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Little Surprises

Request: anonymous: Chris Evans x Reader where the reader thinks something is wrong with their baby but it turns out it’s just kicking?

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader

Word count: 757

A/N: I thought a drabble suited this request more than a full one-shot. I hope that’s okay, anon. :) I’m actually really proud with this one, I think it tourned out really good x

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You sighed contend and rubbed your big belly. You were in your 7th month and it seemed like your belly grew every day. Your husband Chris was having a shower and you lied on your bed reading a book.

You heard Chris stepping out of the shower and second later he appeared on the door of your bedroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

“Everything alright?”, he asked with a smile and you raised an eyebrow. “With that view, always.”, you smirked and he chuckled and strolled over to your bed. Kneeling down in front of you he placed his hand on your stomach. “How is my most favourite baby in the world?”, he asked and placed light kisses all over your grown belly. It was your first time having a baby and you two were pumped to say the least. Chris was pampering you every waking moment, it wasn’t heart to see how exited he was.

You opened your mouth to reply, when you suddenly felt an odd sensation. It didn’t hurt, it was just as if someone kept bumping gently against your tummy. You still stared down at your belly, trying to find out what just happened when you felt the same sensation but stronger and let out an involuntary gasp. Chris must have felt it too, because he pulled back his hands from your stomach as if it were burning and stared at you with wide eyes.

“What was that?”, he stammered and you just shook your head. You didn’t know what just happened. Was something wrong with your baby? Chris seemed to think the same, in just a matter of seconds he got up and ran out of the room. You wondered where could have gone without telling you so you tried to get up.

As you moved your legs from the bed, you felt the sensation again. Worried you called after Chris who ran back, the telephone in his hand.

“What are you doing, honey?”, he asked anxious and led you back to the bed. “Stay down. I’m going to call mum, she surely knows what’s up. If not were going to call your mum. And then the doctor. No buts!”, he added upon seeing your expression. It was true you hated going to the doctor, but he was right. If something was wrong with the baby it was the best to go and see the doctor, just to make sure.

While you were lost in your thoughts, Chris was already dialling the number of his mother. You and her had a great relationship and on your wedding day, she told you under tears that she was unbelievable happy that you and Chris finally married.

A “Hello mum?”, from Chris interrupted your thoughts. He described what just happened and after a few seconds he nodded and mumbled a “yes”. After that he gave the phone to you. “

“Hello?”, you asked and Chris’ mom greeted you and quickly asked you to describe the situation from your point of view. She was really calm and you were once again thankful, as it wasn’t the first time you turned to her when there was something you worried about. After you described what you felt, she chuckled.

“Well”, she said. “To me it sounds as if your baby was just kicking. Nothing to worry about. But still, try to observe it and when you feel strong pain or anything other out of the ordinary, call the doctor. Okay?”, she advised and you couldn’t help but feel warm at her lovely words. “Yeah, I’ll do that. Thank you so much.” She chuckled. “Every time again. See you soon.”

When you hung up the phone you turned too Chris and smiled. He looked at you with anticipation. “What did she say?”, he asked, grasping your hands.

Smirking, you rubbed your thump over his palm. “I think now we know how it feels when the baby’s kicking.” Upon hearing your words, he looked relieved. “Thank god! We are some parents, ticking out just because the little one is saying hello.”, he laughed and you couldn’t help but join in.

Sitting on the bed behind you, he wrapped his arms around you and placed his hands on your big belly. “Hello to you too, we can’t wait till your here with us.”, he whispered and rested his chin on your shoulder. Turning your head you placed a sweet kiss on his lips and couldn’t help but wonder how in the world you got so lucky.

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“Did you steal that?”

Scorpius was sitting on his bed reading the book he had gotten from the library and wondering vaguely where Albus was. He had gotten up and left in the middle of dinner with a quick “See you later” before leaving the Great Hall.

Well it was later and Albus was still nowhere to be seen. Scorpius made a noise of frustration and put down his book. He couldn’t concentrate. He was debating whether it was worth going out and looking for Albus when he had no idea where to start when suddenly,

“The Bloody Baron thinks you’re a nerd.”

Scorpius jumped. He was alone in the dorm, but the voice had been right by his ear. It took him only a second to recognize it and once he did, his heart returned to it’s regular pace.

“Hello Albus.”

