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“You know, I think I’m finally getting the hang of the British crossword.”

This is an old picture but I’m bringing it back because I’ve lost this awesome little black and gold polka dot pencil case. And I can’t find it anywhere and I needed to see this picture to make myself believe it is a real pencil case and it is not something I made up. Where could it be?!?!?

Tale As Old As Time

Noam Dar. Broken-hearted reader who just wants to be left alone… But still believes in fairy tales. Human non-wrestler reader.

Summary: The cute new guy next door seems to have his fair share of secrets… Ones that don’t make total sense… But also has a cute smile and a killer accent, not to mention a heart of gold that seems to be pledged to you. Slowly but surely, Noam wins your heart… And you discover a whole new world you had once dared not even dream of.

Warnings: Some language but not a ton. Feels. Discusses a bleak childhood. Cheating (short portion). Breakup. Allusions to the character battling depression.

Part 1 of 3. Only a little Noam towards the end here but worry not! Parts 2 and 3 you can’t get away from him. Plus part 2 will be like… 9000 words.

Over 2500 words here alone.

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au where instead of being in space everyone’s high school teachers

5 T H I N G S

tagged by @irishforjane - thank you friend!! :)

5 things on my bed rn: 1) a dog 2) another dog 3) my laptop 4) my bullet journal 5) a bag of chips

5 things in my backpack/fav bag: 1) meds 2) a book in case i have time to read 3) pixel glasses in case of headaches 4) a sweater 5) phone charger

5 songs i last listened to: 1) breathe - lauv 2) let me touch your fire - arizona 3) pull me down - mikky ekko 4) die trying - michl 5) powers - lostboycrow

5 songs i love rn: 1) playboy - exo 2) heyahe - one 3) fool - winner 4) i’ll be there - monsta x 5) what u do? - exo

5 things that made me happy in the last week: 1) cooking something new and exciting for myself for the first time in months!! 2) my dogs chasing and trying to eat a fly?? Idiots :’) 3) people coming to talk to me on tumblr 4) @glitterghost being a happy spaz last night 5) finally getting into six of crows after having it checked out for over four months!

5 places i want to go in this life: 1) iceland 2) italy 3) france 4) germany 5) greece

5 favorite movies (in no particular order): 1) pride & prejudice 2) megamind 3) howl’s moving castle 4) the iron giant? 5) i’ll say atonement bc it was so heartbreakingly beautiful and it changed my life. too sad for me to watch again, though

5 random facts about me: 1) i’m very afraid of heights 2) i dropped out of art school 3) i can be alone for long periods of time without getting sad about it 4) i haven’t had any sugar this year but i’m happy knowing all of the other me’s in alternate universes ate six brownies for breakfast 5) i go through very defined/exclusive phases with music… like winter depression was the 1975, spring dissociation was instrumental, and summer “i think i might be alive?” has been a journey through indie electronica and now kpop.

5 people i’m tagging: @karouss @peasantaries @wesminski @gangseeey @majormania 


Yay! It’s posting day for my Blaine Anderson Big Bang fic!

This story is called Catch Me A Catch, and it’s a Klaine fic featuring the Anderbros and a relationship between Rachel and Cooper as well :-)

I’m going to post it chapter per chapter and then make a masterpost, so that it’s easy to find the whole story here on Tumblr.

You can also read the story on or on AO3, if you prefer :-)

A big thank you goes out from me to my wonderful and amazing beta @hkvoyage! I couldn’t have done this without her help and gentle guidance. Her insights, ideas and advice proved invaluable to my story, and really took it to the next level, so I’m eternally grateful!

And of course, as you can see above, I collaborated with an artist, namely the incomparable @mypopculturesummer, for this fic, and you will agree with me that she did a lovely job enhancing the story with her art. I’m over the moon with how good it looks :-) Thank you SO much, sweetie!

I hope you’ll like reading Catch Me A Catch as much as I enjoyed writing it…

And now, without further ado: here’s Chapter 1!

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the-corsair-and-her-quill  asked:

I have a sentence prompt! "Hold my hand and don't you dare let go!" + CS

Hey Cupcake! I loved this! (And I had so many ideas for where I could take it, but this one gave my heart all of the feelings, so here we go.)

“Hold my hand and don’t you dare let go!” 

She’s growling now, her face contorted in pain as she lies in the hospital bed.

He’s been on and off holding it, and he really should have been more sensitive to her needs, but this whole thing is stressing him out beyond anything he’s ever experienced before in his entire life, which is saying something because he’s been in the throes of battle before.

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