Being the person who gives Harley the courage to leave Joker and when she does you run away together…

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“Y/N I did it! I left him!” Harley says as she raps you into a hug. “I’m so proud of you Harley!” You say and squeeze her a little. She pulls back slightly and then crashes her lips onto yours. The kiss was short and sweet but jam packed with passion. Your eyes are wide as you stare at her, “Am I your new Puddin’? Please say yes.” She kisses the tip of your nose and says, “Of course Puddin’”

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Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  Cuddling with Lex, please? <3 /  Pls more lex luthor imagines like super sweet ones because I feel he kinda needs some love
A/N: holy moly this turned out so sweet


He was talking again, something he loved doing despite you telling him to shut up and just go to sleep. Something was bothering him, and waving his hands around like a maniac he sat up in bed, his voice growing louder and faster. Even in the dark you could see his hands moving, his head suddenly wiping to as if waiting for and answer. You sighed, though it wasn’t from irritation – this was the man you fell in love with. And damn if he wasn’t adorable when he was so passionate about something.

You hummed, your reply not indicating a no or a yes as your arms hugged his waist, pulling him back down. For a moment he was stunned shut, his arms awkwardly hanging in the air as you made yourself comfortable on his chest, hearing his heart beating wildly. “Get some rest…” You murmured, “You can freak out in the morning.” Again, the statement wasn’t meant to be mean, just playful. You heard his mouth open and shut, he was most likely going to protest but changed his mind at the last minute. Finally, his arms encircled you and you smiled, shutting your eyes. It felt warm and safe, and gradually his heartbeat slowed into a steady rhythm and you both fell asleep in each others arms.

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Steve x reader where reader finds steve having a nightmare & comforts him when he holds her & starts sobbing after waking up & then he softly kisses her & asks her yo spend the night with him & it's just really fluffy

Thank you so much for the request! This is what I got from your request so I hope this is what you meant :)

You stood outside of his door, debating on whether you should enter or not. You had gotten up to get a drink of water and since his room was on the way to the kitchen, you could hear the soft whimpers and sobs that came from inside the room. There was no response when you knocked and that’s why you were standing in the hall. After a moment you decided to open the door and peek your head in.
“Steve?” you quietly asked when you stuck your head through the doorway. That was when you saw him curled in on himself while crying into the pillow. He had pulled all the blankets over his body but he was still shivering and every few seconds, you could see the sobs wracking through his body. You felt a tug at your heart as you saw him and decided that you should try and wake him up. You called out his name as you walked over to his bed. Hesitantly, you placed a hand on his shoulder and lightly shook it as you tried to wake him up. You could feel the shivers and sobs wrack through his body under your hand. After calling out his name and shaking his shoulder for a few moments, he jerked awake with a gasp. With wide eyes that were filled with panic and fear, he looked around the room before resting his gaze on you.
“…..y/n?” he hesitantly asked you.
“Yeah Steve, it’s me. I’m here.” you said gently with a smile. He nodded and reached up to wipe the tears out of his eyes. A few tears still fell from his blue eyes that held the pain from what had haunted him in his dreams and after a couple seconds he began to slowly start sobbing again. You felt your heart tug again at the sight of him crying. After a moment, you scooted into the bed with him and placed an arm around his shoulders. You guided his head to rest on your shoulder and held him as the sobs shook his body.
“It’s okay, Steve,” you comforted, “It’s over now. You’re okay.” You continued to comfort him until the sobs stopped and all that remained was soft tremors.
“I’m sorry.” he mumbled into your shoulder. You rested your hand on his head and ran your fingers through his hair comfortingly.
“Don’t be sorry,” you reassured him. The two of you sat in silence for a couple minutes.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked him gently. He didn’t respond right away and you both sat in silence for another minute, since you didn’t want to push him to answer.
“I was about to crash into the ice and I could hear Peggy talking to me. The entire time she was telling me how I deserved to die, how it was my fault that Bucky fell. She called me worthless and told me I’ll never be anything more than the sick and weak kid from Brooklyn. Then it was just quiet, there was nothing except the darkness and cold. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I was trapped. Then I could hear Bucky’s voice telling me it was my fault he fell, that I should have tried harder to save him, and that everything Hydra did to him was my fault too.” he finished quietly. The tug at your heart was back again after hearing what horrors plague his dreams at night.
“You did the best you could and none of that is your fault. You are far from worthless Steve, you are the strongest and bravest guy I know. You save people everyday and protect this planet with your life. So don’t think you are worthless, because you are anything but.” you stated. He lifted his head off your shoulder and looked at you. You looked into his eyes and could see hesitation resting there.
“I’m not lying. You are an amazing man and don’t let anything make you think otherwise.” You added and Steve gave you a smile. There was a moment of silence where you both just looked into each other’s eyes, Steve slowly moved in to kiss you and then pulled back to look you in the eyes again.
“Thank you y/n, thank you so much.” he said.
“You’re welcome.” you replied with a smile as you fought the blush that had started to appear on your face. You looked at the clock on his nightstand and started to stand up. “It’s pretty late so I should probably head back to bed.” You went to turn towards the door but Steve’s hand grabbing yours stopped you.
“Wait,” he started, “will you stay?”
“Are you sure?” you asked him. He nodded in response and moved over in the bed to make more room for you. You climbed back into the bed and slid under the covers. You both laid in the bed, facing each other.
“Thank you again, y/n.” He stated and leaned over to give you another chaste kiss.
“I’m here whenever you need me, Steve.” You replied with a smile. In response, he reached over and pulled you closer so that you were using his chest as a pillow. Steve placed one more kiss to the top of your head.
“Goodnight y/n.” He whispered.
“Goodnight Steve.” You whispered back. The two of you slept through the rest of the night and Steve was able to sleep without any nightmares. And if during breakfast, the two of you sat closer than usual while holding hands under the table, then that is nobody’s business but yours.

