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DUDE but can we just talk about #140 “I thought you were dead…” with Barba??? I'm not ready, your writing is going to be the death of

@miamorbarba is a sweet angel sent from heaven. They are to sweet to me.

Hope you enjoy! Warning: Mentions of death, labor, gunshots. This one got me. I was crying while I was writing it.

“No, no, no, no, no!” You screamed and clutched your stomach as you watch the events unfold on the TV. Soon your vision became blurred as hot tears ran down your cheeks. “I have to get down there. I have to get to the courthouse.” You continued to scream, still holding your stomach. Fin caught you before you fell and then saw the liquid pouring down your legs. 

“Y/N, I think your water just broke. We need to get you to the hospital”

“No I can’t do this now. I need him.We were supposed to do this together. I can’t do this without him.” You were hysterical. You had every right to be. You just watched your husband get shot on the steps of the courthouse on live TV.  “I can’t do this without him Fin. I.. I.. I can’t breathe.” 

“Somebody call a bus!” He picked you up and carried you to the elevator. “Hang on Y/N. It’s gonna be okay.”

“I can’t do this without him. I can’t.” Everything was blurry and you felt like you were going to pass out. “I need him. I need Rafi. I can’t…”

The elevator opened and the paramedics were waiting. They got you into the ambulance and sped towards the hospital. 

“What happened?” They looked to Fin.

“There was a shooting at the courthouse. Her husband was the target. She saw it on TV. She’s due in three weeks. After she saw it happen her water broke.”

“Did she fall or lose consciousness?”

“She started to fall but I caught her. No she hasn’t lost consciousness.”

You arrived at the hospital but you couldn’t seem to speak. You just cried.

“Alright what do we got?” “Mid-twenties, 37 weeks pregnant, went into labor after seeing her husband get shot at on TV.” “Alright this baby is in distress we’re gonna have to do an emergency c-section. Let’s go.”

“I can’t do this without him. I can’t.”

“Hi, I’m Dr. Montgomery. Can you tell me your name?”

“Y/N Barba.” You choked out between gasps.

“Well Y/N, your baby seems to be having some trouble so we’re gonna have to do a C-Section. Everything is going to be okay. We’re gonna take care of you and we’ll get through this together.” She took your hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’ll be here the whole time. We’re gonna get through this.”

“He’s dead. I can’t raise this baby alone. I need him. I can’t… I can’t..” You let out a blood curdling scream as another contraction hit and then everything went black.

You woke up and everything was fuzzy. You tried to focus in and figure out where you were. When you finally were able to see you looked up at the TV and saw them replaying the events at the courthouse and remembered. You started crying again and hyperventilating. In seconds two nurses and Dr. Montgomery were in the room and one shut off the TV.

“Y/N everything is alright. It’s Dr. Montgomery. You’re fine. It’s okay. Just take deep breaths.”

“Is the baby… Did he… Are they…”

“The baby is fine. With all of the stress, the baby was just having trouble breathing but he is fine and is waiting on his mother.” She motioned for one of the nurses to go and get someone. Your breathing slowed.

The door opened again but you turned away. You couldn’t look at your child. He would only remind you of Rafael. You were supposed to have a big family, grow old together. Now none of that would happen.

“Would you like to meet our son?” You snapped your head in the direction of the door. There was Rafael standing in the doorway holding your son.

“Rafael? I thought you were dead! I saw you at the courthouse. You… Rafael I thought I lost you. I thought you were dead.”

“Shhh… It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m here. I’m alive. Both of us are fine. I’m only sorry I wasn’t there when our little boy arrived.” He walked over to you and handed over your son. You grabbed his hand and looked down at your son. 

“Please don’t ever leave me. I couldn’t go on without you. I love you so much.”

“I’m not going anywhere Y/N. I’m not leaving you or our son. Or any other person who comes along.” He leaned down and kissed your forehead. 

“I thought I lost you Raf.” You leaned into his touch as he moved his hand to cup your face. “You were there and then… I thought I lost you. Just.. Just hold me now.”

“I’m here.” 

“That’s all I need to know.”



