A question about leggings, so basically my favorite question ever

I got the following email last night with the subject line “New to leggings”:

I have been reading for a while now and I finally have a question of my own. I know you post all the time about various slug-like legging options, but for someone who is new to even the idea of leggings, where do I start? I’m hoping to come in at a reasonable price, they don’t need to be more than a basic knit legging, but any ideas on a pair that might not sag/bag out? I work from home a few days a week and am still wearing college-era sweats that are way past their expiration date. I’d love to be able to work from home and not have to change before leaving the house :)


Okay, pull up a chair. Leggings are serious business.

(Just to be clear, once and for all, leggings are pants—if you hide the goodies—but they are not pants you can wear to work unless you work at home.)

Sorry, I’m having trouble focusing because leggings are only my very favorite thing in the whole wide world. THEREFORE, this question is amazing.

As you pointed out, the best leggings are versatile leggings. By versatile, I mean that they can be worn to the gym, on the couch, with boots, with tunics, with flats, WHEREVER WHENEVER.

The most versatile leggings are activewear leggings. They’re also (usually) opaque, stand up to tons of thrashing and wash cycles and are made of high-quality, thick fabric. It’s worth spending a little more on good leggings because you’ll wear them more than you think (I could be projecting here) and they won’t disintegrate, rip, tear, sag, bag or pill in the first five wears.

Here are my recommendations:

  • The first pair you should buy are Zella’s Live In Leggings in black. They are $52 and you will wear them constantly. They are soft, thick, opaque and suck everything in. This is your gateway drug into the land of leggings. Once you wear these, you will never want to put on another pair of real pants ever again. I wear these to the gym, but I also wear them with sweaters and boots or flats. I mean, I’m writing this while wearing Zella leggings so if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.
  • Once you are completely hooked on your black Zella leggings, branch out and get a pair with a bit of a pattern. I like these Zella space dye ones ($58). Gray or space dye or marled leggings look fantastic with white/cream sweaters and cognac boots. Add a trenchcoat, done! Slugtastic.
  • Now you’re addicted, right? You’re IN IT. The thought of putting denim on your legs makes you want to weep. TIME FOR LULULEMON. I actually really hate Lululemon right now because they have the most foot-in-mouth, self-sabotaging marketing and leadership teams in all of retail, but their Wunder Unders ($82) do magical, flattering things to butts.
  • My Ellie leggings get the second-heaviest rotation into my day-to-day dressing. (Zella leggings are first.) I have so many pairs but the Tahiti leggings and the My New Obsession leggings are all-time favorites. If you want to sign up for Ellie’s monthly membership, that’s where you get the best deals. It’s $50 per month, so $25 per pair of leggings, and you can skip any month you want. If you want to sign up, I’d be really happy if you used my referral link.
  • GapFit leggings are also pretty great. Since Gap offers promotion codes basically every day, you can nearly always pick up a pair for an affordable price. I don’t own any of their full-length leggings, but I do have a few cropped pairs and really like them. Their gFast leggings ($45) are the most popular.
  • Worth noting: I have received two pairs of Fabletics cropped leggings so far and they are the closest to Zella/Wunder Unders that I’ve found. (Sidenote: I’m wearing the long-sleeved shirt I got from them at this very second and it is so comfortable and so high-quality—really amazing stuff.) Once again, I’d love you forever if you use my referral link.
  • If you want something a little more legitimate than leggings, Target has the best ponte pants for the money. Ponte pants are really just a way for you to be able to say, “I’m actually wearing pants.” But they’re not REAL pants. They’re leggings in disguise. These are just $20 and are so comfortable. They also have a trendy coated pair for $20 that I want to check out.

I hope this helps. Go forth and be comfy.


Bucky’s top three kinks would include:

pairing: bucky x reader

requested: yes

warnings: smutty? 

a/n: just thinking about this made me yell. request things here and let me know what you think 

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In Your Eyes [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Part One of Two.

Title: In Your Eyes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Request: A soulmate AU if it’s all right! One where once you hit 21, you don’t age until you meet your soulmate, then the aging process resumes normally. So the Reader was born in the 40’s and never met Bucky, only knew about him through Steve, thus never aging and decides to train as a SHIELD agent until recruited into the Avengers due to her physical prowess and never aging. So they finally meet in “Winter Soldier”, and realize they’re soulmates when reunited in “Civil War.”

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Part One:


1943 was supposed to be your year. Turning twenty-one was supposed to be a momentous occasion. It marked the beginning of your future, and the eventual discovery of your soulmate, your other half. You had celebrated with your girlfriends that night, giddy about the possibilities that awaited you and giggling about your dream man.

They say that when you meet your soulmate, you just know. Some people described it as a rush of joy and exhilaration. You couldn’t wait to find out what it was like, what it felt like to look into the eyes of your true love and just know that this was the person you were meant to spend your life with.

But your twenty-first year went by with nary a feeling. The war was in full swing and Brooklyn was full of young men in uniforms, enjoying their last days at home before shipping out. Soldiers came into the diner where you worked all the time, but not one of them made your heart skip a beat.

It was okay, you told yourself. You would just give it time. But when another year passed, then two more, you began to worry.

The world had changed in many ways. America found itself a much needed hero in Captain America, only to lose him as he sacrificed his life for his country. Too many soldiers suffered a similar fate, never to return to their families. Men who had survived the horrors of the war were back home and trying to settle back into civilian life.

When five years turned into ten, you began to wonder if your soulmate had been one of the unlucky. It would explain his absence, as much as you hated to think of it. If he was truly gone, what was to become of you?

