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Could you write about junkrat and roadhog's s/o (a poly relationship) who is really afraid of storms and the two comforting their s/o

They’re close enough I’ll put them in the same thing.

Junkrat and Roadhog

Thunder shook the house and you curled up deeper into yourself. The flash of lightning lighted up the house, the power had been out for several hours now. You wrapped a blanket around your shoulders and began to rock back and forth in fear. tears prickling at the corners of your eyes.

The door burst open and you cried in fear at the loud noise. Another flash of lightning and your boyfriends’ silhouettes were outlined with light. 

“’Ey there darl,” Junkrat cried out into the house dropping a sack full of jewels on the floor, “Look at here haul.”

“Darl?” Junkrat finally noticed you curled up on the ground.

Roadhog grunted and stepped towards you, dropping to the ground next to you. He rummaged into the bag and pulled out a tiara, tucking it on your head. Junkrat squatted in front of you with a diamond encrusted necklace clipping it around your neck.

“There we are,” Junkrat leaned back, taking in the view of you, “Now what’s bothering ya.”

A crack of thunder shook through the house and you screamed, burying your face into your knees.

“Ey, she’ll be right,” Junkrat rubbed your back.

“I don’t like it.” you murmured and Roadhog pulled you into his lap, “It’s scary.”

“Roadhog here is scarier,” Junkrat said, “So don’t be afraid.”

“Yeah,” you giggled, wiping the tears out of your eyes, “he is.”

The lights flickered back on and you looked up wearily, hearing the hum of the light-bulbs already reassuring you. 


When the first sound of thunder rumbled through the base he turned around, leaving the conversation he was having with Sombra. He stalked through the halls, Talon agents running out of his way, and stopped in front of his room. Opening the door he looked for you, drifting from room to room he kept an eye for you. Hearing your sobbing the whole time he grew more frantic.

“Hermosa,” he looked around the kitchen, where the sound was coming from, but he couldn’t find you.

Something shuffled underneath the table he crouched to look. His heart broke at the sight of you, rocking in a fetal position, his shirt draped over you like a blanket. Another crack of thunder rumbled through the house and you screamed covering your ears.

“It’s too loud,” you cried, “too loud.”

“Hey,” he cooed, gently reaching for you and you just threw yourself into his arms.

You sobbed into his chest and he gently rocked you back and forth, He began to lightly hum and you just flinched with each consequent lightning strikes. 

“Shh, shhh,” he rubbed your back, certain to keep the pressure constant.

“Stay with me,” you rubbed your face into his chest, “you make it quiet.”

“Of course,” he pushed his mask up to press a kiss to your forehead.

He picked you up, cradling to his chest. and walked you to the bedroom. Dropping you on the bed he pulled you close and you crawled back into his arms. Wrapping the pair of you in blankets he held you close as the storm passed and even past it.

Percival Graves x Reader - Rule Four

: Rule Four

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 2648

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Sorry for the lack of smut >///< I just wasn’t sure where I would have fit it in with my idea for how to make Percival jealous. I hope you liked it though!!


anon: What’s up! Percival Graves will not get off of my mind and honestly anything about him would be fantastic(beastsandwheretofindthem) haha :)

@thepinupprincesses: Hi! Can I please have a Percival Graves imagine where he gets jealous? Smut isn’t required but greatly accepted.

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MBTI Writers

ISTJ: Writes clearly and directly. Has a surprising amount of imagination and creativity but never takes leave of logic.

ISFJ: Love stories. With cute, happy endings and at least one adorable animal. (Probably considers briefly acting out their psychopathic tendencies on their characters but then decides against it for the sake of their readers.)

ESTJ: Writes the rule book. Plain and simple and easy to understand and indisputable. Or maybe a self biography on how they became a millionaire at twenty-two years of age and a multi billionaire at thirty.

ESFJ: They write a charming cook book. Or a charming guide to home decor. Or a charming book about entertaining guests. 

ISTP: Avoids writing, if at all possible. “Why sit there and write about doing something when I can just go out there and do it in half the time?” They might write a manual on fixing something or other. But probably not. 

ISFP: Keeps a plant journal in which they sketch odd plants they find and describe what they are like, where they can find them, and why they are nice. Has a similar journal for birds. And for clouds. Or something. All worn leather bound.

ESTP: Don’t let this one fool you. They keep a diary. And they write in it every. Single. Day.

ESFP: They don’t write. Not for very long, at least. They might try their hand at a short story, on a whim, but it is abandoned as quickly as it was picked up. 

INFP: ALL THE FANTASY. With lovely prose and a dreamy, imaginative style. Their books are well received. If and when they ever finish them. 

INFJ: Writes best sellers. They perfectly capture matters of the heart and mind and create something absolutely breathtaking. But they are their own worst critic. And it takes its toll.

ENFP: They write dramatic and suspenseful first chapters. And then they forget all about it, never to be continued. 

ENFJ: Self-help books mostly. Or something with the purpose of making a change in society. To make the world a better place. 

INTP: They might also write fantasy. Maybe. But maybe they write tech books with language that only another INTP can understand and everyone else is left scratching their heads at the textbook. 

INTJ: Some of them write how-to books on conquering the world or analyses of influential leaders in history. But then there the INTJs who write poetic-like pieces that are at once to-the-point and elegant in style. 

ENTP: Trolls the readers. Probably psychological thrillers. These are the ones that run from their publishers. 

ENTJ: When they are not too busy ruling the universe, they write about their plans to further the scope of their power. 

