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Hi, if I may ask I would like a Bucky x platonic teen reader. they have a brother and sister and practically look out for each other. One day reader gets captured during a mission by the same man who had killed her parents and made her the reason in wanting to join the Avengers. he torments her psychologically before she snaps and tries to first make a run for it. When no escape is found, she is forced to fight, just when she goes for the kill Bucky stops her and the Avengers arrest the guy(1/2)

It then ends with just pure fluff. If that could be done I would greatly appreciate it, if not it’s okay. You write some of the BEST bucky fanfics I’ve read when I first became a Bucky fangirl and I love reading EVERYTHING you write, keep up the good work dearie :) (2/2)

I am absolutely up for writing this for you! :) It’s a fab idea and I always like to write fluffy Bucky! <3

I’m so glad that you are enjoying the fics I post and thank you sooooo much for following me! I have a couple of things to do on here first but then once they are posted I will get started on this for you. Thank you for your request <3 x

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Can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader loves astronomy and has a telescope and everything. And the reader geeks out about space sometimes. And one day peter looks at the stars with the reader? Sorry if it's all over the place! But I'd love it if you'd write this! I send my love to you! 💖💙💚❤💛💜

Yes!!! I live for space, I’ll def add that to the list!!

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You keep posting really great sans/reader fics. I haven't slept almost at all this past week. Why this

i read only the best and > OC and TPI are the best 👌  sleep is for the fanfictionless. as long as you have a glass of water nearby to splash on your dry eyes youll b ok also it’ll help quench your thirst becos these two fics are the cause of everyone’s blueballs

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Can I have a Willas Tyrell imagine? I want an imagine where the reader one day doesn't like the way she looks so he tries to make her think she is beautiful with kisses and very cute compliments?

sure thing!!! love the idea ^^

30 Day OTP Challenge Day Nineteen: In formal wear

Note: Fluff! Also I don’t own the photo, and Laura is Laura Barton, not me XD

Words: 1125

“I have a wonderful announcement.” Tony calls to everyone in the communal living room when all eyes locked onto the Playboy Billionaire who grins wickedly at them. “I am throwing a party tomorrow for something that Pepper and I have been meaning to discuss with you all for a while.” He explained as everyone smiles. “Pepper is pregnant.” You called as Tony glares making Pepper laugh. “I knew someone would guess it right.” Pepper said covering her mouth as Tony turns his glaring gaze to her. “Keep your mouth shut (L/N).” Tony said pointing.

You gestured zipping your lips and locking it as Tony nods. “Good, I’m still throwing the party mostly for Pepper’s parents to see I am a caring guy.” He said when Steve cracked a small chuckle. “Oh Ha-Ha!” Tony points at Steve. “Well none the less, congratulations to the both of you. I believe you shall make great parents.” Loki said as Tony raised an eyebrow at Loki before smiling softly. “Thank you.” Tony said when you look at Loki seeing something in his eyes that you couldn’t quite describe as anything, but hope.

“Now, I want all of you to go get ready! Pepper is taking the ladies to get their dresses while I am going to take the gentlemen to get their suits.” Tony said as everyone looked to Tony who raised an eyebrow. “Well are you going to get up? We’re leaving now.” He huffed as everyone sighed before getting up from their seats and followed the couple into the elevator. There was two trips considering there was too many people trying to fit into the elevator at once. “Good luck.” You whispered into Loki’s ear before kissing him softly. “Behave.” You said as he smirks.

“I am the God of Mischief, when I am known to behave?” He asked chuckling softly before kissing your forehead when Tony cleared his throat. “Come on kitties.” He grins as Loki’s eyes darkened in anger. “Loki.” You said in a warning tone before he let out a small sigh. “Fine.” He comments before getting into the car with the others while the girls piled into another car. You got into the front with Natasha who was driving as she looks over to you. “So you ever have him kneel for you?” She asked as your face heats up. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” You laughed softly.

“So where we going Potts?” Natasha asked to Pepper who smiles. “I had a small dress store that I like to go to.” She smiled happily. “It’s Patty’s Bridal Shower, but it has the most gorgeous dresses.” She spoke excitedly as Natasha nods. “I know where that is.” She pulled out of the Avenger’s Tower. You were having fun with the girls as you laughed while Jane, Laura, Pepper, and Wanda were singing in the back. Natasha finally pulled up to the store in question as she shut off the radio. “Alright ladies, I made a bet with Tony as to who could get done faster.” Pepper spoke as all eyes landed on it.

“It’ll be us.” Natasha smirks. “You sound confident in us Nat.” You smirks as she looks at you. “Because I know we will. Ready girls?” Natasha asked as the girls smile before nodding. “Let’s do it.” Wanda grins before everyone got out of the car and walked into the store. About an hour later, much to all of the girls’ surprise, they were walking out with a dress in their hand. “Come on, Tony just texted me that Thor is getting his suit!” Pepper said as everyone quickly, and carefully get back into the car before heading back towards the tower.

“So what do you win if we get home before they do?” You asked looking to Pepper. “I get to decide if we see the gender of the baby when they can tell us.” She said with a smile. “Awe, I’m rooting for a girl.” Laura calls. “Yeah, Nathaniel was a traitor.” Natasha comments as everyone laughs. “I hope it’s a boy.” You smile looking at Pepper. “Why?” She asked tilting her head. “Oh my goodness, because Tony will finally get to raise a son in a better way than his father.” You said as everyone smiles softly at the thought. “I want a boy now too.” Pepper chuckles.

