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Ryoutarou, all teary-eyed after the last show of Winners and Losers!

He wrote in his blog post after the show (x) a few reasons for why he got so teary eyed.  

1) In the scene where Hinata reflects on getting started as a volleyball player and thought to himself that he looked at tall, cool guys like Tsukishima and thought, “I want to be just like that!”  The audience can’t see his face as he says this line because he’s turning back to look at Tsukishima.  Ryoutarou reveals that Kenta was smiling at him as he said this line.  

“Even though he’s been running himself ragged all this time, he was smiling.”  

2) When Kageyama answers Suga for the last time to the question: “What do we say about our team?”  And he answers, “Everyone is undeniably strong.”  Ryoutarou felt in that moment that Kageyama had finally gone from a lonely dictator to a proper king.  

“His expression in that moment is something that only the Karasuno members can see, and it’s foul play lol!” 


request: can u do one where y/n is super quiet and a huge bookworm and she hears like geoff and the boys talking about it when she’s on tour with shawn and she tries to leave but he makes her stay

You sat in your bunk, immersed in the pages of the book you were currently reading. It wasn’t a show day, but Shawn was out with Andrew, doing some radio stuff at the station down the block. You had decided to stay back, not feeling up to it.

Shawn had gotten worried, of course, but you assured him that you just wanted to lounge around in the leggings you had on and one of his shirts, with no makeup on, and a book in your hands.

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Backstage of new video “Бяжы”

And now a little about the idea of the clip. In this video you can see a huge bonfire and the young people in traditional costumes who go around the fire. In Belarus, thus celebrating the “Kupalle”. “Kupalle” is a holiday celebrated in the night from 21 to 22 June. This is one of the most important holidays of the ancient Belarusians. On this day, burned a huge bonfire in a clearing and walked around him. Girls went to the meadows and made wreaths of daisies and cornflowers. The boys jumped over the fire, showing his courage. This day is considered the most magical. In our days, “Kupalle” is also celebrated in Belarus.This night, a lot of festivals in the nature with national themes.  And young people hanging out at these festivals.

PSA for young ASMs:


I realize that at the ripe old age of 28, I am older than most of the folks on this great website, but shocking as it may be, I too am a Millenial. I also obsessively check my social media, prefer texts to phone calls, and wear my iPhone like an appendage. 

But when you’re backstage on a show, especially a show with a lot of actors over the age of 40, you have to learn when it’s appropriate to have your phone out. 

Are you in a standby? Or even a warning for a cue? Put your fucking phone down.

Are you waiting to page a door or curtain, hand off a prop, or assist with a quick-change? Put your fucking phone down.

Is an actor talking to you about literally anything even tangentially related to the show? Put your fucking phone down.

I am not saying you should never have your phone on you backstage. Personally I see no difference between reading a book backstage and checking your twitter, although a lot of folks a generation ahead of us associate “glowing screen” with “not paying attention,” where they wouldn’t if you were knitting or reading a magazine- I’m not saying that’s fair, because it isn’t. And we’ve all had those shows that were 90 minutes of killing time backstage, or even 5 minutes of work every 30 or so minutes- we all need something to do to keep us from falling asleep in the dark backstage. Of course, the first time somebody’s phone makes a noise or someone misses a cue because they’re distracted, then phone privileges are gone for everyone, but until then- whatever keeps you on your toes, dudes.

But for the love of god, when there are actors around, at least try to make it look like doing your job is more important to you than whatever is on your phone. 

I will be the first to admit that I am on my phone backstage pretty often, maybe more than I should be. But I have never, in the 6 years of my career as a professional SM, had an actor complain that I was on my phone too much or not paying attention backstage, and you know why? Because I put my fucking phone down when they’re talking to me. I put it down when I’m waiting in the wings to page a curtain for them, even if it’s an absurdly long standby. I put it down when I’m waiting on a hand-off. Because I have a goddamn job to do, and I’m there to do it, and whoever I’m texting can wait 5 fucking minutes for me to reply after I’ve finished the damn scene change.

This isn’t hard, guys. I can’t tell you how much actors appreciate feeling like they’re being taken care of, and one of the fastest ways to destroy that feeling for them is for the ASM and/or the crew to look like they would rather be anywhere but where they are. It’s really not hard to make it look like you care- even if you hate the show, even if the actors are obnoxious, even if you’re bored to tears because you only do one scene change in the whole 2 hour show.

