reading and writing weather

Hello! I’m Sage, I’m 16 (turning 17 in April-  I’m an Aries) and from Ohio. I’m nonbinary (they/them pronouns please) and apart of the LGBT+ community. My MBTI was INTJ last time I checked but I think it might have changed. I speak English, a bit of German, and I’m learning Spanish!

I have a lot of interests but just to get an idea I love:

  • KDramas
  • Animations from Studio Ghibli
  • Animes like: Yuri on Ice, Psycho Pass, Attack On Titans 
  • Netflix originals like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black (up until the 2nd season lmao), Voltron, etc.
  • All music (except for the song I don’t like?? I don’t care for country honestly-)
  • Rainy weather
  • Reading and writing
  • Painting (mostly watercolors)
  • Hiking with my dogs

If you go to my blog you’ll find even more of my interests!

I’m looking for some awesome pen pals to exchange letters, art, and small packages with! My ideal friend would be someone with similar interests as me. I’d prefer someone who is around my age (15-19) and maybe apart of the LGBT+ community?

You can find me here:



Hello, I’m Melissa. (@comfortedbysadness)
I’m pretty bubbly and friendly, I suppose. I like to appreciate everything, mostly the sky. I like to read, write, and take long walks. I live for rainy weather, cuddles, and empowering each other. I’m obsessed with cats, skirts, and cookie dough ice cream. I’m pretty shy but quite the listener. I’m very open minded, and love helping others–so if you ever need a friend I’d love to be there for you. My personality is pretty contradicting, I don’t understand myself most of the time but I’m into all that self-growth kinda stuff. I’m pretty much the optimist for everyone but can be quite a pessimist when it comes to myself. I really don’t know what I’m to say on these, never know how to describe myself or spark some conversation but I’d love get to know some of y'all if you’d allow me to. I could really use some friends.

hetaliaworldimagines  asked:

Hei, can I get a ship for LOTR. I'm a 5' 2" female with long brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin. I'm very quiet at first and can be rather intimidating and mysterious but once you get to know me I can be friendlier. I do not like rude people or loud people and try to keep a close circle of friends. I'm the sort of friend people go to for advice. I love to read, write, and paint. I love cold weather, cats, and chess. Takk.

I know you changed it to Harry Potter and the Hobbit, so I ship you with Severus Snape and Thranduil. (I did this on my phone so it wouldn’t let use gifs I’m sorry).

Severus (Harry Potter):
You were one of the new Hogwarts professors and you met Severus on your first day. You did not say much, but you gave him a curt “Hello” in response to his nod. He was immediately intrigued by your beautiful magical abilities and found your love of cats adorable but he would find himself wondering about you: what are your other hobbies? What food do you like? Do you prefer potions or charms? Do you like Quidditch? He wanted to know more about you and finally found the chance when you challenged him to a game of wizard chess. He learned that you were incredibly kind and that you enjoyed reading. He also learned that you looked out for your friends by giving them honest and helpful advice. He enjoys the fact that you are so much shorter than he is (I’m realised I shipped you with giants, sorry 😅😅) so when he hugs you he feels like he can protect you from anything. A small smile would cross his face when you shut down a rude student. Lastly, you two would share book recommendations or simply sit and read together, although, he often questioned why you wanted to read out in the cold.

Thanduil (The Hobbit):
You were his royal adviser, known across the lands as being the wisest, most honest woman. Thranduil appreciated your dislike for loud people and your love for a difficult, strategic game such as chess. When he had the time he would find you books to read and he would often watch you read them. That’s another thing, you were always by his side, that is your job after all. You were one of the few people he trusted to help run the kingdom and he’d be damned if he didn’t one day make you his Queen. However, his sharpness sometimes led to the two of you having quarrels which are usually rectified like adults, in the bedroom ;). He loves the way your face lights up when it snows or is cold and you two would go riding on those days simply so he could make you happy.