That One Time He Didn’t See That Coming (Pietro x Reader request)

Sooooo @rose-dragomir requested a Bucky/Pietro reader fic aaand as much as I want to do a Bucky one, I’m gonna do Pietro, bcs I haven’t done a Pietro one before soooo yeah. ((Reminder: I take requests!))
PS I’m actually using the plot of the marvel novel “Everybody wants to rule the world” by Dan Abnett. Aaand I guess some spoilers for the novel. I’m also using that novel bcs Pietro is still alive there and there’s not much difference from the MCU avengers team. the novel avenger’s team is basically the original MCU avengers plus pietro and wanda and vision. Basically aou avengers so it’s perfect for this fic.
And I’m also gonna use italic for the exact lines from the novel.
And the nurse here is named Annie Fields cause I can.
Foreign translations (Not English): Солнышко: Translation: sunshine, pronounced: solnishko

Why does everybody want to rule the world?
“Size of that thing,” Quicksilver muttered.
He was referring to the massive warship of the stellar Kree Empire descending on earth.
Iron man banked the Quinjet and decelerated hard. Vector nozzles turned and fired.
“They’ll have seen us.” Said the Scarlet Witch.
“Even with stealth mode engaged, they’ll have us seen us from a hundred miles out,” replied Iron Man. “You know what? I no longer care.”
“Why aren’t they shooting us?” asked Widow. “Why no counter measures?”
(Y/n) shrugged, polishing her blades.
“Maybe they don’t want a fight,” replied Hawkeye.
“They’re going to be disappointed,” said Cap.
(Y/n) laughed one of her maniacal laughs, sheathing her sword in one swift gesture. “Oh, it’s gonna be a massacre down there.” Cap’s eyebrows raised. “Remember (Y/n), we’re stopping a war, not starting one,” scolded Steve. (Y/n) snorted, “We’re going to war to stop one. Funny thing if you ask me.” Tony smiled. “Remind me not to mess with your girlfriend.”
Pietro turned red, “She’s not my girlfriend.”
Tony pat his shoulders, “Never said it was you, buddy.” Pietro turned ever redder, along with (Y/n).
Cap opened the Quinjet’s deck hatch. Iron Man put the craft into steady VTOL hover and slaved the controlled remotely to his suit. They were in among trees, twenty feet above the forest floor and about six hundred yards away from the vast ship.
“Go!” cried Cap.
Thor led the way, followed by Iron Man, his boot jets firing. Quicksilver came out of the Quinjet like a shaft of blue light, a dazing trail that dropped to the ground and snaked between trees toward the ship.
“Thor? Vision? Get the door,” ordered Iron Man.
Synthetic human and Asgardian flew in side-by-side. Thor delivered a huge blow to the hull with Mjolnir, smashing a hole through it. He and Vision grabbed the edges of the puncture and hauled in opposite directions.
They tore the hull section wide open.
Pietro ran towards (Y/n) and lifted her up bridal style. “Wha- what?” she stammered, confused and embarrassed. “Don’t worry, Солнышко, it’ll be a smooth ride,” he reassured.
Iron Man flew straight in through the yawning gap, followed by Quicksilver with (Y/n), who had converted his acceleration into a flying leap. Cap stormed in a moment later, followed by Black Widow, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. Vision melted in through the hull, and Thor smashed yet another entry hull. (read: Which in my opinion is unnecessary, he could’ve used the old one but he’s Thor and he does what he does, I mean Dan Abnett got his character right at a spiritual level)  
Natasha shot a gun at a Kree warrior, missing it by inches. It was alien, a race of blue skinned humanoids. The Kree warrior at laughed her pity attempt and as (Y/n) unsheathed her sword and stabbed it from the back. She stood the facing the dazed Natasha over the warrior’s corpse. “Do me a favor,” (Y/n) said, pulling her sword back from the dead body, “Don’t miss.” She smiled a smile that Natasha returned. Natasha ran back, assisting Hawkeye. She looked back and faced another Kree warrior. This warrior is stronger, more masculine and armed than the last one. The Kree warrior’s mouth crooked into a savage smile. “Run,” he said in a deep voice. She lunged at the warrior two blades in her hands aimed for the warrior’s chest. The warrior jumped and his hands tied around her hands over the hilt of her sword, throwing her back. She landed on her knees (read: superhero landing!) and growled, “No, you run.” She stood up and kicked the warrior’s chest, her heightened senses helping her analyze to analyze his weaknesses. The kick didn’t do much, and it wasn’t meant to. It did it’s distracting job perfectly, making the warrior stagger back slightly. She jumped and readied her swords to his chest just before a blur light of blue and white pushed the warrior through the wall, killing him under the shattering burden. Her sword missed the blurred figure by seconds. “Pietro!” she screamed in frustration. The speedster smiled at her weakly. “What? I thought you were an avenger.”
“I am an avenger,” she snapped. Pietro laughed. “Then you should’ve seen that coming.”
That was it. That catchphrase could either melt (Y/n)’s heart or send it through raging flames.
Sending it through raging flames didn’t seem so bad in this day and age.
“Pietro, I could’ve killed you!” she said, fending off a much weaker Kree warrior. Pietro sped past her, stealing a kiss on her cheek before dodging a punch to a warrior who was aiming at her without her notice. “And you wouldn’t do that. You’re my best friend,” he pointed out, running through the crowd.  
“Stark!” (Y/n) shouted into her ear piece, fighting off as much Kree warriors as she can. She was crowded, and she’s trying her hardest not to fall apart. Even with her heightened senses, she could not hold back this many warriors. She needed somebody. “Stark, I need backup!” she exclaimed and let out a groan of pain as Kree warrior shot through her shoulder. “You’re on your own, kid,” Tony replied swiftly. “Tony. I. Need. Backup.” She rephrased word-by word, not mentioning her injured shoulder in fear of causing panic. Pietro started, “I can help-”
“No, Maximoff. Stay with your sister,” Steve ordered. A Kree warrior kicked her knee as she was sent down. She started seeing double, due to the loss of blood. “Please,” She whispered. The last thing she saw was the Hulk, barging through the walls of the immense starship.
She shot up the bed with a scream. A nurse hurried in the room, trying to calm down the startling (Y/n) on the bed. “Ms. (L/n), Please, calm down. Ms. (L/n)-” she struggled, trying to calm her down. (Y/n) grabbed the nurse by the collar and asked her fiercely, “Did we win?”
The nurse gathered herself together. (Y/n) read her name tag. It said, ‘Annie Fields’. “Did we win, Annie?” she repeated, adding her name. “You did, Ms. (L/n),” she said calmly. “You and the avengers.” Slowly and in shock, (Y/n) let Annie go to see a deserted room. Usually after she went on missions and got home hurt, people would crowd in the room, waiting for her to get up. But no one was there. Not even her best friend. Not even Pietro.
“Where’s everybody?” She asked silently. “Who’s everybody?” Annie asked softly. (Y/n) felt her eyes sting. She replied, “Nothing” and looked away. Does nobody really care about her? Was it because she asked for help? She’s an avenger after all, she should be growing up and taking care of herself. “Can I get up now?” She asked sternly. Annie’s eyes squinted. “Technically, you can, but it’s one AM and-”
“It’s fine,” said (Y/n). She gathered her stuff and left.
The avengers woke up to a pretty terrifying view. (Y/n) was sitting in the breakfast room with newspapers and reports of the Kree invasion, twirling a dagger between her fingers. Turns out, she has been unconscious for nearly a week. “Hey,” she greeted Tony with a crooked smile. “Hey…?” Tony replied awkwardly. His eyes were stuck on her shoulder, bandaged in a great deal of white fabric. “Look, (Y/n), I’m sorry, I should’ve sent back up and everything.”
“Hey,” she smiled. “It’s okay. I’m a big girl. I’m an avenger. I need to learn to take care of myself.”
Over the last few days, she grew more distant. Steve would greet her, and she would wave it off. Natasha would try to get her to go on a girls’ night out, but she would decline. The team also grew more distant from her. Being near an angry (Y/n) wasn’t really a good choice.
She punched the bag furiously. “I’m not angry,” she lied to herself. “I am not angry,” She said again, punching more violently.
“Keep telling yourself that.”
(Y/n) turned around to see a smirking Pietro at the door. “What are you doing here?” She snapped. Pietro arched an eyebrow. “This is a gym for the avengers. Am I not an avenger?” He asked. (Y/n) shrugged, pretending not to care. She sat down on the bench, and The speedster swiftly sat next to her. “What do you want?” (Y/n) groaned. “I just want to talk.” He said. He took a deep breath and said, “You’re angry.”
“Really, Pietro? I don’t want to talk right now.” She got off and walked away, but Pietro ran and blocked the exits. “Tell me.” He said softly.
“Tony. Steve. Everybody I guess? Including you. I guess I have to look for my own,” she sighed.
“You’re saying nobody cares about you.”
“I’m saying that nobody needs to.”
Pietro sighed and guided (Y/n) back to the training bench. “We’re a team,” he said, “We all need to care about each other.”
“Then why didn’t anyone respond to my distress?”
“We didn’t know you were hurt, (Y/n). I didn’t know you can even get hurt.”
(Y/n) grinned, “I’m that tough, huh?” Pietro smiled and hugged her triumphantly. He finally got her to smile again. “I love you,” said Pietro.
Everything went tense. Her body muscles, her gestures. Pietro didn’t know why he said it. It just slipped out.
“I’ll go,” she said, standing up. “W-what?” Pietro stuttered, blocking the way. “Don’t you return the feeling?” he continued. (Y/n) frowned. “I do. Pietro, I return the feeling. But we’re teammates. Our relationship is strictly professional, and it’s all that’s ever gonna be. I don’t need to get distracted again.”
“This is not distraction,” Pietro reasoned. “Please, Солнышко, at least give it a try.”
(Y/n) reached her hand out like she was about to punch him, but instead she pulled his collar down and kissed him sweetly. Pietro blushed, but soon recovered and kissed her back. She pulled away to see the red-cheeked Pietro. She grinned.
“You didn’t see that coming?”

