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Back home from the library.

Zeynel’s a voracious reader; having been brought up in a family of scholars books have always been a staple of his life, and he enjoys pursuing any kind of knowledge for the pure passion of learning and seeking truth. He’s particularly interested in theology, literature and the study of folklore and fairy tales. He also loves reading fiction, since the first instance of the modern novel.

they were 
     and beautiful
and i think
that’s what makes them 
so goddamn tragic.

immortality wouldn’t look good
on an old man at the end of his thread,
but damn, 
it looks pretty on them, 
doesn’t it?

too bad we can’t see
the scars 
the blood
the tired skeletons
the cemetery between their ribs.

too bad
time chose
to carve epitaphs into their bones
instead of wrinkles into their foreheads.

too bad
they look twenty
and feel the weight of two hundred.

—  young and beautiful and hurt and never fucking dead ( j.p. )
A wise decision

Synopsis: A lot has changed on Earth since King Loki’s reign fell upon its people. Humans lost their beloved ones to the war, they lost their homes to chaos and now, they are forced to plunder and cheat to keep themselves alive. Being among those hopeless citizens of New York, you fight for your food and survival every day anew. That is until one day, you act too unwary and get caught, wrangling you an audience with the God of Mischief himself, who then comes up with a rather… unique punishment for your iniquity.

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (OneShot)
Words: 4731
smut, theft, blackmailing, submission, prostitution… kind of

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Immortal Gavin who has been photobombing pictures since like the 1840′s and he giggles gleefully every time his face appears in random pictures while the crew gives him exasperated looks because “How are we supposed to keep a low profile if you’re everywhere!”

Guys I just finished reading Demigods and magicians. I thought these short stories took place after the original series so I was surprised. I never really cared about it before because I thought it was sort of like the Demigod files but when I read that it’s actually three new stories that take place after Heroes of Olympus I was intrigued and ordered the book.

My first question is; why doesn’t anyone talk more about these short stories? They were so cute! I was never a big fan of the Kane Chronicles but I did love the characters so see them mixed with Percy and Annabeth was just great! 

- We get to read from Percy’s POV again! It’s been too long and I’ve missed his voice.

- Percy looking at Sadie and thinking that if he and Annabeth ever had a daughter she would probably be a lot like her. Since she looked like a young Annabeth and behaved a lot like Percy. I mean, how sweet is that? He has an entire paragraph just thinking about it. 

- Annabeth (kinda) gets her weapons back! I had no idea this happened. She gets a new bronze knife but more than that, her cap is working again! 

- Just reading their banter again was delightful. “Percy, explaining things to you is like lecturing a gerbil.” “Hey, Wise girl, don’t start with me.” “Whatever, Seaweed brain.” 

- I especially love reading about the part when they spoke about Percy turning down immortality. Somehow I’ve always wanted him to acknowledge it again. Like did he ever regret it? In this short story they do mention it a lot. Percy says that he doesn’t want to be a god and he has not changed his mind about it. Which is always comforting to hear. 

Idk, I just enjoyed these short stories a lot and like I said, I’m surprised that I don’t hear people discuss them more. What do you think of them? 

Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…



Chapter 13

‘Where are we going?’ you whisper through the darkness to Hoseok, catching a glimpse of his grin as he turns to look at you over his shoulder, and letting the giggle escape you as he continues to pull you down the castle corridor, the two of you jogging to some unknown destination after having left the dining room moments earlier.

‘Patience is a virtue, Jagi.’ He says over his shoulder, a bubble of laughter leaving his own lips and the sound makes you pull on his hand suddenly to stop him, pants leaving you both even as you pull him back to you and you tiptoe to crash your lips to his. His hands immediately come to curl around your back, your own smoothing up his chest and neck till you could knot your arms around his shoulders, pushing your lips harder against his own in a desperate attempt to taste more of him.

‘I’ve wanted to do that all dinner.’ You murmur when you break for air, the silence of the castle closing in around your little bubble of one another as you continue to dot kisses on his lips, grinning when you see him similarly as intoxicated by you.

