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Hey did I ever tell you guys about the time that I went to go visit a friend of mine (that I only see once every few months) and while there I was complaining about skies and it being Difficult and I went over part of the plot and she was like woah that sounds rlly familiar!!! 

Please keep in mind that this girl doesn’t even WATCH one piece, or read it, and I don’t think I’ve even talked much about it with her?? We usually talk horses and superheroes and philosophy and art. And so I was like shit?????? really???????? Have I accidentally stolen someone’s’s idea?????

She’s like yeah, no, i think I was reading it last night, lemme grab it-

And she goes to her computer AND PULLS UP MY OWN FUCKNG FIC and I started d y i n g in the corner and i was like NO MAN THAT’S ME

12. Submissive

Dionysus did not drink wine
Someone sober at his shrine
At the bar, Barbara’s shaken
Mystic maiden must be mistaken

Vodka and sangria were suggested
But cup of coffee was requested
Rational reason, what could be?
Surrendering super power spree?

Pale palor and clear clauses
Petal perfume and unwinded words
Daunting distance, the poetess closes
The god prays to the lulling lovebirds

His throat thickens, longing for a drop
His mind refuses, he should read her bop
Intoxicated by her verses, is this a sign?
Will he give up another bottle for her lines?

Oh, she casted the spell of her spilled ink
Dionysus was bewitched, no more drinks
If gods are gods because they’re vicious
Love is the ultimate deity, the most poisonous

things bassoons remind me of

• burps
• big bird

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BAKUAZERBAIJANI…foreign words jog her memory but isn’t until the name FLOYD (COWBOY!) that she’s sucked back to a time that FEELS much longer than what it probably was. Harley being pulled into cahoots with the SINISITER SIX for an impromptu battle with the pesky BIRDS OF PREY.  As usual, the so-called HEROES always want to come in and RUIN all the fun. 

          “What’cha need, kitty cat?”

A brow is peaked, a sign of INTEREST as she gives the man her ATTENTION. How long that’ll last? Who knows…probably until the next SHINY objects pops up to DISTRACT or if he BORES her to death.

           “Cause I think I’m swearin’ off’a group activities for awhile.”

Anon requested:  Headcanon of the boys being supercute with candy

A/N: Just as an announcement right now, the boys that I’ll be including in these are Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysander, Kentin, and Armin. If you want me to add someone, let me know :) I hope this is what you were looking for, anon!


On weekends, Nathaniel would hang out with Candy as often as he could. Weekends together usually consisted of trips to museums or to the park. At museums, Nathaniel would enjoy watching Candy’s face light up in fascination looking at the different displays. Because of Nathaniel’s allergies, they could only sit at one section of the park that didn’t bother him. It was under a tree towards the back of the park, and they would sit there for a while next to each other on top of a blanket, reading or talking. 


Castiel isn’t big on physical displays of affection like hugging or kissing. Once in a while Candy could convince a hug or two out of him, but he preferred to show how he cared in other ways. He would nudge Candy or ruffle her hair a bit, instead. When he did hug Candy, though, he would pull her in quickly and kiss the top of her head before pulling away. Often, Candy would find him blushing after hugs, but she would never mention it. 


Lysander would enjoy writing poems or songs for Candy. He liked seeing her smile as she read it, or bopping her head along to the music as he sang to her. Once, after a particularly stressful week for Candy, he took her to a coffee shop on a Friday night. The coffee shop was having an open-mic night, so Lysander went up and sang a song that he wrote for Candy. She smiled throughout the entire thing, and it was safe to say that her troubles were forgotten for at least that moment.


Kentin enjoyed spoiling Candy, but he particularly liked giving her flowers. Roses on a date night, lilies for when she was sad, tulips just to remind her of how much he cared. Candy would always appreciate the flowers and would put them in a vase in her room. Whenever Kentin came over to Candy’s house to visit, he would always be thrilled to see the flowers he gave her sitting by her bed. This just motivated him to go get more so that she would have something to remind her of him.


Whenever Armin and Candy played video games, he would do the cliche couple’s thing and push her hand away from her controller to mess up whatever she was trying to do. She would shriek and swat his hand away, always making him laugh. When they played games that Candy wasn’t very good at, Armin would let her win one or two rounds to boost her confidence, and then beat her for the rest of the game. When she complained, he would just kiss the side of her head and say that he’d let her win “out of love”. 

Request an edit, scenario, or headcanon!

I’m definitely not impressed with Rebirth BoP. It just not the same when Babs is Batgirl and Helena is a completely different person. But of course I’m still going to read it because is BoP. I also don’t like how its ‘Batgirl and the BoP’. There is no reason Batgirl needs to be in there. If its just BoP everyone will know that Babs is involved. Its like they only want to focus more on Babs than anyone. That has never been the case (Pre-New 52 because I haven’t read all of N52 BoP). It has been about the Birds. It has never just been about one person. Also, Helenas character is just…. Sad. She is NOTHING like the REAL Helena Bertinelli! she even Killed a priest! Helena could never lay a hand on a priest OUTside of church, let alone KILL one INside a church! Its NOT the same character at all! I’m also very upset that Babs  is still Batgirl. I obviously still love her character, but I love her even more as Oracle. I miss Oracle!

Books & Cupcakes January Book Photo Challenge

Day 22: Paperback? Hardback? Ebook?

I love my kindle, and I’ve read so much more since I bought it.

The things I love about ebooks: I can carry around hundreds at one time. They can tell me how long is left in a chapter or in the book. Easily read and eat. Read in the dark and I can even turn the page with my nose!

Dislikes: Less books on my bookshelf :( I usually buy additional physical copies of the books I really enjoyed when I can afford to.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever read 'Father' or 'A Certain Lack of Comprehension' by Oroburos69? They are pretty great character studies of Ace, especially with regards to his and Whitebeard's relationship. I think you might appreciate them, though you should check the warnings before reading. 🙂

I feel like I’ve been told about/read parts of A Certain Lack of Comprehension but i can’t??????? remember where from???? and i don’t have a review notification on the fic so !!! akjhjdg idk if i have read that one!!! huffs Memory is a pain in my A SS

And the concept on Father is rlly interesting (I Love found family fic so !! much !!!) but im….tired atm haha and the first section starts off a bit to slow for me to enjoy rn, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow morning!!! <333