Rule of Thumb Pt. 6

Requested: yes

TW: a shit ton of happiness, pregnancy 

Summary: Life in Lawerence proves to be amazing as Dean searches for a home.

Tags: @imurchild 



Originally posted by hunterchesters

There was a soft silence in the Winchester homestead. All the alphas and omegas were tucked away in bed, that is to say until Jess left the spare room she and her husband shared to go satisfy a bacon craving. A typically pleasant, savory scent flooded the house pulling the members up and out of bed. 

Dean lingered around the kitchen daring Jess to eat it all while he called Crowley. Crowley was a peculiar family friend and was holding the treasured Winchester lot until one presented themselves as ready to buy. 

Dean wrote down the time he and his little omega would go and scout it out. He  hung up and pulled up a chair. His nose crinkled happily at the new scent of his omega mixing into the kitchen. She offered a smile, joining his lap. 

“Got us that appointment.” He murmured, concern flickering his gaze as y/n hopped of his lap, running to the nearest bathroom. 

He was quick to his feet, following her just behind Mary. His mother held the girls hair away from her face as she retched into the toilet. “Sorry.” Y/n finally mumbled leaning away from the toilet, seeking the cool tile for comfort. 

“Don’t apologize baby.” Mary soothed pouring a small cup with mouthwash. “I’ll leave this right here for when you think you’re done.” 

Dean crouched beside his omega, kissing her forehead softly. “You want to stay in today?” 