…Percival Graves smiling at you.

You’re sitting in your armchair, Percival is across from you in his own seat. Looking up from your book, you see that he has been looking at you. When you two make eye contact, he smiles, and your eyes widen.

“What’s going on?”

“What-” Percival starts, a bit confused. “What do you mean?”

“Why are you smiling? What’s happening?” You ask again,

“I smiled? Something wrong with that?”

“Yes, you never smile.”

Percival just looks at you for a moment before chuckling with a big grin. “You better get used to it.”

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“Please don’t do this.” and "Wake up! Please, please wake up!" ? Barba angst! Maybe her ex is some psycho and he has Barba and Y/N trades herself for him and Barba is freaking out when she walks in and he realizes what she's doing? And Barba gets out and she's trying to negotiate with the ex but it doesn't go well! Better yet, the ex is NEVADA!

Oooh Please enjoy this sweet anon! Mentions of death, gun violence, blood. 

You were supposed to meet Rafael for dinner but when you got to the apartment you found a note and you immediately recognized the handwriting as your ex’s.

You pulled out your phone and it hadn’t rang more than once when he picked up.

“Hola mami. Told ya you’d be back didn’t I.”

“Where the hell is Rafael, Nevada?”

“Oye, you don’t wanna know what I’ve been up to? Here I thought you were gonna play nice.”

Please don’t do this, Nevada. Just let him go. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

“I just want mi reina back. He doesn’t deserve you. He doesn’t know how to properly worship every inch of your body.”

“If I come to you, will you let him go?”

“Mi vida. Meet me down at the old warehouse. We’ll make the trade.”

“I’m on my way, Nevada. Please don’t hurt him.”

“I’ll see you in thirty minutes, mami.”

You grabbed your keys and sprinted out the door.

You arrived at the warehouse that you thought was long in your past. As you walked in, you could see Nevada standing next to a figure on the ground. You ran over to him and knelt to the ground. “I thought I told you not to hurt him.”

“I didn’t touch him mi amor. But Oscar may have knocked him around a little.”

“Rafi, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Y/N.”

“Okay Nevada I’m here now let him go.”

“Y/N no.”

“Tell him you don’t love him.That you never loved him and you love me.”

The tears started pouring down your face. But you had to do whatever it took to save him. “I’m sorry Rafael. I never loved you. I love Nevada. He’s the only one for me.”

“Y/N please, you don’t have to do this.”

“Oye pendejo. She was never yours. She was just using you to get back at me. Isn’t that right mi reina?”

You turned away from both of them. “Yes it’s true.”

“Now come over here and take back your place at my side.”

You let go of Rafael’s hand and curled into Nevada’s side. “Now…” All of sudden he had drawn out his gun and was pointing it straight at Rafael’s head.”

“Nevada, Stop this! You said you’d let him go.”

“This pendejo needs to be taught a lesson. You don’t take things that belong to Trujillo.”

“Nevada please.” You begged. Tears streaming down your face as your grabbed his arm. “Please stop this. I’m here. I’m back now. He’s nothing. Please don’t do this. What do I have to do?” Just then a thought popped into your head. “Kiss me.”

“What?” They both said at the same time. You put on the best seductive face you could.

“Kiss me Nevada. Remind me what I’ve been missing. Show this idiota exactly who I belong to.” You stroked your hand over his chest and down his abdomen. 

“Y/N please.”

“Oye shut up pendejo. Hmm I missed that evil streak in you.” He leaned down and claimed his lips in yours. You let his hands roam over your body and grab your ass. He was definitely making a show of it. Your hands went to his hair then raked your nails down his back. One hand reached around to his front and started to palm his groin. “Oh Y/N.I told you, you couldn’t stay away from this cock.” 

“You’re right Nevada. I couldn’t. I missed you so much. But at this distance. My aim is bound to improve.” Effectively distracted, you grabbed the pistol he kept in the back of his jeans and pointed it at him.