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Derek x Sister!Reader / Stiles x Reader / Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“(Y/N) we’re having a meeting can you turn that down?” Derek sighed as you turned the TV even louder.


“Uncle Peter bought it for me so… no.” You stuck your tongue out at your brother who took a deep breath and glared at you.

“What’re you watching?” Stiles asked shrugging when Derek hissed at him to not encourage you.

“Lego Star Wars.” You hummed and grinned when Stiles started to hurry over to the sofa.

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You and Me

Bucky x Reader

Requested by @sexyvixen7: Song fic based on ‘You and Me’ by Lifehouse (listen). I skipped a couple choruses out because it would have been repetitive. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: fluffffff

Word count: 1380

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What day is it? And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive
I can’t keep up and I can’t back down
I’ve been losing so much time

You wake suddenly, startled by the muffled shouts coming from the adjoining bedroom. It’s Bucky. In the weeks since he had moved in this had become something of a regular occurrence. You made it your job to soothe him in the aftermath of his nightmares as Natasha had done for you many years ago.

His eyes are wide and disorientation is plainly written across his features. 

“Where am I? Get away from me. Who are you?” he scrambles away, backing into the corner of the room. 

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Hello there dear sister….
I would like to ask you a favor. I have a lot of clothes in my closet, but I always feel like I’m missing the staples. The basics. I feel like I need a nice base to choose from and I don’t have it. Would you make a post (or several) about all the basics I need for a well-rounded closet for me to start shopping for? As many as you can think of. You know my closet. You know what I need! Help all of us lacking our wardrobe staples!!!

My sister sent me this message in my Ask box and that rat has been bugging me to answer it, so here you go, Jera!

I decided to list out some basics that every woman should have in her closet or on her shopping list. If you owned nothing but what’s on this list, you’d have great wardrobe options every day for quite a long time. Keep in mind that these are basics and this should not be taken as an exhaustive list. Rather, it’s what my perception of classic, ideal basics should be. I believe that with these items as a base, you can mix in trendier items over time and customize this to your ideal wardrobe for work AND for play.

For those of you who are in college or don’t want to start thinking about work-appropriate clothes yet, let me say that there’s never a bad time to start accumulating great wardrobe basics and you’ll be relieved to have a few items at the ready when your first “real” job or internship comes along.

Feel free to reblog this and bold the items you have!

  • Layering pieces (tanks, v-neck tees, long-sleeve crew neck tees)
  • Camisoles (black, nude, white)
  • Slip (skirt and full-body)
  • Leggings (ankle-length)
  • Cashmere sweater
  • Cableknit sweater or cardigan
  • Cardigans (one neutral, one bright)
  • Two pairs of your favorite denim style (straight, skinny, etc.)
  • One trendy pair (flare, wide-leg, trouser, jeggings)
  • Khakis or khaki-colored trousers
  • Black trousers
  • Gray trousers
  • Turtleneck (one thinner, one more substantial - both in black)
  • White button-down (one structured to tuck in, one slouchier for weekends)
  • Striped long-sleeved shirt
  • Print top/blouse
  • Blazers (one black, one gray or brown)
  • Skirt or pants suit
  • Shorter neutral skirt 
  • Shorter print skirt
  • Longer skirt in wool (fall/winter)
  • Longer skirt in cotton (spring/summer)
  • Sexy LBD
  • Conservative LBD
  • Print dress in work-appropriate style
  • Casual sundress
  • Cocktail/party dress
  • T-shirt dress 
  • Maxi dress
  • Shift dresses (one black, one in a lighter color and linen)
  • Statement jacket/coat
  • Leather or faux-leather jacket (in black)
  • Khaki trenchcoat
  • Warm puffer coat (in black)
  • Puffer vest
  • Wool coat (in camel)
  • Peacoat (solid color)
  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Athletic/exercise leggings or pants
  • Athletic/exercise top
  • Bikini swimsuit
  • One-piece swimsuit
  • Swimsuit cover-up
  • Sandals (flat and wedge/platform)
  • Classic pumps (black and gray)
  • Flat boots (black and brown)
  • Heeled boots (black)
  • Snow boots
  • Casual shoes (i.e. Converse)
  • Athletic shoes 
  • Rubber flip-flops
  • Ballet flats in black
  • Flats in bold color and/or print (red, leopard, etc.)
  • Wedges (brown)
  • Diamond or faux diamond stud earrings
  • Pearl or faux pearl stud earrings
  • Cocktail ring(s)
  • Costume jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bangles)
  • Gold or silver watch
  • Trendy or bold color watch
  • Structured handbag (i.e. satchel)
  • Slouchy handbag (i.e. hobo)
  • All-purpose tote (i.e. L.L.Bean)
  • Cotton pajamas with separate top and bottom
  • Satin chemise
  • Cotton chemise
  • Knee-length robe (or longer) 
Spending the night with Steve would include:

pairing: steve x reader

requested: yes

warnings: literally just fluff

a/n: eh this sort of made me cry also you are welcome to request here

read “spending the night with bucky would include:” here

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Affection (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


Word Count: 1, 649

Warnings: None?

Notes: Dare I say I’m back?! Ah! This was fun! Please let me know what you think of it, and I hope you enjoy! x

REQUESTS ARE OPEN, please request some DC!

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Stiles x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: sex, public sex, fluff, officer Stilinski

You smiled as you jumped out of the Jeep, your light summer dress swishing around your legs. Grabbing the food, you’d brought for Stiles off the passenger seat, slamming the door behind you and jogging up to the station.


“Hey (Y/N)” Parrish smiled and waved at you as he headed over to one of the cruisers.

