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Okay,so, I'm not colourblind as such, but I don't process colours properly/i really struggle with colour differentiation and I trust you and your judgement. Are Toby (Stephens) eyes different colours? This has been bugging me for days because I'm not sure if it's just my shitty eyes or not??

Toby’s eyes do, in fact, change color or appear to and I find this a most fascinating subject so thanks for asking!

There was a tweet from his wife, Anna-Louise Plowman  (who plays Mrs. Hudson on Black Sails) where she states that “most of the time” Toby’s eyes are green.

In Sails his eyes are either green (especially in s1 for some reason) or a kind of grayish-blue or grayish-green imo. But since he is a legit ginger (I’ve always assumed?) I believe they are naturally green. I think a lot of it has to do with the lighting on the show. I love describing their color both ways in my fic but I really love it when his eyes look bright green. <333