“Oh mami, I thought we were having fun. You’re not gonna shoot me.” He grabbed you and tried to wrestle the gun away from you. You kicked his feet out from under him and you both toppled to the ground. Rafael struggled against his restraints but was having only a little luck with slowly loosening them. Nevada wrapped his hands around your throat and you gasped for air. “You’re not leaving me again Y/N. No one leaves Trujillo.”

Just as Rafael freed himself two shots went off. He rushed to the two of you. Neither one moving.

He pushed Nevada’s lifeless body off of you hoping the other shot hadn’t hit you. But with all of the blood he couldn’t tell if it was Nevada’s or yours.

“Y/N Wake up! Please, please wake up! Please! I can’t lose you! I love you. Baby come back to me. We’re supposed to get married and have a family and grow old together. Please wake up. You can’t leave me!” The tears were pouring down his cheeks as he did everything he could think of to bring you back. He finally found where the second bullet had hit your leg and tied his tie around it to try and help the bleeding.

He grabbed your cellphone from your pocket and dialed 911. He could hear the sirens getting close. When he felt your hand grab his. 

“Rafi, I’m sorry. I had to.”

“Shhh I know, I know. Save your strength, love.”

The ambulance pulled into the warehouse and started to load you. Rafael got in with you and held your hand.

You got enough strength to squeeze his hand. “Rafi…marry me.” Then everything went dark.

“She’s gonna be fine sir. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of her. She’ll survive this.”

“I know she is. She’s a fighter.” He held your hand the rest of the way to the hospital.

And he was there holding your hand when you woke up in your hospital bed.


Ok but I legitimately died when I saw this ep because THAT BASEBALL CAP and THAT EAR PIERCING long live Nick fucking Amaro that is all bye

“She’s walking into the club now. Eyes open, everyone.”

He didn’t like it, and he sure as hell wasn’t okay with it. But it wasn’t his call. It was Liv’s. His hot temper flared up and he and Liv fought tooth and nail in her office about it but it still didn’t change a thing. 

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Cuddling Sonny Carisi would involve:

  • He’s such a cuddle monster you wouldn’t believe it
  • Starts it off with a huge bear hug, pulling you really tight against his chest and rocking side to side
  • Always tries to have his arms around you because he just feels better like that. Like he’s protecting you and he knows you’re okay
  • Will keep his arms around you, even if they fall asleep. He is a gentlemen
  • Sonny just generally is very touchy. Don’t be surprised if his fingers start to trace over your body or he presses some kisses to your head
  • Is definitely the type to play footsies with you under the blanket
  • My personal headcanon is that Sonny always smells really nice
  • Almost always watching a movie or TV show while cuddling. And Sonny will laugh. You’ll feel it against his chest and it makes you smile
  • Is totally the type that will drag you down onto the couch and force you to cuddle because he’s barely seen you the past few days

Requested by Anon~

One of the challenges that we have in America is that America is a society based on conquest, not on survival. It is a society, by and large, based on the concept that there is always a West, always a frontier. There will always be someplace to go. We don’t necessarily have to give thanks for where we are because we’re moving. That’s what has happened in this America, is this conceptual framework—there is always going to be someplace we can go or something else we can buy….

You cannot make an argument to me that the United States is sustainable, because there is no way that a society that causes so much extinction—an industrial society that caused the extinction of over two thousand nations of indigenous people—is sustainable…. A society that causes so much extinction is not a society that is nourishing.
—  Winona LaDuke, “Honor the Earth: Our Native American Legacy” in The Winona LaDuke Reader: A Collection of Essential Writings (2002, p. 180)

Warnings: mentions of assault

“Where is she?”

Amaro’s voice echoed as he sprinted down the hospital hallway, Rollins following close on his heels. Olivia leapt to her feet at his words, immediately placing out hands to steady him, “Nick, take a breath.”

“Liv, what happened? Is she okay? Where is she?” He looked around desperately, brown eyes wild and broad chest heaving. 

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Imagine washing blood off Sonny’s face, maybe pulling him into the shower with you, hugging him cause he just looked so scared, little forehead kisses, just lots of comforting Sonny 

Requested by multi-fandomxmess~

Even though you had washed the blood off of Sonny’s face, it had stained his skin. You could still tell that there was blood on his face, but Sonny didn’t even seem to care. His eyes were staring at nothing, even though you moved yourself to where you were in his line of sight.