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Cal x Reader

Requested; no

I personally love this song so much and I imagine this scenario every time it plays, and I know Calum also likes it because it’s in his Spotify playlists so enjoy! I’ve been going through a lot and writing is the way of dumping it out of my brain. I’ll be getting to other requests as soon as I can.

Summary; Y/N and Calum are not a very loving couple in public or in front of others, but when they’re alone and together, they show each other the love no one sees. (hella fluff) based off of the song by Dashboard Confessional (would reccomend listening to the song while reading this)

She laid her legs across his lap while slouching on her phone, and he had his back straight on the couch on his phone as well, with one hand rubbing her legs just to keep a hand on her. It’s a comforting gesture Calum always did for her just to let her know he was there and that he was with her. Y/N and him aren’t the regular couple that loves to kiss and show their love through physical actions, but the couple that acts as best friends that didn’t let their love for each other effect the friendship, but only made it better. Some people questioned whether they were even a real couple because of how nonchalant they were around each other, and they were almost too comfortable when together. Y/N rarely kissed Calum, held onto his arms or waist, or even held his hands out and about, and Calum recipricated. Instead they kept that for when they were alone because to them it made it all though more special, and so they acted as very close best friends that have decided to date because they can’t imagine life without anyone else.

The one thing they did though was talk very highly of their love for each other, and them as people in general. Calum always referred to Y/N as his muse, as the girl who inspired him to be more artistic in his life, hence why he bought a new camera. Y/N loved photography and always would take off guard photos of Calum and candids. She always said he never had a bad angle, and that he was naturally photogenic, so when she let the lads look through her photos it was 90% Calum, and 10% scenery. Calum also always brought her in for song writing sessions like today. Whenever he looked at her with his fingers on the bass and his other hand holding a pen, he’d smile to himself before writing down what looked like a paragraph.

“I often question if you guys are even a real couple.” Michael said to the two from across the room. They both looked up and at each other but only shrugged. They’ve heard it come from the boys many times, and it didn’t bother them anymore. They’ve been asking Calum and her more quite recently because of the recent rumors involving Calum and Nia. They didn’t get Y/N’s blood boiling like most girls, but it did make her stomach twirl every time she saw a picture of them. You’d think because of these rumors she’d want to be closer to Calum and show her love towards him, but it would mess up the whole relationship. She put all her trust into Calum, risking her well being, because she truly believed he’d never attempt to do that to her no matter he circumstances.

“Bug off Mikey.” Calum said, and grabbed Y/N’s hand bringing them both off of the couch. The 3 other boys watched as Calum pulled her out of the writing room and shutting the door behind him.

“Calum what are you doing?” Y/N slightly giggled, knowing he can be very spontaneous sometimes. It made the relationship more adventurous so she never complained when he randomly woke her up early to drive out somewhere to kept her out late to drive to a new place to visit in the towns they’d stop in.

He didn’t respond but only dragged her into another room with a big control board with many light up buttons and microphones behind a big glass. This was the place the boys would be recording later on today.

“Babe, why are we in here?”

“I just need to be alone with you, and I didn’t want to be around the guys any longer. They keep prying into our relationship which is our business, not theirs. I love them don’t get me wrong, but my relationship with you is mine only.” He came over and hugged her from behind, setting his head on her shoulder. She lifted her hand to his hair and pulled softly at his curls while looking back at him.

“Would you like to dance?” He whispered in her ear, guiding her to spin around and face him.

“What would we dance to silly?” He put up on finger indicating to hang on, and pushed a few buttons before ‘Stolen’, one of Calum’s favorite songs, played over the speakers. Y/N softly smiled and blushed, looking down at her feet. This was their song, and every time she’d hear it she couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole song.

“We will dance to this…silly.” And he laughed while pulling her in, one hand in hers and the other on her waist, his forehead laying on hers.

We watched the season pull up its own stage

And catch the last weekend of the last week

Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced

Another sun soaked season fades away

As the song begins, Calum stares deeply into her sparkling eyes filled with only love and admiration for her man. He couldn’t help but get lost in her galaxies and try and search deeper inside of her, hungry for more of her and more of who she is. Calum basically knew everything he needed to know about her, but everyday he yearned to know more, loving everything he found out.

You have stolen my heart

You have stolen my heart

Invitation only grant farewells

Crash the best one of the best ones

Clear liquor and cloudy eyed, too early to say goodnight

You have stolen my heart

You have stolen my heart

Calum sang softly to her as the song progressed. His lips curved into a slight smile and her big smile never fading.

And from the ballroom floor we are in celebration

One good stretch before our hibernation

Our dreams assured and we all, will sleep well

Sleep well

Sleep well

Sleep well

Sleep well

Calum began speeding up their movements as the song sped up and got louder, spinning Y/N around and dipping her every now and then, causing loud laughs to fall from her lips and her hair to become crazier and more messy. Calum laughed along with her, putting his hands around her face and moving her hair out of the way, so she could see the crinkles by his eyes as he continued laughing.

You have stolen my….

You have stolen my….

You have stolen my….

You have stolen my heart….

Calum grabbed Y/N’s hand and pulled her into the room behind the glass, grabbing the microphone and singing this part of the song. It was his favorite because it was the big lead up to the last verse of the song. His face scrunched up and his neck veins protruded, singing all the notes just the same. Y/N began laughing and clapping her hands, watching her comedic boyfriend be the big goofball most people didn’t know he was. She joined in with him, singing at the top of her lungs even though she knew very well that she couldn’t sing.

I watch you spin around in your highest heels

You are the best one, of the best ones

We all look like we feel

Calum ran behind Y/N, wrapping his arms around her waist over her own arms, and began stepping to the beat of the music, a much faster pace than at the beginning of the song. His lips fell upon her plump pink cheeks, pressing many kisses over her skin tickling her.

