reading about this just really shook me up

Immature   (Requested)

Request:  Can you write a oneshot about Liam cheating on you with Hayden and because you’re the same age as Scott and the others you blame yourself because you think that it was irresponsible to start dating him because he was so young. Can you also make it that she ends up with Stiles because it turns out he has always been in love with her or something like that. Thank you and sorry about your science teacher!!😊

A/N: It turned out short than expected sorry! Also sorry it took  me so long and thanks! I will throw something at him the day I graduate I promise!

Warnings: A little smutty maybe, really not much (My kid would be allowed to read it)


“Well you can just come with us to the cinema!”, Stiles exclaimed excitedly. I shook my head at him. 

“Stiles I won´t come with you to the cinema. You´re going there with Malia, your girlfriend.”, I reminded him with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah but would you come if you can bring along the annoying little runt?”

“Stiles I told you not to call him that!”, I scolded him and pointed a finger at him. He tried to bite it playfully and we burst into laughter. Stiles sometimes forgot that we weren´t 16 anymore. We both had partners, and were suppose to grow up but who cares? I was glad when Stiles was in a good mood, it was rare since… 

“Maybe. I´ll ask him. You can join me if you want.”, I winked and he grimaced at the picture in his mind. He still couldn´t understand why I was with the young beta in the first way, but to be fair, we were talking about Stiles. 

I really couldn´t explain it, my feelings just overwhelmed me when I met Liam. Sure, he was a werewolf with anger issues, but he was my werewolf with anger issues. I tried to ignore that he had a crush on me first, but I found myself daydreaming about him just a few weeks later. It was… hard to explain. But it was amazing.

“Found him.”, Stiles gulped with a nervous glance toward me. I raised my eyebrows at him and looked at the direction Stiles was looking at. Indeed, there he was, my boyfriend. I wouldn´t have been all that shocked if it weren´t for the fact that he was busy with kissing another girl. I inhaled sharply at the sight, clenching my fists. I felt my heart beat speeding up and the sudden urge to cry. 

“I´ll see you later.”, I muttered and pushed my way through the crowd of people to get away from Stiles and Liam. Especially Liam. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks and quickly raged into the next bathroom. I didn´t know how long it took me to calm myself down but I sure as hell missed lunch and already had 14 missed calls, not even mentioning the texts. 

Fortunately, my next class didn´t include anyone of the pack except, Malia. Well shit. Don´t get me wrong she was like a sister to me, I did really love her, but she would immediately know something was on and she wouldn´t let me have my peace until she found out.

“Hey Lia.”, I smiled at her and was actually quite happy with my acting but her smile quickly fell and she began to sniff me. After she was done with that she furrowed her brows. 

“What´s wrong with you? You smell terrible.”

“Thanks.”, I sighed and played with my pen. Before Malia could say anything else the teacher walked in, looking as depressed as always. The period seemed to go on forever. It wasn´t like in the movies where you could just burst into tears and run home because nobody cared about the law. No, I had to sit here, slowly accepting the fact that I was so undesirable not even my own boyfriend - ex-boyfriend wanted me. 

It was my own fault. I was the older one, I shouldn´t have started dating him in the first way. He was just a kid, a kid that clearly had feelings for someone his age, and I know it was only 2 years that separated us, but I still felt incredibly old right now, disgusting. Irresponsible. What was I thinking? Of course, Liam wouldn´t want to date me, or maybe he didn´t want to date anyone just yet. Did I want to date anyone back at the age of 16? No. I wanted fun. And I was too stupid too see that it was what Liam wanted, too attached.

Once school was over I quickly tried to leave, but because I was a clumsy idiot, I found myself running into Stiles’ chest. 

“Y/N! I´ve been looking for you. Do you want me to bring you home and watch a movie or something?”

“No. I want to be alone.”, I lied and started walking away again. He didn´t follow me, even though it´s what I told him to do I had hope he´d do otherwise. I stopped walking when I saw Liam leaning against my car. He had that one nervous face, that used to make me wanna hug him. More out of protection, I realised now. It wasn´t a nervous expression to be exact, it was a guilty one. I scoffed and determinedly walked towards my car. 

“What do you want?”, I hissed and unlocked my car but did not yet get in. He immediately straightened up and bit his lip. 

“Y/N… Lydia told me you saw… I´m so sorry I kissed Hayden, you´re the only one I love I promise!”, he said with an almost pleading tone.