Y/N shook her head, leaning against Dean. "No, I’ll be fine, it happened yesterday too. Today the smell just got me.” 

Mary grinned, digging around in her medicine cabinet. She pulled out a small box and sat it next to the mouthwash. “You might want to take one of these.” 

Dean felt his chest expand with pride as he peppered kisses all over Y/N’s head. “My pups. You could be having my pups.” 

A new sense of excitement rushed through the Winchesters. Everyone was on edge, nervously excited for the results. As the timer rang, Dean stood and silently walked toward the counter where the plastic test was balanced. His chest pounded, aching for a family. Two pink lines stared back at him, causing a smile to spread across his face. “We’re pregnant.” 

What followed was mass chaos in the home. Henry didn’t really understand, Mary was chewing Dean’s ear off for not be more attentive to your needs, John admittedly was crying, Sam had a wondrous grin on his face, and Jess, well, Jess had to burst the bubble so to speak by saying her water broke.

For the Winchesters, drama wasn’t unusual, but a new baby and impending baby was a lot for one day. Dean decided to keep the appointment with Crowley after Y/N’s morning sickness became too much due to the sterile hospital smell.

He already developed a stronger alpha presence. His hands never left her body, his teeth ready to bare and growl at anyone who so dared look at her longer than a second. Crowley was amused to say the least, but somewhere deep down he felt a fondness for Dean and happily filed the paper work.

Dean parked Baby outside of the bunker the family owned. Normally he would have been nervous, but he was too high on life to care. “Um, Dean?” 

His eyes flickered her way. “Yeah sweetheart?”

“Why the fuck does your family own a bunker?” 

At the sharpness of her tone and the way her eyes narrowed at the fact the Winchester property was under the fucking ground, he knew he had faulted. “I’ll explain inside.” Hoping she would just believe him.


AJ Styles/OC- Reader breaks a rule while waiting for AJ to come home from his meeting, but breaking the rules will lead to punishment.

Warnings: DADDY KINK(to the max), spanking, overstimulation, light choking i think thats it.

So quick note, this is my first time writing and I would love to hear some feedback as well if I should write something else. I don’t know if people want to be tagged in this but let me know if you want to be in the future. So yeah be nice please!

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Special Rule

Originally posted by marveltho

Summary: Reader has a friend over and they both have a difficult time keeping their laughter down

Pairings: Reader x Avengers

Warnings: Swearing (if this wasn’t me…)

Word Count: 540

A/N:  I don’t even know but like… same Kendell, same. - also this, tbh, goes out to that one friend I’ve had since forever, who’s birthday is today!

I laughed loudly, burying my face in a pillow as I attempted to muffle the sound. Kendall swung her leg over me and sat on my waist holding the pillow down onto my face as she giggled, “Shh! We’re going to wake the others! The forbidden rule has just been broken and if you don’t shut up they’ll find out!”

I laughed even louder; my laughter soon turning to squealing as Kendall continuously whacked me in the face with the pillow trying to get me to shut up.

The avengers were sleeping nearby and as a rule of thumb - which I’m sure they created after I, the youngest of them all, got here - we weren’t suppose to be excessively loud after 12pm because ‘some people were trying to sleep.’

It was currently 3am.

Yet they argued that they were cool. “Hip” even.

I mean, come on. Did they really expect everyone to just be silent after the clock struck twelve, as to not to disturb the ‘peace.’

Some people had a life and keeping quiet was not an idle part of it.

I tried to push Kendall off but she held on strong, never letting go of the pillow or loosing her grip on me.


In a flash, Kendall was thrown off me and onto the other side of the couch in my bedroom with a scream. I quickly sat up to see Bucky pinning her down and Steve standing over her.

“What the hell were you trying to do?! Huh?!”

“I will never let you kill our Y/N!”

I widened my eyes before standing up and hurrying to shove Steve away, “Dude, what the fuck! Leave her alone! That’s Kendall.”

Bucky frowned before sitting up slightly, but keeping Kendell pinned under him - as if she was some sort of threat, “What…?”

I sighed, “That’s Kendell.  My friend. Please stop.”

“Or don’t, you know… you could stay hovered over me like this. I kind of like it,” She propped herself up on one elbow and grinned - her blonde hair fanning out around her - , winking at a now very flustered Bucky.

“Ew Ken! They’re both like 100. Please don’t go there.”

She laughed and sat up as Bucky got up, dusting herself off lightly, “100 or not, that man is fine and I would let him fuck me anyday.”

Bucky coughed awkwardly as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, “Well now that we’ve made sure everything here is okay…”

“We’ll be off,” Steve finished.

“Or not?”

I raised a brow at Kendell, as the boys expressions practically mirroring my own, “What?”

She smirked and shrugged, “Or they could stay here with us. We could all have some good old fashion fun.”

I groaned and got up, pushing Steve and Bucky out the door, “Good night!”

We could hear their muffled laughter from outside the door as Kendell shouted, “I didn’t mean like that! I meant it in a totally non sexual, non flirty way.”

Shoving her lightly I made my way over to the bed and pulled back the covers, “Come on, idiot.”

After we had both settled into our respective sides of the bed, there was a loud knock at the door. “WHO’S BEING LOUD AND BREAKING THE SPECIAL RULE?!”

I rolled my eyes before yelling back loudly, “YOU, TONY. NOW GO TO BED. SOME PEOPLE HERE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP, YOU KNOW.”

Rule of Thumb Pt. 4

Requested: yes

TW: abo, alpha dean, angst, knotting, breeding kink, depression, alcohol

Summary: Life in Lawrence turns out to be great, especially when the Winchesters and their families are involved.  

