reading gives me a headache okay

I have Dyslexia and I am proud.

I was made to believe when I was younger, being diffrent wasn’t really a good thing. You had to look like everyone else, talk like everyone else, think like everyone else. That’s just what was acceptable in society. 

I was 5 years old when I started school. I was like every other kid, scared yet excited to be starting school. As time went on, I realized I didn’t learn the same way the other kids did. Most of them were already able to read full sentances fluently, yet I was stuck at every other word. The other kids would sinker whenever it was my turn to read. I thought it was my eyes at first. I constently asked my dad if I could get glasses. I never told him the true reason why I wanted them. I was afraid of what he would think.

When I would get the yearly checkups, the doctor told me I had 20/20 vision and there was no reason for me to have them. The devistated me. Now I started to belive I was infact, a stupid kid. When I bearly passed the grades, I found it harder and harder to read. When I was in 5th grade, my classmates were already readng novles while I could bearly read small childrens books. Now instead of quiet snikers, there was banterous laughter everytime I was called on to read something out loud.

This is what a normal sentence looks like to you at a first glance.

Tish is waht a nromal sntance loks like to me at a frist glsnce.

I’m not exaggerating when I write that. That is what a small sentence would look like to me. That was the reason why I felt like I was stupid. Because I couldn’t read properly, I wasn’t motivated in school. I was in very general classes. I was placed in some classes with kids who really did classify as mentally challenged. Not saying that it was a bad thing, but back then it lowered myself esteem to rock bottom.

You wanna know something funny? I still read the mixed up sentence better then the one above. It’s just what my brain can process. It wasn’t until @purrtlepuff made me take a test on the internet. When I was 18 years old I discovered I had Dyslexia. 

I learned this 13 years to late.

13 long years I had convinced myself I was stuipd, I was worthless, I was nothing. All because my brain mixed up letters on a page. So when I did research on Dyslexia, I descovered some intresting things.

We are offten refered to as, dumb, lazy, unmotivated, “not trying hard enough.”

That’s not the case at all.What people don’t seem to understand is we get sick from trying to read. Our brains can’t comprehend that muh of information as fast as we want, making it overload itself and our bodies. Sometims we get head aches, nausea, or we loose focus because our brain can’t do it all at once.

This is what happened to me, and I still get headaches if I read/write too long. I felt so relived to find out that I wasn’t stupid after all. My brain just processes things a little diffrently then others. It makes me imperfect. And you know what?


There are so many other things I am good at! Editing, game design, Acting, singing. They’re all encluded to the long list of what Dyslexic people are good at. I am unique. No one can take it away from me. It’s who I am and I intend on embracing it. It’s made me stronger and it gives me a reason to push for my passions.

If you have Dyslexia...


Don’t let anyone else say other wise!

If they do, just write a sentance backwards and then make them read it fluently. Then they’ll think twice.

~ Mama Scribb

I Know Your Secret. Rin Okumura x Reader

Ahhh this is also from my Quotev. I feel like there is not a lot of Rin one shots (maybe it’s just me idk) But anyways I hope you all enjoy:3  (and fyi the italic font is the readers thoughts)


Rin? Rin Okumura. The son of Satan. Freshman of True Cross Academy. Older twin brother of Yukio Okumura.
The Yukio who won’t dismiss us from class and shut his mouth.
  “Come on Mr. Okumura, can we go to lunch now?” the fabulous pink haired Renzo Shima asked him.
  “Yeah Mr. Okumura let us go to lunch.” Rin said with a smug grin.
Weirdo. But a cute weirdo. Finally, after 8 minutes of keeping us in class he let us go to lunch. As I was walking to
the cafeteria, I noticed that Rin was all by himself. Strange, he’s never alone. Oh but I was. I was known as the “quiet mysterious loner” I never talked to anyone in class, out of class. I just never wanted to. I didn’t come here to make friends.
I came here to learn the ways of an exorcist, graduate with high grades and become one of the greatest exorcist. Specifically a paladin. But I had a secret. I’m a demon, well half-demon. Like Rin but no one knew that obviously. Only me, Yukio, and Mephisto knew. They never told me, I just knew he was one. I frequently hear him judging himself about his
blood. I feel bad but there’s nothing I can really do about it. Well maybe there is but I’m just shy. I have to admit
Rin is really good looking and his hot-tempered personality captivates me. He wouldn’t like an outsider like me.
I’m pretty sure he prefers sexy, confident girls. I’m the opposite of both of the those but I don’t let it get me down.
Yeah I’m different but different is a good thing. Should I go and keep him company? No, he might think I’m awkward
and weird. But wait, I am awkward and weird?
I might as well, its not like I have anything to do. What should I say to him though? Maybe we could talk about manga?
I heard he occasionally reads manga. Wait, what should I say after that? Okay, I need to stop arguing with myself. I’m starting to give myself a headache.