Natasha pulled into the Tower before everyone piled into the elevator. “Today was nice, thank you girls for coming with me.” Pepper spoke softly. “We had fun being with you Pepps.” You smiled to her. “I want you girls to go put on your dresses. I told the boys I’d let you see them.” Pepper ushered everyone off onto their floor. You blushed softly looking down to your dress, because Natasha and Wanda helped you pick it out. Wanda said it would ‘Make the King fall to his knees’ from how beautiful it had looked on you.

You brushed off the nervousness that was bubbling in your stomach before stripping as you pulled on your dress. You zipped up the dress as high as you could before you walked towards the elevator to meet the girls upstairs. You suppressed a giggle as you came out into the communal living room seeing all the guys there with some of the girls. Laura and Wanda were still missing when Natasha looked over letting out a whistle that made your face hurt from smiling. “Well hello sexy~” Jane called as you bit your lip stepping off the elevator.

Loki smiles before turning as he almost drops the drink he had in his hand when he swallowed thickly. “What do you think Loki? I think she picked a gorgeous dress if you asked me.” Pepper said nudging him with a smile plastered onto her face. Loki’s eyes were wide as his mouth opened, but no sound came out while everyone smirked at his reaction. “By the gods, stop being too beautiful for me.” Loki finally spoke making the group laugh as your face darkened before walking over to him. “What’s the matter? Can’t handle someone like me?” You asked.

“I didn’t say I couldn’t, but I’ll be damned if I’m not good enough to call you mine.” He whispered as you smile softly cupping his face while everyone looked to see Wanda and Laura come off the elevator. “You know, that dress looks beautiful on you, but it would look much better on our bedroom floor.” He purred into your ear as you shivered biting your lip. “Well I guess you’ll have to wait for tomorrow night to do that.” You whispered nipping his lower lip before walking into the kitchen to get a drink, and leaving a completely dumbfounded Loki in your wake.

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Author’s Note: Oh my goodness! I am on day Nineteen! That means we only have eleven more days of this Challenge!! D: 

Stay Up

Request: “Don’t be silly, I want to stay up with you” (Thomas Jefferson OR Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 528

A/N: Requested by a wonderful anon

“What are you still doing up?” Thomas asked, scrubbing his eyes and squinting against the light coming from your computer screen. You blinked and quickly closed your laptop, offering a week smile and a small shrug as you sat up a little straighter on the couch.

“I couldn’t sleep.” You replied honestly, setting your laptop down on the coffee table and tucking your legs up underneath yourself. Thomas frowned and looked to the clock, taking a moment to make out where the hands lay through his still sleepy haze.

“It’s almost 4 in the morning, Y/N.” He muttered, raising a hand to muffle a yawn and grumbling faintly. You laughed despite yourself and finally pushed yourself to your feet, popping up onto your tip-toes to press a kiss to Thomas’ cheek as you passed him on your way to the kitchen.

“Yeah, well no one told you to get out of bed.” You hummed, flicking on the lights and stifling your giggle as Thomas recoiled and almost hissed at the sudden brightness. You glanced over your shoulder and offered an apology, pulling out the kettle and filling it with water before setting it to boil.

You hummed faintly to yourself as you got down your favourite mug and started digging through the cupboards for tea, humming faintly to yourself before you finally found what you were looking for. You blinked as you noticed a second mug next to yours, looking up to Thomas with a small frown.

“What’s that?”

“A cup.” You rolled your eyes and lightly smacked Thomas’ arm, rolling your eyes at his deep chuckle.

“Thomas, come on. You have work in the morning, you need to go to sleep.” You said, starting to turn away. Thomas’ arms wound around your middle and drew you in close despite your wiggles of protest.

“Don’t be silly, I want to stay up with you.” He murmured into your hair, closing his eyes for a moment and relishing in the silence of the apartment. You allowed him a moment before the kettle began to whistle, at which point you quickly wiggled free and poured the water into each of your mugs, popping a tea bag into each before leaning back against the counter.

“Fine, you can stay up but if you’re grumpy in the morning you can’t say I didn’t warn you.” You said, smiling faintly at Thomas’ annoyed expression.

A few moments later you found yourselves on the couch, Thomas reclining against you and almost squishing you against the side of the couch, but you didn’t mind. It was nice to be close to him. You turned on the television, keeping the volume low as you both sipped at your tea. After a while Thomas rolled over, setting his mug on the table and shifting down so that his head rested in your lap. Your hand automatically went to his hair, a content hum rumbling in his chest as you began to carefully run your fingers through his hair.

Eventually your own mug was empty and your eyelids were growing heavy, and the sun was just beginning to rise when you finally drifted off into a deep sleep.

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What do you think about The New 52 and not just Superman and Wonder Woman? Many people inssist that it was terrible and that DC Rebirth is the beast thing in DC Comics and while i admit that Rebirth is very creative in some areas i can't stop feeling confuse because of what they're doing. Also, i came to think that maybe The New 52 indeed made some mistakes (Bar Torr and Lobo) but i still think that it was actually better that most people realize. So i will like to know everyones opinion.

Stories from the new 52 were very good. From Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, Batman, Batwoman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Animal Man, Metal Men, Harley Quinn and so many more. They were easy to get into as well.  These people are long time fans who want no change. They want what they read for the last 20 some years to stay the same. No other people it seems have a right to have updated versions of the characters. They alone should dictate the direction of comics. Compare honestly Rebirth to New 52. New 52 was creative. Rebirth is a recycled rehash of the 90ties that has been so convoluted that many people are confused by what happened or did not happen or have to get so messy and complicated in their explanations to try to justify the changes that it just suggests bad writing .DC jumped the shark to give older readers…the “meat and potatoes”…”the longbox” collectors what they demanded than try to build on what they did in the 2011 reboot and  have a more diverse and broader readership. They deliberately messed up the new 52 .

