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Five hours with him (fifth hour)

Part 4 | Part 5 | Finale (soon)

- So… you knew? - he asked once we were on our seats again.

-Uh, yeah. Since the first minute.

- How?

- I told you. I have seen Gossip Girl. And my friend works on Marvel Studios. I’ve been on the offices thousands of times.

- Have you ever seen me there?

- Not really…

- Oh, well…

- So, I guess I won.

- Yeah. Now I have to do whatever you want, so…

- I want you to tell me what you were going to make me do.

- I was going to ask you on a date. - he blushed.

- Great. That we’ll do.

- Really?

- Yeah, why not?

- G-great… Where?

- I’ve never been to Boston – I shrugged.

- Uh… I may know a place. And I can ask Chris.

- Okay. Give me your phone. - he did so, and I noted my number on it. - Once you know, send the direction to me and we can schedule.

- Okay. By the way… - he gave me my phone back.

- Oh, yes! I forgot about it.

He smiled, and took my hand, stroking it.

- I can’t believe you were playing with me all this time. Why did you do that?

I shrugged.

- You always seemed nice and I thought if you knew I knew you’d just go away. Plus, don’t tell me it hasn’t been a great trip.

- The best one – he smiled.

I smiled back, and started playing with his fingers.

- How long are you going to be in Boston? - he asked.

- A month… and you?

- Just until Wednesday.

- Well, we can catch up back in New York…

- I don’t know, babe. I have filmings, and stuff like that.

- Oh, right…

- I’d stay with you, but…

- Hey, don’t worry. We’re not even a couple. Let’s see how it goes on that date, and we’ll figure out how to keep going.

- Alright… - he said, stroking my cheek, and getting closer, to kiss me. But I moved my head and he ended up kissing my cheek. - What’s up?

- There’s a guy over there looking at us – I whispered, pointing at him with my head. - I’m not sure if he’s a pap or a fan, but it’s bad in both ways.

He nodded, looking at me.

- Do you want to move seats?

- No… There’s only half an hour left.

- I have only half an hour left till I see you again?

- Yes… You better take the most out of it.

- I wish I could, but I think it’s illegal to do what I want to do here – he said, winking at me.

- Sebastian! - I said, blushing.

He laughed, and stroke my hand. - It’s just a joke, sweetheart.

- I know, I know…

- Plus, you’ve done it in worse places.

- Can you forget the castle thing for good, please?

- Okay, okay… Is somebody coming for you? At the station, I mean.

- My brother-in-law.

- Josh?

I smiled. - Yes. Is Chris coming for you?

- No. He doesn’t know I’m coming. It’s a surprise.

- How are you heading to his house then?

- I’ll get a cab. Or rent a car.

- Don’t be a dickhead. We’ll drive you there.

- I don’t want to bother, doll.

- You won’t.

- Y/N…

- I’m being serious.

- Okay, okay. But don’t get mad at me, sweetie.

- I’m not mad… I’m just tired. It’s been a long journey.

- Do you want to sleep?

I shook my head.

- I’ll wake you up when we arrive. Have some rest, baby girl.

- Okay…

I placed my head in his chest, closing my eyes. I felt his arm around my body, stroking my arm, and his chin being placed on the top of my head. I was happy. I smiled, and pulled myself closer to him. After a few minutes, I fell asleep.

I felt my body being shaken, and woke up.

- Wha-what’s up? - I asked.

- We’re arriving. It’s the next stop. - I pouted. - What’s wrong?

- Nothing… I was… having a good dream.

- I was there, wasn’t I?

- Nope. But Chris was. - He groaned. - I was kidding.

- Well, stop.

- Okay, sorry. - I said, kissing him.

He smiled, and stood up. I did the same.

- Be careful when the train stops, doll. You may fall.

- Thank you, dear Sebastian, for trusting me.

- You’re welcome, sweetie. Do you want me to take your suitcase?

- Please.

He took our luggages, and we waited until the train finally stopped. I took his hand, and we got out of the train.

- I can’t believe I’m out of there. I’m seriously thinking about going back by plane. - He looked at me as if I had said some crazy shit. - What?

- Nothing, honey, nothing.

– Come on. - I said, dragging him out of the station. - Let’s look for Josh.

- Baby, I can really get a cab, I don’t-

I turned back, looking in his eyes.

- You’re coming with me. End.

He sighed. - Okay, okay…

I looked to all the people on the streets, looking for my brother-in-law. When I couldn’t find him, I decided to get on top of a bench in the street, to see if I could find him in that way.

- Doll? What the heck are you doing? - asked Sebastian.

- I can’t find Josh!

- Maybe he hasn’t arrived yet. The train arrived ten minutes late, who knows…

- Sebby, you ain’t helping.

- Come on, get down.

- Not until I find him.

- Sweetheart, you’re gonna hurt yourself.

- I won’t.

- Y/N!? - I heard, on my back.

- Joshua!?

I finally saw his blonde hair, coming right were I was.

- What the fuck are you doing up there? - asked he, taking me by the waist and putting me down.

- Trying to find you! - I hugged him. - Hello.

- Hello – he said, hugging me back.

We split, and I looked at Seb. I took him by his wrist and dragged him closer to me.

- Josh, this is Seb. I met him on the train. Well, kinda. Can we drive him to his friends’ house?

Josh looked at Sebastian, who was all blushed and shy. - Sure, no problem. Where does he live?

Sebastian gave him Chris’ adress, and we went to the car.

We put our luggage on the trunk, and I sit in the backseats with Sebastian. Josh, who was driving, asked me about the journey.

- Well, it was funny – I said, smiling to Seb. - How is May?

- Like if she was gonna blow up at any moment. And, she’s pissed off. Your mother won’t come after all.

- No? She didn’t tell me anything.

I felt Sebastian’s hand on my leg, stroking it, and I put my own hand on top of his.

- Looks like your father can’t drive after at least one month more. And you know, they won’t catch a plane. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Sebastian laughed, and I looked at him, mad.

- Can you two stop making fun of me? They scare the shit out of me, alright?