I finally stopped arguing with myself and started walking towards him. As I was getting closer, I noticed that he was getting a little tense.
Oh no did I do something wrong? No, stop thinking.  
  “H-h-hi Rin” I mumbled to him.
Ugh stupid stuttering.
  “Oh, hey (y/n)!” he replied back to me, surprisingly sounding happy?
I sat down across the table from him.
  “U-uh, I h-heard…..” I trailed off.
Dammit. Why does my brain stop working now?
  “What is it?” Rin asked me.
Think (y/n), what were you gonna say to him? Stop having a brain fart and think!
   "I KNOW YOU’RE SECRET!“ I suddenly yelled at him.
Idiot! Why would you say that? Now he’s gonna hate me.
I looked up and saw a confused looking Rin.
  "W-what secret? Rin asked.
Crap. I can’t just say I know he’s a demon. He’ll get suspicious.
After debating on whether I should admit I know he’s a demon, I finally decided just to let it out.
  ​"You’re a half-demon. Specifically the son of satan.” I whispered to him
When I finished my sentence his eyes grew wide. His mouth wide open, shocked with no words. I can tell he was trying to
figure out something to say.
  “(y-y/n), how did you know? Did someone tell you?!”
  “I overheard someone talking about it.” I lied to him.
I know I shouldn’t lie to him but I wasn’t just gonna say, “Because my love, I too am a half-demon and we both should run
away to Gehenna and rule the world!” See how creepy that would’ve sound.
  “O-oh, I guess this is the part where you yell at me about how I’m a bad person and you never want to talk to me ever again.
I’ll just go…” he mumbled and starting getting up from his seat.
I immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him back down.
   "NO! I-I’m not gonna say all that. I want you to stay, I can actually relate.“ I explained to him.
Rin tilted his head to the side and asked, "What do you mean you can relate?”
    “I’m also a demon.” I said to him in a undertone voice.
    “Really?!” he shouted at me.
Well then, thanks for the yelling. Very much so appreciate it.
    “Yeah I am.” I said.
When I said that his eyes widen with amazement? Rin was also smiling? What the hell? But maybe he smiled at me because
someone can finally understand him and his feelings. He can finally talk to someone and be honest. Especially with the
person he has a crush on. Maybe this was the start of something new and exciting?

A little blog PSA about small fonts;

  It has occurred to me that many blogs -and especially more and more rp blogs- prefers to use smaller fonts when they write and post here on tumblr.
Although I’m all for personal freedom of choice and like to encourage people to do their thing- I have to confess that all these long posts with more than three sentences with tiny-ant text gives me a headache. 

It makes it difficult for me to read what people has wrote, especially for me who already have a bad eyesight to start with, and I find myself many times skipping over all the posts with whole sentences containing small fonts. And -perhaps unfairly - this sometimes affect my decision however I decide to follow a blog or not, because if I can’t read anything of theirs without zooming in multiple times… I kind of don’t get any information of how and who they’re.

I know this all looks like me ranting about small fonts here, BUT, I’m okay with people using them -bc everyone decides how they want their blogs and text posts to look like (and yes, those small texts looks neat). I just want to offer an explanation to how I feel and think about this. I’m not saying anyone should stop using small text and/or no dots and big letters at the start of sentences. 