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Dean smiled to himself as he watched Y/N frying bacon. He knew that he loved her when she freely offered herself up to fix him breakfast at three in the morning because he couldn’t sleep. She flipped the bacon over and swayed her hips ever so slightly. 

They had managed to survive her heat without ravaging each other, but damn he wanted to now because those shorts she was wearing shouldn’t count as shorts and her t shirt flirted with her deliciously thick, suffocating thighs. He licked his lips absentmindedly, approaching her from behind and letting his arms nestle around her hips. The warmth that emitted from the stove top and her body made Dean moan slightly. “Damn baby.” 

Y/N giggled and leaned her cheek back to nuzzle his stubble. “Be a doll and get me some paper rolls on a plate.” 

He saluted her playfully and obeyed. Heaving himself up on the counter, he watched her drain the grease from the bacon and place the pan in the sink. She  approached his thigh, resting between his legs, the plate balanced on a potholder covered palm. “Open up.” 

Dean’s lips eagerly wrapped around her little fingers sucking off the bacon grease and licked her salty skin. His plump lips were heavenly submissive and Y/N wanted to feel them for the rest of her life. "Perfect, not as good as my mom’s, but great nonetheless.” 

Y/N’s laugh filled up the kitchen, her head leaned back exposing her throat to Dean. “Mary is the best cook I’ve ever known.” 

Dean nodded pulling her tighter between his body. “Speaking of which,” he tore a piece of bacon and placing it in her mouth, “Sammy’s coming home this weekend and we’re all getting together.”

Y/N nodded and swallowed the bite around Dean’s finger. “I can find something to get up to while you’re there.” 

It was Dean’s turn to chuckle, his grizzly face bristling against her forehead. “No silly, you’re coming with us. It’s a family get together. You’re practically my mate and my parents love you.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude.” 

“Sweetheart, you’re family.”

Y/N paused for a moment and nodded cutely. “Will Seger be there?” 

Dean’s green eyes twinkled in the dimly lit kitchen and he gave her a soft pat on the head. “Of course. “

Early Saturday afternoon Dean opened the door to his impala and let Y/N out, holding his arm to her. She rolled her eyes playfully and slipped her arm through his, walking side by side up the path to the Winchester farm house. To Y/N, she felt like this had been her home. The sights and smells were nostalgic to say the least. 

The front door was open, the screen door separating the porch and the house. Mary’s pie trickled outside making Dean comically burst through the door, pulling Y/N behind him. “Cherry or apple?!” He called out, turning to enter the kitchen finding his mom sipping a glass of lemonade at the table. 

“Neither. Y/N mentioned she loved pecans so I whipped up one today.” Her soft eyes smiling at them both. 

“I’m not complaining but I requested cherry last week.” Dean opened the oven taking a peek, and Y/N tried to control herself at the sight of his firm ass. 

“Well Y/N calls me when she said she will.” Mary sassed getting up to hug the little omega. 

Y/N blushed nuzzling into Mary’s neck, her maternal mature was so satisfying it hurt. The soft blonde hairs brushed against her cheek and she giggled pulling away to grin at Mary. “There’s not much around for me to do besides work the front desk at the shop.” 

Dean wrapped his arms around the omegas luscious hips, his lips peppering  down her skin, smirking up at his mom. “Love my omega more than you love me.” He grumbled playfully.

Mary’s eyes widened excitedly, her hands covering her mouth, “seriously?”

“It’s not official or anything yet, we’re waiting until her next heat.” Dean explained rubbing his palms over her stomach. “But we just wanted you to know what is expected.”  

“Speaking of expecting, Jess has started to show. She and Sammy are out in the back with John.” 

Y/N looked over to Dean, slight nerves hitting her stomach at the thought of having to meet both Sam and Jess. From what she had heard, Sam was best lawyer in the state of Kansas and passed the bar exam at Stanford of all places at the top of his class. Jess was head curator at the art museum and traveled internationally to collect pieces. They were everything she and Dean weren’t. Both of them had attended and graduated college where as Y/N dropped out after her midterms in the fall semester and Dean had a GED with a can do attitude.  She couldn’t imagine any of the Winchesters being pretentious but law degrees and million dollar paintings suggested otherwise. 

“Why don’t you go on out Dean, help your dad and brother, I want to talk to Y/N for a minute.” 

Dean nodded his childish heart bouncing, ready to go see his little brother. Y/N lingered in the kitchen, waiting for Mary to make the first move. Mary motioned for her to sit down, and held her hand out to take. “Don’t be scared, love.” 

Y/N soothed at the feeling of Mary’s hands holding hers. “Dean is my baby, he’s always been my baby,” she paused. “He’s always taken to drinking, he gets it from John. I mean, I can drain a bottle but Dean is, my god like a damn sailor.” She heaved her hand dismissively. “But anyway, i’ve noticed he seems happier since you’ve shown up and now he just smiles and laughs.”

A soft  blush sprinkled her cheeks. “I love him.” 

"I know, which is why I gotta ask, what exactly do you get up to with him? We’re both adult alphas, let’s gossip.” 

“We haven’t done, I mean we’ve, fuck, we’ve done oral but we haven’t done anything else.” 

Mary nodded impressed at her son’s ability to actually respect this young woman. She kept quiet about all the times that Dean had slept with other girls so as not to hurt Y/N. “He really loves you. He told me last week.” 

“He says it every morning.” 

“I also heard about your last heat.” 

“Oh.” Y/N’s eyes flickered down to the table, it was one of those 1950s style ones that was red. Being shamed by another omega hurt, Y/N had been there before. 

A gentle finger titled her chin up to a pair of green eyes similar to the ones she loved. “I’m proud of you. You allowed yourself to trust an alpha again.” 