- It’s okay, sweetie – said Sebastian.

I pushed myself back, to the seat’s back, and crossed my arms, angry. Sebastian, in response, kissed my forehead.

A few minutes later, we arrived to Chris’ house. I got off the car with Sebastian, and we took his suitcase off the trunk. He looked at me, smiling.

- What’s it?

- I can’t stop thinking about the next time I will see you.

- You haven’t stopped seeing me yet.

- I know. - he said. He left his suitcase on the ground, took me by the waist and kissed me. I kissed him back, and he pushed me agaisnt the car. When we split up, I was lacking air.

- Wow… - I whispered. He laughed.

- I gotta go. I’ll call you later, okay?

- Okay. Say hi to Chris for me.

- I won’t.

- I know. It was worth the try. - I kissed him one last time, and went back to the car, sitting this time on the passengers sit.

Josh and I waited until he get onto the building to leave.

- I thought you met him on the train.

- I did. But five hours can make a lot. - I said, smiling, and looking to my hand, where the old ring used to be.

I had a new opportunity with a great guy, and this one, won’t blow up on my face.

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Another mini comic from @smallpersiankitten‘s Papyrus/Reader fic, Must Love Animals~ <3

:D Finally I have enough breathing room to draw another piece for my favorite Papyrus/Reader fic!

That’s how I picture Tim, 100% of the story xD There wasn’t much to go on, but my brain was like, “This is Tim. Lori is heavier than him, but this is Tim.”

side note: Hope you like the little fursona easter egg I added at the final panel 

buzzfeed: instead of buying a 3$ bottle of bug spray, mix lemon juice and these essential oils in some water and spray it on yourself!

does anyone who works at that company do research before posting ANYTHING like jesus christ some essential oils can cause chemical burns when exposed to heat (i.e. sitting around a campfire, being out in the sun) and same with lemon juice?? also most essentially oils they listed are toxic to both cats and dogs (as well as other animals I’m sure) so like??? good job buzzfeed! trying to hurt your readers AND their animals this time! nice!

anyways I wish buzzfeed would screen their content before posting it

  • Me: Oh coochie coochie coo, waneenee. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy, c'mere my smol baby. Awe look at those eyes and those cheeks, such strong teeth. You're a really beautiful color, did you know.
  • Crocodile: *stares intently at me*
Little Do You Know: 1

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader

Story SummarySoulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay?

Warnings: Addiction, language, brief sexual content, drugs, emotional abuse, Bud being a fucking perv as usual and making women feel uncomfortable

A/N: Hi guys! I hope you all enjoy the first part of this, I know its a little slow, but i promise part 2 will have more TJ in it. Shout out to the glorious @plumfondler , without her, this would probably just be another unfinished story in my drafts. If you like it, let me know! I’m currently working on part 2.

You’re fine. You’re fine. You don’t need it.

His voice was something you’d grown used to over the past 5 years.

Maybe just a little bump. Just a little one.

Your soul-mate had an issue with drugs, one that he was trying to overcome, and you’d always get caught in his inner battle to stay sober.

You wished this worked both ways, that you could talk him down from it, it seemed like the only time he could hear you is when he was high.

That, or he was just very good at ignoring you.

It’s going to be okay. You don’t need it. Just breathe.’ You thought, closing your eyes and concentrating, as if doing that would make your message more clear to him, but his voice rang through your mind again.

I need it.’

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Guys My Age

Part 1

Summary: A fed up reader finds some comfort in a new… friend

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

RatingR ( suggestive material)( age gap?)(alcohol)

Listen to Guys My Age by Hey Violet for full effect

Originally posted by dolorioushaze

Different night. Different bar. Same bullshit, childish excuse from your various dates. This was the third night in a week that you’d been blown off, and you’d had enough. You sat alone in your favorite little black dress at a dimly lit bar, scowling as you scanned the restaurant goers. Tossing back a rum and coke, you hardly even noticed that someone had joined you at the bar.

“Hey, are you alright, miss?”

A gentle voice chimed beside you. Snapping you out of your fog of anger and disappointment, you turned to face the inquiring stranger. Your breath hitched in your chest as you took in his appearance; piercing blue eyes, sharp features, stubble pricking over his jaw, plump lips and an impressive physique clad in a dark suit.

“ Yeah, I’m doing okay. Thanks.”

Your words were just above a whisper, and the man had to lean closer in order to hear them. He smiled softly, gaze meeting yours.

“ Okay then. Well, do you mind if I join you…”

“ Y/N.” You piped up. “ My name is Y/N. And not at all. You’re more than welcome to join me. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

A grin spread across his rosey lips.

“ I’m Sebastian, and it’s very nice to meet you, Y/N. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s a pretty girl like you doing alone on a Friday night?”

Pink rose to your cheeks at his compliment, and you cleared your throat as he ordered a drink.

“ Got ditched by a date. I’ve been trying the whole online dating thing, and I’ve come to a conclusion…”

He quirked an inquiring brow at you from across the top of his glass.

“ Guys my age… suck!”

Sebastian snorted, almost shooting his gin and tonic through his nose. You laughed at this, and he joined after he finished his drink.

“ I mean, who knew that 25 year old guys still act like high school boys?” You continued, “They don’t pick up the tab, they don’t hold open doors or tell you that you like nice… and don’t even get me started on ‘em in the bedroom.”

Sebastian laughed as you giggled, hiding your blush behind a glass.

“ I’m very sorry that you got stood up tonight, Y/N. That fella is really missing out, if it’s any reassurance.”

His voice was low and raspy, and as you looked at him, you noticed that his baby blue eyes had darkened. Taking your bottom lip between your teeth, you asked,

“ What makes you say that? I’m just an average girl.”

Sebastian chuckled at this, smiling and shaking his head.

“Y/N, there’s not an average thing about you.”

His eyes traveled up your body, tracing every curve until his gaze met yours once again. You could not longer hid the color rising in your cheeks. Butterflies flapped wildly in your ribcage.