But, I would wish that if you interact with me (like replying to a thread we have together) that you could use normal text size. Thank you.

Imagine...Dean Getting Jealous

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Pairing: Dean x reader

“Hey, Y/N, I’m not feeling well. Can we head home?” said Dean as he approached you at the bar. In an instant you turned your attention from the man you’d spent the better part of an hour flirting with.

“You got a boyfriend?” he said, standing and grabbing his drink.You couldn’t even get the words out that Dean was just a friend before the guy was walking away. 

“Sorry,” said Dean, one of his hands on his stomach. You paid for your drinks and gave Dean a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry about it. Guy was a little weird actually,” you said. You held out your hand and Dean handed over the keys to Baby. You placed a hand on his forehead but it didn’t feel overly hot. Dean looked at you skeptically. “Just checking,” you said, grabbing his other arm and leading him outside.

“Why was the guy weird?” asked Dean as the two of you walked through the quiet parking lot. You shrugged.

“He was like super into taxidermy but he’s an accountant so…” you trailed off.

“So I just saved you from a serial killer. You’re welcome,” he said as you walked him over to the passenger side.

“Dean, that’s mean…and possibly true. It doesn’t matter,” you said as Dean climbed in. You got in the driver’s side and turned the ignition.

“Anything wrong besides your stomach? We can run to a pharmacy on the way home,” you said. Dean looked a little confused for a moment before speaking.

“Headache. My head hurts too,” he said quietly. You looked him over again. He certainly looked as though something was wrong. You just hoped he was giving you the full picture.

“Okay. You’ll let me know if anything else is wrong?” you asked.

“Of course,” said Dean, turning away to stare at the darkness surrounding you.

“Dean’s not feeling well, as a heads up,” you said walking into Sam’s room. He put down the book he was reading and was about to say something when he stopped himself.

“I’ll check on him in a little while, see if he needs anything before bed,” said Sam. “Unless you wanted to.”

“He’s being a little strange, Sam. He’s been getting these headaches more and more lately. Maybe we can have Cas come by tomorrow, make sure nothing serious is going on?” you said. Sam brushed his fingers through his hair.

“We did that last time. Nothing’s wrong with Dean,” said Sam, standing up. You sighed.

“I’m just worried. He’s hiding something. Maybe he asked Cas to hide something from us, that he has an aneurism or-”

“I can not take this anymore,” said Sam, frustration emanating off of him. In two seconds flat Sam had grabbed your wrist and was pulling you down the hall towards Dean’s room. 

“Sam! What the-”

“Dean!” Sam yelled as he approached his older brother’s room. Sam flung open the door to find a surprised looking Dean laying in his bed. “She’s freaking out that you’re about to drop dead,” he said, releasing you. “Tell her the truth before the two of you give me an aneurism.”

You looked at Sam and then at Dean when it clicked for you.

“Oh,” you said to no one in particular. “You uh…” 

“Yeah,” said Dean in something of a combination of anger and embarrassment. Sam left to give you some privacy. “A while now it’s been that way…”

“I like you too,” you said, shifting on your feet. Dean looked hesitant.

“So now what?” he said. You smiled and tilted your head. 

“Do you actually not feel well?” you asked. Dean shook his head. “Want to go back out?” Dean jumped off the bed and stood in front of you, car keys in hand.

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” he said, holding your hand, the two of you walking out together.

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Care For You ~ Mark

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Summary: Mark comes over to help with a cold.

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

“Hey (Y/N)? Are you okay?” My boss asked as i sneezed once again. I nodded, “I’m fine, probably just getting a small cold.” He nodded and turned back to the board to continue talking about our next project.

He was going over the recent sales in the company and i was trying my hardest to focus, but lots of sneezing and sniffling is bound to give you a headache. Once the meeting was over my boss kept me behind and took the work from my hands.

“I want you to take the rest of the day off, you don’t look too well.” I sighed, knowing not to argue with him. “Yes sir. Thank you.” He smiled, “Okay good. Get some rest, (Y/N).” 

