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I was wondering if you could do a one shot where the reader and dean have a baby together and sam and dean have to look after it for the day so that the reader can go away for the day to relax and stuff. And its just like the brothers taking care of the baby?

I have no idea how to care for tiny children but I hope this turned out ok. IT’S REALLY FLUFFY. I MEAN LIKE IT’S SO SWEET IT WILL POSSIBLY GIVE YOU TOOTHACHE.

Word Count: 1,413

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anonymous asked:

Anon with the Naruto request. Maybe just Iruka and Reader looking back on the days when they took care of Naruto up until he became Hokage? Sorry if that's confusing.

Okay, thanks for getting back to me



courtesy Marvel

Marvel reveals a new teaser to get fans guessing over the long holiday weekend.

All-New, All-Different follows the revelation that the Marvel Universe will relaunch with a time jump 8 months after the events of Secret Wars.

On Free Comic Book Day readers saw a first look at the new Marvel with the All-New, All-Different Avengers and the Uncanny Inhumans in action.


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Hurrah for snailmail! This deliciousness arrived for us from our lovely reader @katiejanepmac and made our day!! Look at all the exciting goodies!! So happy our article inspired you to get snail mailing again Katie, it filled us with joy especially the happy sprinkles!! 🎉📮📝💋💘 leave a message below if you are looking for pen pals and let’s see who we can hook up!! #snailmail #penpals #stationary #surprises #happymail #thankyou #awesome #makesomeonesmile #happyface by caboodlemagazine

My Cut to Color

This week, I compiled two great looks for my male readers to be stylish in any Memorial Day celebration they have in store next weekend. These two looks add the right dash of color to stand out. Kick-off the start of summer with these great and affordable looks! 

1. Striped Pilot Sunglasses 150.00 (Ralph Lauren) 2. Marled Cable-Knit Cardigan 140.00 (Banana Republic) 3. Soft-Wash Heathered Crew 26.50 (Banana Republic) 4. Straight-Fit Oxford Short 89.50 (Ralph Lauren) 5. Twill Faxon Low Sneaker 59.00 (Ralph Lauren) 6. Kroy Wen’ Snapback Baseball Cap 40.00 (Nordstrom) 7. Wool Striped V-Neck Sweater 49.00 ( 8. Classic Fit Linen Pant 145.00 (Ralph Lauren) 9. Burlap Mytton Sneaker 59.00 (Ralph Lauren)

Got called a ma'am at the library today!

Also, I helped a fellow avid reader find a series they were looking for.

It was a good day; I felt like a true staff member!