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So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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also i want to say, other issues aside, i absolutely love my hero academia’s art style in the manga. the use of weighted lines and the character designs are so completely up my street in terms of my art tastes that the anime adaptation actually really annoys me at times for the ways designs were tweaked and stuff


Guess who fell into the Owari no seraph hell just recently? … Yeah, late as always but … here I am. orz (Please, fandom! Don’t die too soon! I just arrived!)
Anyways! I’m not mad that I fell into that trap since this fandom has AMAZING fanfictions! Like … wtf?! My first …. “art” was inspired by the fanfic  “Rise of the Dragon“ by sarah737, hihazuki, crazyloststar, aly , which is, btw, indeed, a Avatar AU.

Brilliant idea, if I may say so XD
If you haven’t already, go read it! (but don’t expect to see Mika until … eh, yeah, just read it!)
I’m sorry if I missed the descriptions of their outfits, but I just tried to mash their original clothes and the avatar/ tribe specific style of clothing together. XD

It was quite fun to draw these but, omg, I really have to draw more. These are my first digital drawings in like forever … irgh. (And please, let’s not talk about the colouring or the anatomy … oh boy, but I get better! XD)

this is basically all I got from the  Voltron SDCC 2017

Beauty and the Silver Beast

Title: Beauty and the Silver Beast

Author: fireroasted

Pairing: Wheesa (Hwasa/Wheein)

Rating: M (Some sexual content)

Genre: romance, fantasy

Word Count: 10870

Summary: Tired of the meaningless grind in the big city, Wheein escapes into the forest to search of something beautiful.  Something to fill her soul and find the life worth living.  But the beast she finds it not what she expected.

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This is not only the most beautiful Wheesa fanfic every written, in my opinion, it is also the best Wheesa fanfic ever written.  I, myself, am one of the more prominent Wheesa fanfic authors but I bow down to my friend Fireroasted for writing this beautiful story.

She left me with no words, just tears.  I am forever grateful to her for writing this.  She is a wonderful author who writes for both Wheesa and Moonsun.  If you love fanfics, please follow her work.

important notice thing:

So it’s come to my attention that my comics are being featured on youtube now, etc. This bothers me because I wasn’t made aware of this until a friend happened upon it. I would have never known otherwise. 

While I don’t mind the exposure, it can be a bit frustrating to see videos with my watermarks cropped out and nothing but my name in the description. No link or anything.

I’d like to know, for the most part, where my art is being reposted. No one has asked me permission yet and I’ve seen three of my comics on yt.

TLDR: Please ask me permission or tell me you’re using my comics in a video. Please. I’ll more than likely say yes. just ask.