‘Why the hell didn’t you?’ he pants, pressing you closer to him, a tremble running down your spine with the feel of him pressed against you, and he crashes his mouth back to yours, stroking his tongue against yours and you feel so light headed in your euphoria that you would have fallen to the floor had he not been holding you as tight as he was. The strands of his hair as they ran between your fingers felt like the softest fur and his lips battling with yours tasted of cherries and liquor, but the best part of the moment was when you opened your eyes as you pulled away and watched intently as he opened his.

Brilliant white orbs stared back at you.

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I am team I hope all the mortals in tog stay mortal because making everyone immortal is a weak plot device and is rarely explained in a way that makes magical sense, unless there are vampires, and in tog there are no vampires, so can we please keep the mortals mortal and the immortals immortal. Besides, immortality is far more interesting to read about if it comes with real consequences/has draw backs. One of the drawbacks is loving a mortal. I’m all here for characters who are In Love™ living for the same amount of time, and for mortals to be turned into immortals if it means I get a happily ever after for a main couple (see: Feysand), but I guess I just don’t want every character to suddenly be granted immortality, ya know? Seems too easy.


Yuca “let me put my little sociopathic, immortal hands on your face” Collabel

Clockworks and triads

thesenseinnonsense said: Hey, Cassie! I just have a quick question about tid. Why did you never decide to make will, jem, and Tessa a triad relationship? I feel like they all loved each other equally a lot, so maybe it would’ve made sense? I still love your books though :)

The way the plot of Clockwork is constructed does not make it possible for it to have turned out to be a polyamorous triad — Jem never finds out Will likes Tessa too until Tessa is gone and Jem himself is literally on his deathbed, midway through book three. Will never finds out Tessa likes Will until Jem is Silent-Brothered and presumed dead, almost at the end of book three. Only Tessa and Jem know they like each other, and only Tessa knows she likes Will too–which information she considers pretty likely to be upsetting to Jem, and which she doesn’t even share with Will. Tessa doesn’t know Will likes her until the end of the second book. There is no time for anyone to come up with or arrange or suggest a polyamorous triad, and as a Silent Brother, Jem wouldn’t be able to take part in one anyway.

Certainly, I arranged the plot and could have arranged it another way, but I would have had to decide before I ever began writing the books that “polyamorous triad” was where I was going and that the message of the books was going to be a different one than the one I was going for. Jem is always dying, so there is always a ticking clock over his relationships (and if he wasn’t dying, he’d be a very different person living in China). Will believes he is under a curse and cannot be loved for the majority of the trilogy (and if he didn’t, he’d be a very different person and a farmer in Wales). Tessa is, throughout the trilogy, an immortal warlock (and if she wasn’t, she’d be in the poorhouse in New York). None of them would ever have met. Their natures and their circumstances have to be considered: they help make up the story I wanted to tell.

I set out to tell the story of the Infernal Devices because I wanted to write about the intersection of the idea of eternal love and the happily ever after and the reality of human death. The books are about Tessa, primarily: she is their beating heart, and I wanted to tell a story of a love triangle that for me, would be unique because it is not from the point of view of a mortal who falls in love with an immortal, but from the point of view of the immortal who has to face the reality of loving those who will die. The fulcrum rests on the bittersweet yet alluring fantasy premise of living forever. I’ve read and encountered many stories about an immortal in love with a mortal — from Apollo and Hyacinth to Buffy and Angel to Bella and Edward and rarely if ever have I seen it play out simply with one of them aging and dying and the other one not. There are books where a love triangle decides to go in the triad direction. There are not any other books I am aware of which have the immortal heroine fall in love with two men, both mortal, both destined to be lost to her–and gain one as a companion in one age, and then past all hope the other as a companion in another. That was what fascinated me: the idea of love unto and after death, the unique solution. Not an idea of perfect happiness, or the solving of the love triangle puzzle via polyamory, even though I think that’s a valid solve for another story, and indeed, one I have seen before and enjoyed. (Though ending a love triangle in polyamory does not make it not a love triangle. It just makes it a love triangle that ends with polyamory. :)

