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The Only Thing - a Narnia fanfic by @tumnusses

After a terrible storm, Wendy Darling is the only survivor of a terrible shipwreck and ends up on a beach. She has no memories of what happened - the only thing she remembers is a voice.”

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@nanlicia I wanna write stuff but, like, the idea tree is fresh out of idea-vacado’s which may be (is definitely) due to me being too picky about what I write but you know what, if I have to write a Nagron coffee shop AU to put some stuff out there, then that’s just how it’s gonna have to be

Author Beverly Jenkins Aims to 'Light Up the Parts of Black History You Don't Learn In School' Through Romance Novels

Author Beverly Jenkins Aims to ‘Light Up the Parts of Black History You Don’t Learn In School’ Through Romance Novels

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Beverly Jenkins says her mission is to write about the parts of black history you don’t learn in school — and wrap them up in a good love story.Greg Anthony Historical romance is big business — it’s the most popular subgenre of a billion-dollar industry. You can read about pirates, knights, Regency rakes and just about anything else. But for a long time, you couldn’t read about black history.…

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Imagine Person A remembering something that Person B thought they wouldn’t remember.


I’ll gently rise and softly call
Good night and joy be with you all…

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I keep thinking, (probably am wrong but what if) what if after meeting Harry, yes you think he's lovely and extra nice etc, but after "expecting the aura/magnetism" everyone says he has, you actually don't feel it at all

Totally possible. Have to remember that Tumblr and the online experience as a whole are tailored to what you like to read about. I mean you search for a refrigerator and suddenly Facebook shows you adds for every refrigerator known to man. Read an article about pirates and suddenly everything recommended to you is shit about pirates.

Tumblr is blogs you’ve chosen to follow who share the same interests and views. As is Twitter and virtually every other social media site.

So it’s easy to see the multitude of posts every day praising Harry and thinking he’s amazing and fabulous because everything you see enforces that belief.

But there are people who have met him and gone “eh”. People who don’t like him. There is someone in his past who’s tired of his shit. And that’s normal. Harry’s human and he’s gonna annoy someone.

So yeah…you could meet him and go *shrug* whatever. He doesn’t have to be the sun to you. He can just be a regular dude that you aren’t really impressed with. To be honest, he’d probably like it better that way.

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Please give me more of the Bellamy Clarke bookstore au!

Here ya go! And thanks to multifandomm-mess and the two anons who also asked for more of this. You guys are rad. Clarke’s POV here.

Bellamy’s halfway through a reread of Crusader (by Edward Bloor, a childhood favorite of his) when he notices that he’s no longer the only person in that particular aisle of shelves.

He doesn’t usually have spare time to sit around in bookshops, but he doesn’t have work ‘til 4 today and he was ready to lose his mind sitting in his apartment by himself all day.

He’s vaguely aware of the couple’s conversation for a few minutes before he actually takes notice of them. He only means to glance at them quickly—he hears something about Pride and Prejudice, which has always been a favorite of his, no matter how his sister teases him about it—but something about the blonde girl has his gaze lingering long enough to notice how uncomfortable she looks.

Somehow he can’t quite get lost in the book again after that. Each time he stares down at the words, something she says manages to catch his interest. She’s got an interesting take on the character of Lydia Bennet and he finds himself wanting to talk to her about it, maybe push back on a couple of the points he doesn’t quite agree with. The guy she’s talking to—it seems unlikely he’s her boyfriend now—hardly replies to each of her articulate responses before he pushes on to another question, like he’s searching desperately for some common ground where he can muster a similarly deep response.

Somehow, Bellamy doubts he’s going to find it. He’s also not particularly sure why he feels a small amount of animosity toward this guy he’s never spoken to. That feeling, combined with the look of discomfort that hasn’t seemed to leave her face for the duration of the conversation has him wanting to interrupt. Which would be a bad idea. Definitely.

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potc au: in which elizabeth swann is the notorious pirate that Jack (born in society) read about, but then through a twist of fate they meet, and she grants him her vote at the meeting of the lords… and he becomes pirate king (x)

       » but he knows deep down she’ll always be king of the high seas.

