reading at the ball field

✨the signs as magical things✨

♈️Aries: spellcasting duels, enchanted arcade games that always let you win, joyriding on a broom, hitting ghosts up via ouija board, dragon’s blood incense

♉️Taurus: fairy rings, singing garden gnomes that water your plants, crescent moon cookies, collecting cute succulents, breaking open a pretty geode, money and good luck spells

♊️Gemini: sacred geometry, rainbow aura amethyst geode spheres, flashy tarot card readings, blowing magic spells into bubbles, friendship spells

♋️Cancer: moon spells, unicorns in a meadow, collecting rainwater, soaking up beams from a full moon on a beach, salt ring circles, palm reading, protection spells

♌️Leo: pink fairy dust, having a black cat for a side kick, alien abduction, emoji spells, sunflower gardens

♍️Virgo: crystal healing, planting more trees, sage smudging, coloring mandalas, creating your own sigils, charging crystals in clean soil

♎️Libra: love potions, beauty spells, grounding self to the earth, the concept of soulmates, magic mirrors, candied rose petals, peace spells, little pink heart shaped votive candles

♏️Scorpio: sex magic, using rose petals in a bath, wishing on shooting stars, haunted houses, black velvet wedge boots, animal bones

♐️Sagittarius: astral traveling thru space, ancient runes, knowledge and clarity spells, meditation to open the third eye, writing your wishes on paper and throwing it into fire

♑️Capricorn: dusty spellbooks, cauldrons with green bubbly stuff inside, hoarding random jars, doing yoga on a misty mountaintop, skull candles

♒️Aquarius: soft chiming bells as if fairies are nearby, saving the bees, riding on a Pegasus thru puffy clouds during a sunset, reading minds, collecting feathers

♓️Pisces: glittery crystal balls, seashells blessed by mermaids, lavender fields, northern lights, putting crystals under your pillow to enhance dreaming, stardust

the trouble with studying classics is that sometimes you’re just minding your business perusing jstor and you start skimming an article that seems interesting when suddenly it gets excessively uptight, biased, and borderline offensive from a modern perspective, and refers only to The World War… and then you realize it was published in 1939 and it’s no longer so relevant 

Anonymous said: (Not tv related) my dad once told me & sibs that if he had to choose between us & his wife, he’d choose his wife cuz he met her first. I’m not a parent, so to me, hearing that sucked. I don’t have many parent friends, just trying to understand this??

Hey just a heads up guys…this post is will have nothing to do with TV, so feel free to keep on scrolling. My feelings will not be hurt at all. This post is just going to be on life stuff. It’s going to be intensely personal, so sorry for the TMI, I apologize but there’s just no way to answer this question without going there. But it’s an intensely personal ask and I feel compelled to answer it.

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