Nor is there anything wrong with love triangles. I’ve seen a lot of grumping about them lately, and I have zero patience for the idea that love triangles, or any classic narrative tool, are a problem if done well. They have been a piece of narrative structure for as long as the written word; suggesting people stop writing love triangles, or situations in which a love story is complicated or triangulated by someone outside the dyad of the relationship, is as absurd as suggesting that the people should stop writing mysteries where a murder is committed and someone investigates it and then finds out who did it. A popular book about something does not mean no one can ever write about that something again, especially if they think they have something to add to the conversation (all books are in conversation, as Sarah Rees Brennan pointed out yesterday in a lovely post) whether that thing be magic school, dystopia, or love triangles.

The poly answer is a very happy answer; it leaves space for a “happily ever after” in a way that the actual ending of Clockwork doesn’t. But it also doesn’t exactly address the issues of time, mortality, loss, and the resilience of love that were the reason I wrote the series in the first place — it addresses other, important issues, but different ones.

 Jem and Will did not have time, the time of their lifespans, to be with each other as parabatai, which is what they would have wanted. Tessa had to be parted from one of them and then the other: Jem is mortal now: someday she will have lost both of them, and still face the future. That’s the bittersweetness of immortality: that’s the story I was telling. 

200 Years


Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Prompt: “ You left me…with no warning and no explanation” and “ I can’t lose you”

Summary: Elijah left you years ago and now your back in New Orleans and things between you are still tense, which then leads to him confessing why he had to leave.

You were back….back in a town that offered nothing but secrets, death and lots of family drama. Life hadn’t been easy when you were younger, family separated and some unbelievable events spun your life around quicker than you could yell stop.

Your mother always described you as a naive young girl, who would one day get herself killed at wanting to know every wonder that you came across, she wasn’t exactly wrong by the way. Technically you were dead, but that’s not the term you went around using. You were in fact a vampire, the myth that people read about someone coming to suck they blood, with fangs and immortal, was what you had turned into.

That changed everything, you were no longer than naive girl your mother painted you as, instead you were a head strong girl who could look after herself. If your mother ever find out how your life ended up to be, she would most definitely be shocked and unnerved by it all.

Walking down the streets of New Orleans it was quiet, not what the city normally was like. But things most likely changed since you last visited which was around 200 years ago, that’s correct you have been a vampire for what seemed like eternity. It all started back around the 1900′s right here in this very town and let’s just say you would never forget that night.

Flashback 1900

“What’s a pretty lady like you waking at night all alone” a creepy guy standing at the corner said.

Keeping your head down you didn’t respond and just kept on walking.

“Hey don’t walk away when I’m talking to you!” he shouted speeding up to catch up to you.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you backwards with the amount of force he used, “I don’t want any trouble” you said.

“That’s too bad”. he hissed

He roughly pushed you against the cold, hard brick wall and the contact was sure to bruise your back. “Please, I just want to get home”.

“Not today sweetheart”.

You closed your eyes waiting for whatever was coming next.

“Step away from the girl, I will only warn you once” another voice joined the situation.

Opening your eyes your breath stopped in your throat when you saw a man dressed in a suit, looking handsome and well put together.

“What are you going to do about it?” the guy asked who still had you pinned up against the wall.

The other man smiled, “I assure you that you don’t want to find out what I will do about it”.

The guy didn’t look scared, instead he looked like he was going to challenge the other man, before you knew it the man in the suit grabbed the other guys throat and flew him across the street. The guy ran not once looking back.

“Thank you, but how did you manage to do that?” you asked

“Trust me you don’t want to know, now I suggest you head home before something like this happens again”.

“Could you at least tell me your name, I deserve to know that much”.

He adjusted his suit and looked towards you, “Elijah…Elijah Mikealson”

“I’m Y/N, thank you again Elijah”.

You headed off down the street, looking back to find that Elijah was no longer there.

