reading at the ball field

Bookworm. {One Shot.}

Pairing: Niall and Liam.

Warnings: Smut, language, I don’t know man.

Short description: Niall is a bookworm, he loves reading. On the other hand Liam’s on the football team, and doesn’t seem to get the time or day from Niall. Finally Niall gives Liam a chance and the two boys end up going on a date. 

Word Count: 4,045. 

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Anonymous said: (Not tv related) my dad once told me & sibs that if he had to choose between us & his wife, he’d choose his wife cuz he met her first. I’m not a parent, so to me, hearing that sucked. I don’t have many parent friends, just trying to understand this??

Hey just a heads up guys…this post is will have nothing to do with TV, so feel free to keep on scrolling. My feelings will not be hurt at all. This post is just going to be on life stuff. It’s going to be intensely personal, so sorry for the TMI, I apologize but there’s just no way to answer this question without going there. But it’s an intensely personal ask and I feel compelled to answer it.

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