reading about cats

i love reading posts about how amazing cats are from an evolutionary standpoint and then looking over at my moron slug who lies in the same spot 20 hours a day and can’t find a treat you put on the floor in front of her

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Name: Alice
Age: 18
Country: Italy

Hello there! I’m Alice. I’m looking for a pen pal to exchange snail mail with, I think it would be really cool to have pen pals around the world.

I like drawing and art in general, travelling, puppies (I’m a dog person but cats are super cute too), stargazing, photography, reading, but I also have a nerdy side who likes science, comics, sci-fi, Marvel movies and films about astronauts.

I’m also into languages: besides Italian and English I know a bit of French and I’m trying to learn German. I also wanted to learn Dutch and Japanese but I can’t do much all by myself.

I’m currently in a softball team, but I played a lot of sports before such as archery, athletics, volleyball and more.

This is me more or less, I can’t wait to find new friends.

Preferences: Age and gender is not a problem to me, but if you’re around my age it would be better. If you’re from Europe it may be easier for snail mail to arrive.


I was sitting on the couch watching Eric pace back and forth. He was rehearsing his speech. Few knew that he was not big on talking in front of crowds. So he always practiced in front of me.

 “What do you think?” he looked down at me, finally stopping his dizzying pattern in the carpet.

 “I think it is good,” I said, “you will do excellent.”

But he looked cynical of my opinion, “I’m going to make an ass of myself.”

 “You could never do such a thing,” I told him. He walked over and kissed me on the forehead, a simple goodbye as always. I would see him for dinner.

I waited all day, watched the clouds out the window and got a nap. I wasn’t sure what he would want for dinner and I wasn’t anywhere near being a good chef so I waited for him. He would prefer it that way instead of me trying to cook something for him.

I sat on the bar stool and waited, he was going to come through the door at any moment. And he did. He was late though.

 “You’re a little late. How was it?” I asked, “How did you do? How was your day? It was good I hope..” I turned with him as he walked past me into his bedroom, I followed him, “Are you okay? You seem a little upset.”

 “I’m sorry I’m late, alright,” he sighed, “I know you’re hungry. My day was shit and I just need a minute.”

He sat on the edge of his bed and I walked over and took a seat next to him. I leaned against him, “it’s okay, tomorrow will be better.”

He pushed me away gently and I looked up at him, he looked at me, “Sorry, I just..”

 “It’s okay,” I touched his hand and he laughed gently, “come on let’s put a movie on and eat something.”

 “Come on,” Eric stood and we went back into the kitchen together. He made dinner. It was fantastic. We sat on the couch and watched a movie, I wasn’t sure what it was about. Eric rubbed my back as I stared at the screen, I was dozing off. I fell asleep and was only faintly aware when he carried me into the bedroom.

I woke when his alarm went off. I pushed on his shoulder blade, “your alarm..” I mumbled.

 “Yeah, yeah,” he pushed the snooze button but he didn’t fall back asleep; he started his morning routine, I sat on the bathroom counter as he showered, he got out and shaved at the sink. He combed his hair and then went into the bedroom. He dressed.

 “Do you think that you could pick up some–”

 “I don’t have time to chat this morning,” he said, “I’ve gotta get downstairs. I’m sorry but you’re going to have to deal with me being gone a lot more now.”

 “What do you mean?” I followed him into the living room.

 “Don’t start an argument with me.”

 “I’m not trying to argue,” I said taking a seat on a bar stool and watching him start to make toast, “I just want to know why–”

 “I’ll try to be home on time tonight, I promise,” he put butter on his toast then hurried to the door.

“Don’t you want some jelly for that?”

 “I’ll see you tonight.”

 “Okay,” I hurried towards the door, “have a good day! You’re amazing and smart!” The door shut, “Don’t.. Don’t stress.”