“Sonny.” You said softly, trying to draw his attention away from his thoughts. “Sonny, everything is okay now.”

He blinked once, and his eyes finally focused on you. “Yeah, I know.” Sonny managed to mumble out.

He didn’t say anything else, and he didn’t have to. You could see how affected the detective was by the look in his eyes. The sound of his voice. He didn’t really react when you went up to your tiptoes and pressed a comforting kiss to his forehead.

It was going to take a little bit of time for Sonny to smile again. And you were willing to wait for as long as it takes.

I'll Never Leave You

Requested by: Anon
Request: Spencer x Reader // #27: “I’m pregnant.”


Today was probably the worst day of your life.
You stared down at the small stick in your hands, hoping that maybe if you looked at it long enough, something would change. The two lines became blurry as tears flooded your eyes and ran down your face. This couldn’t be happening.
You and Spencer had only been seeing each other for a few months. You hadn’t even told the team about your relationship, yet. The only people who knew besides the two of you were your mothers. You weren’t ready to tell the team you were together, let alone tell them you were pregnant.
How did this even happen? You were on birth control and he had always used protection. You haven’t even talked about kids yet, and now you were supposed to be having one. You didn’t know what to do, so you called your mom to ask for some advice.
She knew something was wrong as soon as you spoke. Her tone changed from excited to worried as she asked, “(Y/N), sweetie, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?” You wanted to tell her no. You wanted to tell her that you were safe, just scared, but the only sounds that you could get out were loud sobs. You finally managed to get out “I’m pregnant.”
Your mom finally got you calmed down. She advised you to just go ahead and tell him, and make a mutual decision after discussing the situation. So, that’s what you did. You invited Spencer over for dinner and everything turned out really nice. Your nerves were bad, but not as bad as you thought they’d be (not until dinner was over and it was time to tell him, anyway).
The two of you were laying on the couch, your back pressed against the soft fabric, your head on his chest and your arm across his stomach. You let out a shaky breath, which caught his attention. He looked down at you and pushed his eyebrows together with worry, “Are you okay, babe?” He asked. You closed your eyes and sat up a bit, “Actually, I need to talk to you about something.”
You studied his body language. He tensed up a bit and his eyes began to fill with worry and fear. He slowly sat up so the two of your were facing each other on the couch. You decided to just say it - like ripping a bandaid off of a healed wound. “I’m pregnant.” Without missing a beat he asked, “When did you find out?”
You tried to avoid eye contact as you said, “This morning. If you don’t want to keep it, or me, I understand. If you don’t want to tell anyone, I understand. I have no idea how this happened, and Spencer, I’m so sorry.” You could hear your voice breaking and you couldn’t hold back the tears that began spilling from your (y/e/c) eyes.
It only took a couple of minutes before Spencer pulled you into his arms, whispering sweet things in your ear until you calmed down. “I’m not leaving you or our baby. This wasn’t planned, but I’m not upset at all. We can tell people whenever you’re ready, it’s okay, (Y/N). I love you.”
A couple weeks later, you told the team, and a week after that you told the world through social media. A few months later, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and it’s been a few years but now your family is still as happy as it was before, it’s just a little bigger now.


Hey, guys! This is absolute trash but I haven’t posted a request in so long and I know it’s frustrating. Hopefully you enjoy this!!

I love you all! 💛

Baby Fever

Fandom: Law and Order: SVU

Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader

Words: 684

As requested by anonymous:Hi, could I possibly get a fluffy Barba x reader??? (Y/N) agrees to babysit Noah so Liv can go out. At first Rafael is hesitant around the little guy (he’s never been good with kids), but by the end of the night he starts asking (Y/N) about the possibility of starting a family together.

When you told your husband, Rafael, that he and you were going to babysit Noah, he started whining like a five-year old. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Noah, no. He adored him. He was just never good with kids. But at least you were with him. You loved kids and you were excited to babysit Noah.