“Dean is an easy alpha to trust.” 

Mary stood, offering her hand to Y/N. The two omegas walked hand in hand out  to the back yard and field of the farm, the late spring sun kissing their skin in a way sure to leave freckles. “I don’t mean to sound like a mother in law, but I want grand kids, one isn’t enough.” 

Y/N let out a bubbly laugh that drew the attention of the other Winchesters. Seger bounded up to her, standing on his rear paws, his front pair on her shoulders. He swiped his tongue across her face as she scratched behind the goof of a dog. 

Dean watched from his spit next to Sam. Both men leaned against the split rail fence sipping on a bottleneck slowly. “Look at her Sammy.” 

“I know Dean. You did good.” Sam watched the full figured girl biting his lip, she was beautiful, a good fit for Dean. “She fits in, she belongs.” 

Jess held onto four year old Henry’s hand as she approached Y/N and Mary with a smile. “Nana, I picked you a flower!” He cheered smiling proudly as he shoved a dandelion her way. None of the grown ups had the heart to say it was nothing more than a weed when the child’s intentions were so pure. 

Mary took the dandelion and thanked him like it was the most precious flower in existence. “Thank you Henry, it’s beautiful!” She scooped him up in her arms and took him back inside to check on the pie leaving Jess and Y/N with Seger trotting behind.

Jess licked her lips and took Y/N in fully. “Damn, Dean wasn’t lying about you. You’re stunning, a perfect work of art.” An underlying beautiful  sexual tension was between the two girls and both shivered in it. 

"Thank you, but I’m not.” She faulted. “You though, shit, you and Sam are the relationship goals meme in real life.”

Jess tossed her golden curls back in laughter, pulling Y/N into a hug letting her small bump brush against the other omegas stomach. “So are you and Dean. The whole mechanic love story is endearing.” 

“I know nothing about cars except when something is wrong with my baby. I was a history major.” 

Jess’s interest was peaked. “How long did you have left?” 

“A year and a half.”

“You have an associates though?” 

"Yeah…” Y/N shifted from one foot to another, embarrassed to talk about her failures with such a scholarly person. 

“I typically don’t hire family, but you’re perfect. I need a new tour guide since stairs won’t be fun soon,” she motioned to her belly, “we’ll work out details later, though I want some quality time with my sister in law.” 

That night the Winchester’s sat outside at a picnic table, welcoming in the new members of their family with love. Jess and Sam were having a little girl which made Mary cry when they announced her name would be Marilyn. Dean clapped Sammy on the shoulder while Y/N offered the biggest hug she could give. 

As darkness fell, John brought out Dean’s guitar and handed it to his son. He offered his hand to Y/N and led her out into the yard to dance. “I had to steal you away, so much attention has been given to you from Sam and Jess I’ve hardly seen you.” 

“Your burgers were amazing, I know where Dean gets it from.” 

John let out a throaty chuckle, spinning her around. “You should take Jess up in her offer, work a few days there and then at the shop.” 

“So that’s what this was about?” She giggled. 

"And to say that we Winchester men have a thing about marrying our omegas.” 

“So I’ve noticed.” 

“I just wanted to test this out, you have to have a father daughter dance.” 

If asked later, every Winchester would deny that Y/N cried into John’s chest. They wouldn’t deny how Henry, despite his young age, ran to hug her leg as she and Dean were going to bed in the guest room upstairs while Sam, Jess, and Henry had the one downstairs. They also wouldn’t deny how they all got up once Henry was asleep and played blackjack while sipping the wine Jess brought back from Paris. 

And Sam wouldn’t deny that he was floored by the omega’s ability to connect American history and modern politics. Jess, she was overwhelmed by the girls love for Peruvian art. As the two younger couples laid in their separate bedrooms, thoughts danced in their heads of just how fun another omega would be in their lives, a willingness to share was overwhelming. 

Meanwhile, John and Mary smiled at each other in the dark, fingers tracing skin.   Content sighs leaving their lips because their baby boy Dean was happy. 

Rule Breakers

Originally posted by sanellycarmen

Pairing: Negan x daughter!Reader, Carl x Reader
Word count: 1,518
Warnings: Swearing

Part 4 of Gonna Marry That Boy

After the two of you pulled away from Carl’s, Negan went straight to meet the Saviors. He wasn’t even going to make you work this off. Worse. You were stuck, sitting around, listening to them bullshit. Until whenever they decided to get home to their women, or to head out drinking. They were like your weird extended family, and you liked most of them…but this was pure torture.

Finally, two hours in, you’d had enough. “I get it! Good fucking God, dad!” You whined.

Negan shot you a look. “Watch your fuckin’ language.” He told you, earning an eyeroll. “And I don’t think you do.”

Dwight smirked and shook his head. “You’re lucky you’re his daughter, and not mine.”

“I know.” You replied. “Because then I’d look like you.” Watching the annoyance roll across his face was so worth it.

“Hey. Respect your elders, young lady.” Dwight snapped.

“Excuse me?” There was no way in hell that you’d let that dipshit act like he was all high and mighty. “I give respect where respect is due. I fail to see how you’ve earned my respect.”

Negan chuckled, shaking his head. “That’s my girl.” He smirked, looking proud. “She’s right, Dwight. Just like I taught her. Respect is earned, not just fuckin’ given.” His gaze went to you. “You hungry, princess?”

“I’m bored. And I’m sure my clothes smell like old bikers now.” You pointed out.

“I’ll get one of the girls to give you a ride home. Before you gut Dwight over here.” He laughed, getting up.

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Baby Avengers 2 (Avengers x Reader)

(f/n)-First Name

(Picture not mine.)

