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Kids who have never finished a book on their own before can pick up a graphic novel and be done in an hour and feel empowered. … They’ve never had that experience before. They finished something.

Author Raina Telgemeier

Any self-respecting comics fan cringes at the phrase “comics aren’t just for kids anymore.” But any self-respecting comics fan also has to admit there are some great kids’ comics out there — especially right now.

In fact, comics for early readers are booming; even big publishers like DC are getting in on the action.

Yes, Some Comics Are For Kids — And They’re Big Business

Shadow : Hold my Starbucks Rouge I need to go race this dweeb

This dweeb being based on @xyheir‘s cute skater sonic

internet: Loki is good now and we’re SHOOK


me: You didn’t see that coming from like four years away?

me: Are you meaning to tell me this does not take up your entire life like it does mine?


me: What’s that like?

anonymous asked:

which dc titles do u recommend? is for example king's batman good?

well.. i have very simple taste when it comes to comic book writing, so i’m saying yes. i’d definitely recommend it especially since they introduce gotham girl, who is growing to be one of my favorite comic book characters. also it has the batboys in batburger scene so!

 on other favorite dc titles to rec… bolded ones are absolute favorites

  • batman (n52)
  • cyborg (n52) (this one is super underrated imho)
  • midnighter (n52) / midnighter and apollo (rebirth)
  • detective comics (rebirth)
  • batwoman (n52) / batwoman (rebirth - ongoing, really good)
  • superman/batman (n52) 
  • green lanterns / hal jordan and the green lantern corps (rebirth)
  • constantine: the hellblazer (n52)
  • gotham central (pren52) (seriously one of my favorite comics. this one has a pretty cynical approach to everything tho, as comics used to have back then)
  • green arrow vol. 2 (pre52) (this is connor hawke’s run as green arrow)
  • earth 2 (n52) (reading order here)
  • blue beetle vol. 8 (pre52) (BEST BLUE BEETLE RUN TO EVER EXIST)
  • catwoman (n52) (the BEST catwoman run ever imho)
  • teen titans (rebirth) / super sons (rebirth)
  • omega men (n52)
  • the wild storm (rebirth)
  • trinity (rebirth)
  • mother panic (rebirth - young animal)
  • bunch of batfam related titles rec to get out of the way
    • batman eternal (n52) / batman and robin eternal (n52)
    • batwing (n52)
    • batgirl (all volumes right up until burnside) (i actually loved babs coming back as batgirl right up until the burnside arc. the writing was way more serious, darker, and introduced one of my favorite characters- alysia yeoh)
    • robin: son of batman
    • jason todd: under the red hood arc ( pre-52 batman #635 - #641 & #645 - #650 + batman annual #25) / red hood: the lost days / red hood and the outlaws ( n52 & rebirth - n52 is bad but i do it for them (joyfire) while rebirth is seriously good ) / red hood/arsenal / arkham knight - genesis (not part of the main continuity but arkhamverse, still the best jason comic to ever grace the earth)
    • duke thomas: batman (n52) / we are robin / robin war (reading order) / all-star batman (rebirth)

on “haven’t read but look fucking good”

  • gotham city sirens (pre52) 
  • doctor fate (n52)
  • earth one series
  • superman: american alien
  • nightwing vol 2 (pre52)
  • gotham knights
  • bombshells
  • birds of prey
  • shade, the changing girl (young animal)
  • gotham academy
  • doom patrol (young animal)
  • robin: year one / batgirl: year one

and special mention on stuff that just started

  • aquaman #25-onwards (rebirth) (the new writer + artist drew me back and honestly? it’s super so far)
  • dark matter event
//// me rereading Jhin’s color text (for a friend of course)

me at first

and then

finishing it

meanwhile Jhin

A concept:
A group of high schoolers go exploring on bikes after school lets out. They find a place that seems like any old abandoned site on the outside, but once they’re inside, they find out that they’ve managed to step through a portal that brings them to a place with loads of junk and a few broken magical items. Inside they uncover a mirror, in which a girl is trapped on the other side. The group makes it their mission to find out who trapped the girl and why. In the end, it’s an member of an inorganic alien race, and out of anger and spite, the main antagonist traps the most outspoken member behind the mirror as well. Grief-stricken, one of the friends in the group ends up taking home the mirror and keeping it in their old treehouse away from their snooping parents. This friend has feelings for the leader trapped in the mirror, and is heartbroken when they find that the leader, oblivious to their friend’s feelings towards them has taken to the girl in the mirror. Out of jealousy, the friend tosses the mirror when they witness the leader counseling the girl in the mirror, who is struck with guilt about getting someone else trapped. The mirror cracks, and the pair in the mirror find their way out. Slowly, the girl begins to open up about her past, and how she got into the situation. The group learns that she also possesses the power of Reanimation.