“Okay, so here’s a list of all the things Noah likes to eat. He usually doesn’t like to go to bed unless you read or sing to him. He has these favorite pajamas he likes to wear too. I’ve set them aside for you and-“

You chuckle, “Liv! We got this! Don’t worry. Just go and enjoy your night out with Tucker.”

Liv smiled, “Oh, this isn’t because I’m worried. This is for Barba.” Both of you glanced at Barba who was awkwardly playing with Noah on the couch.

“He’ll be fine.”

Liv smirked at you, “Are you talking about Noah or Barba?”

You giggled, “Both?”

You followed Liv as she walked up to Noah and Rafael, “Okay, baby.” She scooped up Noah and kissed him, “Mommy’s going to go out so you be good.” She handed him to Rafael and thanked both of you as she left.

You looked at Rafael, “Want me to hold him?”

He nodded and gave him to you, “I’m just glad he didn’t start crying because I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I’ll show you when the time comes.” You looked at Noah who was messing with your shirt, “Want to eat little guy? Let’s go eat.” You went to the small kitchen and set Noah into his high chair, “Wanna eat too, Rafi?”

“Not if you plan on giving me baby food.”

You roll your eyes, “Ha ha. Go take out the ingredients I brought with me. I’ll make pasta.”

“I thought you were going to feed Noah.”

“Nope,” You handed him the small jar of food and a small spoon, “You are.”


“You’re just feeding him. Nothing bad. Just be grateful that I’m not making you change his diapers.”

“Very well.” He sat next to Noah’s chair. He opened the jar and scooped out a little food slowly putting it into Noah’s mouth, “He’s spitting some out.”

“Try putting it back into his mouth or wipe it off using his bib.” Rafael did the latter and continued to feed him letting him drink some juice from his sipper every so often. You watched Rafael as you waited for the pasta to boil, “See. Not so hard.” You kissed the side of his head, “But let me feed him now.” Rafael happily let you and he took control of cooking the pasta.

“Noah, say aaaahhh” Noah did and you rewarded him with the food, “Good job! Now open for the airplane! Zooooooom! Very good, Noah!” You smiled and poked his cheeks a little making him laugh. Your heart soared, “Oh you are just the cutest, aren’t you?” You tickled his tummy and he continued to laugh more.

Rafael was watching this entire interaction. He saw the adoration and love you gave to Noah. He suddenly came to a realization: he wanted to have a family with you. He wanted to see you interact this way with his children. Sure, he didn’t know how to take care of children, but with you by his side, he felt he could learn.

“Let’s have kids.” He blurted out.

You paused, “W-What?”

“I wanna start a family with you, Y/N.” He said sincerely.

“I-I don’t know what to say. I thought you didn’t want-“

“I know, but seeing you with Noah like that, it made me wonder how it would be if we had kids. And I just-I just would love for you to be the mother of my children.”

You stood up and rushed over to him kissing him, “Rafael! I would love to start a family with you!”

“Great, why don’t we start tonight,” He kissed you again, “when we get home.” He kissed you once more.

You giggled into his kiss, “Eager?”

“What can I say? I have baby fever.”

If You’d Just Realize

Ok so I decided to try my hand at this. Thank you @elijiadoesntwritehere for encouraging me! Here goes…

“You wanna know what my problem is?”

You couldn’t keep it up anymore. Your friends kept teasing you and poking at you trying to get you to tell them what was up with your mood lately. And the man who was the cause of your change in mood wasn’t due to meet you at the bar for few more minutes. He was always running late because of work. But it didn’t matter. It was something you had gotten used to. You had been friends with him for so long. Friends…

So after a few drinks and the constant badgering you finally broke in front of Sonny and one of your friends from college you’d introduced him to. At least they seemed happy.

“I love him. I love his name. I love the way he looks at me. I love his gorgeous smile. I love the way he walks into a room and commands everyone’s attention. I love his beautiful green eyes.”

“Y/N” Lori tried to interrupt. But by this point they had opened the floodgates.

“I love the sound of his laugh. Not just his chuckle that he does in front of colleagues but his loud-actually-letting-his-guard-down-fills-the-room laugh. I love the way he gets mad but tries to hide it.”