It took you a whole twenty minutes to finally catch Loki. That was only because Tor had helped and thrown his little hammer at his legs. As you were about to cut off a finger or two, Thor stopped you with a small pout. “No hurt brover.” He said in his cute baby voice.

You sighed and threw the knife away. You did plop yourself in the middle of his back though. He wouldn’t be getting up because of the hammer, but a little extra weight wouldn’t hurt. “You mewling quim! Remove your weight from me this instant!” He ordered while moving his arms to try and throw you off. You pinned his arms to the ground and glared at the back of his head.

“Fix them and you can go.” You bargained. He took a deep breath and turned his face so that he could look at you out of the corner of his eyes.

“You know you are surprisingly strong for a mortal.” He commented. You rolled your eyes and glared at them.

“Whatever. Fix them. They can’t be babies for two weeks!” You could already feel your mind start to panic. You didn’t know the first thing about being a mom. Handling babies was really not a part of what Tony hired you for.

“I can’t. Once the spell has been cast, there’s no turning back. Good luck handling them now (f/n).” He disappeared from underneath you and you cursed lowly to yourself. Of course he still had his magic.

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Rule of Thumb

Requested: no

TW: abo, alpha dean, dubcon issues, use of alcohol, weed, sex, knotting, breeding kink, depression, body issues

Summary: Dean Winchester is satisfied in his life as a mechanic at the family shop, but that doesn’t mean Mary Winchester is happy her 37 year old alpha son is unmated. So she does what any mother would do, she medles. They’re used to the blind dates and hook ups until an omega shows up in town, an omega who has a rule of thumb not to trust alphas. 

Originally posted by dreamweightjensenacklesontopofme

It was raining heavily in the middle of the night. Mary Winchester didn’t mind, it was good for her plants, after all April showers did bring May flowers. The sound of the rain wasn’t what woke her up, it was the emergency phone for Winchester Automotive. She rolled over, smacking John across the face for him to get up and answer the phone. 

John grumbled, but answered the phone, his expression and tone softening when he heard the fear in the voice of the girl calling. “Okay sweetheart, I’ll be right out with a tow truck. Just wait in your car.” 

Mary got up to make a pot of coffee and call Dean to meet up with John at the shop. John kept a tow truck in the back field of the family farm for cases like this. He started the engine and drove to the Gas in Sip just off the interstate. 

He scanned the lot, quickly spotting the red Mustang. Pulling up beside the car, he got out, cautiously walking toward the driver’s side. His nose flared slightly as a gentle, omega scent filled his nostrils. No wonder she was so scared on the phone. John softened his expression and smiled as she got out timidly. 

Lavender. She smelt like lavender. “I’m John, we spoke on the phone.” 

“Y/N.” Her reply was soft. She had a slight edge and he couldn’t deny the sharp inhale she made when she smelt him. 

To Y/N, all alphas were the same. They built you up with promises they wouldn’t keep and would throw you out the minute you became an inconvenience. She gave him a quick once over, relaxing slightly at the gold band on his finger. At least he wouldn’t hurt her. 

“Well Y/N, you go on and get in the truck and out of the rain. We’ll go back to the shop and see what is what and then go from there.” 

His alpha tone was stern yet comforting. She knew not to think twice and did as he said. John Winchester seemed to know what was best, and right now that meant keeping her safe. 

On the other side of town, Dean Winchester thankfully had an excuse to leave the horrendous date he was on. The girl was sweet, really, but he was allergic to cats and he got the impression her’s were a top priority.  He paid for her drinks and grabbed his keys, going to open up the shop.  Winchester Automotive had a policy, a set of morals really, that they should be available 24/7, and he didn’t mind. Saving people kind of was in the job description. 

Dean opened up the shop, turning on the lights and getting the bay open and ready. They probably couldn’t fix it tonight, but he would try. He eased back into the front desk, propping his feet up on the desk. Seger, the shop guard dog, happily trotted over to lay his head in Dean’s lap. 

He hadn’t had his eyes closed long when the door bell went off. His green eyes fluttered open at the same time his nostrils twitched. A wave of calm crashed over him at the scent filling the shop. Dean looked up, a slow smile spreading across his face at the sight of his father and the small little omega beside him. 

“That’s my son, Dean. He doesn’t always sleep on the job.” John winked at Dean before going back into the bay. “She’s got a beautiful car, but I think the engine is shot.” 

Dean was still trying to recover from the high feeling of the unmated omega In front of him. “Oh?” 

Y/N didn’t know why she was blushing. This Dean guy was an alpha, a no go, but damn his black t shirt was incredibly tight. And his green eyes reflected the ceiling lights and gave the illusion of a twinkle. “Yeah” she finally sighed moving away from the strong scent of whiskey. “My baby just died on me, I mean I know she was having some trouble but, she just died.” 

Dean stood up, earning a whine from Seger. He walked over to join your side watching John under the hood. Seger whined and followed after a Dean, tilting his head slightly. He nudged at the back of Y/N’s legs. “Sorry.” Dean quickly apologized going to pull the German Shepard away from the girl, but she shook her head. 

“Hey there buddy.” Y/N momentarily forgot about the overpowering scent of alpha. She got down on her knees, becoming eye level with the dog. “You’re a good boy aren’t ya?” The cooing was too much for Dean to handle. 

“His name is Seger.” 

Y/N’s eyes sparkled slightly, looking up at Dean. “Nice taste.” 

John kept his smile to himself and put the hood back down. “I’ve got good news and bad news.” He wiped his hands on a towel and leaned against a tool bench. 

“Bad news first please.” It was hard for Y/N to distract herself from the dog, but she managed to pull it together. 

“Your engine is shot.” John said simply. For Dean, the strange feeling of happiness at the news was concerning. 