Present Day

That was the first time you had meet one of the famous Mikealson siblings, but what you didn’t know back then was it wasn’t going to be the last.

Flashback 1900

Ever since that year Elijah had saved you, it was impossible to stay away from him. You had met his brother Klaus and his sister Rebekah, and had learned about his other two siblings Kol and Finn. However you weren’t sure what exactly happened to them per say, but you knew that this family had all sorts of issues.

They had also explained who they were…vampires. It was a term you never thought you would hear, but they were real and 3 of them were in the same room as you.

“Rebekah let’s go out to that ball tonight?” you asked.

"Elijah and Klaus would kill us if we went, they’re quite protective those brothers of mine” she responded.

“Who says they need to know?” you raised your eyebrow and Rebekah smiled.

“Dear sweet Y/N shall I dare say that we’re corrupting that innocence of yours?”.

You laughed and both you and Rebekah looked towards the two brothers chatting away in the next room.

The plan was to sneak out which was going to be difficult but you were determined to have some fun with Rebekah, even if it cost the disapproval of her brothers. Finally there was an opportunity to sneak out which both of you took, Rebekah and you linked arms and headed to the ball that was being thrown by the most handsome guy you had ever seen, well second handsome if you counted Elijah.

The house was massive and beautiful, Rebekah and you entered into the foyer and hundreds of guests were scattered all around. The two of you danced and mingled with as many people as you could, however the night was cut short when Rebekah came up to you to say that it was time to leave.

“Rebekah we just came, do we have to leave so soon?” you asked as you followed her out the door.

“If my brothers find out were gone, they will surly be mad. And the consequences will be major, at least for me”.

“Hey we’re allowed to live Rebekah”.

She stopped and took a breath, before turning to you with sadness in her eyes.

“Maybe you are Y/N, but I haven’t lived. Despite the fact I’m a vampire it isn’t all that it seems, not when you have a brother like Niklaus”.

She walked off and you felt sorry for her, running up to join her something jolted you. A noise was heard but yet no one was in sight, you turned around and saw nothing and turned to the front and Rebekah was no longer there. “Rebekah? Come on Rebekah this isn’t funny”.

Feeling a presence behind you it made you turn around swiftly and a tall, dark figure was hovering over you. Screams came from your mouth, before he bore his teeth straight into your neck.

Present Day

Memories like that haunted you til to this very day. And the one man who owned you answers was Elijah Mikealson himself, matters were still left unresolved and being a vampire meant having years upon years of patience to wait for those said answers. And you weren’t leaving New Orleans until you got them.

The Mikealson compound stood proud and tall, you didn’t know what you would find or how Elijah’s life turned out since you last saw him, or what has changed. But the one thing that didn’t change within you was that feeling, of utterly abandonment and loneliness all caused by the same person.

Stepping on inside you braced yourself of what was going to happen.

“Who are you? You can’t just walk in her uninvited” a women’s voice demanded.

Turning around a girl with brown hair and a snarky look on her face was standing in front of you, she didn’t look threatening but then again neither did you. “Who am I is none of your concern. So I suggest you leave, before things take a ugly turn”.

“Did you just threaten me?” she growled and her eyes glowed.

A werewolf was standing before you, it didn’t surprise you New Orleans was known for werewolves, vampires and witches.

“Oh sweetheart if you thought that was a threat, you clearly don’t know me at all”.


You knew that voice all too well, and hearing it again after all this time rattled you in ways you didn’t think were possible. “Who are you? And what are you doing in my family home? I will only ask once, so you best answer quickly before I lose my patience”.

“I’m quite hurt you don’t recognize me Elijah”.

There he was standing in front of you, and here you were standing opposite him. A reunion that only one party knew about. “Wait you know each other?” the girl asked.

“Y/N is an old family friend” Elijah said.

“Well friend isn’t a term I would use anymore”.

“Hayley would you please give us a moment?” he politely asked the girl.

She nodded and left the compound, leaving the two of you alone for the first time in years.

