Jacques Doucet. Working his way through the ranks at Doucet, he was ultimately promoted to head tailor. The first Poiret design produced by Doucet, a red wool cloak, sold over 400 orders- an extremely impressive number for the time. Poiret was forced to leave Doucet to complete mandatory military service. When he completed service in 1901, Poiret was hired by House of Worth. He did not last there long, though. Poiret was tasked with creating simplistic pieces, deemed the “side dish” to the opulent designs the House was known for. Unfortunately, some of his designs were seen as too plain by some of Worth’s royal clientele, who where horrified by their starkness.

This extreme reaction did not deter Poiret. In fact, it spurred him to create his own design house. As soon as Poiret began creating designs for his own name in 1903, he broke convention. Poiret believed in the body shaping the clothes, rather than the reverse. He did away with petticoats, and in 1906, he rejected the corset, as well. Though he was not the only designer at the time to do so, his outlandish designs made him the most prominent. He used the theatre as his main platform, because by dressing actresses, Poiret could get away with creating more artistic or exotic styles. He credited a mantle that he made for the actress Réjane in the play Zaza as the piece which launched him into stardom.

Paul Poiret drew inspiration from across the globe. He is well known for dresses modeled after exotic costumes worn in the Russian ballet, kimono inspired robes and coats, and harem pants and lampshade tunics drawn from fashions worn in what is now Turkey. His goal was to “liberate” women from Western fashion, though with creations such as the hobble skirt, who can say how liberating his designs actually were. Beyond being an innovator in terms of style, Poiret was an innovator in terms of branding. In 1911, Poiret launched the École Martine, an interior design division of his fashion House. He was also the first French designer to create a fragrance line, Parfums de Rosine, launched that same year (London designer Lucile released a perfume line a few years earlier.)

Each of these lines were named after one of Poiret’s two daughters. His wife Denise, who Poiret married in 1905, served as his muse. Poiret stated that “My wife is the inspiration for all my creations; she is the expression of all my ideals.” It did not last, though, and the marriage ended in a messy divorce in 1928. Unfortunately, this was just a contributing factor to the downfall Paul Poiret faced in his later years. He was drafted back into the military during World War I, but when he returned in 1919, he was greeted by a company on the edge of bankruptcy. Designers like Chanel took over with their sleek and impeccably constructed fashions, while Poiret’s designs were intended to be impactful from afar. His designs were not as unique as they once were, as several designers built upon his creations. Also, the rise of the flapper meant that women no longer were in need of his “liberating” styles.

Ultimately, Poiret was unable to regain his popularity. He fell into debt, and had to leave the company he created. The House closed in 1929. He was forced to spend the remainder of his life working odd jobs, even resorting to being a street artist. He died in ruin in 1944, nearly completely forgotten. It was only thanks to his close friend Elsa Schiaparelli that saved him and his name from oblivion- she even paid for his funeral. Despite the sad end to his life, Paul Poiret remains one of the most iconic and influential designers of all time.

Want to learn more about Paul Poiret? Check out these book:

King of Fashion: The Autobiography of Paul Poiret, by Paul Poiret

Poiret, by Harold Koda

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