 DCYou was an initiative tried to be more diverse but it also ended up messing up the momentum of many good books with necessary crossovers and idiotic plot points. Eg Peter J Tomasi who had Clark tell Diana he did not love her anymore as the main selling point. Tell me. You love them as a pairing or a casual and new fan to DC, is that a way to get you buy their title? Tomasi was out to sabotage a successful book. DC was already planning to screw the new 52 and a good Superman version.

End of the day DC’s core audience don’t want diversity. It can be seen by the poor response to DCYou and even the few diverse titles in Rebirth. Look at Cyborg, New Superman and Batwoman and Apollo and Midnighter, etc and where their numbers are post Rebirth. They are terrible. It says something about the readership DC pander to and sadly something about DC in that they allow themselves to not try to be more creative, experimental and inclusive. Also take the blurbs that go along with Rebirth and the manner they address the readership. They make it seem as if new 52 fans mean nothing. The new 52 actually according to analysts saved the industry. It gave DC and Marvel and huge boost and DC are spitting at it and the fans by not acknowledging it. I stopped buying DC when the new 52 ended. DC are not catering for the likes of a reader like me. Their titles imo are too conservative and stagnant and lack creativity. If I wanted safe and basic I’d never read in the first place.

Ironic thing is the numbers sales wise don’t really justify Rebirth over the new 52. Other than the old time readers singing praises for lackluster stories…the sales figures are not better or greater. DC Rebirth was a reboot trying not to be one seeing they already did one not too long ago. They got some #1′s. Had initiatives the new 52  never had like double shipping and returnability and staggering the release of #1s.  They got market share for a bit but lost it again. Even Marvel at its worse has taken back market share. They say Rebirth Superman is selling so great. Look Superman is at 50k and dropping currently and he is supposed to be a flagship character and supposedly his new status quo is what everyone wants. Those are not good numbers. I am sorry compare him to Batman and he is waaay behind. This Rebirth initiative has not done anything spectacular sales wise. Same for Rebirth  Wonder Woman. DC keeps using all this hyperbole. Greg Rucka is a “fan favorite”. He is a favorite of some fans I can give you that. But not all fans. His Rebirth Diana story is not exactly a great one. Just a rehash and mish mash. And the sales of Diana reflects the response. It is now in the 40k range in less than a year. Azzarello stayed 3 years and even the Finches sold around the same or better. My point is no one can say new 52 is bad stories or deserved ending because based on comparative numbers…both initiatives had ups and downs and the sales are the true arbiter, not PR and hyperbole. Nor bitching online. Even the  Rebirth Justice League stories and sales are not as good as new 52. Look end of day good or bad is subjective. Readers have bias. But the new 52 era was a very good time in comics. Some of the best ORIGINAL story lines came out of it. I shall treasure the books I have and it is a shame DC can’t acknowledge its importance.

Rebirth is going to be doing a lot of events and crossovers to get sales up. It is the norm when you run out of ideas. I mean, if you freaking going to drag in the Watchmen and blame them for your poor management of your comics division…And if aging readership is the core readers you want to keep then expect other readers to migrate else where. Image and Vertigo and the independents seem to be doing some good, exciting and new stuff. Other than that maybe DC might get some good talent on AU or lone graphic novels…because imo canon is not worth wasting money on every month. I mean 5 years of story you thought happened  never did. But 5 years of money did leave your pocket. 

Lullaby (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Originally posted by eliza-deserved-better

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Requested?: ‘Prompts: You look really tired Hercules x reader?’ (@artisticgamer )

Prompt: ‘You look really tired’

Words: 600+

Warnings: Baby Crying, Singing, Fluff



The sound of your daughter wailing woke you up for the third time that night.

Being a new parent was either very easy or very hard. No in between. Either your child slept through the night or didn’t sleep at all. You ended up with the short end of that scale. You didn’t hate your daughter. You could never hate her. You just wished she’d let you sleep through the night. You had to be up early in the morning because of school and your mom worked in the evenings so she could look after your daughter. You couldn’t thank her enough. She knew the struggles of being a single mom and was helping you with no payment needed. As long as you held up your end of the bargain then everything’s alright.

You pushed yourself out of bed just as you were hugged behind by a pair of strong arms. You looked over your shoulder at your half-awake boyfriend, who was trying to keep you in bed.

“Herc, I need to check on Sophie.” You groaned as you pulled away from Hercules’ grasp and trudged out of the room.

You entered your daughter’s nursery where her shrill crying was very clear and bouncing off the walls. You cringed as you crept closer and took your daughter into your arms. You fed her about twenty minutes ago and her diaper was dry so you were just confused as to why she was crying. Was she hungry after all? Was she sick? Was there something really wrong?

“Let me see her.”

You jumped slightly when you looked up and saw Hercules standing next to the rocking chair you took refuge in. He looked sleepy but very awake. He was shirtless and was wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants. If you were so tired and focus on Sophie, you would have found this version of Herc very attractive.

“Herc, I don’t think that’s a-”

“I’m good with babies, (Y/N),” Hercules said, kneeling next to the chair with his arms out slightly. “Especially screaming ones. Let me help. Please?”