Playful. Sam Drake x Reader

The same as always: English is not my first language, so I apologize for all the mistakes that may I have done. Hope you like it :)

It was getting dark. Your fingers still were moving fast on your laptop’s keyboard. After a long and hard afternoon, you were almost to finish your work. Two days before, Sam had arrived home after spending a few weeks out for a “work” and since then barely you spent time with him. Finally, you finished. You saved your work, closed your laptop, and went downstairs.

You found Sam sitting on the couch, supporting his bare feet on the coffee table and as always, reading a book. You walked through him from the back of the couch, and you covered his eyes with your hands. “Hey handsome”, you said as you placed a sweet and smiley kiss on his cheek. He took your hands, laughed at you and made you sit next to him, making you jump above the couch. “Let me guess. You are reading again about pirates”, you asked him smiley. “Sure. How did you know that?”, he replied ironically, returning to you a perfect smile. “You finished your work?”, he asked you. “Thanks to God, yes”, you replied.  Then you continued, “Sam, I’m so sorry if I hadn’t paid attention to you those days. I just needed to finish that research for not having a big deal at work with that. I kept it for too late, I know. I feel so bad about all this, because you have just arrived…” Then you were cut by him. “It’s okay princess. You don’t have to worry about that, I understand you. You’re an intelligent girl who has worked hard to arrive were you are. I’ll never complain about that”, he said as he kissed your forehead and smiled at you. “Can I hear how is that book going?”. And then Sam put his arm around you, pulling you close to him and started reading the book. You staid there for a while, listening to him. You loved the way he read that stories. Then you posed your hand on his chest, touching it. You always felt protected when Sam wrapped you in his arms. You felt you were the luckiest girl in the world. You couldn’t resist anymore, and started giving him short and sweet kisses on his cheek. He laugh and continued reading, until your kisses became more wild and wet. You bite carefully his ear and then you moved to his neck to kiss it. You sucked his tattoos and bit them gently. “You wanna play, princess?”, he said with a wolfish smile, as he dropped away the book. “I have to make up for the days I have not paid attention at you”, you said before you placed your lips on his to give him a passionate kiss. You moved one of your legs over him, so you were sitting on him, face to face. He grabbed your bottom with his hands and put you closer to him to carry on kissing you. You felt his tongue way into your mouth, interweaving with yours. You moaned into his mouth. As you kissed him, you could feel he was becoming hard under you, so you began to rub against him, as you removed your T-shirt and kissed his neck again. He caressed your breasts above your bra and kissed down your chest. Then he removed it carefully, leaving your boobs exposed to him, in front of his face. He looked at you lustfully while grabbed your breasts with his hands, caressing your hard nipples with his thumbs. You knew he loved your boobs. He got his head close to your pretty boobs and started licking your nipples and kissing them, but soon he was sucking and biting your boobs with anxiety. You put your hands on his head and pressed it against your breasts while you moaned, feeling a mix of pain and pleasure every time he bite your nipples that turned you on so much.

