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my solemn vow, my pledged troth

This little ficlet is for @meliss-cake and her hatred of SP bullshit. 

I will tell you my life’s dreams in the depth of the blue night. / My naked soul will tremble in your hands / on your shoulders my burden will weigh down. ~ Delmira Agustini

Stole the prompt from this list. This also took a bit of a weird turn.

As usual, this would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass on the street.

It’s instinct when she wakes—gasping, the dark pressing down on her chest and crushing the breath from her, screams in her ears, blood on her hands—to pull on a shirt and bolt through her window and across the skyline.

Sakura is a whisper, flicking so fast between buildings that the only sign she was ever there are bloodied footprints. She left her boots behind in her panic, nothing but skin between her and the rough patchwork of wooden shingles and ceramic tiles and brick.

Eyes hiding behind porcelain masks track her movement, but they look away quickly, not daring to intrude on her hurting.

Sakura runs and, as always, the bedroom window is flung wide.

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・I’m so glad this thing exists. I have very high expectations for Lotor.

[voluntarily flings self into the pits of Voltron hell]

I have accepted my fate.

[edit: made some minor adjustments to the anatomy - and now i must sleep for 16 hours *passes out*]

“Well… you are not wrong”.
“That means I’m right, right?”
“Name’s Cassian, by the way”.
“Jyn. And I’m still right.”

Jyn ends up texting with an handsome stranger who miswrote someone elses number.
Cassian ends up texting with a pleasent stranger who can’t cook anything edible.
Jyn really needs help, Cassian really loves to cook.

Error 450 : Wrong Number | Alexiel Mihawk on AO3


he’s weak

somehow, i couldnt shake it off of my mind that katie is lurking around tumblr looking at supercorp or lena luthor tags. like what are the chances right? but we’ll never know. we can only hope.

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Soukoku 540 x 960 wallpapers

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Hannah Abbott would absolutely have let Neville into the Hufflepuff common room to geek out about all the plants there.


here it is revealed. i am a huge fucking grahamscott shipper. warren catches nathan writing “nathan graham” on his notes cause nathan wants to marry that dork and take his last name its a known fact