“Ok Y/N, we…” It was Sonny this time. But you couldn’t make eye contact with them. You took to running your finger around the top of your empty glass.

“I love the way I can be having the worst day of my life and seeing him completely changes my mood. I love how when he bumps into me I get weak. And yes there is an age gap. But I don’t care about that. I’m in love with him and I can’t bring myself to tell him. That’s my problem”

When you finally looked up to see the reaction of your friends you realized they were no longer looking at you but behind you with wide eyes and mouths hanging open.

“Y/N, I…” You turned slowly and there he was. Rafael Barba standing a foot away from your table with a shocked look on his face. That was one you hadn’t seen in a while. You could feel the tears of embarrassment threatening to spill over.

“I’m sorry… I have to go” You stood up at lightning speed threw some cash down for your drinks and took off out of the bar. And of course it had to be like a maze getting out of there so you were bumping into chairs asking God to just kill you right there. You reached the outside and let the tears fall. You had really done it this time. As you tried to remember the way back to your apartment you felt a hand go around your wrist. Before you could register what was happening his lips were on yours. This must be a dream right? You tried to pull away but melted into his touch as his hand went to your hair and his other to your waist. When you were both out of breath he leaned his forehead down to yours and wiped the tears off of your face.

“How much did you hear?” You finally broke the silence but you still couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

“I’m sorry. I should not have let you walk out of that bar. But I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t think you were talking about me when I first got there. But then Lori and Sonny both tried to stop you and I realized…”

“It’s okay you don’t have to give me your pity. I’m a big kid. I can handle rejection”

“Y/N, look at me” He grabbed your chin and made you look him in his beautiful eyes. “I love you. I have loved you since the day your brother introduced us the day he got engaged and you didn’t know how to react so you just started cracking jokes. You are smart, sassy, funny, stubborn and beautiful.” The tears returned to your eyes. You couldn’t believe the words coming out of Rafael’s mouth. The mouth that was once again against yours. Then you became suddenly aware that you were still standing in the middle of the busy sidewalk.

“How bout we get out of here and go back to the bar with the others?” He still hadn’t let go of you. And you didn’t want him to because you were scared you would fall, your knees were shaking so much. “Sure, let’s do that.”

He gave you one more peck on the lips and then walked with his arm around your waist back to the bar.

Imagine hearing Rafael speak to your baby bump while he thinks you’re asleep.

Requested by anon. 

Warning: Fluff, Sweet; Rafael, Sad;Rafael

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Imagine Barba bringing you coffee late at night? Maybe he gives you a kiss on the forehead? 

Requested by Anon~

“Thought you might need this.” Barba said upon placing a cup on your desk. You looked at it before raising your eyes to a ragged-looking Rafael. “Some real coffee might do you good.”

Despite the tiredness tugging at your bones, a smile crept up on your face. Leave it to Rafael to make you feel better, no matter what. It was hard to believe he was so serious and distant during work. “It will.” You replied, bringing the cup closer. It already smelled better than police station coffee.

He gave a slight smirk before allowing himself to bend down and press a small kiss to your forehead. Nothing big; just something to hold you over until work was done for the night and the both of you can go home.


Requested by: anon
Request: I was wondering if you could write one where spencer gets slightly jealous that Morgan calls the reader baby girl and that sort of thing and have a friendship similar to the one that Morgan and Garcia have, and spencer acts kind of distant to everyone and keeps looking up at the reader idk if this makes sense but then she confronts him and he confesses his feelings just fluff pretty much. Yea I love your writing, thank you sm