Just put your fucking phone down. 

"Thank you for being here." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “could you do an imagine where you’re on tour and Ethan has a really bad panic attack before going on stage and grayson can’t help so he asks you?


trigger warning: anxiety/panic attack


You had been on tour for the past few months with the twins and you were having a great time. Being with the twins was always fun so being able to experience tour with them was amazing. It was early Saturday morning, and you had just woken up in the hotel room in the city where the twins’ show was that night.

"Mmm, good morning baby.” You heard Ethan mumble as you rolled over.

“Good morning.” You smiled as you pushed his hair out of his face. You lied in bed with him, chit chatting until Grayson woke up so you could go get breakfast.

After breakfast, and once you all got ready, you headed to the venue to start to get ready for the show. Once everything was set up, you and the boys just hung out backstage. As it got closer to show time, you walked around the venue and watched as everyone began to file in. There was a part of the show where some fans could come on stage and take part in a challenge with the boys, and you got to pick who got to come up on stage. After you chose the fans, you hung out in the crowd for a while, some fans recognizing you and asking to take pictures with you. You went off to the merch booth and hung out there before the show started. You were talking with one of the workers when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, alerting you of a text from Grayson.

“(Y/N), we need you backstage, right now.” The text read. You walked backstage and Grayson came running up to you.

“Grayson, what’s wrong?” You asked.

“It’s Ethan. He’s freaking out and I can’t get him to calm down.” He said. You ran backstage and saw Ethan balled up on the sofa, he knees pressed against his chest.

“Baby, talk to me. What’s wrong?” You said, rubbing his back. He rocked himself back and forth, not speaking.

“I can’t breathe. My chest hurts.” He said in between short breaths. You sat there for a minute, talking to him and trying to calm him down. You eventually got him to stand up and you took him out a back exit to get some fresh air. He sat down on the ground, his legs shaking too much to keep him up. You sat next to him and he wrapped himself in your arms. You sat there with him for a while as his breathing finally began to slow and his body stopped shaking.

“Are you okay?” You asked. He sat up and nodded.

“I don’t know what happened. I never have panic attacks like that.” He explained once he finally caught his breath.

“This is a bigger crowd than what you’ve had so far. Your nerves must’ve just gotten to you.” You said.

“I guess so.” He said, leaning his forehead on yours. “Thank you.” He said, kissing you. “For being here for me.”

“Of course, baby.” You said with a smile.

“I really appreciate it. Like, you really have no idea. I know Grayson tries, and I appreciate him for that, but nothing soothes me and makes me feel better than the sound of your voice. It always calms me down.” He said, kissing you again.

“Good, I’m glad.” You said, running your fingers through his hair. “You ready to go back inside and get this show started?” You asked. He nodded and stood up, pulling you into his arms, hugging you tight.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You said. You and Ethan walked back inside and met back up with Grayson.

“Hey, is everything okay?” He asked.

“Yep, Everything is fine. Now, let’s get this show started.” Ethan smiled. He kissed you on the forehead and him and Grayson headed out on stage. You made your way into the audience and watched the show from the crowd. You loved watching them on stage because it made you so happy to see them enjoying themselves and having a good time, putting on their show for their fans.


Plot: It’s another burning night in 1970’s Los Angles. A new guest at the comedy club catches your eye.

Rating: P-13 (suggestive material)

Pairing: Clay x Reader

Listen to Touch by Paloma for full effect

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The sun was falling quickly behind the horizon, casting tangerine light on the battered pavement you were trotting over. It was Friday night in L.A., and what could be better than cracking open a beer and having a laugh? You tucked your long hair behind your ear, giving a polite smile to the doorman at the comedy club. He nodded in return, swinging open the rusted metal door. Since you were a regular here, it wasn’t uncommon to hear a chorus of “ Y/N!” when you walked into the building. You laughed and waved to the staff. A huge smile played on your lips as you found a seat right next to the stage. The Jackson Five was playing quietly from the overhead speakers. Scanning the usual group from your place, you were surprised to see an unfamiliar face amount the usual suspects. A man was leaning against a corner of the room, talking with a group of very enthusiastic girls. Piercing eyes, as blue as the sea. Long, dark hair that hung just over his broad shoulders. A face straight out of a magazine. You felt your jaw slack as you took in his figure.