And thats how i ended up here, laying on my couch under a blanket and eating ramen. My phone dinged, indicating that i had gotten a text message. ‘Hi Honey! How was work today?’ It read. I smiled at Mark’s text, he was always checking up on me.

(Y/N): Boss sent me home early, think i’m coming down with something :l

Markie Poo: Aww baby. I’m on my way, so i can come take care of you!

(Y/N): No! You don’t have to! I’ll be fine!

But i got no response, then i knew that he had indeed already left. Not too long later, my door opened and in walked Mark. “I brought food!” He handed me the bag while he slipped off his shoes.

We sat down at the table and ate fresh and hot ramen. He took care of the dishes and gave me some medicine to take. “Mark i told you i’m fine!” He shrugged, “Well i’m taking care of you. Now hush!” He laid next to me in bed and covered us up.

“You need to get some rest!” I said nothing, knowing if i did, he’d find a way to win anyways. He pulled me close to his chest and kissed my forehead. “Thank you Mark.”

He smiled as he played with my hair that was sprawled out on the pillow. “Anything for my baby.”

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Freed (part 2/?)

1. “Mr. Orgasmic was using his fine-motor sexing skills on me” – I dare you to read this with a straight face. I shit you not, this is an actual sentence in this book.
2. I can’t help but wonder if these books are just E.L.James’ big joke on humanity
3. “My subconscious peers over her half-moon specs and tuts disapprovingly, while my inner goddess slumbers on her chaise longue, out for the count.” – It’s like a goddamned party in Ana’s head, come one come all
4. “My body is so different these days. It’s changed subtly since I’ve known him … I’ve become leaner and fitter, and my hair is glossy and well cut. My nails are manicured, my feet pedicured, my eyebrows threaded and beautifully shaped. For the first time in my life, I’m well groomed”
5. Do I really need to explain what’s wrong with the sentence above? Do I?
7. Where’ s the wine, I’ma need copious amounts

8. Of all the things he’s done to her, she’s mad about hickeys. Nah, let’s not talk about the abuse, the control, the stalking. Nope. Let’s talk about hickeys.
9. *chugs wine*
10. OH OOOOOH, NOW I UNDERSTAND. See, he gave her hickeys so that would prevent her from sunbathing topless again.
11. Christian, you sly motherfucker
12. THE HICKEYS ARE A FUCKING METAPHOR. But, can you put the hickeys between your teeth, Ana, and not give them the power to kill you?
13. I’m not even sorry for the sentence above *shrugs*
14. “I want to shout at him, but I refrain—I don’t want to push him too far. Heaven knows what he’d do.” – because being scared of your husband is very in this spring season
15. Ana: “Will I always be on the back foot with Mr. Sexpertise?” – I FUCKING CHOKED ON MY FOOD
16. Pubic hair discussion. Okay then. Just fyi, it goes on for more than 2 pages.
17. Because there’s literally no plot in this gods forsaken book fuck me
18. These people go on and on about how they love each other helplessly and irrevocably (hehe, see what I did there?), but in a couple of pages we all know they’re going to be fighting again, because this is their relationship: fighting, angry sex, I love you, make up sex, DRAMA, sex in unusual places, Christian barking orders, more fighting, SEXXXXX. I’m not even exaggerating.
19. Ana about some random chick: “she’d been all over Christian like a rash.”- this was admittedly funny. Yeah, I didn’t expect it either. I keep glancing to the sky, making sure it doesn’t fall on me.
20. For all that is pure, holy and sacred in this world, stop with the jeez or I’ma slap a bitch
21. Whenever Christian calls his biological mother „crack whore” I get the urge to laugh because it sounds so silly
22. I’m a terrible, terrible person
23. I think Ana literally spends half the time she’s awake wondering if Christian is mad at her. Because that’s what all people who are in a healthy relationship do.
24. Serious talk time with Mary: These people keep saying about each other „mine, mine, mine”, but they hardly communicate and fight a lot more than they should. Sex doesn’t equal love. To have someone completely means more than what I’m seeing here. It’s a partnership, it doesn’t mean worrying over every single thing you say and if the other person would take it the wrong way, it doesn’t mean tiptoeing around each other. And this is what annoys me, that this type of relationship that these two are having is pictured as something beautiful and amazing, when it’s not.
25. Also, just putting it out there that she has bruises from the metal handcuffs. Just fyi.
26. “In spite of everything, all his Fiftyness, my husband can be so romantic.”- because romance apparently erases abuse. Sure, okay. So does apologizing afterwards, but not really apologizing, since he never tells her he’s sorry, she just reads into things like „a soft apologetic kiss”. HOW CAN YOU TELL IT’S APOLOGETIC
27. Buying 30k euros bracelets that cover bruises apparently works too
28. What even is this book
29. STOP! DRAMA TIME – there was a fire at Christian’s office OH NOES
30. “I am not mistress of my own destiny”- yet that’s completely and totally okay with you, Ana.
31. “I refuse to be intimidated by him, he’s my husband damn it” – yet your whole behaviour contradicts this statement. This book and these characters are giving me a headache and I don’t appreciate it. Everything is so stupid.
33. “Oh my! Permission to have fun!“ – can you tell the surprise in her voice? This is honestly messed up, I swear.
34. If I hear another “Laters, baby“, i will bang my head repeatedly against several walls

