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Tonight is a Historical Hetalia doodle night apparently

Anyway, this is inspired by a bit of reading I did on the Treaty of Marienburg in 1656 signed between King Charles X Gustav of Sweden and Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg during the Second Northern War. By the Treaty of Königsberg in the same year, Ducal Prussia was officially made a fief of the invading Swedish forces. In exchange for military aid, King Charles promised Frederick William control over parts of Prussia. The alliance held out for some time, culminating in a victorious battle against Polish-Lithuanian troops by combined Swedish and Brandenburgian forces. 

When Sweden found itself more dependent on Brandenburg’s support to win the war, Charles was willing to grant Frederick William full sovereignty over the Duchy in exchange for continuous aid. This agreement was solidified by the Treaty of Labiau in the same year. Once he managed to secure his possession of the Duchy of Prussia, Frederick William dropped his alliance with Sweden in favour of a more appealing proposal put up by an envoy of the Holy Roman emperor. If he were to stop supporting Sweden, Poland would acknowledge Hohenzollern sovereign rule over Prussia. Brandenburg accepted these terms by signing the secret Treaty of Wehlau and actively started campaigning against Sweden. 

TLDR; Reiner Wenzel Brandt, Margraviate of Brandenburg, is one crafty son of a bitch.

Using just Sun sign compatibility between two people is like reading the first chapter of a book; you need to read the full thing and analyse every chapter to completely understand its purpose, or else it is too vague to clearly see why it was written. With synastry, you need to look to the other planets and their aspects, along with the houses to get a complete understanding of a relationship. 

Live Tracks

The university on the fairy hill is bordered by a highway, a river, and a railroad.

The students usually come via the highway. Some miss the exit and keep driving, on to another college far away. Many more make a wrong turn on their way to Somewhere and end up in freshman orientation. But most know where they are going and drive in with little problem. New students move into their dorms and meet their roommates; they notice when “what’s your name?” is answered as if it is an attack. They exchange teary goodbyes with their parents. They learn the rules so that those goodbyes are not their last.

Legend says the Fae came from the woods across the river. They migrated to be closer to the school and the people in it, closer to this source of power and knowledge and occasionally food. When the dam broke and the river was formed, They could not return to the forest. They were trapped by both the water and the iron rails of the old train tracks, but They adapted well to the school. They had no reason to leave. Of course, there is the story of the girl with a fox’s tail and a back like a rotting log, dark and hollow and ridden with fungus, who fell in love with a psychology major. When the young woman graduated, the Fair girl left with her. She didn’t notice when her tail disappeared as they drove through the University’s gates. By the time the two reached the highway, the hole in the girl’s back had closed, leaving only a scar. (This story is not retold often. The Gentry are not fond of it.)

No one comes by train. The rails are rusty and, in some places, covered in earth. Thick shrubbery grows between the railroad ties. The old sign that reads LIVE TRACKS swings in the wind, and yet, it still stands as if it doesn’t know that its warning has long since become a lie. There is an out of use train station that remains at the foot of the hill, just inside the school’s borders. It was built long ago, but it was built sturdily out of brick and iron; it was meant to function for much longer than it did. Some say it’s haunted. There are plenty of skeptics, but there are also people who swear they’ve seen someone down at the station. Stories and descriptions of the ghost vary wildly, but most agree on one thing: they were sitting on the platform, waiting for the train.

I figure every college has ghosts. Like, it’s just a joke, and you laughingly thank the ghost for pulling the fire alarm during your test, but your friend’s girlfriend’s roommate knows she’s seen it. It seemed like Elsewhere Uni shouldn’t be left out just because it also has Fae. I also like the triangularity of it: ghosts/spirits, who have souls but no bodies; the Fair Folk, who have bodies but no souls; and humans, who have both. Also, I know in a recent post you said the university was bordered by two highways and a railroad, but I could have sworn you said river earlier.


Just went to check and you’re 100% right I said river (I think somewhere else I’ve also said 2 highways, a river, and train tracks? I am Not Good at continuity). I like this the most, however - a river, a highway, and train tracks. Three is an important number.

(And related yes I love the triangularity of ghosts/fae/humans as well! What’s a campus without ghost stories? This is lovely)

Mercury in Scorpio

“Other women looked on me as a rival. And it pained me a great deal.”