“ You’re absolutely beautiful. Cunning. Smart. Funny. If I had it my way, I’d like to show you off to all the boys who passed up the opportunity to know you. Show ‘em what they’re missing.”

You shivered as he place his hand on your thigh, gripping gently at the flesh. Your heart was beating so loud you were sure that the entire bar could hear it’s rhythm.

“ W-what are you suggesting, Sebastian?”

Your words were breathless, lips quivering as he smirked at you. He leaned in and whispered,

“ How ‘bout I show you what you’ve been missing with an older man? A real man?”

He placed a soft kiss on your neck, raising goosebumps when he sat back, a smug grin playing on his lips. Your heart fluttered. This was an offer you simply could not refuse.

S A V I O R (B. Barnes x Reader)

Word count: 2688

Warnings: Kissing, some Russian and this is shit, but whatever.

Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight car
Тоска, проржавевший, семнадцать, Рассвет, печи, девять, доброкачественная, встреча выпускников/корпоративы, один, грузовых автомобилей

My hands sting and I can already feel the bruises beginning to form.
I sit to catch my breath, in the deafening silence I hear a drop of my blood hit the scuffed wooden floor.

Looking back, not wrapping my hands was a bad idea.

I get onto my feet and hook another bag up. This time, being careful to wash and wrap my hands.
Letting out years of pent up anger felt good after a long day of dealing with idiotic people.

“You should probably take care of that first.” Steve comments just as I knock the bag off its chain, accidentally spilling sand across the floor.
“If it isn’t the star-spangled man with a plan, why are you here? What do you want?”
“I don’t want anything -” he says obviously finding humour in his joke. My patience is running thin and I shoot him a glare.
He clears his throat, regaining his composure. “Fury wanted to see you.”
“Fury? Nick Fury, the one that relieved me of my title as field agent?-” Steve tries to cut me off
“-All because yours truly made one little mistake-”
“You almost got us killed.” He cuts in
“But I didn’t! I came in and saved your ass, again!”
“You wouldn’t have had to save us if you stuck to the orders!”
“It was my brother! What would you have done! I fixed my mistake, but Fury didn’t give me my second chance, why should I give him his?”
“Y/N I-” he sighs “I need your help.”
I shoot him a questioning look. “My silence is your cue.”
“Do you remember Bucky?”
“Bucky. Barnes?…The Winter Soldier? Yeah, why?”
“S.H.E.I.L.D wants to recruit him”
“Why? He tried to kill us. You were his mission-”
“I was his friend.”
“Steve, Bucky was your friend, the Winter Soldier, he’s your enemy. You can’t save him. He’s long gone. And he tried to kill us.”
“He remembers.” Steve argues “H-he’s still the Bucky I used to know, deep down.” He clears his throat again.
“Fury said that if you brought him back successfully-and alive- he’ll give you your job back.”
“Fine, but I’m doing this for me, and only me, not for you or your issues with your broken boyfriend.” Steve barely contained his excitement as we walk to the jet waiting outside. After a short flight to Stark tower and many questioning glances, we’re sat around a table discussing the terms of the mission.

“There are tracking devices in all the weapons in case you decide to go rogue.”
“Stark, I take my job very seriously.”
“Don’t flatter yourself, it’s just a precaution.”
I glance over the weapons layed out in front on me and pick a few, stuffing them in my duffle bag. I pause when I see an unfamiliar weapon. “Hey, Stark, what’s this?”
“Turn it away from you, press the green button, it vaporizes whatever its aimed at.” He demonstrated on a vase sitting on the table and it turned to a pile of ash.
“Woah. That’s awesome!”
“Thank you.”
“Tony, if only you were as big as your ego, maybe you’d be able to reach the top shelf.” Although he was a few inches taller than me I still liked to tease him about his height compared to the others.

I sat back down looking over the Winter Soldier’s case file once again, taking in all the details, adding them to what I already know. In his military picture he looks young, determined, sweet, definitely handsome, probably a ladies man with his hair neatly cut and gelled.
In the other two he looked different. There’s one of him in cryo. Even in his frozen state you can still make out the crease in his brow, he looks like he’s… in pain. The one of him in action, a majority of his face is covered by a black mask, his hair long and messy. His metal arm stood out against his black uniform. The vibranium caught the sun and made the red star stand out even more. The way I recognized him best, as the Winter Soldier.

“What?” I say snapping out of my stupor

“You spaced out, it’s time for us to leave, you’re headed to Shelbyville, Indiana, that’s where the target was seen last.”

“He’s not a target.” Steve yelled from down the hall, slamming the door.

“Actually, Sam? Wilson, right? Alright bird-boy. I say we head to Washington. I was thinking metal-man grew up in Indiana, maybe he went looking for answers he couldn’t find. If you’re a fossil who doesn’t know how to properly use a computer, where would you go to search for the past?”

“The Smithsonian.” Bruce chimed in when we walked past him lab. I shot him a smile, seeing as he was the only one who sided with me when I almost got them killed, he’s one of my favorites. Him and Natasha that is. Agent Romanoff was always one of my favourites.
“Exactly, there’s a big plaque dedicated to Barnes there. I say we check it out. I don’t think Barnes would stay in one place too long, he knows he’s wanted.”
“You really think he’s there?”
“Wilson, I’m a spy, its my job to know where people are.” I send over my shoulder on my way into the quinjet. I’m met with a light chuckle from Mr. Patriotism himself. “What’re you laughing at?”
“You know, you’re quite funny, agent Y/L/N.” I’m slightly startled by the title, not being used to it anymore. Does he just have that much faith that I’ll succeed? Although, I’ve only failed one or two missions. “Alright Rogers, we’ve got three hours on the jet, try to behave.”

Three hours later I’m dropped off at one of Stark’s safe houses a few blocks from the Smithsonian.
“Call when you’ve got him, we’ll send a jet. And Y/N, please, don’t hurt him unless you absolutely need to.” A quick nod and a small smile from the Captain is my parting, from here I’m on my own. I head into the small rundown house, it’s bigger on the inside, cleaner and brighter too. There’s a bed to one side and a bathroom on the other.

