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Blood Relations Part 9

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A/N: Helloooo, ladies and gentlemen!! I present to you the 9th Part where things get a little more… ehm… steamy xD I was gonna post it earlier but uni projects got in the way, and now it’s the perfect timing cause it’s Christmas! So, consider it as a Christmas present and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Merry Christmas to everyone and happy holidays!! 사랑해요 ^_^

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Words: 3958

Pairing: Jaebum/Reader

Summary: A night planned for reading, turns into something more…

Previous Part: Part 8

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Beneath The Waves; Part 27}

Later that ‘eve, *.*.*
Night falls on the tropical Islands of Isla Paradiso. The bright colours fade into the night and a blue mist surrounds the Islands. A mystical evening has arrived.
 The waves crash up against the seaweed and oyster adorned rocks near Hobarts Hideaway. The beach of Hobart’s Hideaway was scavanged upon by pirates during the 18th century. Some say treasures from Barnacle Bay are hidden deep underneath the sands, buried for unlucky soulds to find. Nowadays the seemingly mythical land has been tampered with by mortals and is used as a resort.
The erie evening had conjured a blue moon and It’s moonlight appears turquoise as It reflects upon the glistening surface of the ocean. A tail flaps up above the waves, peirceing through the water with speed and agility. The same pale blue tail that had appeared earlier that day. Nadine is headed towards the shore! The mermaid swims invisble to the humans through the sea. Nadine could swear she could still hear *.*.* the cursed sea shanties *.*.* from the pirates spirits who passed at Hobart’s Hideaway all those years ago

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The Little Things

Notes: A little ASL thing based on that post I can’t find about having your soulmate’s name on your wrist.  It’s a little different than what was described, but whatever.

The marks had been there for as long as Ace could remember.  He hadn’t understood them at first, had only known that the lines and loops on his wrists weren’t normal and wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he tried to make them.

It was only when he met Sabo that he learned that the things on his wrists were names.  Sabo could read - Ace couldn’t - but he told Ace that he didn’t recognize the names.  Ace had believed him and tried to put the marks out of his mind, but that was impossible.

Every night he stared at them while lying on his back, reaching up to the stars and watching as the moonlight splashed across his skin.  He stared and stared and wondered what the little black lines meant.

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What a bright time by thepinupchemist

Summary: During a trip to Denver with the pups for the annual Parade of Lights, Castiel goes into rut.

Takes place between IYH & Hacksaw of Puberty.

Part four of the Hideaway ‘verse

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This $12 Million Virgin Gorda Hideaway Is Exclusive To Forbes Readers Only

Say hello to Villa Brise de Mer, a waterfront property completed in 2015, situated on almost an acre of land on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean in Oil Nut Bay, Virgin Gorda. Listed for $12 million and represented by Jaime Rae and Doug Turnbull of Higbie Maxon Agney, Villa Brise de Mer is the epitome of BeverlyHills-meets-Caribbean luxury real estate in one of the most exclusive areas of Virgin Gorda (Richard Branson and Google’s Larry Page both own islands nearby). Read more >