35. “His response makes me smile. My control freak.” – sure, having a husband who has to okay literally everything you do (no, really, every, single. fucking. thing) is every girl’s dream. Sign me up.
36. “my subconscious glares at me like I’m a domesticated farm animal“ – who read these sentences and though „yeah, okay, these can go in a book that we can sell to people, it’s no problem at all”
37. “I know I’ve objectified women for so long” – the realest shit you have ever uttered, Christian. You get a star for honesty.
39. How to divert from lack of communication? SEX.
40. Because it’s an erotica and there’s a quota to be filled, you know?
41. He finally tells her that the fire in his office was arson. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN.
42. I don’t even fucking care
43. “Is it freaky that I want to be with him all the time?” – yes
44. “I jump on to my newfound toy—Skype messaging” – I’m laughing hysterically. Ana is the most inept college graduate in the year 2011 or 2012 or whenever the fuck she graduated
44. This is the stupidest book I have ever read.
45. Fuck my life

Part 1

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Darker

anonymous asked:

Do you read any good Raphael/Saphael fics that you can share?? I feel like I have nothing to read atm. And what is your Twitter name? Lol

oh boi

okay so because i’m the messiest person ever i don’t keep track of things i read unless i really really really like it, so i’ll just give you my top 5 saphael fics

my twitter name is littlespoonraph (i love having a canon twitter name :) raphael is the little spoon and no one can tell me otherwise)

here we go……….

1. The Bane & Santiago International Series by @westiris

summary: raphael is a businessman, simon is his assistant. raphael has a headache.

tw: depression and suicide attempt

okay. so. this series currently has 3 parts and it’s probably in my top 3 of best fics i’ve ever read, which is funny because i’m usually not really into AU’s or mental illness-related angst, but this one is really good and raphael’s depression isn’t romanticized and is really well written.

every saphael shipper i know has read this fic and we’re all so obsessed with it that whenever the word “headache” is mentioned we all just start screaming “raphael feels as if he’s known this headache his entire life”. you’ll get it after reading the fic ;)

2. Welcome home by shadowspeaker

summary: raphael asks simon to come meet his family. they’re just friends, though… just friends (okay maybe not really) (they’re both madly in love with each other) (it just takes them a while to figure out). really fluffy and cute.

listen, this is probably the cutest fic ever? like, literally everyone can tell they’re in love and they are just so cute i want to cry for eternity. 

the fic has some spanish in it, but there is a fully english version as well (the second chapter) (i didn’t realize when i first read it, i just ignored all the spanish bc i was too lazy to translate and didn’t know the second chapter was the english version and boi i was so close to missing the cutest lines that have ever been written) (so if you don’t speak spanish: only read chapter two!)

3. 3 times simon really wants to kiss raphael + the one time he does by scalira

summary: title says it all. raphael is good with kids. very cute.

cuteness. very very cute. little angsty but mostly cute. this author has a lot of great saphael fics by the way, you should just check out all of their work.