You thoughts it over before slowly handing your daughter to your strong boyfriend. He stood at full height before slowly rocking the small baby in his arms. Sophie’s loud wailing slowly quieted down as she opened her eyes and looked up curiously at the large man holding her. You were shocked to see how quickly your daughter quieted down. You were even more shocked when Hercules started softly singing. He rarely sang and when he did, it was late at night when you had trouble sleeping when you’d stay the night at his apartment. His singing was low and soft like it was it’s own lullaby by itself, no matter what melody he sang. You watched as your daughter slowly fell asleep, not making any more noises besides breathing and soft snoring. Hercules smiled to himself as he placed the tiny girl back into her crib before taking your hand and leading you back to your room.

You crawled into bed and watched as he did the same, pulling you closer to his chest.

“How’d you do that?” You whispered.

“Do what?”

“Get Sophie to fall asleep so easily like that?”

Hercules sleepily chuckled. “You look tired. So, I decided on something that would always get you to sleep. Thought it was a common trait you both shared or something.”

You chuckled. “Like mother, like daughter, I guess?”

Hercules nodded. “Now that I got her to sleep, how about you try the same thing, okay?”

You didn’t give him an answer.

“(Y/N)?” Hercules opened his eyes and saw that you were already asleep.

He chuckled and kissed your forehead, murmuring a ‘good night, beautiful’ as he held you closer and feel fast asleep.

Let’s just say, that was the best sleep you had in six months. You’ll have to get Hercules to sing more.

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Thunderstorm Run (H.R. Wells x Reader)

Rating: M (smut)

Summary: Looking to get some productive work done, you, the Reader, start your day at S.T.A.R. Labs early to avoid the chaos that normally comes with Team Flash. What you didn’t count on was H.R. coming in from a morning run in a torrential downpour, totally drenched, and had lost his shirt along the way, apparently… So much for productive!

A/N: The title is taken from Cav’s Instagram caption on his photo that inspired this hell-bound story. (See photo below the cut)

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I’m Helpless, She’s Satisfied (Alexander Hamilton x Angelica Schuyler)

Based off of THIS

Summary: We all know the story of Alex and Eliza, and how Angelica helped her sister to get her happily ever after. What would happen if Eliza noticed Angelica in love with Alex first?

Time-Period: Hamiltime

Warnings: A bit angsty, basically the feels you get during Satisfied

Words: 2323

A/N: Okay, I know this isn’t a character x character blog, but I was really inspired to write this. Like I LOVE Hamliza with all my heart, and it killed me to write this, but at the same time I really liked writing this. I hope you don’t mind me posting this, and if you do, oh well. (Haha) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this and look for more fics (reader inserts) this weekend. Have a fabulous day!! ♥

Tags: @ailee211 @alonelynoodle @fandomshaveconsumedme @harpytheharpseal (I hope you don’t mind I tagged you, after I looked at the comments it seemed like you were interested in a story for this, so I thought I’d share my work)

Afterthought: What do you guys think about Angelica’s reaction to the Reynold’s Pamphlet if Hamgelica was canon? Let me know!

When the Winter’s Ball was announced, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schuyler were all ecstatic over the idea. Due to the raging war, they had been confined to the rooms of their household most days, and the prospect of a ball lifted their spirts.

Once the night of the ball actually arrived, the Schuyler sisters walked into the room, arms linked. Almost immediately, soldiers came flocking to the trio begging for just one dance with three of the most eligible women in all of New York.

Angelica, being the oldest, was used to this kinda of treatment, but still accepted the dances being offered to her. She knew that as the oldest girl in a family with no sons, she would have to marry for money. With that in mind, Angelica was going to use every opportunity she could to have fun before she would be married off to a man who would try to oppress her the rest of her life.

Peggy, being the youngest, was still getting use to balls and having men wanting to dance with her left and right. Like Angelica, she enjoyed the attention and spent the night dancing from partner to partner, not able to wipe away the smile that graced her face.

Eliza, on the other hand, politely declined all the offers and stood off to the side. She knew there would be more opportunities to dance the night away and preferred to watch her sisters enjoy themselves. In all honesty, Eliza was tired of having dozens of men trip over themselves in her presence. She wanted to find a man that loved her for her, not her money. She wanted to find her happily ever after.

More and more dances passed and still Eliza passed up every offer to dance, much to disappointment of his sisters. Peggy was especially worried about Eliza and tried to stay by her sister’s side. However, Eliza wasn’t having any of it.

“Peggy, I’m fine.” she insisted. “Now please go enjoy yourselves, there are plenty of young men who wish to dance with you.” Eliza tried to reason.

“There same can be said for you, ‘Liza.” Peggy pouted and crossed her arms her chest.

Eliza shook her head and gave a small laugh. “Do not worry about me, Pegs. I promise I will find someone to dance with before the night ends.” she promised and sent Peggy back to the dance floor.

True to her word, Eliza did spot someone she wished to dance the night away. He walked in surrounded by three other soldiers. Eliza could tell, even from afar, that it was Alexander Hamilton, General Washington’s right hand man. She didn’t know much about him, but saw how handsome he was. It was clear Eliza needed to dance with this man.

Quickly, Eliza weaved through the crowd searching for Angelica. If there was anybody who could help her get rid of this feeling of helplessness and talk to Alexander, it would be Angelica. Perhaps she could introduce Alexander to Eliza.

Right as Eliza was about to call out for her sister, she stopped in her tracks. For once, Angelica was not being swept around the ballroom by a hopeful solider. Instead, she was on her own and staring off at something (or someone). She had this dazed look on her face with a small smile. She looked genuinely happy, which was something Eliza hadn’t seen on her older sister’s face in a long time. Eliza followed her sisters line of sight, when suddenly, she felt her heart stop.

Angelica was staring lovingly at Alexander Hamilton.