I turned away and looked at the couch. I looked down at my paws and lifted one to lick it.


nothing could interest me less than Dovewing X Tigerheart

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Incoherent screaming part II! :) (I loved your first meta) I would love to know what you thought about the disembodied voices of the trailer being almost exactly the same as in Rey's force vision in TFA? It's also significant that Ben Kenobi is "the light", Darth Vader is "darkness" and Yoda is "balance" (which I believe was inside the Force Tree, on top of it, where the book is)...I mean, putting that in the trailer cannot be "just a coincidence".Thanks for all your insightful insights.

Incoherent Screaming is definitely not my first meta, nor is it the most in-depth - I’m not even sure if I would call it a proper meta, to be honest? Like if you’re looking for the first (Star Wars) one, best check out My One and Only, or why Force Bonds are so important. The most infamous meta I wrote is Death and the Maiden, but I’ve written about Redemption Arcs as well. You can find the full list here, on my About/Tag List page. Just scroll down to the section called “Long-Form Meta Essays“ and you’ll see it.

(A warning about Death and the Maiden: it’s roughly 17k words and so big it usually breaks the tumblr app. I would recommend reading it off mobile)

Re thoughts on disembodied voices: there’s been so many conflicting reports from so many different people on the voices that I’m hesitant to touch it until it’s been clarified as to who said what. I definitely don’t think it’s a “coincidence” though (as you mentioned) - the trailer is full of clues, both visual and auditory.

best parts about fairy tail: dragon cry a comprehensive list from yours truly:

  • gajeel reading a book about cats
  • gajeel reading a book about cats and when questioned about it tells juvia she needs to study because: “brains are gonna beat brawn soon”
  • im not saying that’s levy’s influence but…that’s levy’s influence
  • juvia having a fantasy about levy
  • wendy throughout the entire thing was adorable and beautiful
  • that leg girl erza kept fighting who kept demanding erza call her beautiful
  • same girl who kept doing the orochimaru “foolish” leg meme every five seconds
  • natsu dragneel, a dragonslayer: “i would never kill a dragon how dare u suggest i would what would even give u the iDEA—”
  • gray being extra w/ his magic to fix the broken tyre lmaooo
  • juvia thinking she can make gray jealous by using lily
  • lily just being ready to throw down on multiple occasions
  • happy breathing fire
  • happy being terrified of a dog
  • lucy’s magical girl transformation
  • the ending with acnologia………………………….

Lance is gone, and Keith is the only one who remembers. But his memories are breaking, and he’s starting to doubt himself. There’s a voice in his head that sounds a lot like Lance. But it’s…incomplete.

I blame @y-annah for all of this.


Tutorial request by @anasten27 

This is my first tutorials, all I know are on the picture. Hope these can help you, If you have any questions for this tutorials, send me messages, I’ll reply to you soon.

BTW if you read about cat field guide or watch “cats 101” , most of them use triangle, square and round distinguish cat face, not my used the names, I think it more accurate to draw a cat face and sounds fabulous.

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I've read multiple sources about Black cats turning brown, but haven't seen a single explanation as to why my cat was brown as a kitten, but is black as night now. Have any idea why this might happen?

kittens are usually born lighter and then grow darker as they age. it’s most evident in like colorpoints who are white at birth and grow into their colors

these kittens look brown but will actually be black points when they get older

Nekoma was having their lunch break during weekend practice when Yamamoto accidentally spills his food on his shirt because he was telling a story too enthusiastically. So Yaku with a small frown accompanies him to help him clean up so that his practice jersey won’t be irreparable. Kuroo smiles and says, “I’m glad Yaku’s here.” And among the murmurs of ascent, Inuoka goes ahead and adds, “he’s the team mom after all.”

 All the while Lev was chewing with a confused look on his face, “Why is Yaku-San a mom?”

Kenma sighs and speaks under his breath, “Coz he’s good at taking care of the team even if he is a bit strict. Won’t you liken him to being a mom too?" 

 Even though Kenma speaks quietly, everyone waits for the usually slow Lev to realize things, seeing as he’s the most frequent focus of Yaku’s motherly affections. So it was a bit baffling when Lev’s expression didn’t clear up and he answered:

 "Yaku-San wouldn’t like to be called mom though. He told me to call him Daddy.”