“There’s no place like home.”

I drop my duffle and slip a gun into the waistband of my pants. I also grab a knife and slip it into the holster in my jacket, you can’t be too careful.

I decide to take the small ‘getaway’ car in the garage. Its not as great as Steve’s bug though.

The first few days go by with no sign of the infamous soldier. I’m caught off guard to finally see the one and only sporting a baseball cap, jeans and a sweatshirt. He has gloves on too, it seems. Its not too cold, it’s only late October, he’s most likely trying to hide the metal that could set civilians into a panic and most certainly give him away. He’s standing near the plaque dedicated to the one James Barnes of the 107th.

I stand and observe him for a little while. He reads the words over and over again. Its a good ten minutes before I finally walk over, careful not to startle him. I stand next to him and read the plaque for myself.
“Bucky seems like he was a great person, definitely someone you’d want to befriend.” He seems caught off guard by my words and he takes a second to comprehend my sentence.
“Yeah I bet he was a great person.” He says. “Was.” He says. I don’t comment on it because I know I wasn’t supposed to hear it. After another few minutes of silence I start again.

“You know, Steve really misses you.” His head shoots up and his eyes are dark and guarded. He recognized the name.

“He remembers.” Steve’s words play over in my head.

“Who sent you?” He questions obviously ready for a fight.
“S.H.E.I.L.D.” the look on his face tells me he doesn’t believe me.
“They want to recruit you.” No response.
“Bucky-” recognition crosses his features, but is gone almost immediately and his eyes soften, barely. He looked like he was thinking hard, remembering.
“-Steve wants you back, he wants you to remember and I can help.” I show him my S.H.E.I.L.D badge for proof
“Let’s go because that guard hasn’t stopped watching you since you came in.” We head towards the street making our way to my car.
A tall man blocks our way. I pull out a gun and shoot. I clip his shoulder and he gets my leg, I collapse, but shoot again, this time its a head shot. The car’s gone and I can’t walk.
“How’d you get those through security?”
“Same way you got your arm through. Can you carry me, I can’t walk.” He picks me up as if I weighed nothing while I made a makeshift tourniquet.
I call Steve and then Romanoff and Banner, but none of them answer. He sets me down in a chair when we reach the safe house.
“Well, Earth’s mightiest heroes aren’t answering, I guess we’ll spend the night here. I’ll take first watch. You rest.” He hesitates, obviously not trusting me.
“If Steve trusts me, you can too. I promise.” He gets up and heads towards the bathroom. I hear the water start to run. I decide to make something light to eat for us, assuming he hasn’t had much lately. I hear the door click open.
“Hey, I made us dinner-” he standing in the doorway with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “I uhm, left my clothes.”
I hand him his clothes and try to keep my gaze from wandering. The door clicks shut again and I let out a breath I hadn’t known I was holding in. I sit on the bed and begin eating my sandwich. Bucky comes out, fully clothed with his hair neatly combed. I hand him his plate.
“You know, if there’s anything you want to know about yourself, I could try to answer, the basics at least. You’ll have to ask Rogers on the rest.”
“You know, that wasn’t me. None of it was me, I killed… So many people b-but, it wasn’t me.”
“I know Bucky.” I say taking his plate as he lays down.

He tosses and turns for hours. And when his breathing finally evens out I’m relieved to know he’s at least resting. I know what torture can do to a person. He sleeps for about an hour before he wakes up, immediately on guard. He wraps his metal hand around my throat
“Кто тебя послал?” Who sent you?
I’ve never been caught like this before, I could get out easily, but that would only make him more nervous,
“Bucky.” I choke out. “Its me, no one sent me.” His eyes soften and he drops me.
“I’m so sorry.” He says softly, glancing at the forming bruises.
“Its okay, I have them too, you know.” He looks surprised,
“You do?”
“Mm.” He looks at me for another second before going and sitting on the bed. He mutters quietly in Russian, but I can’t make out the words. I sidestep my bag and go to the sink.
“Drink.” I say handing him the glass. “What were you just mumbling?”
“Пытки равна прочности.”
“Torture equals strength.” We say together.
“ It was written on every surface back at Hydra.” I sit on the bed next to him, a bit closer than necessary.
“Все это будет нормально.” It’ll all be okay
He looks up at me and for the first time I see the ghost of a smile grace his features.
My phone rings interrupting our conversation.
“I’m sorry, we had a mission, I’ll come out to pick you up now.”

Thanks Clint, see you soon.“

"Katniss will be here soon, just throw your stuff in my duffle, I got it.” He does as he’s told, obviously confused, and goes back to his spot on the bed. It kind of set me off that he was trusting me. I knew well enough that it was an act. That he would try something. It was almost too easy.


Bucky became my new partner on all my missions and he’s remembering more and more.
With the help of Steve of course.
Its been about 2 years. I’ll fill you in on the details.

I was right, when Clint came, Bucky tried to escape. To kill us. He didn’t succeed. He was locked up for a while, with only minimal visits from me or from Steve. Steve helped him to remember, I was like a therapist. Maybe it was because I didn’t remind him, maybe because I was, in a sense, a stranger, but nevertheless, we grew closer. Eventually, I got Fury to agree to let Barnes roam, with me as an escort. Once he was stable enough, he began training, which, in my opinion, he didn’t need. And then he was recruited.

“Hey, Buck, we gotta go, we’re on our way to Vegas, remember?”
Finally, a mission in a nice place. We drop down and check into a nice hotel, that’s a new one. There’s a Hydra base under one of the abandoned casinos in town and its our job to take it down.


“Hey Buck, we’re in Vegas, we should do something fun.”
I say as we walk away from the burning building, cliché am I right?