4. real or not real by raphaelsontiago

summary: instead of truth or dare, simon loves to play “real or not real”. questions vary from “you annoy me, real or not real?” to “you love me, real or not real?”. kinda sad, kinda fluffy.

my friend brianna (aka satan) wrote this because she loves angst and pain and hates happiness. you should check her other work out as well, most of her fics are fluff. she kills simon in one of her fics, though (three times simon called raphael), and we still give her shit for it every single day, so don’t read that one unless you want to cry.

5. night hours by carstairsjems

summary: what we think canonically happened after the “stick around”-scene (spoiler alert: make out sesh)

my friend sana wrote this (sana, brianna and i have this theory that saphael kissed after the stick around scene but aRATsha (@kylos) keeps fighting us for it hmm… we’re right, though) and it’s really good. you should also check her saphael poems (x) out if you want to feel things.

this is pretty messy but i hope it helps, enjoy! 

if you want to talk about the fics (and by talk i mean: scream and keysmash), feel free to dm me/send me another anon/tweet me/whatever :)

Motivation// Choi Youngjae

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Pairing: Youngjae x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Anonymous said:
hi i love your writing! Can i request a scenario where youngjae is helping the reader study or just keeping them motivated to study bc i have state testing for the next two weeks that decided whether or not i pass this year and im stressing a bit ngl

Author’s Note: Aw love, don’t stress too much! i’m in the same boat as you love, and i’m sure you’ll do fine! Just focus and breathe and you’ll do fine!

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N), I’m home with Coco~” your boyfriend sang softly as he trotted through the door, the soft jingle of Coco’s audible even through the closed door of the room you were in.

This week was incredibly stressful, and next week will be ten time more stressful. You have been studying nonstop, from the moment you’ve gotten home to the moment you fall asleep for the past four days in a row. Usually, studying doesn’t bother you, but these tests were the most important test you would take all year, deciding on whether you’d pass and move on to the next grade or not, and studying for them was more stressful than studying for regular tests.

“Jagiiiii…?” Youngjae hummed softly, knocking on the door before opening it slowly, Coco running in through the tiny crack he had made while Youngjae peeped his head through.

“Oppa, I’m studying,” you said softly, running your hands through your hair as you sighed. You have been staring at the paper in front of you for thirty minutes, unsure of how to answer the questions on it.

“Aw, can I come in though…? I wont distract you, I promisee…” he mumbled softly, opening the door fully to allow himself in, picking up Coco and placing her on the bed.

“I don’t want to study anymore, oppa,” you groaned softly, putting your hands in front of your face as you felt yourself being on the verge of breaking down.

“hey hey hey,” Youngjae rushed over to you, pulling you up and into a tight, long hug. He swayed you back and forth softly, pressing is lips to your forehead as he wiped your hair from your face.

“I know you don’t want to sweetheart, but you have to, okay? Just for a little while longer! And once you’re done, you’ll feel so prepared for those tests there won’t be any way that you’ll do bad!”

“But it’s so stressful… And it takes so long by myself…” you groaned softly, burying your head into his chest as he sat and ran his hand across your back gently.

“How about I help you study…?” he pulled away softly, a big smile on his face as he walked over to your desk, not even letting you answer.

“Have you studied these?” he asked softly, picking up a deck of index cards before taking your hand and sitting you on the floor with him.

“No, those are for my language class..” you murmured softly, sniffling as you wiped under your eyes.

“Hey,” he murmured lovingly, pressing his hand to your cheek as his lips found your other cheek, wiping away the tear that had escaped. “Don’t stress, okay? I’ll help you, and it’ll be fun! It won’t even feel like studying!”

You couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriends enthusiasm, something you always admired about him.

“Alright, what’s this word…?” he asked you softly, flashing you a card as he read what was on the back.

“The phrase…? Uh…. ‘Can you please give me advice..?’” You pondered softly at the wording at the question, your own handwriting giving you a headache.

“Yes!” he exclaimed, clapping softly and leaning over to press a gentle kiss to your lips. “Good job! Oh, how about for every one you get right, I give you a kiss?”