Eliza prayed that Angelica did not feel anything romantic towards Alex. Eliza prayed that it was just Angelica amused by the way he messed around with his friends. However, it was all in vain because even though Eliza was several feet away, she could still here Angelica whisper.

“Maybe with him I could be satisfied.”

At that statement, Eliza’s heart broke. It was such a simple statement, but it held so much meaning. All three of the Schuyler Sisters knew that since Angelica was the oldest, she would be married off to secure the Schuyler name. None of them liked the idea, so it was never brought up, but that didn’t stop Eliza from thinking about it.

She knew it wasn’t fair that Angelica wouldn’t marry for love, but for wealth. Every night, Eliza prayed that Angelica would find a man she truly loved and had wealth, so she could have the best of both worlds, but it was a long shot.

In that moment, Eliza made a decision. One that would change her life, change Alexander’s life, and most importantly, change Angelica’s life.

With that thought in mind, Eliza walked the final steps towards her sister. With a forced smile, Eliza rested her hand on Angelica’s shoulder and silently told her to wait right there. Eliza turned around and headed for the group of four rowdy soldiers.

Once they saw her coming, their antics ceased. Eliza smiled and curtsied to the group, but directing most of her efforts towards Alexander. He somehow understood this and in returned bowed slightly before kissing her hand. Quickly, he turned to his friends, gave them a look, and they left.

Alexander turned back to Eliza and gave her a smirk. “Good evening, Miss. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you look like a woman who is quite helpless.”

Eliza’s joyful expression quickly turned to one of anger and offense. “I don’t know what you mean. You forget yourself!” she scoffed, clearly offended by his statement.

As soon as he said that, Alexander realized his mistake and quickly spoke again. “Forgive me, but I also can feel quite helpless sometimes. I hope I did not offend you.”

She smirked back at him. “Is that right?” She decided she would now introduce herself. “My name is Elizabeth Schuyler.”

“Alexander Hamilton.” he said back.

“Where’s your family from?” he may be General Washington’s right hand man, but she didn’t recognize the name Hamilton to be one of wealth.

For just a spilt second Alexander looked panicked, but quickly played it off. “Unimportant. There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait.”

Eliza sighed as Alexander led her to the dance floor. Yes, she enjoyed her conversation with Alexander. It was different compared to the countless, dull conversations she had had with wealthy, potential suitors. However, Eliza had seen his spilt second hesitation when he was asked about his family.

He’s penniless and flying by the seat of his pants.

He twirled her around the room, and they moved in perfect sync. It was like they had been made for each other, but Eliza knew what she had to do. Once the dance had ended, Eliza started to pull Alexander off to the side of the ballroom where Angelica stood still waiting.

“Wait, where are you taking me?” Alexander asked as he halted movement.

Eliza rolled her eyes and simply responded, “Trust me, I am about to change your life.”

When Alex gave no more signs of struggle, Eliza sighed internally and finished the journey to Angelica. Eliza took notice of how she quickly worked to make herself look presentable; her sister really did have it bad. Finally, they reached their destination.

“Mr. Hamilton, this is Angelica Schuyler.” she introduced and took a step away form the man she had fallen in love with.

He looked taken aback and glanced back at Eliza. “Schuyler?”

“My sister.” she squeaked as she suppressed a sob. She had noticed how quickly he had taken to her, and rightfully too. Angelica was beautiful and she would be able to keep up with Alexander’s seemingly nonstop personality.

“Thank you for all your service.” Angelica curtsied and sent a sisterly look towards Eliza.

He bowed towards her just like he had done to Eliza and responded, “If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

Normally, Angelica would scoff at remarks like this, but this time her knees almost went weak. Eliza noticed the look her sister gave her and quickly walked away, but not before she laid her hand on Alex’s shoulder and let it linger. One final touch.

As Eliza walked away she couldn’t help but look back at the two; she could feel the rest of her heart shatter into pieces. The two of them glowed in happiness as they talked and talked and talked.

“Maybe it was meant to be this way.” she thought, sadly.  

The night went on and Eliza painfully watched Alexander and Angelica sweep across the dance floor dance after dance. Angelica was practically glowing as she finally enjoyed spending time with a potential suitor.

Soon, the night ended and Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy were gossiping about their nights as they prepared for bed. Eliza sat, mindlessly running her brush through her hair.

“It was so wonderful.” Angelica gushed. “He’s not like other men, he doesn’t mind that I speak my mind or have opinions. In fact, he respects them and we actually match wits.” she said and sighed dramatically before flopping down on her bed.

Peggy smiled at her eldest sister with a naïve look. “I’m so happy for you, Angie, it sounds like true love! Do you think he’ll ask Papa for your hand?” she half whispered, half shouted, excitedly.

Eliza’s heart clenched at the questioned, but she softened as Angelica’s face dropped before she spoke. “I don’t think so, Peggy. We just met, it’s the middle of a war, and I’m sure tonight was just mindless flirting. Even if he did want to marry me, Papa would never allow it. Alexander is penniless, and I need to marry well for us as the oldest.” she pointed out sadly.

“Angelica, don’t say things like that.” Eliza scolded gently. “I saw the way Mr. Hamilton looked at you, and he is definitely in love.” she said and with each word her heart broke more and more. “I’m sure if he was to ask for your hand, Papa would see how much in love you are and bless the marriage.” Eliza reassured and joined her sister on the bed to give her a hug.

Two weeks later, Eliza stared down at a letter from Alexander with tears in her eyes. Alexander had written to her asking for advice on Angelica. He had asked her if it would be pointless to ask for Angelica’s hand in marriage due to the fact that Alexander had little to offer.

