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When you make jokes about how oppressive your group is, it doesn’t tend to come off as anti-oppression. It comes off as thinking the very real horrors enacted by people like you are a laughing matter.

When people joke about their own fate, it’s gallows humour, it’s a coping mechanism in a bleak situation. It’s inappropriate as a member of an oppressor group to join in laughing about suffering we don’t share, suffering we cause

When people in oppressor groups make jokes like that, it pretends we are really different from The Real Oppressors, that we can understand the suffering we cause just as fully as the people we oppress, that we are as deeply affected by it and as in need of humour as a survival tool. That we are not culpable, or even responsible for combating the oppression we benefit from.

All of that perpetuates the very nonsense oppressed people mock. We must be content to sit, and be mocked, and not join in to change the target to “other X people” even if it’s a little uncomfortable sometimes. Let your discomfort remind you of the much greater suffering behind those jokes, let it renew your dedication to ending injustice.

“Oh,” Remus says. Then, “ Oh. ”

It is the beautiful man. And what’s more, the beautiful man has blood trickling slowly from his hairline.

Created for my one-shot, Reflecting Light.

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Anonymous said: Can I share Thor Ragnarok headcanons with you? Because I cannot stop smiling about how the Grandmaster’s theme song is definitely Rake It Up while Loki’s is Once Upon A Time I Was A Hoe, and it’s not even that funny but I have to share this with someone.


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Each avenger goes through a simulation in which they try and play the role of a super villain as the others try to defeat them. Tony wipes the floor with them with simulation Ironman Suit access and without. Maybe they try to warn people and Fury is like, yeah we knew that ages ago... you guys are thanking him and stuff, right? And they've all gone very pale :)

Fury stared at the sad pile of humans that used to be an assortment of his best agents with Expressionless Face #34, also known as I-am-not-impressed-and-neither-would-you-be-if-you-saw-how-pathetic-you-look-right-now.

“Stark destroyed you again,” he eventually said matter-of-fact. There was no doubt about it. He didn’t even know if he’d expected anything else.

“He did not destroy us!” Steve Rogers groaned, prideful to the end. And clearly in denial.

Fury eyed the glassy look in Barton’s eyes speculatively. He was gonna have to invest in new psychologists, he just knew it. Fucking Stark.

“He fucking obliterated you.” Fury snorted when the statement was greeted with a telling silence. 

He just wished he could get his hand on the simulation data, but Stark had a habit of wiping it clean before they’d even left the room and Fury sure as hell wasn’t going to ask for it. He could probably keep Stark’s damn AI out of the simulator, but Fury didn’t get into the position he holds by fighting losing battles.

“Permission to go to medical?” Rogers gasped, and well. When Rogers asked, that’s when you knew Stark had pulled out the big guns.

“Fuck off,” Fury snapped. Professionalism was wasted on these half-conscious morons with more stubbornness than their sanity could bear anyways.

Romanoff was the only one who lingered.

“Sir?” she asked and though her composure was much better, her left thumb twitched in a way that told Fury better than words how unnerved she really was. At least she didn’t beat around the bush. “I’m concerned about Stark.”

Fury barks a laugh that is anything but friendly.

“Get in line, Romanoff.”

[And, when she’s almost reached the door: “If you ever manage to get on his good side, you might wanna stay there.”

It’s as close to admitting even he doesn’t know how real the threat Stark poses is, as Fury will ever allow himself to get.]

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Interoffice Communication
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Snegurochka | Word Count: 10.5k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Draco has convinced the Auror department to test his new messaging charm for secure communications. Harry really would have preferred that he not find out through messages like, ‘Yeah, tonight you’re going to beg me for it,’ that the system wasn’t as secure as they thought.

Review: Eep so much fun - it’s hot and entertaining and, as you can tell from the summary, this fic is quite the ride! :D

Draco is a charms inventor, and approaches the auror department to test out his new charm that kind of is like magical texting. Except Harry ends up being on the receiving end of one Draco’s magical sexts instead! It’s hilarious and cringey of course, but gosh it is so delicious when Harry decides to just run with it!

Content/Warnings: Humour, Smut, Draco/OMC

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Baekhyun: *flirty* Hey Channie I had dream about you last night.

Chanyeol: ??? *confused puppy*

Baekhyun: It was about you and I-


Do you ever get this feeling when you’re suddenly hit by a wave of otp feels, and you’re suddenly dying and screaming inside because glbstkgfghjiu they are too perfect for each other ?