“Alright.” you smiled softly, giggling as you got through all of the 150 flashcards you hard prepared with little to no mistakes.

“You’ll do fine, Jagi.” Youngjae murmured against your lips as he kissed you one final time before getting up and grabbing something else off of your desk.”

“Now on to Chemistry!”

oKAy so if you’re just like me who’s frustrated and mostly tired of commuting everyFREAKINday then this is my advice for you (hey @/self listen):

read notes(or flashcards)

so you are on your way to school and you are still not quite confident for your quiz on a particular subject or you just want to read or advance read your lesson, do it while commuting IF AND ONLY IF it does not give you a headache(you do not want to enter class with a sickening headache). FLASHCARDS are the best tools for me if you want to read while commuting because less words —-> less headache(amiright)

listen to good music

if you don’t really have to do anything academic-wise, you can just listen to good music while commuting, something that will cheer you up (in the morning) and will soothe you (on the way home). I recommend some feel good indie songs (there’s actually a playlist on spotify). though sometimes I break my rule and just listen to punk music on the way home (*guilty*)

do some dumb things(internally)

HAH I usually create dialogues in my head like what might be the person in front of me is thinking or like create an imaginary life for the person in front of me lol yep that’s me I’m bonkers

take pictures(or not)

you should totally take pictures IF 1. it’s safe 2. you’re not shy OR you should just enjoy the scene and feel the wind slapping your face


admit it, some life-altering decisions or ideas come while you’re stuck in a public transportation medium right right. reflect on how your day has gone and how you would face tomorrow *cue What’s Up* . Review your assignments and appointments.

or you could just ignore all of the above and (re)watch anime while commuting (it me)


How the lieutenants deal with hungover captains

As requested by anon. :)

The captains had a heavy night of drinking, and now they are super hungover. All of them. What will each of their lieutenants do?

1. Sasakibe

Sits by Yamamoto’s bed with aspirin and water until he wakes up.

Yamamoto: …Chojiro? How long have you been sitting there?

Sasakibe: All night, I guess.

Yamamoto: You could have just left that stuff next to my bed…

Sasakibe: I don’t do things halfway, sir.

2. Omaeda

Continuously gives Soi Fon various hangover cures, until finally she kicks him out and locks the door.

Omaeda: Captain! I made you a big greasy breakfast!

Soi Fon: Go away.

Omaeda: Captain! I brought you some coffee!

Soi Fon: Go away!

Omaeda: Captain! Please drink this glass of raw eggs! It’s always worked for me!


3. Kira

Holds back Rose’s hair while he throws up.

Rose: I-Izuru, please! I don’t want you to see this!

Kira: You’re on your knees in painful despair.

Kira: This is my zone.

4. Isane

Gives Unohana burnt toast. As Unohana requests.

Unohana: You see, Isane? Simple charcoal and I am as good as new.

Isane: Really?

Unohana: So far as anyone knows.

5. Hinamori

Spends the day covering for her captain a lot.

Hinamori: Why is he wearing sunglasses? Um….it’s a hazing ritual for the MSRA.

Hinamori: Clutching his head? Nah, he’s just thinking!

Hinamori: No, I haven’t noticed that the captain has been running to the bathroom a lot, why?

6. Renji

Takes good care of Byakuya….without letting on that that’s what he’s doing.

Byakuya: Renji, did you let me oversleep?

Renji: I did? Oh man, sorry! i guess I lost track of the time!

Byakuya: Are you making me breakfast?

Renji: Um, yeah. There’s this recipe I wanted your opinion on.

Byakuya: I’m afraid I have to go. I have a captain’s meeting.

Renji: Nah, it got canceled. For, um, some reason.

Renji: Why don’t you sit down?

7. Iba

Brings Komamura some sake.

Iba: Captain! Here! The hair of the dog!

Iba: [giggles]

Komamura: [laughs]

Komamura: Ow.

8. Nanao


Kyoraku: I have such a bad hangover, Nanao-chan! My head is killing me!

Nanao: A hangover?