You have stolen my

You have stolen my

You have stolen my

You have stolen my heart……..

When Calum’s eyes fell upon her as the song faded out, he knew she had catured every part of him.

Soon clapping fell over their laughter and smiling, as 3 Aussie boys were watching from the other side. Y/N’s face fell, and Calum only sighed.

“Now there’s the love we wanted to see!” Luke exclaimed through the speakers, causing Ashton and Michael to clap again.

Calum giggled and brought Y/N’s lips to his, crashing them together and holding her there so she couldn’t move back. She smiled as he kissed her, and the boys laughed screaming ‘Yeah!’s and whistling.

They both knew this would take some getting use to, but they were crazy for each other, and they now didn’t think there was anything wrong with sharing it.


Hello. We had a baby a few months ago. Do you have any suggestions for books about keeping the marriage on track after a baby? Also, can you keep the name anonymous? My husband is very private. Thanks!!

I wish I had more for you. I wish I could list 10 books that helped but I can’t. I can give you just one really good recommendation: All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior. (My review is here.) The portions about why couples can fracture post-baby was the first time I read anything that mirrored my own feelings and experiences. 

(I’m going to go off on a tangent here for a second so feel free to skip.)

  1. I’m always careful to toe the line between privacy and openness here on my blog and this post is no exception. Marriage dynamics post-baby are very tricky. I think that’s why no one talks about it. Well, almost no one. You see a million “DH is a deadbeat, I’m divorcing him tomorrow!!!!” posts on mom message boards (Babycenter, ahem). But if you look to other online communities–Instagram, Facebook, whatever–you’ll hardly ever see anyone write anything of substance about marriage post-baby. And you’ll never, ever see a prominent mom blogger discuss it unless they mention it briefly and then tritely wrap it up with how they are still so in love, and the partner is so supportive. Somehow protecting a brand is synonymous with perfect marital happiness. Other difficult, private things can be discussed, but the marriage relationship must never be examined thoughtfully. The result of this is a lot of women that look they are in perfect marriages with perfect guys that do perfect things to support their perfect home and perfect clothes and perfect meals. I used to read these blogs and go I HAVEN’T SHOWERED IN 5 DAYS HOW CAN YOU MAINTAIN THIS FLAWLESS FACADE. And I still don’t know how they do it. I don’t. 
  2. However, I’ve determined that there may be a “type” of marriage that can navigate the first year of the first child with a minimum of external tension. That marriage is a more traditional one. In a heterosexual partnership that adheres to traditional gender roles PRE-BABY, there is already an expectation that the male will do traditionally male things and the female will do traditionally female things. And post-baby, the traditionally female things will include the bulk of childcare. (Maybe all the childcare.) It probably also includes cooking, cleaning, organizing, doctor’s appointments, shopping. It may also include bills and finances. In this case, in this more traditional marriage, there is a clear expectation of what is expected from both parties long before the baby is born. Therefore, it’s no big surprise when baby arrives and Mom assumes the bulk of childcare. Dad is comfortable with his role, Mom is comfortable in her role. Tension is minimal because the expectations of child-rearing have been established for a long time. Maybe since the couple met. 
  3. So where does that leave other partnerships or marriages? In our case, my husband and I both worked full-time. We evenly split household duties, chores and responsibilities. How post-modern of us! How progressive! 
  4. But, holy shit, when Isobel was born, it’s like the world was turned completely upside down. I think Brandon expected to assume more of the childcare than he could do or that I would let him do. (That last one is key.) For my side, I expected him to anticipate and complete every single possible task that could be related to childcare on any given day. (DOESN’T HE KNOW THE BABY NEEDS A BATH) Then, I’d want to do those tasks myself anyway because I could do them faster, better. I was angry at myself for not giving him more space to carve out a place in the household and I was angry at him for not insisting on it. We were both frustrated at the traditional marriage/gender roles that we slipped into, almost immediately. 
  5. There are some extraneous things that really affect the way this plays out. Maternity/paternity leaves, for example. Brandon used vacation time to take almost two weeks off. I took a very short maternity leave and then juggled baby and full-time work from home until she was about 12 months old. Two weeks wasn’t enough time for dad to grow accustomed to the schedule and rigor of newborn care. Additionally, it’s difficult for Dad to wrap his brain around helping with a 3 am feeding when he’s got to be up at 6 am for a 12 hour work day. If we had started Isobel in daycare when she was an infant (which I would absolutely do if we ever had a second child), I think that could have helped with some of the issues that arose. I was trying to be a hero to too many people and I ended up being nothing but a failure to myself.  
  6. Another thing that really contributed to the traditional gender role tension–and is something that I almost never see discussed–is the way that breastfeeding changes the childcare dynamic. I breastfed for about 8 months (though I was only nursing in the morning and before bed by the last few weeks). I would breastfeed again. But fuck, I wish someone had told me what to expect. I don’t know what I was thinking, but for some reason my brain did not process the fact that I would be assuming the bulk of the night wakings and feedings. I had intermittent trouble with my supply and struggled to stash enough away for bottle feedings at night (which Brandon could have helped with). I also waited a long time to give a bottle in general. It was just long enough for both of us to have accepted that if the baby cried at night, I would go. And frankly, I was so highly attuned to the crying, that even if he’d helped, I would have had trouble going back to sleep. It was a very fragile, sensitive time for me. I had difficulty sleeping, difficulty waking, difficulty moving through my day. It was a fog. Anyway, my advice to moms who are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed is that they establish ahead of time a list of tasks that the partner can accomplish since they may not be taking the night shift much at all. This could include: Making breakfast, keeping on top of the laundry, 15-20 minutes for Mom in the morning to shower, running errands for Mom before or after work (or during lunch break). If you are able to stash enough breast milk so dad can assist with a bottle at night, get earplugs, use an eye mask and kick him out of bed to do go it. Every single night. That might get you an extra 2-3 hours of sleep per night. That is A LOT. These are all things I wish I’d thought about before giving birth, because by the time the issues were actually happening, we were both too tired and overwhelmed to make logical, helpful decisions in ways that would have been beneficial to us both.  
  7. It was really difficult for me to ask Brandon for help. It was difficult for him to ask what I needed help with. This stalemated the situation and created a vicious cycle of inactivity and resentment and echoed a lot of what I read in All Joy and No Fun too. We both just wanted a few minutes to ourselves. The difference was that I felt I had to ask permission or ask for assistance in order to take that time. Ugh, it’s a mess, huh? I noticed that I sometimes thought of Brandon more like a babysitter (“Can you watch Isobel for 30 minutes so I can go get a pedicure?”) instead of my husband and her father (“I’m going to go get a pedicure, there is a bottle in the fridge, Bye!”). This was frustrating for Brandon too. When we look back on this time, we’re both irritated by how little we communicated about our frustrations and how easily we slipped into tired cliches. (They’re cliches for a reason, I guess.) He didn’t like that I would be like, “Are you sure you’re okay to watch her while I go to the grocery store for 10 minutes?” He’d think, well, she must not trust me to be a very good dad! And I’m thinking to myself, I wish he’d noticed we needed groceries! Finding a way to reconcile the way we used to split household responsibilities with all the new childcare responsibilities was challenging. 
  8. I don’t have a magical piece of advice that can string all of this together. But what I can tell you is that although I don’t know the specifics of your situation, I can sympathize with your general question. I’ve been there. We’ve been there. It was difficult for us to translate an equal marriage (in terms of us having a dual-income household that we held equal responsibility for) into equal parenting. The silver lining here is that once we pushed through the difficult months and sat down to discuss our individual issues, our relationship improved. A lot. We felt stronger and happier for having had to navigate through this major life change together
  9. I hope you’re still reading given that I kind of blacked out and just typed 10 paragraphs. :/ 
  10. You’ve got this. Now go for a pedicure! 
Back To Basics

Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request: Hi, i love you’re writing so much! cn i request a oneshot where YN pranks Fred and he ends up confessing that he loves her or something like that and just really fluffy and all the Gryffindors all ship it and stuff! thanks!

A/N: this will come of no surprise to you, but I’m still a bit drunk from last night and am battling a hangover, so please pardon any errors! 

Squicks: slight innuendo

Fred and George certainly live up to their pranking reputations: they had somehow cast a spell or spiked your drink or something so that every time you open your mouth to speak, you make dolphin noises. You weren’t best friends with them or anything like that, but you did get along pretty well. Rather than scolding them on their stupid (yet admittedly funny) prank, you had a better idea: get them back.

The next morning, you knocked on the door of the boys’ dormitory. You had Potions this morning in about half an hour and hadn’t even had breakfast, and you had lent Fred Weasley your text book the night before.

“Hey Y/n, whatcha need?” his identical twin asked, tightening his tie as he opened the door,

“I lent Fred my book last night and we’ve got Potions soon… Is he still in bed?” You ask, peering around George to see, as you suspected, Fred still in his bed.

George turns around to face his brother and gives a chuckle, “yeah, he woke up for a bit about an hour ago, saying something about how we are in our prime youth and we can’t afford to waste it on shitty teachers or something like that”.

A few of the other Gryffindor boys said good morning to you as you walk into the room, up to Fred’s bed with your hands on your hips, shaking your head with a smile on your face, laughing “what an idiot”.

Now, in your head, you had planned to just get your revenge by turning his possessions into otters or something this afternoon, but now you were having second thoughts. Not because Fred looks adorable still sleeping or anything, but rather the fact that you had just seen a better opportunity for pranking him.

“Anyway, I can grab that book for you if you— WOW what are you doing?!” George asks in alarm.

You had just took your shirt off, leaving you standing in the middle of the boys’ dormitory in a bra and pyjama shorts,

You earn a few wolf-whistles and quiet “what the hell”s, before turning around to face George, “Getting him back,” you reply, “but unlike you, I don’t need to use magic,” you say with a smile, as you carefully pull back the covers of Fred’s bed and slide in next to him, taking off your shorts as well once you’re covered and tossing them out the side of the bed.

Fred was fast asleep, lying on his back with his arm stretched out next to him, where you rested your head and lay on your side facing him. At this point all of the boys in the common room were standing around the bed, looking at the two of you with quizzical looks.

Fred began to stir, before lazily rolling onto his side, his other arm instinctively wrapping around you. The boys in the room all try and muffle their laughters to not wake Fred, but it didn’t work as he gave a little jump to the sudden noise, his eyes fluttering open to see you pretending to be asleep in his arms.

“What the hell?” Fred asks himself in a whisper.

You take this as the right time to pretend to wake up. You open your eyes, looking at Fred with a smile, “Morning, Freddie,” you say in a flirty voice, moving closer to him and placing a hand on his bare chest and nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck. The boys all standing around began to holler, laugh and whistle at the two of you, especially Fred with his eyes widened and looking around frantically.

“Class is in ten minutes you two, you better get dressed Y/n,” George says. 