“I think you mean the Bloody Baron.”

“Pretty sure I don’t.”

Albus removed the invisibility cloak and sat down on the bed next to Scorpius.

“I made you jump though, didn’t I?”

Scorpius fought to keep the embarrassed blush from his cheeks. From the smile Albus now wore on his face it didn’t work. Curse the Malfoy complexion.

Scorpius decided to change the subject.

“Did you steal that?” Scorpius asked, gesturing to the cloak.

“You can’t steal something that belongs to you.”

“It doesn’t belong to you. Your father gave it to James.”

“Yeah, well he should have given it to me. All he gave me was a stupid blanket. I’m righting a wrong here.”

“That blanket saved our lives, or have you forgotten?”

Albus rolled his eyes. “Fine. I’m very grateful for the blanket. But a holey blanket won’t help us sneak up to the Room of Requirement tonight.”

“Why are we going to th– oh, hello,” Scorpius stopped mid sentence as Albus moved from his spot on the bed to straddling Scorpius’ hips.

“Why do you think we’re going to the Room of Requirement?” Albus whispered wickedly in Scorpius’ ear.

“Are you saying,” Scorpius said, as Albus busied himself with trailing kisses along his jaw, “that you stole James’ cloak just so you could have your way with me?” 

“We share a dorm with three other boys. What else was I supposed to do?”

“How did you even get into Gryffindor tower?” Scorpius asked as Albus sucked on his ear.

“Rose let me in.”

“Oh god, you told Rose what your nefarious plans were?”

“Well, I didn’t go into details,” Albus said. “I only threatened to if she didn’t help me.”

Scorpius groaned. “You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”

“You love me,” Albus said, smiling through the kiss he planted on Scorpius’ lips.

“I do,” Scorpius agreed, pulling Albus back for another.

Tangled Up In My Head (Tangled Up In My Bed)

read it on the AO3 at

by JusteAmusant

After a nasty demon fight, Sam gets knocked around and knocked out. Dean saves his ass, what else is new, but…
Dean. It’s always been Dean.
Now Sam can’t seem to get right, can’t seem to block out his feelings for Dean, and dammit he can’t get these song lyrics out of his head.
The fact that they all seem to come true, well, that’s a whole other problem…

Words: 1847, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Braham: Taimi, where’s the Commander?

Taimi: Oh, you know, doing what the Commander always does! Getting right into the thick of things!”

Braham: Taimi…

Taimi: She’s, uh…. on the Fire Island. Near the Volcano.

Braham: She’s where?!

Omg pls don’t kill me I couldn’t resist ;____; 


*flees to bed* ♥

Ladies and Gentlemen, my first Storybots sickfic (I have other fics)