-Grace Kelly (1929-1982) Mercury in Scorpio

There’s no doubt that people with their Mercury in Scorpio take everything into consideration and to heart. These people are deep thinkers and unfolders of truth. Mercury in Scorpio is not afraid to dig deep and ask questions; they’re natural born investigators.

No matter what, a Mercury in Scorpio is guaranteed to find something out so don’t even bother trying to lie to someone with this Mercury sign. They always find out the truth one way or another. When your Mercury is in Scorpio: you are a lie detector. Mercury in Scorpio natives read between the lines and are perceptive thinkers.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign and so Mercury in Scorpio is fixated on their beliefs. They can be quite stubborn as well, but they are also persuasive. More so than any other Mercury sign, this placement in particular is manipulative. Use this power wisely, Mercury in Scorpio, do not expose the ugly truth at inappropriate times and do not assume things so quickly.

Daddy |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 1,833|

|Request - No|

|Warning - It’s SMUT|


“You know you’re like really really hot?” You mumbled into Jack’s ear rubbing your lips onto his ear softly. He hesitantly chuckled holding you in his lap looking around at the other boys. Jack caught the cold stare from his brother which made him confused. He thought his brother hated (Y/N). He looked away from his brother as he felt you start to kiss his neck. 

“(Y/N). We’re in public and you’re drunk.” Jack said making you lazily giggle. Blowing the hair out of your eyes, you looked at Jack smirking. 

“So what? You aren’t going to take advantage of me right?” You asked him finding his sweet spot. He let out a light moan closing his eyes as his hands tightened around your waist. You could see Caspar and Joe walk out of the room towards the kitchen, they probably felt awkward watching you. That only left Conor and Alex in the room, the joy that washed over you thinking that the boy that hates you is watching you rub up on his baby brother.

“Maybe we should take this home?” Jack offered squeezing the back of your thighs.

“Sure Daddy.” Maybe you shouldn’t have said those words, maybe you shouldn’t have said that in front of two other boys in the room. Maybe you shouldn’t have said that in front of the boy who hated your guts with a passion. 

“Let’s go.” Jack raised you off of him helping you stand up. You grabbed your clutch and jacket waiting to grab Jack’s arm.You looked over at the other side of the room to see Conor staring at you with a frown on his face. You raised your eyebrows at him as you grabbed onto his brothers arm.

“Thanks for having us over Conor. You’re going to be fine with us leaving early?” Jack asked his brother smiling at him. Conor tilted his head to the side looking at his brother. 

“Sure yeah.” He mumbled watching the  both of you walk towards the door, Alex had already said goodbye and was gone. Just as you both were aout to reach the door, you heard Conor’s steps getting closer to the both of you. 

“Actually no.” Conor roughly grabbed your arm yanking you back towards him. Your eyes widened when you felt his hand slide down to your ass. Jack rolled his eyes at his brother figuring out what this was, this wasn’t the first time the both of you had slept together. You and Conor had tried to keep the sex a secret by hating each other more but Jack had seen right through it. He knew the both of you were fucking and it shocked him to know that you both still hated each other. You turned towards Jack offering him an apologetic smile watching him walk out the flat. Once the door was shut, you turned back to Conor. 

“You called him daddy?” Conor asked, voice laced with tequila. You shook your head closing your eyes at the feel of Conor’s touch on your back.

“What? It was nothing Con.” You mumbled kissing his cheek as you placed your hands behind his neck. Conor backed you up against the front door pushing you into it. 

“You called him what?” Conor urged forcefully biting your lip making you suck in breaths. His hands went up and under your top as he angrily massaged your breasts, you liked this Conor better. 

“D-Daddy.” You mewed as you felt the on coming hickey. He looked back at you before smashing his lips back onto yours. He moaned into the kiss as your hands traveled down to the front of his jeans. 

“You don’t deserve it.” Conor mumbled making you whine. He grabbed the back of your legs pulling you up to wrap around his waist. Conor walked across the livingroom before dropping you down onto the couch. You landed with an ‘umph’ from the sudden drop but it was noting to complain about. 

