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Government Secret #339

I heard that every president after Bush has to go to Bush’s house every night to check for monsters under his bed and then read him a bed time story

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For RWBY Tuesday, it's Ruby's birthday and Weiss, Blake and Yang are competing to see who can give Ruby the best gift.

They’d all thought they’d gotten her the best gift.

As her sister, Yang knew she’d won. She’d lived her whole life with Ruby and knew exactly what she’d like. She’d gotten her a special pocket knife, constructed in such a way that it could turn into various types of blades, screwdrivers, and other tools. Not only could Ruby use it to prepare weapons like the little closet nerd she was, but she could also marvel at the knife itself.

Blake had to admit it was a good gift, but hers was still better. She knew Ruby’s taste in literature, and a good book could be read again and again and never get old. It had a solid plot and a very unique way of telling the story, one she knew Ruby would enjoy immensely. It would surely keep Ruby smiling for weeks on end as she read it before bed.

Weiss thought their gifts were cute, but they were missing the obvious. Ruby Rose was a lover of all things sweet, and as her partner, Weiss knew exactly what to make her. She’d baked a batch of chocolate-chip cookies, complete with powered sugar on top as well as slices of strawberries. Ruby was going to squeal so loudly.

And she did. Ruby squealed at the top of her lungs after opening every single gift they gave her. She tackled them all in turn, smothering them all in excited hugs and kisses as she looked over her gifts.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you guuuuys!!!” 

“Well,” Weiss smirked. “So tell us who the winner is.”

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Draco / Luna

Who would be the big spoon?
draco is, he’s much taller than her and likes to wrap himself around her protectively. luna doesn’t mind either way

Who would wake up first?
draco usually wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares and luna always wakes up at exactly the right moment to comfort him. she’ll let him sleep in the next morning and tends to read or write in bed until he wakes up

Do they have nicknames for each other?
draco calls her things like gorgeous and beautiful when theyre alone

What happened when they met each other’s parents?
its was awkward on both sides. narcissa did her best to make luna feel welcome and make amends for keeping her imprisoned during the war. luna insisted that she understood but narcissa can’t forgive herself for it. lucius won’t admit it to anyone but he’s rather taken with luna, she refused to allow him to be stand offish and pointedly ignored his rudeness when they first met and he admires he for it

xenophilius struggled to look past draco’s past, especially his family keeping luna captive. he soon sees how much he regrets everything and how much he adores his daughter though and promises luna he’ll give him a chance

How do they apologize after an argument?
they don’t tend to argue bc lunas laid back and so allows draco to be overly fussy & lets him rant to her when he needs to. she knows exactly how to deal with him

What would they be like as parents?
they’d balance each other out well. their children would be so intelligent and so adorabley blonde though

Who is more romantic?
draco is, he loves spoiling luna. he loves snuggling up and kissing her head as well

Who gets jealous easiest?
draco, luna appears to be oblivious as to when people are hitting on her and so engages them in conversation. draco tends to have to step in

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
they both love the holidays, draco especially is a massive child about it

Who is the most adventurous?
luna, nothing really fazes her and she’s willing to try anything, while draco is much more reserved and cautious

Who is the most protective?
draco will secretly hex anybody he feels is trying to take advantage or make fun of luna. luna quickly puts anybody in their place when they bring up draco’s past

Hangover II

More Hidashi. Smut. Read at your own risk. Also requested by ponyfiedd

Later on in the week, Aunt Cass goes out for a dinner party after she closes up the café. Tadashi is upstairs in the bedroom, lounging on his bed reading a book. Hiro comes running up the stairs and slides along the floor, nearly running into their bedroom wall.

“Oh my God! Hiro, are you okay?” Tadashi asks, putting down his book and getting up from his bed.

“Yeah, fine, I didn’t actually run into the wall,” Hiro responds, rolling his eyes. “Anyway, Aunt Cass is out! Until late!”

“And?” Tadashi wonders, smiling, knowing what his younger brother is thinking.