“Why don’t we go back to the hotel and order room service? Watch a few movies, I’m still not caught up with the 21st century.” I laugh and nod my head in agreement.
I collapse on the bed and bury my face in the pillow.
“Are you tired, Мой ангел?”
I feel a rush of warmth at the name. Did he just call me his angel?
“No, just getting comfy.” I reply, my voice muffled my the pillow.
“I can make you comfy.” He says climbing in beside me and pulling me to him. He trails kisses up my neck to my jaw. I turn over to face him and give him a puzzled look. I’m not denying my feelings, everyone knew they were there, we’ve just never… confronted it, or even talked about it. And he’s never this carefree.

He smiles and captures my lips with his, a soft, yet hungry kiss, like he’d been waiting to do it. He wanted me just as badly as I wanted him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he instinctively put his hands on either side of my head to hold himself up. I tuck my hand up under his shirt and he pulls away only long enough my me to slip his shirt off and throw it across the room. I trace the skin where the metal meets, its still red, but not as bad as when I caught him watching his own reflection. As if he were a monster, a few weeks after I brought him to S.H.E.I.L.D. he slipped my shirt up over my head and trailed kisses down my neck, to my chest and onto my stomach, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. He brings his mouth back up to mine and his tongue skims my bottom lip. The moment ends when my phone rings insanely loudly. Bucky curses under his breath.
“What?” I snap at the person on the other line.
“Did I interrupt?” Comes the snarky voice of Tony on the other end.
“Why are you calling, Stark?”
“I sent Natasha to come get you guys, she’ll be there in a few hours.”
I end the call without a goodbye and look to the soldier piercing me with his blue eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He just chuckles and places a light kiss to my forehead.
“We’d better get dressed.” He muses a playful smirk on his face.
“To be continued, Кукла.”


Little Do You Know: 2

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader 

Story Summary: Soulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay? 

Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, mentions of suicide, mentions of drugs, i think that’s it.

A/N:`I hope you all enjoy this part, though it is a bit of a slow burn. I’m pretty happy with how these first two parts have turned out, so if you guys like this, maybe I’ll work on a third part. (:

I have to go.”

As you moved out of his hold, one of the tears you’d been harboring slipping out, falling down your cheek as you turned towards the exit again. “Wait, please.. Don’t.” He pleaded, following you, gripping your hand to keep you from leaving when you got too close to the door.

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ghostlygooo  asked:

can you do cute little headcanons for TFA and TFP Optimus with a cybertronian s/o?~~~

TFA Optimus

  • He’s shy and nervous at first; most of his “flirting” consists of gazing at you with goo-goo eyes with hopes that you’ll notice him.
  • Once he does build up the courage to ask you a date he’s a stuttering mess. He relaxes when you say yes.
  • He’s a perfect gentleman on the date. He brings you flowers, opens the door for you, and pulls out your chair.
  • Surprisingly, falling into a relationship is a pretty effortless thing. On the first couple of dates you get to know one another better, and from there it feels like you’ve been together forever.
  • He still acts like a love-struck puppy at times, especially when you kiss him or hold his servo in public. Sometimes he looks into your optics and swears he’s falling in love all over again.
  • On missions he tends to be protective of you. Not that he thinks you can’t handle yourself, he swears! It’s just… he can’t help himself.

TFP Optimus

  • You’d need to have had been in a relationship before the war; Optimus wouldn’t consider it during. It’s a distraction and a risk- and you’re in that much more danger when close to him.
  • He tries to be subtle about it, but you notice he backs you up on missions when you don’t need it. If it’s brought up he gets defensive.
  • Sometimes (a lot of times) Optimus overworks himself. Ratchet depends on you to get him to recharge and refuel.
  • You’re the only one who’s seen Optimus break down. There are days when everything is just too much. He presses his face into your shoulder and wraps his arms around you, silently asking you to hold him. Stroke his helm to make him feel better.
  • He takes every opportunity to tell him how much you mean to him. On those rare occasions that you get the chance to rest together he holds you close and whispers in Old Cybertronian how much he loves you- You are the light in his spark, the sun and moon and all the wonders the universe can hold. He gazes into your optics until you just can’t keep them open anymore.
  • After the war (and y’know after… all that) he wants to start a family… If you’re willing.
Political Animals-Part 16-Epilogue

A/N: Well, kids…this is it..the end of the road. I am going to miss this story and these characters.  Thank you so much for your comments and your support. It’s been great. This should tie everything up and answer all your questions.-Jen

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

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Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

Charlie and Mary Winchester entered the world on Election Day, eight weeks early.  Despite being born premature, they weighed in at a respectable 5 lbs 5 oz, and 5 lbs 3 oz.

I had passed out in front of the motel where my father was holding me from a combination of extreme shock and pain. It turns out I had been having back labor all day and I didn’t know it.  Mary was breech and showing signs of distress and my blood pressure was through the roof so they knocked me out and did an emergency c-section.

When I woke hours later groggy from the anesthesia the first face I saw was Sam’s.

“Hurts,” I whispered, my throat sore from the breathing tube.  

“I know Sweetheart. They had to do a C-section.”

“Babies?” I croaked.

Sam grinned at me. “They are fighters just like their mom. They’ll be in the NICU for awhile, but they are doing great.”

I was struggling to stay awake, but the effects of the anesthesia pulled me under and my eyes slipped closed before I could ask about my mother.

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“Found and safe.”

You found a puppy and Daryl isn’t convinced to keep it at first.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1.028 words
  • Warning: none.

As you walked toward Daryl, with his body leaning slightly on the car with the hood open as he tried to find the problem in it, you noticed that perhaps it wasn’t the best time to show him what you had just discovered in one of all the abandoned houses in the city. The car didn’t start and every minute that passed he only got frustrated.

Daryl heard the faint sound of your boots behind him and he straightened himself up to look backward.

“The damn car doesn’-” He paused when he saw the puppy in your arms. It was a baby German shepherd that you found in a corner of an old kitchen. Thin, thirsty, and completely alone. “Where did you find that?”

His slightly furrowed frown was not the best expression he could have.

“Don’t call him ‘that.’ It’s a dog, not a thing. And I found him in a house. He’s very thin so something must have happened to his mom.”

Daryl watched him with no emotion in his face.