You pulled off Sam’s T-shirt, leaving his torso naked and you hugged him close while you kissed him. You could feel his warm body rubbing against yours and his strong arms around your waist, pulling you close to him. You started kissing his chest, going down his torso, giving him sweet kisses while your hands moved way down as well, caressing his scars. You moved down kissing, until you arrived at that point. You posed your hand on his crotch, noticing a huge bulge while you looked at him shyly, biting your lip. He was staring at you, waiting for you to proceed. You knew exactly what he wanted, but you decided to do it slowly, making sure that he enjoyed all you were going to do. You got your face close to his crotch and started kissing it over his pants, while your hands moved across his torso. You proceed to undo his belt and pull down his pants, leaving his boxers exposed to you. “Come on babe…”, Sam moaned. He was hoping you did it, but you wanted to make him wait a little bit more. You loved that game. You kissed his cock over his boxers, rubbing your half opened mouth against it. You could hear how Sam was moaning low and sighing. He wanted you to proceed so much. You looked at him again and gave him a naughty smile while you pulled down his boxers, leaving his pretty hard cock exposed to you. You grabbed it carefully with one hand, and you licked it from the bottom to top. He moaned, as he grabbed you from your hair pulling you closer to it while you opened your mouth to fill it with his length. You moved your head up and down, following the way he pressed your head against him. “Oh God, yes…”, he moaned. He was enjoying it so much. You carried on with your “job” until you needed to catch air. “Come here darling”, Sam said as he made you sit up and get close to him to kiss you deeply. While he devoured your mouth with passion, he moved one hand pinto your pants, putting it in your panties and began to rub your clit. You moaned into his mouth, which was still on yours. Then he laid you on the couch. “You are too wet, my baby girl”, he said as he pulled his hand off your panties. You grabbed his hand and moved it to your mouth. You began to suck his fingers cleaning them. That drove Sam crazy and immediately he pulled off your pants and your panties, leaving you naked. He went through all your body with his hands while he looked at you. He kissed again you, and went way down, kissing your boobs and your belly until he reached your pussy. He gave a sweet kiss on it. “Sam!”, you moaned. He loved hearing you moan your name while he pleasured you. He started licking your clit slowly as his fingers went into you. You posed your hand on his head, caressing his hair as he started to lick faster. “ Sam I can’t stand more! I’m coming Sam!”. And you felt the orgasm growing inside you. You arched your back and you moaned loud because of the pleasure, still feeling his mouth against you.

He moved up to you while you caught your breath, posing both of his strong arms next to your head, in order to stay over you. He knew you wanted more. You wrapped him with your arms and he kissed you. You could feel his hard dick rubbing against your clit. He gave you a naughty smile and moved his hips to make the rubbing more intense. You wanted him. You started to sigh deeply. “Sam I want you inside me…”, you moaned. “If you want me, you’ll have to beg for it”, he said as he put his head down to bite one of your nipples. You moaned loud. You couldn’t wait anymore. He was doing you the same you had done him, and that turned on you so much. “Sam please, I need you inside me now… I want you to fuck me hard”. You knew that dirty talk turned him on so much. He gave you a wild kiss, and he pulled his length inside you. You moaned his name so loud as you stuck softly your nails on his back. “Is this what you wanted babe? You wanted me to fuck you like that my princess?” he said as he moved faster inside you and looked deeply into your eyes. You moved your hands along his back and he kissed wildly your neck, biting it and probably leaving a small mark on it. Then, you put your hands on his chest. You make him move up and sit on the couch. You sat on him, face to face. He placed his hands on your bottom. “You want to ride me, my baby girl?”, he said as you sat on his dick, introducing it inside you while you moaned. You started to move, riding him so hard, moaning while his hands grabbed your bottom or played with your boobs. You loved him to look into your eyes while you had sex. “Darling I’m coming. Let me come inside you, babe”, he moaned. “Sam come with me please, come with me”, you moaned as you felt again the orgasm growing inside you. Sam grabbed you by your hair and pulled your face close to his to kiss you while you both moaned. You felt him coming inside you while he caressed your back with his hands.

You both laid down on the couch, hugging each other. You were wrapped by his strong arms pulling you close to him. He gently bite your ear and whispered “I love you, my baby girl”. You looked at him. “I love you too Sam.” And you both fell asleep there.

Queen’s Thief book 5

so i’ve been thinking about this today, because of MWT reblogging my posts about book 5 (!!!!!!REBLOGGED! MY POSTS!! HELP!!!!!!) so i want to pull together some thoughts about it