“It was my fault. I was irresponsible enough to think that you would… Anyway, I am pretty sure you don´t even know what love is; you´re so, immature. I get it, Liam, I really do, but I don´t want to be near you more than necessary ever again so if you´ll excuse me.”, I responded and got into the car. I didn´t realise I was crying until my eyes began to burn. I stopped the car at the next corner and hid my face in my hands. Why was I so stupid? To think he would actually want something serious…


“Y/N? Y/N I´m already inside your house I don´t need you to tell me where you are, you know I can find you. And that shouldn´t have sounded as serial killer like as it did!”, I heard someone yell. It was the voice that woke me up, Stiles. I sat up quickly and looked at my surroundings. Apparently the whole crying thing had made me so tired I fell asleep. 

And yet I felt the tears come again as my eyes caught sight of the picture of Liam and me on my 17th birthday. I sobbed quietly, forgetting about Stiles until he entered my room. 

“Y/N, oh my god, I´m so sorry. Shall I leave again? I thought you would want someone to you know… be there but I feel like I´m making it worse and oh my god please say something.”, Stiles rambled with his hands in the air, unsure of it would be smart to put them around me. 

“I told you I wanted to be alone.”, I replied with a pathetic, thin voice. The way I said it made it seem like Stiles had seen right through me, and like usually, he did. 

“You hate being alone.”, He muttered and didn´t hesitate to pull me into his lap once he sat down. 

“Don´t you have a date to go to?”, I sniffed but put my arms around him anyway. Stiles stiffened for a moment, and I immediately regretted saying it. Would he leave now? Go to his date with Malia in the cinema while I laid her crying? I know it was egoistic to want him to stay, but I did, god all I wanted was him to hug me and never let go again.

“Yeah about that… Malia and I aren´t together. We just didn´t tell anyone with the whole Dread Doctor thing going on.”

“Oh my god, what happened?”, I asked concerned and pulled back to look into his eyes, stroking his cheek before hugging him again. I realised he was staring at me intently, with a look I couldn´t quite  construe so I raised my eyebrows at him. 


“It´s just, today you saw that you boyfriend was cheating on you, and I tell you that Malia and I broke up weeks ago and you´re concerned for me.”

“Of course, I am! Stiles you´re… Wait.”, I trailed off and frowned “You never told me why you two broke up.”

Stiles bit his lip and avoided my gaze, which was hard when you thought about the fact that I was sitting in his lap. 

“Stiles,”, I said and slipped my hand into his, I had always loved how small mine was compared to his, it made me feel like Stiles could protect me from anything. Or at least, it used to. “You know you can tell me everything.”

His eyes shifted down to me and back to the ceiling before he groaned deeply and opened his mouth.

“Because she thought I have feelings for someone else. And she was right.”, he explained and we were looking at each other so intently that my breath hitched in the back of my throat. Before I knew what was happening, his lips were on mine, and here we were, making out in my room, on the same day I broke up with my ex. I didn´t regret it. 

“Stiles…I, had no idea that you…”, I didn´t finish because I didn´t need to. How could I have been so oblivious to the guy that was my best friend over 12 years? To the guy that could make me feel better with joking about me, the guy that got  a black eye from Derek after he hit him because he thought he was flirting with me? And how the hell didn´t I realise that he was perfect? 

“I´ve loved you ever since you threw that stupid rock after me when were 5. And I still have that scar.”, he grinned cheekily. 

“You shouldn´t have eaten my cookie.”, I whispered into his ear before connecting my lips with his again. 

“Why did you bring cookies in the first way if you weren´t planning on sharing them?”, he asked in between our kisses. 

“Because I´m cool.”, I sassed him and lightly bit his earlobe. He moaned softly, music to my ears, and our innocent make out session became more heated.

“Says the girl that couldn´t make a motor cycle driving license because she was too short.”, he chuckled and I pulled back. 

“Just because my feet didn´t reach the ground!”, I exclaimed in an attempt to defend myself but knew it sounded pathetic. Stiles had burst  into laughter and I crossed my arms with a pout. 5′2 wasn´t that short okay?! It was an average height! Since Stiles was completely busy with laughing his butt off, he didn´t notice what I noticed. During our little kiss scene, he got a little too excited. I smiled mischievously at the plan that formed in my head. 

Stiles choked on his laughter as I bucked my hips against his crotch, feeling his bulge through the fabric of my leggings. I kept bucking my hips against his, earning groans in reward. Stiles put his hands on my hips, guiding me. I felt his bulge grow even more, and I knew if I wanted to stay strong, I had to stop now. I simply jumped off and left the room.

“C’mon, Stiles I want some curly fries!”, I yelled and jumped down the stairs. 


“What was that?”