 "Leave it where you found it.“ With indifference, he turned around to the car.

You watched the puppy sleeping on your arm.

You weren’t even affected by his words. It would be cruel to leave him there, but you could know and even understand the reasons why it was a bad idea to have to take care of a puppy in that world. The dog could cry while you were hiding from a walker. It was a mouth to feed and care for. One more reason to worry about, even if you lived in a place like Alexandria.

But the puppy was only an abandoned soul, fragile, innocent and without any guilt for being born in the midst of an apocalypse.

“I found him and he’s mine now. I’ll take care of him.”

In front of you, his back tightened.

“We don’t need it, (Y/N). It will only be one more mouth to feed.”

How to make him understand that the puppy and you two mattered the same? Even if that meant using a little of the food you two got in the search for supplements.

“Please don’t feel superior for being the dominant ‘race’, Daryl…” You said with a kind voice, just to make him understand what you thought. “We all are mouth to feed.”

He turned around; his brow completely furrowed this time. He could never convince you that having that responsibility was unnecessary in your lives, but maybe you could converse him otherwise. Despite his hard and stubborn personality, he used to give in to certain things if they were about you.

“Okay then…” You said calmly and put the puppy on the cold ground. The little one complained, walking with trembling feet toward you. You stepped back a bit and pulled your gun out of the back of your waist.

You weren’t going to shoot the puppy but that little act of coldness had to convince him. It had to work…

Under his confused look, you clicked the safety off and aimed at the puppy.

“The hell are ya doin’?” He didn’t move from his place, but he talked with a slightly surprised voice.

The small body on the ground kept moving towards you as if in those few minutes that he was with you, he would have chosen you as his new mom. It was a recognition of his kind towards the body that gave him some protection.

“It is inhuman to leave him abandoned. At least this way he won’t suffer…”

Your finger touched the trigger and he took a step forward.

“You’re crazy, woman!” He grunted in frustration, snorting irritably before turning to the car and closing the hood. “Take your damn dog and help me find another car.”

Your body relaxed and you put the gun back in place before squatting and taking the puppy. He passed you by after taking his backpack and his crossbow to look for another car on the street that was free of walkers. None of you wanted to tempt your good luck so it was better to hurry up and leave the place before it got dark.

You knew that the task of taking care of the puppy could be difficult and even a little dangerous as long as he remained a puppy, because he wasn’t yet aware of the danger. But maybe when he grew up his instinct would help him to lead himself, to feel the danger and avoid it. If you trained him well he could be a good companion to you two even if Daryl didn’t admit it.

“Don’t be upset, Daryl…” You walked behind him across the street. “I’ll even let you choose his name.”

“I don’t care to name it. And right now I’m tellin’ ya that animal ain’t gonna sleep in our room.”

5 minutes later you drove the black car out of the street and between the old buildings of a city that once was busy and full of life. The puppy rested on your lap as you drove past what once was part of civilization, and minutes later you entered the road surrounded by tall trees at each side of the way. Daryl relaxed in his seat as the orange light of sunset shone against the window from his side, as if that beautiful sunset wasn’t part of that world.

His gaze followed the walker you both left behind while listening to its snarl in the distance.

Daryl was silent, thoughtful, and he took the puppy from your lap. Daryl looked at him with quiet interest, because after all, you both hadn’t seen anything so small and helpless.

The puppy tried to lick Daryl’s face, and he pulled away in surprise.

Although you didn’t say anything aloud, the laughter began to tickle your chest at the thought of what would happen from now on. The puppy would be fine with you two. Behind Daryl’s mask of 'I do not care what happens to him’ you knew that he would take good care of the puppy. Daryl would give the puppy a chance to live safe because every living being deserved that opportunity.

I came across old pictures I took ages ago. I believe I have posted this one before, but I am just so happy that the little spider was sitting still on my book and letting itself be photographed by me before I could bring it outside, that I wanted to share it with you again.

Political Animals-Part 10

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I looked at Sam in surprise. “I’m sure it’s……I can’t be……..wait, what?”

He took my hand and kissed the top of my head.  “I said, I think you’re pregnant. I remember my Dad saying he always knew when my Mom was carrying his pup because she smelled different.“

I tilted my head, considering him. “Different how?”

Sam walked over until he was standing right in front of me. With our height difference, the top of my head reached below his shoulder. He leaned in, his lips ghosting over my cheek.

I instinctively bared my neck to him in submission. He scented the column of my neck from my ear to my shoulder.

“Normally you smell like flowers with a hint of warm vanilla thrown in. Now there’s something else. Something that wasn’t there before.” He whispered, his low voice sending shivers down my spine.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Something spicy. I can’t explain it.“ Sam admitted. “But whatever it is, it’s making me want to throw you on the floor and fuck you senseless.”

“So why don’t you?” I couldn’t resist asking.

Sam closed his eyes and turned, grimacing and wrinkling his nose as if he was in pain.

“Because we’re going to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test.”

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Snippets in Time - Attention

Summary: You want nothing more than your dad’s attention, but when he won’t give it, Uncle TJ is always there to save the day.

Word count: 824

Characters: TJ Hammond, Fem!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Douglas is a bit of a shitty dad. 

Author’s Note: This is part 1 of 26 of Snippets in Time, the adventures of TJ and his Niece. Each part is going to be a part of the alphabet so stay tuned! If you want to be tagged in future parts, let me know!

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Beca’s Fanfic Appreciation Post: Here I can share with you all the fics I read along the week.



One Shots


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Times are hard for Dreamers


2. Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore

24. It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka 

55. You’re a nerd 

94. I had a bad dream again

Pairing: TJ Hammond x Male!Reader

Word Count: 1015

Warning: fluff, nightmares, cute gays (if that bothers you, then you have no heart)

Notes: This was written for my best friend @cameronahugenerd so I hope you like it! First time writing ‘x Male!Reader.’ Title is from a song from the musical ‘Amélie’

Originally posted by n-barnes

You feel something grasp your upper arm and shake it frantically, nudging you abruptly out of your sleepy haze. You blink, your vision clearing as you stare up at the cleanly painted ceiling. You tilt your head slightly to look at the bedside table beside you, the digital numbers on the alarm clock saying ‘5:58am.’ The warm weight is still around your bicep, and you roll over your side, about to tell your boyfriend off for waking you up at such an early time. Before you can open your mouth, your eyes widen and you sit up hurriedly, pulling him up with you, setting him against the headboard.