Elijah had escorted you to a room upstairs, he unbuttoned his suit jacket and it seemed like that was one thing that hadn’t changed about him.

“State your terms, what is it that you want Y/N?”

You smiled, of course Elijah would get straight to point that’s the kind of man he was. He didn’t waste time, and found the most efficient way to get things done.

“What no hello, or how are you? Or how about how has life been treating you ever since you got turned into a vampire?” .

He stared at you with longing eyes and regret for what he had done, “Is that why you came here to New Orleans to do, bring back old memories that are better left buried?”.

“My sweet Elijah. I came because you owe me answers, and I’m not leaving until you give them to me”.

He leaned against the table, returning to his calm demeanor. “You’re going to have to be more specific than that if you want answers”.

You laughed at what he was trying to do, “Cut the crap Elijah. You left me! With no warning and no explanation. I was turned into a vampire, stripped of my free will and I became a monster who’s only desire was to kill. Do you have any idea what it felt like to be alone, and scared with who and what you had become!?”.

“Y/N” he tried to move towards you but you moved back.

“Don’t be noble in this situation, don’t use that charm to make all of this go away. I spent 200 years of my life learning how to control who I am, the cravings were always there and I had to do anything I could to stop them. I counted on you, I trusted you and your family…I loved you”.

Sitting down on the couch this was all getting too much, seeing Elijah again was too much. He walked towards the window, starting intently out into the city before speaking.

“I had left you not by my own free will, but because Mikael our father had found us again and we had to leave. Klaus and I went to look for you and Rebekah, when we found her she had said she lost you somewhere down the road. She wanted to go back to you, but I told her not too. Our father was closing in and we had to leave right there and then, to risk not getting caught”.

Mikael had always been a problem towards the family, you heard stories of him a vampire that hunted vampires and those stories always sent shivers down your body.

“You could of came back, why didn’t you come back?” you asked fighting back every nerve in your body that was telling you to let the tears out.

“It was too dangerous, I couldn’t risk Mikael finding you and hurting you” he responded.

You had thought if you had gotten an explanation that things would be better, that this feeling would go away and the emptiness would be filled. But instead everything still remained the same.

“I can’t lose you was what you said to me all those years ago, you didn’t keep that promise”.

Getting up you didn’t want to do this anymore, you made your way to leave but Elijah super sped blocking the path. “I am a man of my word Y/N, and just because I wasn’t right there beside you doesn’t mean I wasn’t there watching over you, to make sure you were okay”.

Staring at him, you said. “Well I got what I came for, so goodbye Elijah”.

“Stay” he simply said.

Staying would just complicate things, you got the answer you had been searching for. Maybe it wasn’t the one you wanted, heck you didn’t know what answer you wanted. But all you knew was that you got one, and that was the only reason you came here to New Orleans in the first place. Elijah telling you to stay, didn’t change a thing.

“I came here for one reason only, I have no intention of staying Elijah”.

He stepped aside and let you through, walking down the stairs you were so close to leaving when once again Elijah appeared in front of you.

“We solved 200 years worth of issues, why won’t you let me leave now?”

“Because this is me keeping my promise, I can’t lose you and I meant that 200 years ago just like I give you my word now. Stay and let’s start anew, Niklaus would be happy to have you and Rebekah when she comes to visit would be glad to see you as well.”

Something that you thought you would never feel again was his lips on yours, which happened without any warning. The kiss felt the same like it did the first time, and everything between you and Elijah reconnected due to this simple but yet powerful action. It wasn’t enough to erase all the bad blood, but it was a start. His answer, the kiss, seeing him again was all baby steps towards the ultimate goal….to press the restart button and to start fresh with a man that played a part in changing your life forever.

anonymous asked:

How would Scully's life be after she saved all humany and Mulder died? (I'm having a bad feeling that this is how season 11 ends so I want to hurt myself to prepare lmao)

I honestly think she’d feel a measure of relief, a sense of culmination. She’s lost so much - she’s had her family, her health, her child, and finally, the love of her life ripped from her. And now it’s finally over. There’s nothing more she can lose.