“Don’t want a noise complaint so you need to stay quiet baby girl.” Conor said smirking as he pulled his shirt off standing above you. He threw his shirt to the side before straddling your thighs. Looking down at you with a certain glint in his eyes, he started to run his hands up and down your sides.

“Does he touch you the way I do?” Conor whispered running his hand up under your top and squeezing your nipple. With your eyes closed, you shook your head no as you groaned at the feel of shocks going through the left side of your chest. 

“Eyes open.” Conor ordered twisting your nipple. You let out a little squeal at his rough yet soft touch. He pulled his hand from under your top and went down to your shorts. 

“Does he give the same feelings that I do? Huh? Does he?” Conor asked softly pinching the inside of your thigh before working the buttons on your shorts. He pulled your legs up with one hand and pulled your shorts off with the other. You watched his broad hands run up from your ankles to your hips and back.

“Answer the question.” Conor mumbled picking your leg up and planting small kisses on the back of your calf. You let a little giggle but stopped when he placed your legs around his waist. He stared down at you with a quirked eyebrow.

“No he doesn’t.” You breathed anxious to what Conor would do.

“But who does?” Conor asked starting to pull your panties down your thighs. 

“You do.” You whispered rolling your hips up indirectly asking Conor to do something. He let out a little chuckle before looking at you seriously.

“And what’s my name?” Conor asked making you groan in annoyance. He slapped the back of your thighs unsatisfied with your response.

“D-Daddy.” You let uneasy as you were unsure of what he would say.

“You’re so good for me baby girl.” Conor said getting down on his stomach before scooting closer in between your open legs. He let out a groan at the sight of how wet you were for him and he hadn’t even done anything yet. You have to bite your fist at the feeling of Conor’s lips on you because fuck this boy had some weird affect on you. He had no mercy with you, even as you shook, even as you continuously moaned out his name, even as you wrapped your fingers in his soft brown hair tugging every time he gave you that right feeling, even as you tightened you thighs around his head begging him to not stop.

“Don’t stop.” You whisper yelping when Conor pulls your clit in between his teeth. You let out a whine begging him to do something because you were pretty sure you were about to explode in pure pleasure. Tugging at his hair, you shut your eyes tight at the pleasure he was bringing you. Conor was pleased at the whines and whimpers you gave as you went through an orgasm that you were pretty sure left your mind shattered.

Your eyes blink open and focus on a panting Conor who’s face was glistening from what he had just done. He gave a cheeky face as he wiped his mouth on his arm before leaning back onto the other side of the couch. You got up and went down to his jeans helping him get out of the tight black confinement. He emits a deep sigh when you start to pull the tight pants down his legs. Tossing the jeans to the side, you run your hand over the outline of himself through his dark colored boxers.

“Come up here.” Conor panted pulling at your arms. Dropping your hands onto his chest, Conor pulled you into a kiss you could swear set your blood on fire.

“Wanna…suck you…off.” You mumbled in between making Conor let out a little growl. You pulled away from the kiss with a small frown on your face, you honestly wanted to return the favor.

“Not tonight Princess.” Before you could respond, he wrapped his arm around flipping the both of you over on the small couch. You let a little giggle at the feeling the cold leather couch gave. He leaned back straddling your bare hips and looked down at you in complete adoration. He traced his fingers up and down your arms as if he was seeing beauty for the first time.

“You’re honestly so beautiful.” He mumbled with a small smile on his face. You felt the small blush cover your cheeks as you mentally melted at him. Cupping the sides of his face, you ran your thumb over his soft plump lips. You pull him down for a kiss and he never looks away after that. Not even when he pulls himself from his boxers, not when he leads the leaking head up against your slit, not when he squeezes your thighs to help you slide up to make it easier on the both of you, and for sure not when you helped hit the right spot.

Leaning forward and using his shoulders as support, you pressed your forehead to his unable to keep you eyes open for any longer due to the feeling of him stretching your tight walls. His hands held onto your hips so tight that you swore you could the oncoming bruises forming. Having Conor’s mouth attached to your neck and his hands praising everything between your ass and shoulders just makes everything feel just as real.