Imagine The Avengers

Imagine going on another vacation with your team- because it couldn’t go any weirder than your last holiday…and the one after that…and the one after that. So, odd events followed the Avengers wherever they went, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy themselves!

               It’s just you have to supervise all the children on the trip.

You hadn’t even walked out of the doors before you began to have your doubts; the Avengers are a big team, a family! Had there been any possibility that there was a craft on earth that could carry you all?

Why yes, yes there was. Somehow Fury pulled a smart, rather roomy coach with large ‘A’s plastered in every possible place, from out of his ass.

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“So, we can have an Avenger’s coach, but my request to have an S.H.I.E.L.D. mascot was denied?” Tony commented, chewing on an arm of his shades and rolling his eyes.

However getting onto the road wasn’t a problem; luggage was stuffed in the coach’s storage, drinks and snacks were already hidden from Thor, and Tony was a smooth driver (causing Clint to lose a $5 to Nat).

Thankfully Tony’s attitude calmed and he already had his AC-DC CD screaming through the driver’s speakers- leaving Steve quite startled. And the Captain, though being free from the popsicle for some time now, still couldn’t wrap his head around the mysteries behind of all of these buttons.

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Meanwhile, Thor, having already found Natasha’s hidden packet of Tootsie-Rolls, had a great determination to find every other edible item on this ‘wheeled whale’, as he previously called the coach.

And it was terrifying enough when a giant, frilly haired thunder god stumbled over in your general direction, grasping every jolting formation to keep himself upright, and towered and swayed over you and constantly asking you, “Where are the other deliciously sweet snacks? My stomach requires them!”

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You actually began to contemplate playing with Nat and Clint. Then again, you wanted to begin this holiday with both arms; they were playing an intense game of punch-buggy. And in the end, winning payment was a packet of Tootsie-Rolls, and you just found that hilarious. Thor was going to get his ass kicked.

You glance over to your left and catch Bucky leaning over Bruce’s lap to look at the little book in his hands. The cover read ‘Variety puzzles: crosswords, arrow-words, word-searches and more!”, and you lowered your head as you grinned, knowing that Bruce was sharing his books, and Bucky was being more and more sociable by the day. Yet in honesty, you hadn’t expect Bucky and Bruce to strike up a friendship so quickly.

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“Alright, what famous dance in the 1920s to the 1930s swing era, was a fusion of different dance moves? I left you this one ‘cause you’re an old man and I highly doubt you’ll know a great deal in this one.” Said Bruce, quickly flicking through the small booklet before looking up at Barnes expectedly.

Bucky twiddled his thumbs and gave the scientist a smile. “It was the Lindy Hop. It was, a big thing, way back when, hah.”

Bruce returned the smile and wrote it down in place- a perfect match. “You know your stuff, man.”

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“Punch buggy!” Romanoff yelled, raising her fist high into the air and slamming it down on Clint’s knee- action all too quick for him to react- causing him to yelp, his nerves throwing his lower body into the air.