“Well, I was thinking that we could finish what we started the other day…” Hiro mumbles, looking at the floor and blushing. Tadashi places his hand on Hiro’s waist and pulls him closer. Hiro’s breathe hitches in his throat. “Take me,” he breathes out. Tadashi quickly hardens from the tone of absolute need.

Tadashi pins Hiro up against the wall and slips his hand up the younger brother’s shirt. Hiro starts to pant from the dizzing euphoria as his member hardens. Tadashi feels it against his own member and starts to grind against Hiro. He leans down and kisses his little brother, slipping his tongue inbetween Hiro’s lips. Hiro moans into Tadashi’s mouth.

Tadashi lifts Hiro up and trails kisses down his neck, sucking and biting at random intervals. He walks over to his bed, putting Hiro down on his back. Hiro pushes Tadashi’s shirt up his back and over his head, breaking the kiss. Hiro removes his own shirt as well, even more aroused by Tadashi’s heavy breathing.

“Tadashi…” Hiro moans as Tadashi slides Hiro’s pants and boxers off, rubbing his member in the process.

Tadashi flips on his back and swiftly takes off his pants. Hiro crawls inbetween Tadashi’s legs and gently drags his teeth across the bulge in the older brother’s underwear. Tadashi leans his head back, groaning in ecstasy. Hiro pulls Tadashi’s briefs down. His member springs up once freed from it’s confines. Hiro wraps his tongue around the rather large member. He bobs his head up and down, earning multiple moans from Tadashi.

Hiro moans from Tadashi unexpectedly grabbing his dick. He strokes Hiro’s dick as Hiro continues to suck his.

Once Hiro releases Tadashi’s member, Tadashi lifts his younger brother by the waist and places his asshole on top of his dick.

“Do you want this?” Tadashi asks for permission. Hiro nods and grabs Tadashi’s thighs for support. Tadashi holds his member still while Hiro slowly lowers himself onto him. They both moan loudly. Hiro lifts moves his body along Tadashi’s member while Tadashi continues stroking Hiro’s dick.

Soon, Tadashi begins to buck his hips, penetrating Hiro even deeper than before, bringing Hiro close to the edge. He continues to lift his body up and down while Tadashi thrusts even harder.

“A-aah!!” Hiro shouts as he hits his climax. His cum spills out onto Tadashi’s chest while his ass tightens around Tadashi’s member. Tadashi lets loose a loud moan as his semen escapes into Hiro. Hiro collapses on the bed next to his older brother, both panting. Both wanting more.


and I can’t sleep so I’m up thinking
too hard scribbling these words in the dark
because the physics science news I read
before bed is making me crazy now
with incomprehension—it makes
no sense to me that gravity should exist,
what I know about is love:
that flaring up of caring connection
that lasts life-long and does not depend
on distance, and it makes no sense to me
that the speed of light in a vacuum
should be a constant in this universe
transforming at every instant along the way,
speeding and slowing, and it makes no sense
to me that there should have been an origin
of the universe and before that nothing—
surely it was everything, waiting there?
When our lives are spun out of star furnaces
and our histories of DNA mutable, shifting,
remaking themselves in us—all that stuff
of the universe spun out of nothing?
It makes no sense, and it makes no sense
that time should have a beginning and no end,
for what was the constant face of love
before time began and before matter
assembled and before that small dense crush
exploded into what, so very briefly,
would, some small fraction, run through
our bodies, changing daily, the days
of our lives—and where do they go?
Those we love? It makes no sense to me
that the light of their countenances
or the love we carry should wink out
and light, that constant of the universe,
speed on in nothingness, undeterred by loss.


Lazy morning tea and reading…

“I am no longer afraid of fear, and I will not let it rule me. Fear will learn to fear me.” - Tahareh Mafi~ Ignite Me

We read in bed because reading is halfway between life and dreaming, our own consciousness in someone else’s mind. 
― How Reading Changed My Life, by Anna Quindlen.