You had been working at the Behavioral Analysis Unit for almost three years now. Since you started, you had grown to love each and every member as if they were all part of your family - because they were, really. But you’d always had a special bond with Morgan.
He was your first friend on the team. The first day you met, he’d forgotten your name and just settled for calling you “princess.” He still calls you that even after three years. He was like your big brother. You went to him for advice, when you were having a bad day, you even went to him when you needed to talk about a certain guy in your life. He was always there when you needed him, and you knew he always would be.
You sighed as you took a seat at your desk. You hated paperwork. You glanced up to see Reid jetting through his and shook your head with a smile - the man amazed you. Besides Morgan, Reid was probably your best friend out of everyone else on the team. You two spent the most time together outside of work, and you had plenty of stuff in common, but Reid was too someone you thought of as a brother figure. You didn’t know what you felt towards him, but you knew it was strong and special, and absolutely terrifying.
“Hey, Spence? You should take some of my stack.” You suggested teasingly, pointing to the giant stack of files on your desk and sticking your bottom lip out slightly, earning a smile and chuckle from the man. He didn’t say anything, just rolled his chair across the room to your desk and took nearly half of the stack. Your eyes widened as you shook your head, trying to reach for the files, but he was already rolling back to his desk. “Spence, I was kidding. You don’t have to do those.” You said, sending him a grateful smile anyway.
“I know.” He said, his eyes never leaving the paperwork. “Just make it up to me later.” He added, sending you a nervous smile.
“How?” You asked, raising your eyebrows and waiting for him to suggest some kind of weird movie night at his place. However, you never knew what he was going to say, because before he could answer he was interrupted by Morgan.
“Morning, Princess.” He said, kissing the top of your head and smiling down at you. “Morning, Pretty Boy.” He added, nodding at Reid. Reid raised his hand and let out a sigh, going back to his paperwork with his shoulders slumped slightly. He didn’t talk to you for the rest of the day, or any other day for that matter.
For two weeks, he’d avoided you and the team as much as he could. He didn’t speak unless he was spoken to, or unless it was something important to the case. He didn’t go out with the rest of the team and he didn’t joke around with you like he used to. You didn’t know what you did, but you’d make sure you found out.
“Hey, Spence?” You walked up to his desk and sat on the corner, staring down at the man. “I have to talk to you about something really important. Will you meet me in the break room?” You asked, watching as he sighed and hesitated before finally standing up and following you. When you got there, you shut the door behind you and stood in front of it with your arms crossed.
“Alright, Reid. What the hell is wrong with you?” You questioned, using your best glare to stare him down. “You’ve said about fifteen words to me in two weeks. You act like being around me is the worst thing imaginable. What did I do?” You sighed, searching his eyes for some kind of answer. “If you didn’t want to be my friend, you just had to say it.”
“Stop.” Spencer said, holding his hands up and shaking his head. “It isn’t that, I promise.” He added quickly, sighing and looking at the floor.
“Then tell me what it is!” You laughed. You just wanted to fix whatever had went wrong. You missed Spencer. “Talk to me, Spence. Please?”
“Alright, fine. I like you, Y/N. A lot. And it’s pretty obvious that you feel nothing like that towards me…I mean, I’m no Morgan. So, I thought that by pulling back, it’d be easier to get over this feeling…” He admitted, finally meeting your gaze and swallowing thickly.
You didn’t say anything. You just stepped forward and wrapped your arms around his neck. Soon enough, you felt his arms wrap around your waist and you smiled, pressing your face into his shoulder and sighing contently. “By the way, I like you too, Dork.”


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It Takes The Worst

Warnings: hostage situation, mentions of physical assault and torture, gun violence

Rafael Barba already knew he’d found the love of his life; you, on the other hand, had no idea. 

Barba planned to keep it that way. 

Sure, there was the endless cheeky banter in the precinct, flirtatious quips, and sly glances when the other wasn’t looking, but neither of you ever acted on them. Somewhere, in the dark depths of his psyche, Barba’s deep-seated fear of committed relationships came out into the light - despite falling madly in love with you, Barba refused to ever take it further.

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Imagine accidently calling Nick ‘Papi’ while having sex.

Requested by anon. 

Warning: Papi/Daddy kink, smut

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Meeting You Was Fate

Prompt: May I resubmit the Sonny Carisi oneshot idea I sent a few days ago? About awkwardly meeting over and over again by accident and Sonny finally asking the reader out because it might be fate?

Requester: Anon

Words: 1,930

Warnings: None (very slight mention of rape?? like 1 line)

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