“Baby girl you’re so good.” He breathes out into your ear as your hips grind back onto his. Not being able to find your voice, you hope that he knows you feel the same way by the way you’re clinging to him. Conor seems to read the signs and slips his hand between the both of you to work on your clit. He thrusts into you a couple more times, moaning when you tighten yourself around him. Digging your nails into his shoulder blades and in his soft curls, you fight the feeling of going completely limp in his arms. He latches his arms around giving you better support as he bucks into you seething curses into your ear while he spills into you, filling you with warmth.

Conor gives you a soft peck before rolling off of you and sitting up next to the couch on the floor. He offers you his shirt that you gladly take because you start to realize that it’s cold in his flat.

“So you have a daddy kink?” Conor asks wiggling his eyebrows at you. Blushing, you slap his back not wanting to go towards that subject.

“We should go on a date.” You suggested making Conor nod his head along with you. You grab your underwear giving Conor an awkward smile.

“We can shower if you want.” Conor mumbled making you raise your eyebrow at the word we.

“You thought we were done?” 


taekook rec: march 2017

if this is what you want, i’ll get closer to you by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)

“You’re almost exactly how you seemed, hyung.”

Taehyung laughed, slinging an arm over Jungkook’s shoulders and tugging him close. Perhaps it was too intimate a gesture for the two of them, since they weren’t actually friends, but they’d known each other for the months they’d been taking dance classes together, so Jungkook didn’t shrug it off. “Then, should we get to know each other a bit better, Jungkook-ah?”

feel it coming by aeterisks

When Taehyung phoned the plumber he wasn’t expecting to have the embodiment of hot sent to his home, but he’s not about to complain.

(Or, Jeongguk is a plumber and Taehyung gets much more than his shower fixed.)

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(This is a good vibes story) I used to volunteer at the library near my old house during the summer and the library had this summer reading program for kids in elementary and middle school, where if kids read for a certain amount of hours they got a prize.
Everyone I met there was super nice, the children were always polite and often asked about the books they would see me reading while waiting in between sign-ups.

The parents always reminded the younger ones to say please and thank you and their faces would always light up when they saw their kids so interested in reading!
I’m thinking about going back to volunteer again this summer. One kid even said he read aloud to his younger sister so she would learn to love books too when she grew up!


As soon as I laid eyes on @ask-royai-lty piece with Roy and Riza as Fuhrer and First Lady I had  to write about it. omg. It’s a lot longer than I thought it would be. But it’s fluffy and cute. and I hope you like it! 

“I don’t understand why I have to wear a suit and tie.”

She arranged his bowtie as he fidgeted uncomfortably. “Because you happen to be the highest ranking officer in the country and, sometimes, you have to look nice.”

“I look nice in the standard uniform, as well. All of this would look better if we weren’t in the picture at all. I bet that stunning dress looks more stunning on the floor.” She forcefully nudged his shoulder.

“Please behave. This is what you wanted,” She said, smirking at his immaturity.

He looked pensive. “I recall you wanting this too.”

“For you.”

”Us.” He emphasized, nodding. “Yes, I wanted to lead the country, give hope, and help the those who are looked down on. But I didn’t mean taking stuffy pictures for fluff pieces in the paper and sitting still for a portrait to go up in Central Command.”

“It’s part of the job description. As usual, you didn’t read between the lines before you signed.” She reminded him mockingly. “Fluff pieces are great way to reach out to all the citizens of Amestris who don’t live near Central, or so says your public relations officer.”

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beautiful-flutey  asked:

The reader is Abby's little sister and gets herself in to trouble. Also if you can put some conversations in sign. I'm not very good with prompts so.

You hurry into NCIS, tapping the reception desk. “Hello, I would like to see my sister. Her name is Abby Scutio.” Your mouth moves quicker then you think, like always when you’re nervous. “She’s yea high, black hair, happy looking goth?”
The agent at the desk nods and hands you a visitor badge, giving you instructions on where to go and hoping you somewhat calm down.