“TJ? What happened?” You ask, checking him quickly for any injuries, skimming your hands along his toned chest, before glancing up at him.

His eyes are restless, darting around the room worriedly, his eyes large and scared. He’s covered in a thin layer of sweat, his hair mussed up a little and his chest heaving, taking in big gulps of air. When he hears you, he exhales a little, his gaze fixed on you.

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The Contest-Part 18

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Also: re-reading part 12 might help something make sense if you don’t remember. That’s all I’m saying!

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Earlier That Day

I followed Bob Singer into his office, my heart pounding from my last-minute race across the lot.  I gratefully accepted the bottle of water he offered me. Andrew Dabb was sprawled comfortably on the love seat across from Bob’s desk, a yellow tablet resting in his lap.

You’d never guess by looking at them that Bob and Andrew were the two guys running the show.  Bob was an older guy with gray hair and a soft spoken demeanor who’d been there since day one.   Andrew favored super hero T-shirts and sneakers and looked like he belonged on “Big Bang Theory”. I had enormous respect for both of them.

I had loved every second of my time on Supernatural.  Now all I could hope for was that Andrew and Bob were planning on concluding Gemini’s storyline in a way that was believable and satisfying for the viewers.  But more than that, I had grown to love this wonderful character and I wanted her story to end in a way that made sense.

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Five hours with him (third hour)

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

When he came back from the bathroom, I was still doodling in my notebook.

- What are you doing? - he asked.

- Figuring out who you are.

- But you’re drawing.

- I’m trying to remember all the people who were in the movies.

- There have been a lot.

- Well, obviously you’re neither one of the women or POC actors.

- That’s true.

- Which leaves us with… a lot of people. Okay, you’re neither Captain America,because it’s Chris. Nor Ironman, cause it’s Robert. - I looked at him. - Hawkeye was lowkey blonde so you’re not him neither.

- I thought you hadn’t watched the movies.

- I told you, I have a friend at Marvel Studios.

- Is he telling something to you?

I looked at him. - No?

- That’s cheating! Give me your phone now.

- No!

- Give it to me!

- No!

- Y/N! Now!

- Fine! - I took it from my pocket and gave it to him.

- Unblock it.

- What? Why?

- Come on.

- Fine. - I unblocked it and he got into the messages, sending Arthur, my friend working on Marvel, an audio message.

- Hey, Arthur. It’s Sebastian. Don’t you dare tell Y/N who the fuck I am. We’re playing a game and I’m wiling to take my prize. - he sent it, and put my phone on his pocket.

- You are not giving it back to me, are you?

- Nope. At least until we get to Boston.

- And what if I find out?

- That won’t happen.

- You sure?

- Pretty.

- We’ll see.

- Hey, so, is your sister having a boy or a girl?

I sighed and let my notebook on my legs, knowing what he wanted to do. Distract me.

- A boy.

- What is going to be his name?

- I’m not sure. Actually, I’m the godmother so I have to choose it.

- Anything on mind?

- Nope.

- What about Sebastian?

- What about are you stupid?

- Hey, it’s a great name!

- Yeah, for a crab!

- That hurts.

- Okay, I’m sorry. I don’t know, maybe I’ll call him Chris. - He groaned, and I laughed. - You’re really jealous!

- Of course I am! You’re here so pretty and beautiful without knowing who the fuck I am meanwhile fucking Evans is there at home without even knowing he almost had sex with such a great girl like you.

- Well, but that’s the past. It won’t happen again. And he will never know. I hope.

- It still disturbs me.

I smiled, and stroked his cheek.

- Do you want me to kiss you?

- It would be grant.

- Well, I will. Once I know who you are.

- Are you kidding me?

- No. I want to win, and you want to distract me.

- Well, my plan was actually kissing you, but if that does distract you, I guess it’s a bonus.

- Shut up, Seb.

- Okay… No, but really, how are you going to call the baby?

- I don’t know, leave me alone.

- What about James?

- Isn’t it a bit oldie for a baby?

- The baby will grow up.

- Well, yes, but…

- And Thomas?

- I’ve always hated that name.

- You could call him Thomas James. TJ.

- Like the Recess boy?

- Uhm, I guess so. Or you coud call him Jeff.

- Jeff? Like in…

- Jefferson? I don’t know. Just Jeff.

- It doesn’t sound like a baby name.

- What about Lance?

- Lance? Dude, that’s ugly.

- Chase?

- Nope.

- Andrew?

- I had a boyfriend called Andrew. And he was a dumbass, so negative.

- Ben?

- Ben? Really? Isn’t it the most boring name ever?

- What about Blaine?

- So 80’s.

- Josh?

- His father is called Josh, and I don’t want him to be called like his father.

- Martin?

- Sebby, no.

- Walter?

- That name is just to… ugh.

- Leonard?

- Like the Big bang guy? I don’t think so.

- Simon? Billy? - I looked at him with my worst face. - Okay, okay… Harry?

- Like the One Direction cute boy?

- Yeah.

- No.

- Carter?

- No! There was this guy in Gossip Girl called Carter and I hated him. Definetly no. - He kept looking at me for a while, like waiting for something. - What?

- Nothing. I just can’t believe what you just said.

- Why?

- Have you just decide not naming your nephew Carter because of a character of one TV show you watched when you were at high school?

- I really hated him. And I was in college, not high school.

- That makes it worst.

- Shut up. What was the first name you said?

- James.

- I’m gonna stick with that one.

- Yeah?

- Yeah. I mean, it’s a possibility. But don’t think it’s gonna be the one.

- I’m sure it will.

- Don’t be.

- But I am.