Fred’s eyes open even wider somehow, as he (without thinking his actions through fully) pulls the covers up to see your half naked body, his mouth dropping,

“Fred!” You squeal, tucking into a ball and giggling a little, as he quickly covers you up again, turning onto his back with his free hand clasped over his mouth, staring up at the ceiling in shock.

The boys in the dormitory were clearly stalling, packing and unpacking their books so that they could stay to see what happens.

“Fred…” you began in a worried voice, “…Don’t you remember what happened last night?”

Fred looked over at you, on your side propped up on one elbow to see him properly. He admires you for a moment, taking in the way your hair falls around your shoulders, and your eyes staring into his… Those eyes are what made him fall in love with you when he first met you.

After a few moments of silence and Fred staring at you, you mumble “how could you”.

“Wait, Y/n, I can explain—“ Fred begins, but is cut off by your abrupt actions,

HOW COULD YOU FRED WEASLEY?!” You scream as you jump out of bed, grabbing a pillow and begin whacking him with it, “HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER, YOU DICK!”

“Y/N IM SORRY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON,” Fred shouts back in panic as he covers his head with his arms to try and block the pillow,

“Do you really think that little of me?! Do you seriously not care enough about me to even remember what we did last night, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” you start to sob loudly and over exaggeratingly, throwing the pillow one last time, before turning around where you stood so your back was facing him, as you bury your face in your hands and pretend to cry loudly.

The boys in the common room had stopped being discreet about staying in the room now, their full attention on you and Fred, who was sat up in bed with his hands in his hair looking terrified.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry… I don’t know why I can’t remember, honestly I…” Fred stops to take a deep, shaky breath, before he too buries his face in his hands, shaking his head. You had started to think that you may have taken this too far, since he looked really worried, but before you could tell him it was all a joke, he continued,

“Y/n, I’ve loved you from our first day at Hogwarts… I don’t know what’s happened… I’ve been wanting to tell you how I feel for so long now… And I don’t know what’s happening…” Fred says as he stands in front of you, holding your hands in his, his eyes starting to water, “I just woke up and you were… I’d never use you like that Y/n I promise, I’m so so sorry…” he says before legitimately crying, shaking his head.

“Oh God, Fred, no!” You say frantically, wrapping him in a tight hug, feeling really really bad now.

The boys that had decided to stay back all “awww’d” and gave worried looks to one another.

“Fred… Shit, nothing happened, it was fake!” you say worriedly,

Fred looks up, his eyes red and puffy, “What?” he croaks out,

“Freddie, I got into your bed just before you woke up, i wanted to trick you into thinking that something happened last night and I didn’t mean for it to get this far… God Fred, I’m so sorry,” You can see the hurt in his eyes, realising that he had not only been tricked into thinking he had taken advantage of you, but also, he had just confessed his love for you.

“But Fred, what you said about loving me… I hope that was true,” you say hopefully, “Because I’ve loved you for a while now too”.

“Okay boys, now it’s time to leave,” George says as he ushers people out of the room, leaving you two alone.

“You’re not just saying that because you feel sorry for me, are you?” Fred asks hesitantly,

“No Fred, I’m not lying to you again, I promise. It got way too out of hand and I didn’t think of how it would all turn out and I just—”

Before you could finish rambling your apologies, Fred’s arms had pulled you towards him, and he had attached his lips to yours. Not forcefully, but gently yet abruptly.

The two of you stood there in his dormitory kissing for what felt like ages, yet still not long enough, before breaking away,

“I’ll admit, it was a pretty good prank, Y/n,” Fred chuckles, looking down at you, “But what I like even better is the view I’m getting right now,”

You remember that you were still in nothing but your lingerie, quickly bending down to retrieve your clothes and hurriedly put them back on, Fred laughing as you do so.

Once you were dressed and had both stopped giggling, you wrap your arms around his neck, “Fred, I honestly am sorry about scaring you like that,” you say sincerely,

“Don’t be, the outcome was worth it,” He says, before tilting your head upwards so that he can kiss you again, making it clear that Potions wasn’t happening today.

Be With You (Luke Oneshot)

Pairing: Luke/Female Reader

Requested: Lol no, first work ever

Warning(s): Really smutty and swearing

Word Count: 4700+

Background: This is based on a blurb I wrote for @lukes2k16 anonymously awhile ago and I’ve been wanting to start writing recently so I figured I should use that idea since it got some notes. Also Luke’s hair and body in that snap kinda contributed to this too lmao. Enjoy!

“Jesus fucking Christ,” roars from the kitchen of your boyfriend’s LA apartment, waking you up from a deep sleep. Slowly, you stretch and wake yourself up before groggily getting out of bed to make sure the kitchen isn’t on fire.

“Luke…baby what’s happenin’,” you yawn loudly as you observe the mess of flour, eggs, and milk as well as pots and pans splattered everywhere in the kitchen.

“M’sorry princess, I didn’t wanna wake ya like this. Wanted to make you breakfast before I leave tonight. And spend time with you ‘cause we don’t get to often,” Luke mumbles as his head pops up from behind the kitchen island where there are ingredients wasted on the floor.

You should be upset because it’s a waste of good food and now you’ll have to go shopping again, but his sheepish smile and good intentions make your heart flutter uncontrollably at how much you love this lanky boy.

“Lu, you coulda just woken me up and we could’ve done it together. Let’s clean this up and then start again, yeah?” Your supportive smile makes him immediately brighten and he comes over to embrace you in his broad chest.

It’s normally a sweet gesture, but his dirty, sticky clothes, sly smirk, and suggestive look in his eyes warns you he’s up to no good. You hold your hand up and start backing away, horror written across your face.