You sprinted to the elevator, squeezing between agents here and there, not bothering to give apologies. Life or death was much more important then apologising to that agent you knocked over. And you could always apologise later.
You ran down the stairs (you preferred stairs to the elevator) and skidded into the lab. “Abby!”
You sister looked over, mildly shocked at the interruption, but even more shocked when she saw you. “(Y/N) Penelope Scuito! Wha- What are you doing here?” She abandoned the older looking man to hug you.
You look between him and your sister, then begin moving your fingers in sign language.
Abby’s face fell as she saw the situation at hand- quite literally- and she signed back.
You didn’t notice the agent watching and reading the sign language between you and your sister. “Why are you in danger?” He asked calmly. Your face flushed red.
“You didn’t tell me he knows sign.”
“He’s with me.” Abby protested, crossing her arms. “You’re my baby sister. You don’t need to hide from danger. I’ll protect you.” She took your hands, which were frozen midair, and pulled you in for a hug.
After a moment, you hugged Abby back. No matter who came after you, and no matter what they wanted to do, you had no doubt that your big sister would protect you.

anonymous asked:

There are also some posts i have read way back that harry was always separating himself frm the other boys during the otra tour. I hvnt been to any, but i have seen videos of them. I cnt judge just frm a handful of videos. And we cnt say eithr just frm a set of photos. But if it seemed that way, that is just sad i thnk.

It’s always hard to see what goes on when the camera isn’t on. We can speculate to kingdom come, but we know nothing.

I went to the OTRA show in Chicago. While it was amazing to see the boys in person (they were 100% more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined), I had the feeling that they had the show down to a bored routine– the set list, Harry’s “whale,” the local banter (deep dish pizza), the sign-reading, the expected interactions between the boys. I think it becomes very easy to enforce a Harry +3 appearance once it became routine. Was it like this behind the scenes on tour? I don’t know, honestly. Outside of concerts, we certainly always saw Harry with Jeff or FOAs (friends of the Azoffs), as we do now. Harry’s management and PR companies have been completely separate from everyone else.

I do know that the MITAM interviews showed intimacy and love that was hard to fake, between all the boys. And when they were asked in the interview about RBB, there was deep, collective 1D panic. They all knew. Why did we see these beautiful moments? Why were we allowed to see the beauty that was the AMAs 2015? Why did they hug before their last concert, out of camera’s view? Why did they hug off-stage before the last X Factor performance?

Why was the BMA video acceptance so coordinated and funny this year? Why did Ninja Liam sneak in to take the award from slack-jawed Simon Cowell? Does this prove they all communicate with each other still? Probably.

If I know anything about Harry, it’s that memories affect him deeply and personally. He’s not going to forget what happened in the six years with One Direction; maybe he never will. I do think there were aspects that hurt him, that he would rather forget, but this is the case with all of the others too. It’s what happens when life is a goldfish bowl for six years, in the most formative years of one’s life. It will be interesting to hear what’s on the album. I think we’ll learn a lot, actually.

Let me walk in grass
just one more time
only once
since the waters have flooded
and the air is like crisp
I just want to lay down
on Mother Earth`s back
and embrace her
for now I understand
I see the stars
and the enernity.

Where civilization once lay
a seed once screamed
out to the eternal realm
to be born again
to be allowed to fight
its way through mud
through death and darkness
and so it did.

This sensation of freedom
is all that we have left.
Give me my own heart
my own freedom of choice.

The possibilities are made
out of endless little threads
step on one, on another
feel how the law of order
consequence acts
in heart and mind,
in experience
cause this is the reason
for our mere belonging.
This it is.
Nothing more, in its mathematical

Nothing more.
The equation says it all.

The rest you may read
between the signs
and particles.

“Quantum Balance”

It is impossible to explain to someone who has not been through it how many little things go awry in a home where addiction has taken hold. Sure, I can say routines were thrown off; there was constant crisis that wasn’t there before, but that doesn’t fully describe it. What really hurts is that you can no longer count on anyone the way that you once did. You watch the parent you love turn the face that once smiled at you toward a bottle of alcohol or sink into a lying and degrading behavior. And then, just as mysteriously, he returns, clean-shaven, loving you once again, and remembering all the things you worried he had forgotten – that you’re in a school play, what you like for breakfast, that you are still there (even though he comes and goes). You have him back. You’re torn between letting it feel wonderful (which it does) and not letting it feel too good, because you know from experience that if it feels too good it will only hurt more when he slips away again. Then sure enough, you sense tension creeping in, you observe moments fraying around the edges, situations devolving and unraveling before your eyes, and you know that it’s coming. You can read all the signs. The gap between the worlds that had temporarily closed up begins to widen, and your addict disappears into some crevice, some wormhole in the universe, and he is gone as mysteriously as he came. He returns to his private nowhere where you can’t find him. He hides in plain sight. And you have to lose him once again. And wait to see what happens. And go back into the family that is still there. Somewhat there. You see the disappointment on the faces around you; you see the confusion, the humiliation and the hurt. And simultaneously you see those family members shake their heads, square their shoulders, and mush on because the world is still chugging along even though the alcoholic has stepped off. You both appreciate and hate their efforts. You appreciate the ones who are able to plow through, even with blinders, because someone has to, because there are school buses to make, homework to be done, and appointments to get to. You hate it because you sense the sham underneath it. The pain inside you, inside everyone grows. But no one talks about it; because what would they say? It is too sad to look at, too much to sort out.

