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La Lettre or L'Évanouissement - en grisaille. Louis-Léopold Boilly (French, 1761-1845). Oil on canvas.

In a bourgeois interior, an elegantly dressed lady has fainted after reading a letter. In her distress, her body strikes an elegant arabesque pose, incidentally offering a glimpse of her risqué cleavage. An alarmed gentleman, presumably her husband, comes to the disheveled beauty’s rescue. The content of the letter remains a mystery, inviting the viewer to complete this titillating story.


maybe we’re perfect strangers by @harryfeatlouis

When an EDM festival in the Caribbean touts itself as a “life-changing and transformative experience”, Harry’s not too sure he buys into it. Regardless, Harry wants nothing more than to please his best friend, so he goes along for the ride. What he doesn’t expect is to fall head over heels for the festival’s organiser who Harry discovers is also the object of his best friend’s affections.

or the one in which it takes three days under the tropical sun for two men to fall in love

Harry + Louis | Explicit | 40k | read on ao3
written for the @1dbigbang

ID #42169

Name: Leticia
Age: 18
Country: Spain

Hi! My name is Leticia, although most people call me Leti so you can go with whichever you prefer.
I am currently finishing the first year of medicine at college in Madrid. I would love to have a penpal with whom I could talk about anything, about my day, about the secrets of the universe or just how much it sucked my day. Or maybe about how badly I want to eat pizza.

I’m the kind of person who loves to talk, who writes a lot, gets excited with small things and will keep writing after a long time.

Also something I love about having a pen pal is that you get to know someone a lot, and how is really life in the country they live, and I don’t know, that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who lives miles away from you than those who are right here.

My interests include reading, like Harry Potter, Shatter me, the classics, the name of the wind… Music: like Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Dodie Clark, Ed Sheeran

I love to cook, art, people who know when to stop arguing, rain, long walks…
I don’t like people who don’t own up to their mistakes, artichokes, things that are done carelessly.

I would love to snail mail with my penpal, but email is good too :)

Preferences: Maybe just that you are around my age, 18 or more. Also someone who is open minded and respectful.

(40) (End) Ignis' pick-up poem.

Even though it is not a new realization, Ignis Scientia is aware he may be a bit too uptight and rather cold as a boyfriend to Gladiolus Amicitia.

His feelings are all true, yet he is aware he may not show it as much as he could or should. While Gladiolus does not mind and understands that’s just his way of being, Ignis has not yet stopped thinking about Gladiolus’ sweet poem, and feels a bit in debt: Gladio, in his strange, sometimes childish but always sincere and honest way, loves and appreciates him, and Ignis feels he hasn’t shown himself thankful enough.

Grateful for all those 69 attempts of flirting (…or at least some of them) and a poem, and those wonderful 5 years of relationship so far, and wanting to do something special for Gladio, Ignis has been drabbling down poem ideas in secret.

Decided to have an ultimate weapon after 39 attempts of a pick-up line, having cleaned the poem and memorized it, Ignis has come to be prepared, and awaits for an appropiate moment.

Today the hunter’s being hunted.

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ID #55589

Name: Hannah
Age: 20
Country: U.S.A

I love talking just about anything! Honestly if I could one eat one thing for the rest of my life it would definitely be pizza lol! As for my interests… art, astronomy, video games, Supernatural, dirt bikes, nature, and reading. Looking for someone to just to talk about life and just getting to know :-)

Preferences: 19+

anonymous asked:

Please draw Cahir for the meme 😃

I’ll have to be honest anon, I don’t actually know who Cahir is. I did my best according to his gwent card.

from what I’ve gathered on tumblr, Cahir is a nilfgardian in denial who has a massive crush on Ciri.

Based on my idea for a new art meme, send me character and I’ll draw them wearing whatever outfit I have at the moment.



Day 6: Quote

“It takes everything within Lance not to make some kind of snarky innuendo. It physically pains him.” – Don’t Break Connection Baby ch.7 by @princedeadend

This is fic is so well written and funny to read, it does contain NSFW content. I high recommend it because the character interactions are priceless!