“Where’s the good? I’m a broke, college dropout.” And there was the cynicism. The thoughts were starting to creep in, all the ways these two alphas could ruin her. They would take her car, she was going to be in so much debt she would have no life meaning. 

The two Winchesters exchanged a soft glance. There was a story behind you, no one really just drifts through Kansas for kicks. “There is good darling. We can get the part in tomorrow and have you out of here by the end of the week.” 

Y/N awkwardly shifted her legs as she mulled it over. She wasn’t going anywhere specifically, that wouldn’t be an issue. Money was the issue. Her savings was running short and there was no chance in hell of her asking her parents for help. Running a hand through her slightly greasy hair, she bit her lip. “Do you guys take credit cards?” 

John opened his mouth to answer simply, but Dean was getting anxious. There was a pretty girl with a nice car who loved his dog standing right beside him. “As a matter of fact we do.” His charming personality made it difficult to resist smiling. He stretched his arm around Y/N’s shoulder, noticing a slight agitation but no protest. “And for pretty girls in mustangs we’ll just charge you for the part.” 

If John wanted to give him hell he could, but right now Dean just wanted the pretty girl who smelled like lavender to be smiling. And she did. “I, that’s not fair of you. I’ve already dragged you out of bed at” she glanced up to the clock on the wall “1:35 in the middle of the night. I can’t ask you for that.” 

John shook his head. “You didn’t. We offered.” Alphas and chivalry was not a cocktail Y/N knew well. 

“What’s that thing Sammy does?” Dean clicked his fingers in thought. “Quid pro quo?” 

Y/N squeaked out a sigh, the last bit of youthful innocence that remained in her urged her to hug them, but she could only muster up a relaxed shoulder shrug. “Thank you.” 

Dean gave her shoulder a squeeze, reminding her of his presence there. “Mom up?” His eyes scanned John’s face. “We can lock up and take her home.” A flirtatious grin stretched across his face. “Unless you want to come to my place.” 

Y/N tried not to give into the charm and instead focused in on the trunk of her car. “The cops don’t have to get involved do they?” 

The two alphas shook their heads, suspicion running through them. “No, why?”

“Um, I, no reason.” An embarrassing laugh echoed through the shop. 

“Damn aren’t you sketchy?” Dean laughed.

John rolled his eyes and went to go lock up. “Seger’ll keep a watch out for your baby. Mind if we ride with you Dean, I assume you want to stay the night.”

Dean nodded leading Y/N out toward a “67 Chevy Impala?” His eye brows quirked up in admiration. 

“You have your baby, I have mine.” 

The cozy feeling from earlier was slowly fading. Fear took control again as she realized she was going to be left alone in a car with not one, but two alphas. Y/N fell silent, and remained silent until they arrived at a charming farmhouse with the front lights on. 

They were met at the door by a gentle looking blonde who reached out and pulled Y/N into the house. “How do you take your coffee?” The house smelled…homey. Mrs. Winchester, at least that’s who Y/N assumed she was, had a faint scent of sugar and caused Y/N to relax ever so slightly. An omega was a comfort. 

“I’m fine, thank you though Mrs. Winchester.” Y/N didn’t keep much from her parents, but she kept her manners. 

Mary shook her head, giving Y/N a pat on the arm, “nonsense. You’re still damp from the rain, go on into the living room and I’ll bring you something to eat.” Her smile was so achingly maternal Y/N had to fight the fondness. She was going to be in for a long night. 

Breaking The Rules

Note: I’m so sad that Daveed is leaving today, but all good things must come to an end, right? Enjoy this imagine with my fav. <3

Request: Could you do a Daveed x reader one where Daveed is caught by the reader who works at a fast food restaurant putting soda in a water glass? I know that’s super random but I think it would be hilarious reading about him getting super awkward and the reader feeling bad but still being kinda ticked off. Like maybe Daveed tries to flirt himself out of it and the reader is trying to be professional but secretly being really into it? - @thatdepends-whosasking

Word Count: 757+

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warning: Language

Originally posted by poee-dameron

You hated your job. You hated it with every fiber of your being. You could have chosen to work at a retail store, why didn’t you? Because you were stupid and had chosen to work at a fucking fast food restaurant.

The only good thing about the job was that it was abandoned for most of the day. You had a few people trickle in for lunch and breakfast, so most of the day you just stood at the cash register, doing nothing.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. You looked up to see an extremely attractive guy with big curly hair, a handsome face, and a bit of facial hair. He wore a tank top to reveal his lean, well-built figure. You snapped your eyes away from him, not wanting to let him know you were checking him out.

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­­Summary: You are Oliver’s younger sister and you are in a secret relationship with Leonard Snart.

Word Count: 569

Warnings: none

Gender-neutral Reader!

Check my bio for the inbox status.Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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Kayla’s 10k Follower Celebration Challenge

So to celebrate my 10k followers, I decided to go a challenge! 

A lot of people participated in my Hiatus challenge, but this one will be a little different. Down below you fill find a whole bunch of prompts- full of different reasons to celebrate, and milestones. Some are focused on relationships, other are not. I wanted to mix it around a little.

Keep reading to find out more! ;)

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At the Gala

Summary: You and Leonard meet at a gala

Word Count: 394

Warnings: none

Female Reader!

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I’ll make a page for this in a bit, but just things to keep in mind before you request!

  • NSFW is more than allowed!
  • Parts 1-4 only! At least until I finish part 5

  • There’s a limit of 5 characters per request for headcanons, and 3 for drabbles.

  • Be specific! Otherwise the requests might end up generic or I may not even be able to do it.

  • It’s fine if you don’t specifically state that you want a male or female insert in the request. In that case I’ll write your request as gender neutral!