reading a fanfiction

note to self: Don’t read fanfiction while in class, you’ll make weird noises and then someone is going to read the sex scene behind your shoulder. 
I might have destroyed some innocence.. (he’s 3 years younger then me)

Just realized...

This time last year I kept seeing screenshots of Tumblr conversations on my Pinterest feed. I would ask myself things like:

“Why would they spend their money to go to a convention?”

“Why would you read fanfiction when you have the show right here?”

“Why would you get tattooed for this?” 

This time last year I had never seen an episode. 

A year later I am going to MinnCon in August, have photo ops with J2M, have over 2k followers and over 150 pieces of fan fic that I alone have written on my masterlist, and have a Supernatural/HarryPotter crossover half sleeve tattoo planed for the beginning of May. My best friends that I talk to daily are all from this family. 

Has this family changed my life? That would be the understatement of the century. 

Darkiplier Requests ON HOLD Under Further Notice

Ellynore (Dark VA) here to let you guys know that if you have any requests for Darkiplier, I urge you to please put them on hold. I’ve been getting a lot of asks and submissions, and I’m truly grateful that you all are enjoying the content that I’ve been uploading on this blog and YouTube channel since Day 1. Your support and ideas always bring a smile to my face. 

However, the work load has piled up immensely and I need time to get through everyone’s requests. Once I have everything recorded, edited and finalised, I will be up for new requests. 

I currently have the following in my queue:
10 questions
2 submissions
3 collabs
1 fanfiction reading

Audios will still be coming around on the blog. I am not giving myself a hiatus. I also do VA work outside TGS, so please understand that I need time to catch up and recuperate, afterwards. I apologise for any inconveniences caused from this. Please be patient, and thank you all for your understanding in advance. 

Much love and support from you all. 

- Ellynore Moonwood

Hey my name is TJ. I’m a 19 year old art student living in South Africa. 

I’m looking for snail mail penpals so that I can learn about all sorts of different cultures and countries and snail mail is so nice because I get to collect letters and stuff.


  • animals
  • harry potter
  • art 
  • asian culture
  • food
  • reading
  • writing
  • travel
  • fanfiction 
  • overwatch
  • world history


  • homophobes 
  • rude people
  • hunting

If you’re interested in becoming my snail mail penpal you can send me a private message on my tumblr

drowningkirsten  asked:

Oh my god thank you so much for introducing me to gaalee!! I came for the roadrat and got an extra ship on top Ever since you reblogged that first pic I can't stop reading fanfiction 😭 Do you happen to know "Diplomatic Relations"?

uwa im so glad to know that and yES!!! I KNOW THAT FIC SO WELL,, good 2006 vibes 👌 👌 👌👌 👌 👌

anonymous asked:

Can you lead me to some fighting Caryl fanfiction? Preferably fights that lead to smut... I'm a perv. :D

Why certainly!

  • Hotline: House Warming by SamiWammy - This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever read. Like honestly, it’s a long fight and tension filled build up but it’s so worth it.
  • Green Eyed (Cookie) Monster by Kenzieboyd08 - I love a jealous Daryl especially when it comes to the Tobin situation, smutty ending great read.
  • The Parking Spot by krissyg927 - I read this one on a long time ago and I’ve reread once or twice since. It’s an AU smut fic but if you like AU’s then this’ll definitely be your thing.(Side note I’m more than sure she’s done quite a few fights leading onto smut stories so definitely check out her other stories!)
  • Forgiveness by EnglishPoet18 - This is a season 2 based angst filled smut fight, it’s one of my favourite season 2 smut stories I’ve read.
  • Going Down by Equuleus86 - Good lord this is a heated fight AU, very little plot behind it but some well written smut to follow.
  • The Chase by viktories - Oh my lord I can’t believe I almost forgot this one. It’s not a major fight but it’s a very angry Daryl going on the hunt for a very mischievous Carol. It’s not full blown smut but it’s definitely implied.
  • Okay and finally, I rarely self promo when I get these sort of asks but there are a few fight-smut prompts I’ve answered in the past if you did want to read them. Season 2 based one (not really much fighting, mostly smut). And this one here was based off a prompt called ‘angry sex’

Thank you for the ask, enjoy!

cando400  asked:

My favorite colors are orange and gray (i can't choose xd)

•Orange? You’d fit right in with the camp tee shirts

•You’re an Athena kid, but not a typical Athena kid.

•All of your siblings spend their days reading Shakespeare, while you spend your days reading comics and fanfiction, and it doesn’t make you any less intelligent

•You’re in luck with your favorite colors because you’re always surrounded by Grey eyed children in orange shirts

•You’re constantly comparing your Greek life to Harry Potter, it’s your thing™

•You’re always very kind and everyone knows it

•You meet a couple if equally nerdy people and you all make inside jokes about fandoms that you share at totally inappropriate times

•Like in the middle of training you and a couple of friends are dying over a Harry Potter joke you made

Lemme know what ya think!

Get to know me Tag

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  • Relationship Status: Forever alone
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  • Favorite Color: Black, blue, purple
  • Top Three Shows: TWD, Lucifer, Teen Wolf
  • Top Three Characters: Daryl Dixon, Lucifer, Derek Hale. hehee
  • Top Three Ships: Too many ships.. the sea isn’t big enough.

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Top 3 TV shows: Elementary, Brooklyn 99, Agents of SHIELD…

Top 3 Characters: Judging by what I write, Loki, Darcy Lewis, Bucky Barnes.

Books You Are Currently Reading: No books. Just fanfiction. The last book I bought with the intention of reading at some point was Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

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