Eliza made the journey to her father’s study and entered. Instantly, she began to explain Alexander’s intentions and tried to get her father to see how in love Angelica was. As expected, her father was stern on his mind and refused to bless the marriage.

“He has nothing to offer this family, Angelica simply cannot marry him.” he said with a tone that suggested it was not open for discussion.

Eliza was persistent. “Father, please let Angelica marry Alexander, it would bring her such joy. You can marry me off for the sake of our family. I am only a year younger than Angelica, so it won’t be too troublesome.” Eliza pleaded.

Her father look shocked at his daughter’s statement. “Eliza, dear, you don’t have to do this for your sister. She knows how the world works. Her relationship is just an infatuation.”

“Yes, I do.” Eliza stated and held back the tears. Throughout their childhood, Angelica was always there for Eliza. Anytime she was frightened from nightmares, or anything for that matter, Angelica would rush to her side and comfort her better than their mother. Whenever Eliza was bored as a child, Angelica was there to make things more exciting. She even took the blame for Eliza a handful of times. There wasn’t anything in the world Angelica wouldn’t do for Eliza.

Time after time, Angelica had been there for Eliza, and this was how Eliza would repay her dearest, older sister.

Eventually, her father agreed and went about contacting potential suitors for his middle daughter. Eliza quickly wrote a letter to Alexander and vaguely told him he would be free to marry Angelica, leaving out the details of how that came to be.

Less than a week after persuading her father, herself and Peggy comforted Angelica as she waited with battered breath for Alexander to return from the closed doors. She knew he was asking for her hand, but did not know that the marriage would be blessed. She did not know the sacrifice Eliza had made for her, nor would she ever.

After what felt like an eternity, Alexander stepped out from their father’s office and looked at Angelica with the biggest smile on his face. In return, she covered her mouth in shock and tears began to pour down her face as Alexander dropped to one knee, holding out a beautiful ring.

“Yes, yes, yes! I do!” Angelica shouted happily and brought Alexander into a passionate kiss, throwing away all proprietary.

Peggy watched the scene and sighed happily for her older sister, and turned to Eliza, but she was nowhere to be found. Once Alexander had proposed, Eliza quickly made her way out and went to the privacy of her bedroom.

There, she let her tears fall. Tears of joy for her older sister, and the happiness that she now had, but also tears of grief. Greif for a love that would only exist in Eliza’s dreams. A love that would only exist in the middle of night when Eliza secretly dreamed of Alexander, who loved her sister. A love that could have existed if Eliza had been selfish and claimed Alexander.

However, as Eliza heard Angelica’s shouts of delight, she knew she had made the right decision. Angelica was getting her happily ever after. She was satisfied, and Eliza could deal with her feeling of helplessness for the sake of her sister.

Young!Sirius Black x Reader: Novelist

AN: Two in one day, look at me go! I made Remus very uptight in this one and that makes me laugh.

Warnings: N/A

Requested by: Anonymous




“What, Sirius?!” Y/N called out, slamming her book down in exasperation.

He looked mock offended, flipping his hair over his shoulder and pouting his bottom lip. Y/N stared straight ahead, determined not to be drawn in by his fake attitude.

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It Takes Time

I actually love this. Thanks anon for requesting this. It was incredibly fun to write. Please let me know what you guys think of this.

Pairing: Laurens x reader

Warning: a little cursing

Requested: Yes, anon requested #64 (”Time changes people”) with Laurens

Requests are open. 

Word Count: 1805


Everyone had just assumed you and John Laurens had always hated each other. Everyone always assumed that just because you and John bickered nonstop, you couldn’t stand each other.

In actuality, you never minded John Laurens until eighth grade. Kindergarten through seventh had been meaningless poking fun at each other. It was never anything truly hurtful until eighth grade.

John Laurens had gotten taller and hotter. Meanwhile, you and your best friend, Eliza, were late bloomers.

This became his favorite topic in eighth grade to make fun of you. You could hold your own and fired back comments usually.

“Hey, y/n” Laurens would call out to you. “Let me show you this picture. You’ll laugh your ass off. Oh wait. You don’t have one.”

His friends would then proceed to laugh.

“Hey, Laurens” you’d retort. “Do you act like a huge dick to cover up for the fact that you have a small one?”
His friends would yell “oohs” in return.

You’d walk away in dignity, but secretly these comments hurt you. You only ever told Eliza and Eliza’s older sister Angelica, who was a year older than you and Eliza. She was like an older sister to you, so when you started high school with her, she stuck up for you. Laurens certainly never dared to cross Angelica, but when Angelica wasn’t there (which was too often) you two constantly bickered over anything and everything.
It got so bad, Mr. Washington wouldn’t even let you and Laurens debate against each other in debate club anymore.

Suddenly in junior year, you began to fill out. Laurens’s friends couldn’t keep their eyes off you. You started to stare a little longer at Laurens. Laurens started to place himself nearer to you whenever he could.

You couldn’t help but hate him for making your life miserable for the three years prior to this, so you continued to bicker and mess with him.

Also in junior year, a man by the name of Charles Lee came into your life. Sure, he was notorious for making terrible comments about teacher and exes in the locker room, but you always thought that to be a silly rumor. You believed the best of Charles. When he asked you to dinner and a movie, you agreed.

You and Eliza spent all night picking out your outfit, with Angelica offering her advice.

“Now, y/n,” she said seriously. “Promise me you won’t sleep with him. At least wait until you to go official to sleep with him so he doesn’t try to ghost you.”