And changing one person might mean everyone has to change. And what would that mean – what would it look like and who would everyone be then? And the family loses track of what’s

So the other night I decided to look up Dan and Phil’s birth charts so I could read more about their astrology. Dan is a Gemini sun and moon and Phil is Aquarius sun and moon. Now, keep in mind I’m not an ~expert~ in astrology, but Gemini and Aquarius have a very very high compatibility from what I’ve seen. I started reading about the relationship between the signs, and I noted some of the best bits:

“In many respects they’re perfect for each other, and probably from their very first conversation they’ll notice a strong attraction.”

“Fantastic chemistry here! This is also a fairly rare match, where you can be both best friends and lovers at the same time.”

“They both like a quick-fire conversation style, often switching between subjects and back again rapidly.”

“On the negative side, neither of them are particularly fond of chores and day to day trivial tasks. But then, when you’re having this much fun with someone who cares?”

Any of that sound familiar???
Yeah. The universe ships it.

anonymous asked:

Hi, Blogger. I was looking through your recent posts, and I don't quite understand what the "cardinal, fixed, mutable, etc" parts mean. Can you explain, please?

Sure :)

We group the signs in various ways, like by element or by quality. Studying and reading about the groupings can help you to make connections between different signs that you may have thought to be completely different!

Here are the 3 elements,with 4 signs in each (wHOA mAth):

Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

The perfect word for these signs is ACTION! They’re first to start something and they thrive in crisis. They’re usually great leaders who can easily jump into directing anything they’re involved in. In astrology, cardinal signs are the initiators of each season.

Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

These signs want THINGS. They tend to be the most stubborn. Fixed signs are incredibly persistent and determined to get exactly what they want. In astrology, fixed signs are smack in the middle of each season. They’re meant to maintain the stability of the season.

Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

These are the TALKERS and communicators. Mutable signs are highly motivated by interest and tend to jump off an activity or project when it becomes boring to them. These people are flexible and always willing to discuss! In astrology, mutable signs are meant to transition to the next season.


Please everyone since I love every adaptations of BATB ! There was two good adaptation of this fairy tale the first one and most famous is the 1946 ! And there is an another in 2012 I believe.

This 2012 version has a very good song in french. I put here the translation of the lyrics so you could enjoy it ! But damn I need this song on my cosplay music video I plan to do for Gafou ! I believe this song fit well with them, especially because of Lefou’s feelings toward Gaston !

Tell me your opinions about this song and the idea to do a CMV with it!


Will you know how to love me?

If you read between the lines

Between the fears, between the signs

A little bit further than the eyes can see

If you believed in the impossible

That there is an hour and a a shore to make room for the wonderfull

Then everything could begin

Because behind the appearances, behind the claws of existence

There is so much beauty

Because behind the differences In spite of the past, the distances

Everything still has to be invented Will you know how to love me?

Will you know how to love me? 

Do you hear the pure heart, under the rumours, under the murmurs

That tell my tender truths

See the light under the embellishments

The true color and nature who will well know how to transport us

Towards our metamorphosed lives 

Because behind the appearances, behind the claws of existence

There is so much beauty

Because behind the differences In spite of the past, the distance

Everything still has to be invented

Behind the appearances, there is so much hope and an immense sky that we could share

Just behind our differences, the promises of these days that are dancing, still to be invented.

Will you know how to love me?