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Nurse Barnes

Bucky x Reader

Requested by anon: Can I have a fluffy sick!fic please with Bucky please where he gets all mother hen like and takes your temperature and makes you soup and cuddles with you?

@ anon, I hope you see this! 😂

Warnings: fluff fest

Word count: 876

Originally posted by stevebvckys

The shrill sounds of your alarm clock seem particularly piercing this morning, and you are desperate for the screeching to end. You turn to face your night stand, stretching across to hit snooze and realise it is not only your head that is protesting. Your whole body aches.

“Friday?” your voice is weak and croaky, the dryness in your throat making you cough. 

“Good morning, Y/N. I have detected your temperature to be above normal readings. Shall I call for medical assistance?”

“No thank you. Can you just get somebody to bring me water, and more blankets, and painkillers? Oh and tell them to do it quietly, I think my brain is going to explode.”

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Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“So how do I talk to her?” Isaac asked and Allison stopped, smiling up at the Werewolf who grinned back nervously.


“Just walk up to her and say (Y/N) do you want to come to my Lacrosse game tonight?” Allison’s tone was bold and forward.


“What do I do when she says no?” Isaac asked.


“She won’t.” Allison muttered and continued walking down the corridor where you and Lydia were chatting.


He stopped when he picked up on how nervous you were but Allison mistook it as Isaac have second thoughts and tried to tug him along.

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Come Bail Me Out

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Nope.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Threw this little drabble together and thought it turned out pretty cute. I quick edited so please forgive me for any mistakes. Enjoy!

You held the receiver to your ear, clutching it as tightly as you could.

Ring. ‘Come on, Pick up.’ Ring. ‘Please pick up.’ Ring. ‘Not tonight of all nights.’ Ring.

You hang you head defeated, going to hang up the phone when you hear a voice on the other end.

“Hello?” a gruff voice said on the other end.

“James?” you asked, unsure of the voice you had heard so little from.

“Yeah?” he said very leery.

“Oh thank god, it’s Y/N. Listen, is Steve or Natasha there?”

“No, everyone left about an hour ago, they got an assignment.”

“Then why are you still there?”

“Someone has to man the fort.” He grumbled.

“Well this is just great.” You sighed, leaning your head up against the cylinder blocked wall.

“Why? What’s up?”

“Ummm… I’m kinda ran into a problem… I’m in sitting in a holding cell at the county jail.”

Bucky pulled the phone away, letting out a deep laugh. “You’re kidding right?”


“What’d you do?”

“I really don’t want to get into the logistics of what I may or may not have done right now, could you just please come bail me out?” you pleaded.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in twenty.”

“Thanks, I’ll owe you one Barnes.”

“I might just take you up on that one-day doll.” You could hear him smile on the other side, before hanging up the phone.

You hung up your end, returning to pacing the small eight-by-eight cell as you waited for Bucky to get there. You knew little about the man, as you and him had never talked much besides exchanging pleasantries in passing or a few words when on a mission. Sometimes you would catch him looking at you, making him turn as bright of a red, as the star that was on his shoulder and other times he would catch you looking at him, making you turn your head to hide the blush creeping upon your cheeks.

The sound of a heavy metal door closing a two sets of footsteps brought you out of your daydream.

“She’s right over here.” You heard the booking officer speak as he pulled out the keys to unlock the cell.

“Thank you officer.” Bucky spoke as he stepped around the deputy.

You could have sworn you felt your lungs stop working as you laid eyes upon Bucky. The navy blue jeans with the white Henley and black leather jacket could have stopped your heart in a second. His hair was tucked securely under his navy ballcap.

“… Earth to Y/N, is anybody home.” Bucky joked as he waved a hand in front of your face.

You shook your head “Uh? Oh yeah, I’m good, let’s get out of here.”

“Yeah well, you won’t be leaving anytime soon I’m afraid.” Bucky said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“What… what do you mean?” you nervously laughed.

“Apparently there is a federal warrant out for your arrest which means that the judge has a right to hold you here until the feds get here to extradite you.”

“What? You’re kidding right?! I thought everything we do was forgiven or whatever.” You laughed, as if the night could get any worse.

Bucky stared at you, a serious look on his face, “Nah, I’m just messing with you.” He laughed.

You raised your hand, slapping him on the shoulder “Not funny Barnes.”

“Ahhh come one, that was a classic, you should have seen your face.” He laughed as you both exited the building.

“It might have been funny to you but you weren’t the one that had a bunch of drunks trying to grope and flirt with you all night.”

“I’ll kill ‘em” he said in all seriousness.

“Maybe another day Buck, right now I just want to bathe in Clorox and take a hot shower.” You said as you grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the curb. “Where’s your car?”

“Car? I don’t have a car?”

“Then how did you get here?”

Bucky raised his right arm, pointing across the street.

“You’re kidding me right? I am not getting on that… that death trap! Couldn’t you have just borrowed one of Starks cars?”

“Stark? Trust me with one of his children?” he said letting out a deep laugh “Yeah, ok. Besides, what’s so bad about riding a motorcycle?” he asked you as you walked across the street.

“It’s a death trip waiting to happen!” you argued.

“You’ve never been on one or we wouldn’t be having this discussion.” He said holding out a helmet, throwing a leg over the bike, leaving a question hanging in the open air.

You bit you lip, letting out a sigh “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” You said as you slid the helmet on, throwing your leg over, holding onto his waist for dear life.

“Oh relax doll, and enjoy it while it lasts.” Bucky said, looking back towards you, throwing a wink before sliding the visor down on his helmet, pulling the bike away from the curb.