“ Stay like that long enough and you’ll catch flies!”

You nearly jumped out of your seat as Sally, your waitress, joked. Pink rose to your cheeks as you faced her.

“ Jesus, Sal, you almost gave me a heartattack.”

She replied smugly,

“Clay Appuzzo.”

Confused, you furrowed your brow.

“ Huh?”

Sally jutted her head in the direction of the man, a smirk playing on her lips.

“ His name is Clay Appuzzo. He’s the main event tonight! Good thing you got a good seat, cuz you aren’t gonna wanna miss the view.”

She chuckled, setting your beer down on the table.

“ Good luck, sugar! And enjoy the show.”

Sally gave you a playful nudge before heading back towards the taps. Grinning to yourself, you shook your head and tried to clear the thoughts racing through your mind. Taking a deep breath, you opened your eyes to find that Clay was now staring at you from across the room. Your heart skipped a beat as he quickly said goodbyes to his posey and staring making his way to your table. A voice from the loudspeaker stopped him in his tracks.

“ Show starts in five minutes, folks! Performers, please make your way backstage.”

Once the announcement ended, he continue on his path towards you. Clay sauntered up to you and pulled a stool up, a smirk tugging on his lips.

“ Hey there, doll.” You swallowed harshly, willing yourself to look him in the eyes. As you raised your gaze to meet his, he shot you a dazzling smile. Butterflies fluttered within your ribs as you grinned back at him.

“ Hello.”

He ran a hand through his hair, pushing it away from his face. Leaning towards you, he said,

“ I haven’t seen you at any of my shows before, but I couldn’t help staring at you. You’re…”

Clay’s eyes followed the curves of your body.

“ … so beautiful.”

When his eyes met yours again, there was a darkness about them that brought blood to your cheeks. You shied away from his icy stare, trying to hide the blush that was creeping into your face.

“ Thank you. T-that’s very kind of you to say.”

His hand gently tipped your head towards him. Clay’s eyes flickered from your lips to your eyes. Softly, he murmured,

“ I’m Clay. What’s your name, darlin?”


“ Well, Y/N, I hope you enjoy the show.”

He took your hand in his, gave you a wink and began to walk away. Opening your hand, you saw a small slip of paper with something scribbled on it resting in your palm. Picking it up, you unfolded it. The note read “ meet me backstage after the show ~ C”. Your eyes lit up and a smile spread across your cherry red lips. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the laughs began. ————————————————

The last act was followed by roaring applause. A standing ovation for a cheap comedy show was rare, but nonetheless, there you were, cheering with the crowd. All the performers came out and gave half assed bows. When Clay did so, an obnoxiously drunk group of chicks screamed at the top of their lungs. He gave a nervous chuckle, and shot a worried glance your way. You met his gaze and giggled, shaking your head in a joking fashion. He simply smiled at you, his eyes sparkling in the spotlight.

About fifteen minutes later, the place was clearing out quickly. Busboys began cleaning the beer-stained tables as you quietly slipped backstage. The vast contrast of darkness compared to the colorfully lit room left you blinded.

“ Clay? Where are you?”

You called out softly. A hand ghosted over your arm, pulling you into a warm embrace.

“ There you are!”

He laughed quietly. You closed your eyes and smiled against his chest.

Pulling away slightly, your vision adjusted to the blackness of the stage. In the soft glow emitted from under the curtain, Clay’s strong features were accentuated. His jawline was sturdy, lips beautifully plump and his blue eyes shone with a light that seemed to illuminate from within him. He was completely and totally lovely. Not a flaw could be found on him.

You hadn’t realized how long you’d been staring. Suddenly he lifted your chin towards his face.

“ Everything okay, doll? You seem a bit distracted.”

His tone was so gentle that had the room not been silent, you would’ve missed his words. You smiled warmly up at him, and a grin of his own began.

“ Can I do something crazy,Y/N?”

Clay whispered, eyes searching yours for an answer.

“ Yes… anything.”

The words hardly had time to leave your mouth before his lips locked with yours. A pair of strong arms wrapped around you and pulled you even closer to him. Happiness spread through you as both of you deepened the kiss. And his touch was all that you needed.