Nanao: But that means you’re……..sober?




Kyoraku: Are you saying I drink too much?

9. Hisagi & Mashiro

Make Kensei breakfast. 

Mashiro: Kensei dummy, wake up!

Hisagi: Look! We made you a giant hangover-destroying breakfast!

Hisagi: A bacon sandwich, ‘cause I heard that’s good.

Mashiro: And breakfast pizza which is actually just regular pizza!

Hisagi: Energy drinks!

Mashiro: Coffee!


10. Matsumoto

More or less insists that Hitsugaya sleep all day.

Hitsugaya: I’m FINE, Matsumoto! Worry about your own work!

Matsumoto: Okay, Captain. Why don’t you sit down on the couch under this nice fluffy blanket while you read your memos?

Matsumoto: Oh! And lie down! Lying down helps with the headaches.


Hitsugaya: I should just give in.

11. Yachiru

Feeds Kenpachi energy drinks.

Yachiru: They are basically sugared water, Ken-chan! They will cure you!

Kenpachi: Yeah? Well okay then. Hand 'em over.

12. Nemu

Brings Kurotsuchi the replacement blood and organs that he requested.

Kurotsuchi: Aaaand better!


Kurotsuchi: How do people with only one set of organs even survive?

Nemu: It is a mystery, Mayuri-sama.

13. Rukia

Gives Ukitake some alka-seltzer tablets that she brought back from the human world.

Rukia: They are basically magic pills from the human world. You just add water!

Ukitake: Ooooh, bubbly.

Why are You in the Nurse’s Office

Title: Why are you in the nurse’s office
Rating: K+
Prompt/Summary: i’m in the nurse’s office a lot with migraines and you’re always in here organizing her tongue depressors and i really don’t think you go to this school so what gives (from a list of college au’s)

Trigger Warning: 

Word count: 585

Multishot: i’m willing to!!

Keep reading

robots-ate-my-soul-deactivated2  asked:

I used to love distance running, but became anorexic my junior of high school. While I am back to healthy eating habits, most cardio exercise makes me feel dizzy and gives me horrible headaches during and after. I miss being able to work out consistently, but its been getting more difficult. I dont know if my diet just isnt working out or what? I eat mostly ketogenic friendly foods, though I admit i might drink far too much coffee. Can you give me any advice? I just want to feel healthy.

Okay i just saw this @robots-ate-my-soul and after reading both parts. I think know whats up

It may very well be your Ketogenic diet since you are doing this you are putting your body in a glycogen deficit which is Glucose which we store in our muscles and is one of our primary sources of energy. So when this happens your body will start having these side effects. Your body has to become accustomed to running without the Glycogen and there have been studies shown that self control relies on glucose as a limited energy source. If you read this book

It talks about how when your glycogen is low that you have lower self discipline. And then there are numerous studies for it but enough science BS how does it work.

Well with this Diet plan you lose a TON of water from the lack of starchy carbs in your diet and for most bodybuilders and fitness people myself included you start noticing more fat loss quicker because your body has to turn to fat stores for energy since its so low on glucose

Originally posted by hadesanime

Sweet you are leaning up and losing fat quickly just by eating Meat and Veggies? What could go wrong?

You see there are many annoying Side effects to cutting out your carbs since your brain has primarily been using Glycogen for fuel.

Side Effects include
- Lower Energy
-MASSIVE Irritability

Also it takes a while for your body to get accustomed to Carb Depleting. On average I’d say about 4 days- 1 week. It sucks LIKE THE WORST HELL EVER

BUT THE THING ABOUT a Ketogenic diet is just that. 

Its a Diet 

Diets are Mainly Used to get a certain look. you are eating Healthy Meals through out the week but you know that as soon as you get your Body.

You’re Eventually going to come off your diet. Its not something you want MAINTAIN the rest of your life!

So Here read my Post on 


People DEMONIZE CARBS when they are necessary for not only Health but Psychological health which is just as important!

That should put you on the right path and if not check with your doctor and see whats up. A lot of folks are scared to do that but trust me do it if ya can. Best of luck I hope that helps