One, Two, Three, Four

I got this question today:

Could you post this anon? I am writing because I’m curious (if you’re willing to talk about it) if you knew from the beginning that Iz would be your only child. If so, how did you come to that? Most days I feel like that will likely be the choice we make too, but I’m always curious how other people get to that place. I always thought we’d have two. Or more. But time. Money. Emotional fortitude. It’s a lot. I’d love your insight. xo

I have no insight.

I have nothing except questions and what-ifs and thoughts that creep up in the night as I’m lying in bed. I think about it at the grocery store when I see siblings fighting and I think about it at the park when I see siblings playing together. I think and I do more thinking. I think I know how I feel and I know that I’m unlikely to change my mind, but still. The thought is there

I actually almost wrote a post about this last week but I changed my mind about posting it at the last second because I was getting frustrated about my ability to verbalize my very complex, very uncertain feelings about a topic that I know a lot of people feel strongly about. I hardly ever shy away from posting things that I know people will feel strongly about, but this is so personal and real to me, to Brandon, to Isobel. And although having or not having another child is a family decision, I can’t ignore how strongly this falls at my feet and my feet alone. This complex, nuanced, larger-than-life decision falls to me and my uterus–and this isn’t even taking into account whether we might have difficulty conceiving. 

Yet, even though I’ve just said that I’m having a hard time finding clarity on this, I do know deep down what is right for right now. That’s hard to admit, since so much of child-rearing and parenting means sacrificing all for the sake of the child(ren). We are in a place culturally that requires parents to weigh so many potential decisions by the impact they could or will have on their children. We move to different cities so they can go to better schools. We change our budgets so they can go to summer camp. We alter our work hours so they can attend the best extracurricular activities. Even pregnancy (and childbirth) are overwhelmingly outcome-oriented with relatively little attention or honest discussion paid to the mental, physical and emotional health of the mother. (Well, except for when she is watched carefully to see that she passes her glucose test and is within the weight guidelines her doctor specifies.) In this prism, having one child is confusing. As someone with a sibling, even I am unsure how to navigate it. (I used to say, “I don’t really want kids, but if I do, I want at least two. Maybe four.” Maybe four! That came out of the mouth of someone that didn’t know anything.) Anyway, I get why having one child is still somewhat uncommon and why people have strong feelings about it. Having multiple children implies companionship, camaraderie, success, completion. I think that’s what I must have thought back when I believed having four children might be a good idea for me.

You mentioned time, money and emotional fortitude as concerns for having another child. These are very important factors. Money especially. I have been told many times that “you always find the money.” And yes, perhaps. Maybe you do. But the thought of spending over $3,000 a month on daycare makes me ill. Staying home and choosing not to work? That’s not even on the table. Work is, for me, a non-negotiable. I will work. I will always work. 

So–emotional fortitude. That’s a concern too. I view the first year (or so) of Isobel’s life through as realistic a lens as I can, seeing as there is such a veil of nostalgia and contentment that has grown over the more difficult and frustrating memories. The further I get away from them, the less clear they are. And it is vital that I do not forget. It is vital to my emotional and mental health, to my marriage, and to my ability to parent Isobel the best I can. I have struggled with mental health issues–depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder–on and off for years. I have been medicated, though I am not currently. I freely admit that I am unsure whether I have the strength to do it again. If you have ever taken medication for depression, you will know that (most of the time) it does help. But, for me, it also numbs. It numbs everything, including the way I feel about the people I love. On medication, I am not sleeping 18 hours a day, but when I am hugged, I feel nothing. So I am scared to wake the sleeping giant. I am frightened of the unknown about myself. How far can I go? How far would I go? I’m not sure. But the risk is there and it is real. I am not alone in a vacuum with this, either. I have a daughter that depends on me. I have a child. And we are so happy right now. So very happy. She hugs me and says she loves me and I feel a warmth, a deep, painful love that I have never before experienced. It is a beautiful thing that I have to cherish and keep safe. And so, you see why I must think about these things. 

But I still don’t know the answer. I don’t know the final answer, anyway. I think I probably know, but I am young and there are unknowns. 

For now, as we walk to the park as a family, the three of us, I feel that we may be complete. My daughter! She is so independent, so feisty, so funny. When I look at her, I do not see the hazy outline of another standing beside her. I can’t fathom it. It doesn’t make sense. It may not ever make sense. For now, I see only her. Friends who were pregnant around the same time as me are having second children. I think, “How nice,” but I know that I do not yearn or desire or need that yet. 

Isobel is so many wonderful, frustrating, indescribably beautiful things to me, but mostly she is enough. I think about all the things I want to do for her and do with her. I can give her those. We can give her those. That is enough for now. 

Steve’s top three kinks would include:

pairing: steve x reader

requested: yeah, like 50 million times

warnings: smutty smut smut

a/n: request things here and let me know what you think

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the credit for this title goes to Vance Joy because he wrote this song lmao

Bucky x Reader

Requested by anon: can i request a bucky x reader based off of the song “emmylou” by vance joy? it can be super cute and fluffy!!! thank you, your writing is bomb af 

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: okay anon im sO SORRY BUT THE BEGINNING IS PRETTY ANGSTY it get fluffy tho i promise!! i was just getting angtsy vibes from the song, ya know?? anyways if the lyrics repeated i deleted them!!

Warnings: reader gets a nightmare, theres talk of the avengers dying (listen,,, this sounds bad,,, but i s2g it ends fluffy)

Originally posted by enochianess

Oh if you’re losing sleep…
Oh if you’re losing sleep, scared of shadows.
See it’s just a chair, see the clothes hang there.
Oh don’t go losing sleep, scared of shadows.

It happened again.

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