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“Gah! Hey, I don’t even think that was a Volkswagen Beetle!”

“Then you should be getting some glasses then, grandpa.”

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“Wha- hey, that’s technically not true. You got the same treatment as ice-cream over there!” Clint whined, throwing a finger at Steve, whom was utterly oblivious to almost everything that was going on (mainly because of the deafening music, but he also had a sneaky suspicion that he was having a 50-year-delayed midlife crisis).

As fun as it was, watching the kids, an incredibly loud, and disturbing noise ripped away your attention. “What the f-, can anyone else hear a pig having an exorcism?”

Rhodey called your name and vigorously pointed at Sam in a blissful sleep with one hand, while his other was close to being crammed down his throat to keep him quiet. Wilson’s violent snoring was slightly worrisome…nevertheless you whipped out your phone and chucked it to Rhodey, whom barely caught it because he was laughing so hard. After snapping some sensational pictures, he could barely breath as he passed you back your phone; it was reassuring to know that these two would be easily amused in any boring situation.

“You watch, (y/n), that’ll soon become internet famous.”

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You turned, now facing a fidgety Pietro. “What’s up, buddy?” You cooed, pouting out your bottom lip and stretching. “Coach too slow for ya?”

The speedster clicked his neck and rested his legs down the walkway. “I could run faster than this piece of crap.” He sighed, Sokovian accent strong. His reply made you throw your head back and give a throaty laugh.

“Language.” You muttered. now laughing a bit harder. Pietro gave a loud groan and turned his attention to the window, but you could see a smile pinching his cheeks.

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Next to him, Wanda was barely in her chair; you could see the seat-belt pull at her skin, yet she still stretched to look out of the window in front of her. The younger twin’s face was squished against the glass- any cars that’ll pass by would just see a curious pancaked faced plastered on the window.  

With a Cheshire cat smile, and eyes as wide as saucers, Maximoff was soundly intrigued by the way the heather fields rose up high on the hills, with the sun shining through every plant and illuminating the land with a warm purple. And the way the colored clouds danced through the sky, and the sea glistening calmly in the distance.  

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You give a light laugh, turning around to glance at everyone once more. “I’ve actual fucking children with me.” You huff, smiling as you cross your arms, stretch out your legs and rest your eyes.

                                  After all, the kids need a babysitter.

Only A Matter Of Time

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Hey, guys! This here is a little hotch x reader oneshot requested by a wonderful anon. What happens is you realize that you really turn hotch on a lot and that just being around you drives him crazy (I made it more that he just really, really likes you, not that you really turn him on basically) and the two of you are not dating, and the rest you will have to read to find out. Enjoy! :)

(Oh, and I’m trying something new by adding gifs. What do you think?)

At first, even Hotch himself wasn’t aware of why exactly he was constantly avoiding you. He knew that it wasn’t because he didn’t like you because he definitely liked you, and it was a little while later that he realized that he was avoiding you because he liked you a little too much.

Every time his eyes tragically locked with yours, he felt his brain go numb and his blood rush to forbidden places, all things he couldn’t have with you, so he avoided you. He avoided you at all costs. He hid himself away, taking the most inconvenient routes around the office all so that he could elude your entrancing allure and distracting presence.

For a while, you didn’t even notice, but after awhile you began to realize the fact of his disappointing absence. Naturally, your first thought was that he hated you. It was an awful thought, not only because he was your boss, but you had to admit that there really was something about Hotch that you could help but find sexy and alluring. There were mixing conundrums of his personality, brave and professional and intelligent, amazing at his job, but also infinitely kind and loyal. One Aaron Hotchner had so many piling layers that you wanted nothing more than for him to simply even like you. So when you came across the thought that he hated you, you couldn’t think of any solution other than you had to fix it.

Within the day, you unearthed the adjusted route that he walked the office for certain tasks, diligently planning to casually intercept Hotch at several intervals throughout his own schedule. You knew one thing for sure, no matter what stops you had to pull, you would eventually win him over with your dazzling personality. There was no way he could hate you so much as to no return, and you were determined to rope him farthest from that sticky center.

At first, you were under the impression that it really just wasn’t working. Hotch would typically just brush past you, ignore your babbling, and move quietly on with his chin pulled down to his chest, eyes averted from your distracting face. But after a couple of tries, a couple good interceptions and strong interruptions, you realized what was really going on and the puzzle pieces suddenly clicked gloriously into place.