  • For one thing, i’ve remembered how much i can’t wait. Like it’s… an actual ache in my chest. there is so much in the series, in terms of stuff to analyze and obsess over, but still only a finite number of books. only a certain number of words. but when book five comes out… holy crap, we’re gonna have 25% more stuff to analyze!!!!!!! (does that make sense? 4 books = 100% of the stuff we have now, so another book is 25% of what we have now, so we’d say 25% more right? Not 20% percent more? u know what forget it we have better stuff to go over i bet Gen doesn’t do math)
  • second of all i haven’t been around for a new release. i mean like in terms of age obviously i have, but I haven’t been around the fandom that long. I discovered all four books sitting on a shelf in the library and that was that. when book 5 comes out it will be my first time racing to the store to read it for the first time instead of checking out a pile from the library. first time reading it while aware there’s a whole bunch of other queen’s thief-obsessed people doing the exact same. and i think that’s going to be pretty freaking exciting
  • hopefully by that time I’ll have figured out my pens and markers and be able to do proper fan art and that’s also v exciting. going to spam you all with art based on my own fics don’t think i won’t
  • really hoping Sophos does become an accidental pirate king. who knows maybe MWT took that into consideration while writing
  • I miss Gen. And Attolia. A lot. I want them back.
  • And lastly like… MWT’s really cool and I felt kinda guilty today with her reblogging all these posts about how we need book five RIGHT NOW like i’m sure she knows we’re all joking but i also want to state formally that I am a highly impatient person but I would wait ten years for a QT book. they’re worth it.
  • i mean i hope we don’t have to but i would.
You Don’t Look Stupid...(Teen Sam Drake x Reader)

A/N: So, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting anything in a while. I’ve been depressed and had serious writer’s block. So again, I apologize. Feedback is always appreciated. I would also like to thank @latte-to-go for helping me with the idea!

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Word Count: 493

You never really liked glasses. You were afraid that the other kids at the orphanage would make fun of you. You never actually showed them to Sam. You were scared as supposed to what his reaction would’ve been. Even though he is your best friend.

You spent most of your time at the library reading about Pirates. You loved history. It’s how you and Sam became friends. You both bonded over Pirates. He would always talk about leaving the orphanage and traveling around the world as a treasure hunter. You on the other hand, had never thought you would even set foot out of this hellhole.

You were laying in your bed when you realized that you couldn’t sleep. You grabbed your (F/C) hoodie and put on your (S/F/C) Converse sneakers. You wrapped your arm around the sling of your backpack leaving it on one shoulder. As you leave, you take out your phone to use as a flashlight. After a few close calls, you had finally made it to the library. To your surprise, the doors were not locked. As you entered the library, You had noticed that a small table lamp was shining across the room and a figure next to it. You decided to just ignore it. You walked to the bookshelf, grabbed a book, and sat at a table with your back facing the figure. You sat down and pulled out your glasses, then began to read.  You sat there reading for five minutes which felt like hours.

Another few minutes had passed when your heard the sound of footsteps behind you. You turned around to investigate what you heard, but nothing was there. Then you noticed that the table lamp was off and the figure was gone. You started to question yourself if you were seeing things or not.

“Since when do you come to the library at 2 in the the morning?” A voice said behind you. Startled, you jumped and turned around to see Sam with a smug look on his face,

“Jesus christ Sam…”

“Hey, don’t use lord’s name in vain.” He said teasingly. You shot him a glare and he chuckled.

“Hey, wait..” You gave him a confused look. “Are those glasses?” You looked down and stared at your shoes. “I look so stupid…” You mumbled so Sam couldn’t hear but he did. He lifted your chin you’re looking at him. “(Y/N), you don’t look stupid, you look absolutely beautiful.” You smiled at his comment. Then he took your glasses off and set them on the table. He then cupped your cheeks in his hands. “Sam, what are you do-” He cut you off by crashing his lips against yours. You were shocked at first, but then you kissed back. You deepened the kiss by wrapping your hands around his neck. He then puts his hands around your waist. He pulled back to catch his breath. “(Y/N), you are beautiful just the way you are.”

why would i wanna read a book about the saddest lesbian who ever lived and all of the horrific things that happened to her? 

i wanna read about a lesbian pirate, kicking ass and taking names and saving damsels in distress. 

i wanna read about lesbian witches with pet dragons. 

lesbian astronauts exploring the universe and marveling at the stars. 

anything but sad lesbians being mistreated by everyone around them and just being depressed and nothing else.