reading in bed

Imagine coming home after a long day to find John reading in bed.

Warnings: None.

A/N: This was @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s idea XD

“John?” you called into the quiet house as you threw your bag onto the floor and kicked your shoes off, curling your toes against the tiled floor and dreaming of the moment when you’re finally able to get off your feet.

“In here, baby” John’s voice called from the bedroom.

It was typical of John to be awake at ungodly hours, but even you were a little surprised at his alert tone, given that it was nearly 3am.

You padded silently across the floor and peaked into the room, your breath coming out in a long, winded sigh as you lay eyes on him. He was propped up in bed, black rimmed glasses on his face and a thick novel in his lap. The smile that spread across his lips when he saw you warmed you down to your very soul and you were quick to close the distance between you and the bed, jumping in beside him.

“What are you reading, old man?” you teased him, much as you always did.

You pawed at the book he was holding, careful not to lose his place as you flipped it close to look at the cover.

“IT? Really? I never had you pegged for a Stephen King fan” you mused, cuddling up against his side to lay your head on his chest and drape your arm over his stomach.

The warmth of his body radiated against your chilled skin and you soaked it up happily, rubbing your face against him and deeply inhaling his intoxicating musk. The soft bedding seemed to form perfectly around you and hug your tired frame as it lay cradled next to John.

“It’s nice to read about fictional monsters for once” John replied in a short, huffed laughed as he set the book on the nightstand.

His strong arms wrapped around you and he kissed the top of your head with a long, slow kiss, followed by several short ones as he gently cupped your chin and turned your face up to meet his. When his lips met yours, you smiled against them.

“I need to shower, I smell terrible” you stated, laying a hand on his chest and leaning back to look him in the eye.

“I think you smell delicious” John pressed, burying his face into the side of your neck as he nibbled playfully.

You gave a squeal of delight but slipped out of his grasp and rolled off of the bed.

“Seriously, I’m disgusting” you repeated in a sad tone, wanting nothing more than to stay in bed with him.

“In that case, I should probably join you. Safety in numbers and all that” John suggested with a wolfish grin.

And you couldn’t argue with that.

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to decide to do, to pretend that, to make a practice of doing to make a rule to

to decide to do:


he decide to give it a try.


He decided to abandon law for art.


I’ve decided to jog every morning.

to make a rule to ( as ことにしている):


I make it a rule to read before going to bed.

毎日 三時間英語を勉強することにしている。

I make it a rule to study English for 3 hours every day.


I make it a rule to go jogging every morning. ( compare that to the above sentence.)

to pretend to do :


I will pretend that I understand english. ( Not I will decide to understand english.)


I will pretend there is money.


I will pretend that that is good.


I will pretend that I can do that.

jisho examples and examples from “Tense and Aspect in Modern Colloquial Japanese By Matsuo Soga”

Elizabeth & Henry

Drabbles, that morphed into more.

Prompt: Henry comforting Eizabeth after a hard day at work. (Thanks @lulubelle283) (rated K

This one is actually on FFnet. 

Feet aching, and migraine threatening to develop, Elizabeth McCord was at the end of a long day; No longer than usual, but today was taking a particular toll on her body. She wanted nothing more than to discard all remnants of the day from her body, and crawl under the covers. It was late, Henry and the kids would’ve eaten already and be long in bed.

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And yet again

I am moved to gratitude and want to remind everyone what a beautiful emotion it is. This morning when I woke up it was cool. I had to choose between getting coffee and reading in bed or getting up and taking my coffee and book to my screened in porch. Here in the frozen north all the seasons are short except winter. By the time the seasons change I am ready for them. Fall is my favorite, partly because I loved teaching and it is back to school season.
I had a wonderful friend for many years. We raised our children together. She was an only child and her parents died young. She used to tell me she didn’t think she would live beyond fifty. When she was thirty five she was stricken with ALS. She died at fifty after a courageous battle. Autumn was her favorite season. Last week I wrote a long letter to her children reminiscing about how much she loved autumn and all the things we did when they were young.
Today I overheard some kind of ad on TV that said in part" because you live in the greatest country in the world where dreams come true.“
Dreams don’t always come true. We suffer from illnesses, divorces, death. But we have friendships, family and friends and the beautiful autumn weather.
I, as always, am grateful for that cup of coffee, that turning leaf, that long gone friend. Look around you and appreciate all you have . As a widow who lives alone I am grateful to have the ear of all of you in my ramblings. I have often felt your support and I am ever grateful. I exhort you to gratitude. It is a wonderful way of life.

Strangers 56

The Soul That Snaps My Control

Note: This chapter contains explicit content. 

April 8th

Something seems off about Maka, but Soul can’t quite pinpoint what it is. She’s not doing anything particularly unusual at the moment, just lying on his bed reading while he works on music. Typical behavior. Maybe her shorts are the shortest ones she owns, and maybe she isn’t wearing a bra, and maybe she’s rolling around a little more than usual but nothing too weird. Nothing he can’t handle with the help of some horrible off-putting thoughts to keep himself in line.

Maka sighs. He turns for a second to see if anything is going on, catches a stellar view of her ass with her shorts riding high up the sides of her thighs, and immediately turns back around. Think about Black Star. Think about Black Star using a funnel to eat skittles.

“Hey Soul?” she calls.

All he can do is pray that she’s rolled over or pulled her shorts down to cover her butt when he turns around. “What’s up?”

Fortunately, she deigns to turn over and sit up to give him her full attention. Her legs are still horribly distracting but at least he’s not going to get a nosebleed or something. It’s manageable.

“I was thinking…” Maka trails off, biting her lip.

Soul frowns. It’s a given that she’s been thinking; rare is the time that she isn’t thinking. Expressing that, however, must mean she’s been thinking about something she has to discuss with him, which is absolutely terrifying. Swallowing his fear, he answers flatly, “‘Bout what?”

It seems like she takes an entire year to say her next sentence, with month long pauses between each word. “Are you into me?”

“Uh.” Well that was not what he was expecting at all. He’s still confused as hell, though. Like, what the fuck is she talking about? “…Duh?”

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Lazy morning tea and reading…

“I am no longer afraid of fear, and I will not let it rule me. Fear will learn to fear me.” - Tahareh Mafi~ Ignite Me