- Don’t.

- Why?

- Because I have another one in mind.

- Which one?

- Let’s just say it’s a good name for the winter.

He looked at me, confused, while I smiled and went back to doodling on my notebook.

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I’ll Be Your Boyfriend - Final Part


Request: {x} & {x}

Summary: You have to go to a family meeting, but your family isn’t exactly the warmest. Some very annoying aunts want to meet your boyfriend, even though you tell them there is none. TJ, as your best friend, offers to pose as your boyfriend for a few days. Can the façade become real?

Warnings: boobs, but not like that (???)

Words: 1028.

A/N: Requests are open. If you want to be tagged/removed, tell me and I will arrenge it!


Part 1|Part 2 |Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|Part 7|Final

A few days passed and TJ managed to help you with keeping your distance from your Aunt Evelyn and her snarky comments and your uncles and their sexist views.

Your act with TJ had become better since the kiss. You decided to enjoy TJ as your boyfriend – even if it was pretend - while you could and had the perfect excuse to hold his hand, brush your fingers against his, smiling at him. TJ followed up and he would smile back, place his hands on your waist and shoulders whenever he could. You hadn’t kissed since the night your grandparents asked you to dance two nights ago.

Until, well, your cousin decided to be annoying. Your cousin was known for… showing her looks a bit too much. Which was clearly displayed by her tiny bikini and her absurd amount of makeup.

She interrupted your conversation with your grandmother and TJ asking for help with something inside the house, claiming she couldn’t reach something in a high shelf. TJ, always the gentleman, offered to help. So inside the house the two of them went.

But it took too long.

“TJ probably lost himself inside the house,” you said to your grandmother, once she asked about them.

She laughed, “I bet your cousin doesn’t know the way either.”

You chuckled, but something still didn’t feel right. Your cousin was usually up to no good and, giving TJ’s looks, you bet your money in what she would try to do.

“I’ll try and find them then.”

Your grandmother leaned back and kept on enjoying the sun while you rose from your chair and walked to the house.

The living room, which had access to the garden from where you came from, showed no sign of them. The same from the bedrooms and kitchen. Where did your cousin say she wanted to reach for something?

Your heard a giggle. From the garage. Of course. If your cousin wanted to fool around, she’d do it in the farthest place from everyone possible.

The door was closed, but you could see TJ and your cousin inside by the little window on the door.

You tried to stay calm, but why were they there? Why was the door closed? What were they doing? You decided to watch to be sure.

Your cousin was practically bouncing, her shoulder square to improve her breasts. You heard muffled sounds but you couldn’t make out the words. TJ seemed to be asking her for something. She shook her head and looked at her breasts, her hands clasped behind her. TJ sighed and didn’t seem happy with the situation. Your cousin could be a pain in the ass if she wanted to. But then TJ reached out and placed his hand on her breasts.

Deciding it was too much, you turned and walked away.

Technically, TJ was free to do whatever he wanted. But it had to be with your cousin during the family reunion in which he was pretending to be your boyfriend? Anger tears pricked your eyes, but you payed them no attention. You walked to your bedroom and sat on the bed.

Not even 10 minutes later, TJ was poking his head through the door.


You didn’t answer. It was childish and you knew it, but you couldn’t help yourself.

TJ opened the door wider and stepped into the room. “You okay?”

You huffed and rolled your eyes. Okay?

“Beautiful, please, talk to me.” TJ closed the door behind him and kneeled by your side, his hand on your knee. “What happened?”

“Why don’t you go back and play with my cousin’s boobs a little more, TJ? Leave me alone.

“That’s what you think happened back there?” he asked, rising to his feet. “You won’t even let me explain!”

“Explain what, huh?” you mocked, standing up, “How she didn’t want help and you two were probably kissing?”

“She said she wanted the bowl someone put on the top shelf on the garage,” TJ began, “But when I tried to find it, there was nothing there. I asked about it and she said there was no bowl. She locked the door and put the key between her breasts.”

“Which you didn’t hesitate to get, right?” you knew it wasn’t true. TJ seemed pretty annoyed by the situation, but you had so many emotions running wild that you couldn’t focus.

“That I spent almost 20 minutes trying to reason with her,” TJ sighed, then he remembered why he was angry. “And since when do you care who I kiss or not, [Y/n]?”

“I’ve always cared!”

And it was the truth. You always cared about TJ and who he kissed or didn’t, but only since you realized your feelings for him that you understood why you did it. You used to think it was because he was your best friend and you wanted him to find someone that cared about him as much as you did.

How wrong you were. You cared about him because you loved him.

“You did, didn’t you?” TJ said. “But you were never mad! Why were you today?”

“You were supposed to be my boyfriend in this, remember?” You argue as you flail your arms around. “And then you do God-knows-what with my cousin!”

“Now that I think of it,” TJ paused for a moment, “

“During the last few days, you’ve been acting weird. It didn’t feel like you were pretending to like at all! So why don’t you just tell me why?”

“You know what? It’s because maybe I want to be your girlfriend!”

“Oh yeah? And maybe I want to be your boyfriend!”

“Really?” you shouted. And then froze. With your voice just above a whisper you repeated, “Really?”

TJ stepped closer and held your hands. His eyes focused on yours and you could barely breathe. “Really, [Y/n].” TJ smiled and asked, “Can I kiss you?”

“Why haven’t you yet?”

He chuckled. “So eager.” But he did lean in and kissed you.

It was very different than your first kiss. Now that you two were aware of each other’s feelings, things were clearer. His lips were soft against yours, his hands held the small of your back and the side of your neck, your arms around his neck.

When you pulled away, TJ touched your foreheads together.

He huffed out a laugh, a lazy smile spreading across his face. “What do you say, beautiful? Will you be my girlfriend?”

You hugged him tighter, your own smile on your face. “Yes, TJ I’ll be your girlfriend.”

But before he could kiss you again, he perked up, excited with his eyes wide open and grinning.

“Hey, best part? I’ve already been introduced to your family.”

Perhaps you should thank your cousin, after all.


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