I see her in a little shack by the sea, with her dogs -  Dagoo, of course, and a wolfhound called Stubb - and her days are quiet and meditative. There are monuments honouring her in countless cities, but she doesn’t grant interviews. Doesn’t talk to anyone, really. She’s forgotten how, over the years. But she knows the sea, and the sea knows her, and that has to be enough. 

Sometimes, William works up the courage to visit her, and they stroll in the surf with the dogs ahead of them. Sometimes they even talk about his father. 

lady-buffy  asked:

Have you read the article about the author of My Immortal actually revealing herself this time? What are your thoughts?

Still wanting to wait and see. I have a LOT of thoughts about it, but as amazing as it’d be for Rose Christo to be the real deal, the only sources these articles are linking so far is Christo’s own blog. That, and the timing of this happening right after the Big September First… 

I don’t want to get too excited just yet. This IS big news, but over the years my inbox legit has had no less than three pretenders to the throne who have contacted us claiming to be Tara, complete with providing documents and screenshots. 

I have docs, msg convos, and screenshots in my downloads folder from different individuals that each purport to be sacred proof that they’re the True Tara. I’ve spoken with some of these people over Skype.

So on paper, at least, there’s not much separating Christo from, say, TheBatman or Todd Gillespie, except for the Buzzfeed trumpeting and that one tweet… yet.

The moment one of these articles has a pullquote from, like, Xing Li or someone confirming everything…! I guess we’ll have to see.

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me for centuries

Pete was born in the early 1800’s. If he thinks back really hard, he can remember his parents, his brother, his friends and family. It isn’t until the early 2000’s that he finds him again, the a boy who takes his breath away. After being alone for so long as the living dead, for the first time in 50 years, he feels alive again.

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Immortality issue on the show

I’ve been reading some posts about some worries about how the immortality issue will be dealt with in the show now that the producers gave us some clues that this will be addressed next season.

We’re all nervous that they follow the book route, but I don’t think they will but I’m a bit nervous too.

As we’ve seen previously, the show follows some of the main plots but sometimes changes it totally. The same things end up happening to the characters but the context, the way it is dealt with or the way they get there is sometimes very different. There has been some speculation about if Alec going behind Magnus’ back with soul sword was the equivalent of Alec going behind Magnus back about the immortality issue on the books and if the break up was the show’s version of the break up in the books.

This is a valid theory, however I have a feeling that it was not it… because the whole soul sword deal wasn’t about insecurities on their relationship, but more on political decisions which makes me fear that we’re yet to see a big break up… though this wasn’t exactly clued at NYCC.

We know that Alec will feel insecure about some aspects of the relationship and that the immortality issue will be at least addressed. I don’t think it will be “solved” for now but it will at least be talked about and rightly so. Magnus and Alec are moving towards a stable relationship, which means that these issues must be talked about. If they want to create a family in the future, though it’s too soon to think about it, they need to talk about the immortality issue. There are also some hints that Alec will make some sort of mistake or at least be his worst enemy or something (I can’t recall the exact words). This makes me nervous too that he will deal with the immortality insecurities in a way similar to the books. But from a show writing standpoint this wouldn’t make much sense because:

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I'm an immortal and you just woke me up from a nap - AU

Words: 1.3k 
Rating: General Audiences 

If you want this to be continued, let me know. 

“What the fuck man.”
The unknown voice startled Percy out of his nap. He had to blink several times before the world around him came into focus, the light in the room around him bright and blinding. Shielding his face with one arm, he slowly sat up, blinked again and tried to remember how exactly he had ended up here.
“Dude, honestly, what are you doing here?”
Ah, the voice. Not a hallucination then. Percy blinked again, now concentrating on the man in front of him. Tall, broad shoulders, bright hair, expression that was somewhere between shock and anger. Huh.
“I was sleeping.” Percy finally said, very intelligently and crossed both his arms and legs. Now fully waking up, the dull haze that was his memory cleared. “What date is today?”

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