Tissues and Tears- Storybots
     "Awww, but guys, I wanna go with you!,“ Bo whimpered, her voice hoarse and quiet.
     "Sorry Bo, but you’re sick, you can’t come with us, we’ll be right back, trust me, feel better, okay?,” Beep said, placing a box of tissues next to Bo’s bed, and wheeling off.
     Bo sighed, and sneezed into a tissue, waving goodbye to no one, since all the bots were off to answer another question.
     But, no one told Bo what they were going to do, they just said they were heading out, and would be back.
     Bo, landed in bed with a virus, or, as she called it, “a gross icky feeling when germy gunk piles into my head”, couldn’t join them, and just sat in bed, reading a book about unicorns.
     As her mind became numb with fever, she grew delirious, forgetting the events that took place about an hour ago.
     She put down her book, and got up, opening her bedroom door, and peering around, “G-guys? Where are you?,” she asked, confused.
     Bo let out a sneeze, but afterwards, the room, and the base, were silent.
     Bo took a chance, and wheeled out of her bedroom, knocking on Bing’s door, “Bing? You in there? HET-SHHEW!, sorry,” she stammered, sniffling as she wheeled to Bang’s door, knocking on it, “Bang? You asleep? W-what time is it?, Bang?,”.
     Bo suddenly felt very afraid, something must have happened to everyone, she zipped around the hallway, calling out her friends’ names, to no response, until she was bent over, hands on her knees, coughing.  
     "Oh man….I need to lie down, I-i’ll look for everybody in a minute,“ she said to herself, wheeling back into her bedroom, and sliding back into bed, falling asleep.
     After two hours of sleeping, Bo shot up, sweat running down her face, soggy tissues filling a quarter of her trash can, and throat raw and sore.
     "Oh crud! I gotta look for the guys!,” Bo yelped, well, tried to yelp, her voice was just two steps above a whisper.
     Leaving her bedroom again, Bo slowly wheeled downstairs, calling her teammate’s names as loud as she could, checking room after room, to no avail.
     "W-where are they? I should call boss, wait-no, he’d be mad that I didn’t do anything! What do I do?!,“ Bo cried, whimpering as she rubbed her eyes, heading back upstairs and checking their rooms one more time, before deciding she’d call them.
     A screen dropped down from the ceiling, and Bo awaited Beep’s face to appear, but nothing, just static.
     Bo lost it, and ran around, screaming for someone, anyone to come help her, but no one responded, no one.
     "I can’t believe it-,” Bo stopped to clear her throat, “t-they’re just gone,” she snuffled, heading into her bedroom, and lying back down, her voice extremely distorted and strained, tears streaming from her eyes as she rested her head on her pillow.
     "I feel yucky, and I’m all alone, I don’t know where they are, and I don’t know where to pipe to go find them,“ Bo whimpered.
     "Woohoo! That was really something!,” called a Bing-sounding voice from downstairs.
     "Bing?,“ Bo asked herself, sneezing into another tissue.
     "Shhh, you guys, Bo might be sleeping,” Beep scolded, wheeling upstairs, “Bo?,”.
     Suddenly, the other Storybots wheel into Bo’s bedroom, and Bo just bursts into tears, sniffling and sneezing in between sobs.
     "W-where were you?!!!, I-i’ve been sear-ching eve-ry-where, and I couldn’t find youuuu!!,“ Bo whimpered, her voice just a wrangled croak as she cried.
     Beep looked confused, ” Bo, I told you we were heading out to answer a question,“ she said.
    "I…. I got tired, and it got really, really hot, and then I couldn’t remember where I was or why it was so quiet, a-and, I looked everywhere around the base, I tried to call you, *sniff* I was really scared,” Bo whimpered.
     "So you got out of bed, and searched yourself into a tizzy, for us?,“ Beep asked.
     Bo nodded.
     "That’s super sweet, Bo,” Bang said, blushing.
     "Hug?,“ Bo asked, holding out her arms.
     Bing, Bang, and Boop edged their way in, and engaged in a group squeeze, Beep getting on Bo’s other side and hugging, making Bo blush.
     "Thanks,” Bo said
     "I’ll be right back, I have to go find the thermometer again,“ Beep said, wheeling downstairs.
     Bing at down next to Bo’s bed, "I can’t imagine, waking up, and hearing nobody around you, I’m glad you’re okay,” he said.
     "Thanks,“ Bo croaked, as Beep wheeled back in.
     "Say ‘ah’ Bo,” Beep instructed, shaking the thermometer as Bo opened her mouth, closing it around the device.
     A minute later, Beep took the thermometer out, setting it next to Bo’s bed, before saying, “It did go up, that’s probably why you forgot what I said, you probably forgot a lot from that split-second change,”.
     "Ooooooh,“ Bo said, chuckling, until she sneezed, making her groan and roll back over.
     "Well, we don’t have anywhere else to go now, so we’re getting ready for bed, and then we can watch that movie,” Beep said.
     Bo’s face stretched into a wide smile, as she clapped her hands, “Yaaaaay!,” she croaked.
     Ten minutes later, Boop wheeled in, helping Bo get out of bed and downstairs, wrapping her blanket around her before setting her down on the couch, mumbling “Boop,” every once in a while.
     "Thanks Boop,“ Bo said, as Boop sat next to her, the other bots filing in.
     "This is gonna be a good movie,” Bang said, as Beep played the movie.
     Bo smiled, surviving through only half of the movie before falling asleep, leaning against the couch and snoring gently.
     "We’ll tell her how it ends when she waked up tomorrow, she needs the rest,“ Beep said, slowly adjusting her attention to the movie.
     It was a peaceful evening.

the captain america movies: a summary
  • captain america the first avenger:bucky is in trouble so im saving him and becomming an actual hero instead of a dancing monkey
  • captain america the winter soldier:some other shit is going down but bucky is in big trouble and i refuse to kill him or hurt him even tho is trying to murder me