You rolled your eyes.
“I promise, Angie,” you gave her an endearing, yet loving smile.

The night went perfectly. Charles was a perfect gentleman. As soon as you got home, you ran next door, to Eliza’s house and stayed up all night squealing over it.

You stayed true to your promise to Angelica, though, which led to you and Charles making things official after two dates.  

Two days after you two made it official, a steaming Laurens came up to you after school.

“Lee? Really? You’re dating Lee?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I’m really dating Lee,” you answered in a sarcastic tone.

“He’s not a good guy, y/n. He says terrible things about all the girls he hooks up with. He doesn’t like you like that. He only wants to hook up with you,” John warned.

“Pardon?” you narrowed your eyes. “That’s not true. We’re together now.”

“Trust me. Do you think anyone, especially Lee, looked at you like that before you got hot? He just thinks you’re hot now. So does everyone else. He just wants to be the first to get to you,” John yelled, stepping closer to you.

“Excuse me? So what, he didn’t notice me before. I’m hot now, but he also noticed my personality,” you matched his tone and stepped so you were toe to toe.

“He’s just going to hurt you,” John yelled.

“Well since when do you care? Last I checked, we hated each other,” you yelled, causing Laurens to take a breath and a step back.

“I just…I don’t want to see you get hurt,” John walked away, leaving you confused.

The next day nothing changed.

You and Lee had lasted a full year. Every time you were with Charles in the hallway and saw Laurens, you made sure to give him a pointed look.

At the beginning of your senior year, you dumped Lee. He had been distant, and you decided to keep things light and fun for your senior year.

Lee had other ideas. After calling and texting you nonstop for a week, he decided to start trashing you to all his friends.

The school already knew that you had dumped him, but he told all his friends rumors they promptly spread. According to Lee, you had begged for him back (a rumor you quickly stomped away by showing Lee’s clingy texts to anyone who asked). You were also terrible in bed, clingy, and moody (all these rumors were also quickly demolished by your screenshots of old texts).

Soon enough, the rumors diminished. You couldn’t help but notice that Laurens was missing a few days after the rumors stopped.

A few months later you graduated, with a few pokes of fun at Laurens. You thought you’d never see him again, a party right before you left for college in August.

He wasn’t so bad lately. You two were indifferent. You’d both grown up and weren’t as petty any more.

At that party, you saw Laurens. You were confused when he marched right over to you. Your lips began to form a question, but Laurens slammed his soft lips into yours. Slowly, butterflies you hadn’t known had existed, erupted in your stomach. However, Laurens pulled back once he realized where he was. He tensed and stammered for a moment.

“Meet me by the bench in the gardens in ten,” he disappeared into the crowd.

You were left dazed and confused. You hadn’t realized it, but somewhere along the way, you’d caught feelings for John. You smiled lightly and touched your lips softly.

You found Eliza talking to Hamilton, still crushing ever so helplessly on him.

“They’re so happy. I’m glad I pushed them into talking to each other,” a familiar voice smiled.

“Angelica!” you squealed. “I thought you had to leave early.”

“I decided to come back to help you and Eliza move into your dorm at Columbia together,” she smiled. “Well, you look happy.”

“Well… A certain boy might have just kissed me,” you smiled.

“Uh huh. What would his name be?” A small smile graced Angelica’s face.

“John” you mumbled.

Angelica choked on her drink.
“John Laurens? The man you hated?” she asked.

“Yeah well, time changes people,” you smiled.

“Y/n…you realize it’s only been a month,” Angelica giggled. “But if he makes you happy, enjoy yourself.”

You just smiled brightly.

The ten minutes passed, quickly. You slipped outside, your heart starting to pound.

You stood next to the bench and squinted your eyes trying to find John.

When you spotted him, your heart sank.

There he stood, with his three friends behind him.

“Dude, I told you she’d come,” Hamilton whispered, giggling. They were all giggling. John was standing in the middle stifling at laugh, while making direct eye contact with you.

Your vision blurred with tears. You felt like an idiot. Of course John Laurens didn’t like you. He hated you. You hated him.

You hated John Laurens.


Four years later, you had long since forgotten John Laurens.

Yes, you two went to the same University, lived in the same dorm, and most of your friends were mutual, but you didn’t care. You ignored him until the hate and butterflies left. You never forgave him, but you couldn’t dwell on it either.

Eliza had finally talked to Hamilton enough to marry him. The two of you had gotten close, but avoided speaking of that night.

Hamilton and his friends (excluding Laurens) weren’t as bad as you thought. You often hung out even. Both of you knew they were forgiven for that night without saying anything.

“So y/n, Alex and I want to ask you something” you smiled at the happily engaged couple.

“Okay, shoot,” you smiled.

“Will you be my maid of honor?” she asked excited.

“Of course!” you screamed. “I’m so honored.”

The wedding planning went quickly. It was finally the night of the rehearsal dinner.

“Excuse me?” a deep, oddly familiar voice asked. “Are you the maid of hon-” he stopped abruptly when he saw your face.

“Laurens, hi” you smiled. “I’m the maid of honor. You must be the best man.”

“Yeah,” he laughed awkwardly.

You glance over at Eliza, asking for help. She smiled at you in pity.

The dinner went by awkwardly and quickly. Angelica was rehearsing her speech for the next night to you, when John approached you.

“Listen, y/n. Can we talk?” John asked.

You looked at Angelica, pleadingly.

“You need to talk to him,” Angelica whispered to you.

“Fine,” you quipped. “Talk.” You stood still in front of him.