Hotch liked you back. That’s why he was avoiding you. It was the complete opposite of hating you, and you couldn’t be happier. Now, if you could only get him to admit his feelings…

But despite the obvious struggle to gain Hotch’s trust and enrich his own courage, you couldn’t manage to hide the huge grin that consumed your lips in jubilant triumph.

You really should have been alone, but of course Garcia tended to enjoy walking the hidden corridors of the office when she got bored. Garcia witnessed the shit-eating grin pasted eagerly across your expression, staining your lips with an unfamiliar joy. So of course, Garcia being Garcia, she just had to get exact specifics as to why she was smiling so widely.

Carefully, as you prepared to whisper a secret to your best friend, you leaned in close to her ear, “You have to promise you won’t tell anybody!” You checked, and of course she nodded in confirmation. You looked back and forth, searching to make sure no unwanted prying ears were simply waiting to pounce on your newfound secret. Nobody was there. It was just you and Garcia in a shadowy corridor. Alone.

“Alright,” You inhaled almost dramatically, “I’m pretty sure that Hotch likes me!” You smiled excitedly, the twinge of an excited squeal hiding in the creases of your voice.

“Really?” Garcia said, and you were actually disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm in her voice, taken over by confused surprised

“Why do you not think so?” You asked your best friend, thrown off by her response

“Well, wait,” She paused, eyebrows crinkled in thought, “Aren’t the two of you already dating?”

A gasp slipped off your lips and a blank slate combed across your expression, “We’re not, Garcia,” You said, your voice more stern and serious than ever before

“Hey,” Penelope said, throwing her palms to the sky in defense, “I didn’t know. Sorry. You guys just seemed like you both like each other. A lot. I just assumed.”

A jet of air breathed out through your lips as you relaxed, “You’re fine, Garcia. Sorry. This is new for me,”

“Well,” A smile sprouted across Garcia’s lips, “Does this mean you’re going to be dating soon?”

“I don’t know,” A matching smile was devouring you as well, “We’ll see,”

You walked away. You had something to do now, something to ask Hotch, and you really really hoped it worked out how you wanted. It was all or nothing.

Great White Sharks | Peter Maximoff/Reader

Title: Great White Sharks 

Pairing/s: Peter Maximoff x Reader / previous (oc) Aaron x Reader
Prompt: ❝ I’d rather go swimming with great white sharks. ❞

Author’s Note​​​: i’m kind of in love with how it turned out and am i the only one who loves peter calling his s/o doll

Warnings: none?? i think BUT there is a depression dip sort of thing implied

There he was, you were expecting him to be there. He was always there, just waiting for you, always there, at exactly 8:02 pm. Peter Maximoff has always been at your door, with that disgustingly amazing grin and his eyes shining with a word you could only describe as pure happiness when you opened the door. The reason it was exactly 8:02 pm and never even a minute later was because that was when you were getting ready for a date with your boyfriend, Aaron.

Not anymore.

You’d never be going out with that boy, never again.

Peter was getting concerned for your health, truthfully. For weeks you wouldn’t come out of your house, barely even out of your room unless for food. So one day he sped to your house, shoving his way into your room. You were sleeping despite how it was 3:00 in the evening. You know how people usually say they look more peaceful when they sleep? This wasn’t true in your case right now. Your hair was disheveled as were your clothes and the dark circles under your eyes were almost more noticeable than how you were literally pinching yourself in your sleep.

Suddenly you shot up, your fist flying towards Peter; he’s lucky he’s fast otherwise this would’ve ended in a bloody nose and a hell of a lot of yelling.

“P- Peter?” You gasped out, your breathing heavy. He climbed onto your bed, nodding quietly. He didn’t want to startle you any further.

“Are you okay?” Peter whispered back, staring straight at you.

“Y- Um, yeah.” You wiped the warm tears off your cheeks and managed a half-smile at Peter. The two of you began talking and eventually ended up with Peter behind you, his arm around your waist. His other arm was around the other side of you, your hands intertwined. Suddenly Peter did something that made you freeze.

“Peter Maximoff did you just lick my face?” You had exceptional self control otherwise you would be yelling right now. He leaned over to look at you with that grin that could make anyone melt when they looked at him. Un-intertwining your hand from his, you shoved a pillow at him. “You are so disgusting,”

“Oh, c'mon doll. Admit it, you love me.” Peter did something that was strangely close to a giggle.