You will know how to love me. I will let myself go…

Cosmic Lexicon

To get you speaking the language of astrology, here are my essential definitions for each of the personal and outer planets 

SUN: individual identity & awareness; its sign describes who we know ourselves to be; and it is our main purpose in life; its sign tells us our own distinct desire for authenticity.

MOON: how we emotionally reflect and react to our outer world; its sign describes our emotions, instincts, private feelings, habits, security needs and routines; and also how we nurture ourselves and our nurturing needs.

MERCURY: its sign shows us how we grasp, analyze, read between the lines, and how we communicate ideas and information; how we acquire knowledge & formulate concepts; our perception and observational skills.

VENUS: its sign describes our artistic and aesthetic antennae and abilities; what we find beautiful and attractive; how we express our affections and attract the people and things we love and value; how we relate to others.

MARS: its sign shows us how we move forward towards new experiences that help define the ego of the Sun and reach its goal; how and where we are likely to assert ourselves & pursue the wants and needs of our Sun.

JUPITER: its sign and house dictates how we seek to improve and magnify ourselves and our awareness; how we expand and enrich our personal horizons; and it also shows us our level and type of generosity and how we search for meaning and truth.

SATURN: its sign and house describes how we limit, define, and focus ourselves; how we take our ideals and desires and translate them into material achievements; its house designates how and where we will learn our hardest lesson and grow through experience.

URANUS: its house describes how and where we seek to express our uniqueness & originality; where we will be a revolutionary innovator who shatters tradition; how we will release ourselves from the restrictions of Saturn to create meaningful change.

NEPTUNE: its house shows us how and where we wish to merge with a greater whole and express divine love; it also describes how we decode and demonstrate our intuitive, psychic self, as well as our supernatural imagination; and how we convey our mystic visions and spiritual yearnings.

PLUTO: its sign and house reveals where we will undergo our most pivotal and important personal transformation; it describes the areas where we will be able to tap into our capacity for self-renewal so that we can eventually help others do the same.

Sister Signs
Aries: Aquarius, Gemini
Taurus: Pisces, Cancer
Gemini: Aries, Leo
Cancer:Taurus, Virgo
Leo: Gemini, Libra
Virgo: Cancer, Scorpio
Libra: Leo, Sagittarius
Scorpio: Virgo, Capricorn
Sagittarius: Libra, Aquarius
Capricorn: Scorpio, Pisces
Aquarius: Sagittarius, Aries
Pisces: Capricorn, Taurus

The Sister Signs are two signs appart and I like to call them The Sister Signs because they’re marked under the best friend influence. I certainly remember reading this nomenclature somewhere, but I cannot remember where(or when…) and I’ve kept it along the years, because I find it beautiful(also, my sister is an Aries and so the name suits like a glove!). These signs are usually very compatible and work together like magic, they communicate with each other flawlessly and may as well be BFFs! And the “forever” part is for real. The interesting thing, and how it ties with the “Sister” part of the title is that these signs may behave more like siblings around each other than lovers, if they are in a romantic relationship. If they’re friends or co-workers, their relationship is golden!

Funny story, though, because I am the type of person that likes to analyze everything in life, when I first read about the relationship between people two signs apart, I was baffled. First off, my sister is an Aries and we have a flawless relationship, whenever we’re together we have lots of fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. But the story goes even deeper: my best friend(we’ve been friends for 12 years, guys!) is also an Aries and even though 4 yrs ago she moved to a different country, we’re still in each other’s lives and when we visit each other it’s like nothing has changed between us.

Now to tell you a story of a romantic relationship with a Sister Sign, shall we? I have two, actually. First, with a Sagittarius, who I’ve proclaimed my favourite person in the world - at first everything clicked between us, I literally thought we were the same person for a while(and so did he). I was madly in love with him for this reason(albeit, I was quite young, this happened 7 years ago). Because of some reason, it never worked between us, but we remained the greatest of friends and still talk to each other. We both understand the love we have for each other and it helped me realize love doesn’t always have to be romantic to be true love.

The other story is with an Aries with whom, again, I clicked instantly. We were on fire at first, but as our relationship progressed, we started behaving less like lovers and more like friends, which was frustrating on both ends. We parted ways eventually, as neither wanted to work towards a better relationship, but we both learned a few lessons from that one!