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One Last Time, touken/tousaki fanfic

Summary: One of the many times Haise visits Touka in :re, and his last. Based on Mutsuki’s flashbacks from chapter 114. One-shot.

Rating: K+, fluff | Words: 4,362k | Read on AO3 - If you like it, please reblog! ♥

A/N: I missed writing tousaki so much *cries* I’m happy with the result even if it’s not extremely relevant. This would be what Mutsuki sees in his flashback, that everyone was wondering if he just followed Kaneki or something. This could also be the last time Haise sees Touka? I’m not sure, you can decide that for yourselves. If you liked this weird thing, feedback is always appreciated! <3 enjoy. 


She takes his breath away; just having her near him is enough to make his heart flutter.

“Hi,” she says, smiling softly, greeting him with the most beautiful presence. Her eyes look kindly surprised to see him there.

She’s wearing a pigtail at the back of her head, soft stray strands of hair falling on each side of her face, one lock touching her right eye, stroking her eyelashes. She looks prettier than the last time he saw her, and seeing her with a new hairstyle is surprisingly refreshing.

Don’t say anything about her hair, don’t be an idiot, don’t s—

“Y-Your hair looks cute,” that’s the first thing he says.

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“To fit the image of Ito-chan, the girl who can “feel the heat of music”, we put all our effort into making lyrics that you can feel the heat of.

From 37.5 ºC until 37.9 ºC the lyrics gradually rise in level of heat while staying in the range and not crossing the fever line. (The fever point for a human is when your body temperature reaches above 37.9ºC) That is one of the points of this song.“

I can’t believe all this time I’ve been a fan of pretty rhythm and I only realized now that BT 37.5 stands for BODY TEMPERATURE 37.5

Getting a [way overdue] pedicure. I’ve spent the day so far reading (in bed). I feel fine. Just being lazy. Made myself leave the house for at least one thing.