​​​​​"No, Peter. You just licked me, for gods sake!“ You stood up, sticking your tongue out at him.

"You’re allowed to stick your tongue out at me but I can’t lick your face, is that how it is?” In one swift move from Peter, you felt another sloppy, wet spot on your cheek.

“Peter Maximoff I swear to god-” You began before you were pulled back down onto the bed and were faced with the eyes that you could spend days staring into and describing.

“That one was different.” Peter pointed out, a proud grin on his lips. You gave him a questioning look to which he quickly whispered into your ear, “that one was a kiss.”

And that is how you ended up on the floor with Peter Maximoff on top of you, the two of you laughing so hard you had began to cry.

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could i request a scenario where Keith takes care of his s/o after they have a panic attack and collapse from being around too many people talking too loud?

So good news! My relationship issue have been resolved… For now. Hopefully they don’t come back and I can move past them. That also means I can focus on this blog, along with college, much more without any of that crap going on. So start sending in those requests!

You were back on Earth, you should have been having the time of your life. Except you weren’t, not even close. Allura had decided to throw a party in the castle to celebrate arriving on Earth, and it had been an open invitation so anyone could show up, meaning there were a lot of people. And because you had been considered part of “Team Voltron” you were required to stay at the party as well.

You’d tried to stay tucked away in a corner but someone had found you and pulled you towards the group of people. After that, all hell broke loose. There we so many people approaching you, all asking you different questions at the same time.

“What was it like in space?”

“Do you ever want to go back?”

“What was your part on the Team Voltron?”

The questions didn’t end and at some point they all started to blend together. All you could hear was a buzz, a loud buzz that kept getting louder and louder. It finally became to much for you to handle and you broke.

You clasped your hands over your ears and knelt down, not having found the strength to run from the room. You shut your eyes and tried to block out the sounds, but you couldn’t. You could feel people’s eyes on you as more approached to see what was going on, more voices adding to the already constant buzzing.

You were sure you were about to pass out, but before that could happen a pair of arms wrapped around you. One sliding under your knees and the other wrapping around your back. You were carried out of the room by whoever had you and slowly the buzzing faded, and your head cleared.

Opening you eyes slowly you looked up to see Keith looking at you with concern written all over his face. He brought you to your room in the castle and set you on the bed, taking a seat next to you.

“You okay?” He asked. One of his hands rested on your knee as he held eye contact with you.

You let out a breath and nodded slowly. “I’m good. It was just so loud and then everyone started talking at once. It was a lot to handle.”

“Do you want to stay here and rest?”

You gave a curt nod. Keith nodded back and stood up, making his way to the door. “I’m going to go tell Allura that you’re out for the night. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

“Don’t you need to be at the party? You know, considering you’re a paladin.”

Keith smirked from the doorway. “The Galra has been taken care of. Until another problem comes up, you’re my first priority.” And with that he took his leave. Keeping his promise and coming back a few minutes later.

This time though, he wore his black jeans and t-shirt instead of his uniform. He sat next to you on the mattress and wrapped an around your shoulders, his hand playing with the ends of your hair.

“Thanks Keith.”

Oneshot - Coincidences

It’s another chilly Friday night at New York. You are walking to the subway station which is near your little yet cozy apartment in Brooklyn. As you descend to the subway platform, you are hit by the hot air of the station. You are still amazed by the underground transport which New Yorkers seem to be so boringly used to. After few minutes of waiting, your train arrives.
You moved to the city that never sleeps not too long ago and you are still getting used to it. You left your family and friends behind to have a fresh start and forget everything that once made you feel miserable. Probably one of the reasons why you moved out is because you want to be as far away as possible from your ex. And they are probably the reason why you go out every Friday night and get as drunk as you can to forget the pain. It’s not like you are not over them, you are just mad that you gave them the possibility to ever hurt you.

You look up at the dark sky and breath deeply; the skyscrapers still make you feel dizzy. Today is not different. You are going to a rooftop party in Downtown to get drunk and have meaningless conversations with people you don’t care about. None of your newly-made friends could join you tonight in your ‘getting drunk until I blackout’ adventure and you are not used to go out by yourself but you still can make new friends, right?

You don’t know how many glasses you have emptied but you guess that probably a few as you feel the familiar dizziness settling in. You hear people talking to you, smiling at you and yeah you are listening and smiling back but you are actually so uninterested. Your throat burns as you take another shot and you feel light-headed; the slow motion vision is kicking in too.

And then, all black.

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