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Thoughts after binge-watching Riverdale
  • I totally need to make imagines for this
  • Jughead is a peach and the only character I don’t actively want to strangle
  • What happened to Jason???
  • Where can I buy the pussycat’s album
  • Why is Betty’s mom so psycho
  • Will we see the history of the adults, they all seem to know and hate each other
  • When are we gonna see Polly?
  • Will we see more of the south side serpents + jughead and his dad’s relationship 
  • Y is Betty so,,,,,extra,,,like girl, chillax
  • And I’d like to see Cheryl be integrated into the main group 
  • Speaking of Cheryl, why does her relationship w her brother seem so,,,,gross
I love how KJ Apa, the actor of Archie is Samoan, Scottish, and English.

I’m an avid fan of Archie comics since I was seven years old. I read the comics throughout the years from different series and grew up on Archie’s weird mysteries. Even as a fan I’m open to new renditions and interpretations of the series.
For Riverdale I freaking adore the somewhat diversity they put in the show.

gather round children, because Dan has just remembered a lovely story from the past!

so a wile back a friend of mine was looking to get into comics, and was leaning towards marvel stuff, so i told her lots of people seemed to like the young avengers, and some of the characters seemed pretty cool. anyway, idk if she actually read some comics or was just looking up the characters, but a few days later she let me know she was falling hard into a ship. I assumed it was the obvious, but… well… i was in for a surprise when she said it was tommy/young vision…

now, this was alarm bells for me cause the poor girl was clueless. she didn’t know what she was doing. but I knew. I knew what the fucking problem there was…

So naturally I said nothing. I left it alone. Let her stew and get in deeper and come up with lots of little headcanons and fangirl about them and I think she scribbled up a wee fanfic or two for herself. it was only about a week or two later that she was talking to me about them, having been saving up to buy the comics, and telling me all about how she shipped them. I let her go on and on and on, telling me lots of shit, and then casually just slipped in a little: “You know Vision is Tommy’s dad? Oh? Did I not mention that part?”  

I swear to god i saw the girl’s whole life derail at that moment. her whole world crashed down around her as she realised what she had shipped, what she had accidentally become. she was so mad at me for not saying anything sooner jfc.

moral of the story: i’m a fucking ass


part 2/? of our med au!!!

also pls check out citras art for this too!! its in her twitter moments here!! :))

idk about them but the way i memorize it is repeatedly banging my head against the wall until it retains in my mind