“Look that night. I was just scared. You were so pretty and I just couldn’t control myself. I crushed on you for so long that I just. I don’t know. The kiss was real. But I wasn’t supposed to love you. So, I panicked and told my friends that I told you to meet me here for a copy of my application essay because we kept arguing who’s was better. They laughed because they couldn’t believe you were that dedicated to being right. I’m so sorry. I will always regret ruining our chances at falling in love,” Laurens said, looking down.

“When did you start having feelings for me?” you asked.

“In eleventh grade, when I saw you with Lee. Suddenly all the reasons I hated you, became the reasons I loved you.  I tried to repress the feelings. I did well, but then you two broke up. He kept spreading rumors in the locker room, which I warned you about. I kept myself at bay, but then he started showing those asshole friends of his pictures of you and I just couldn’t let that slide. I punched him. I couldn’t let him get away with that,” he finished meeting your gaze.

“Oh John,” you marveled at his sparkling eyes. “You did that for me?”

He nodded, looking down.

“Well, that day you kissed me I realized, I’ve always loved you.” You tilted his head to meet your gaze. “And I’ve just realized, I still love you.”

“How? After all I’ve done?” John asked.

“Time changes people.” You smiled. “If you kiss me, promise not to run away?” you asked.

“Promise.” He smiled.

With that, your lips crashed together, and the butterflies you’d repressed for years came fluttering back.

Sneaking Around (Lin/Reader)

Prompt: @hamwriters Write-A-Thon Day 3!  Have you ever read a book and imagined how that’d be an amazing prompt for a fic? Here’s your chance to write them: pick a book plot and get inspired!

Author’s Note: So I mistakenly thought today was reverse POV Day. I write this amazing lin x reader Oscars fic from lin’s pov, then realize today is lit day. So I knocked this out in about an hour. I hope you guys like Harry Potter (and you should be looking forward to day five)!

PS, the reader is a Ravenclaw because I’m a Ravenclaw. #dealwithit

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

Summary: You, a Ravenclaw, and Lin, a Slytherin, are dating but are forced to keep it a secret from your housemates who don’t approve. The Yule Ball arrives as a part of the triwizard tournament, and you decide to go together and come out to your friends for the first time.

Rating: T for some PG-13 rated making out

Warnings: Making out in carriages. Damn.

Words: 1043

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Hamilton Fic Masterlist

A/N: These are mostly Hamilsquad x Reader fics. That’s all I do really. No particular order of fics.

Hamilsquad x Reader
—Art of Seduction Series—
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Epilogue: not ready yet

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Democratic Republicans x Reader
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Let Dean Know

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This is for @impalaimagining​​​ Smut-entines Day Challenge. I chose the kinks-Cum Play and Unusual Insertions with the pairing Cas x Reader.

Characters: Y/n, Castiel 

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: SMUT!! Pure 100% filthy ass smut. Bondage, blowjob, grace kink, angel blade kink, cum play, like…filthy cum play. It gets really weird. Like…really really weird at the end. 

Word Count: 2608

Summary: Cas is sick of Dean and Y/n’s flirting, even if they both assure that it’s completely innocent. So Cas takes it into his own hands to make sure Dean and everyone else knows, Y/n belongs to him and no one else.

A/N: Ok, so this is literally all smut. Just…pure smut. And it’s kinda weird smut. Like…really weird. But, I hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage@riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481 @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons@plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56@scorpiongirl1@the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn @squirels-angels-and-moose@meganwinchester1999


Cas snapped his finger, making you fall onto the library table as shackles appeared, holding you down.

“Castiel. What the hell!”

He shrugged, eyes dark as he walked around you, his obviously hard cock covered by his slacks, right beside you.

“I’ve seen you. And Dean…”

You scoffed.

Sure, you and Dean flirted. It wasn’t anything serious.

He’d been your best friend for decades. You always had a weird little flirting thing going on with him.

But it wasn’t anything real.

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I’m Here

A/N: An anon request for a Hotch x Reader where the reader shows up to work every day looking more and more tired and sad. Hotch notices and confronts her, but she keeps avoiding his questions. One day, he shows up at her apartment and she breaks down and tells him why she hasn’t slept. @coveofmemories


It had been nearly three years since you were taken by Zach Jerrard. After two days of being strategically cut and waterboarded, the team had found you alive - barely, but alive. As was required by the Bureau, you went for six months of therapy after you returned to work. You completed it without a problem and were cleared by the Bureau’s therapist to continue working for the Bureau. It happened rarely, but if someone couldn’t recover from their ordeal, they were let go, but you made it through.

The first anniversary you’d gone through a little bit of an episode, but you were able to contain it to your apartment after work. It was a one or two day thing problem and then it went away. The second anniversary actually passed before you remembered it, which you figured was a good sign. Given that, you assumed that the third anniversary of your capture would slide by without you ever noticing. 

But you were wrong.

A whole two weeks before the third anniversary of your capture, you started waking up in a sweat in the middle of the night. No nightmares - just a cold sweat. Every. Single. Night. After about four days of that, you started seeing Jerrard’s face before you woke up. Every time you closed your eyes, you saw his face. You were scared to sleep, so for days on end, you napped through the night, grabbing 20 minutes here and there before waking up to your attacker’s face. Over the past three nights, you’d gotten maybe seven hours of sleep, and it was starting to show.

Makeup couldn’t do anything to cover the bags under your eyes. You were falling asleep at your desk. Thinking straight was a thing of the past. This was fucking with the way you worked, and that wasn’t okay. You just had no idea what to do about. Hopefully, after the anniversary passed, everything would go back to normal.


The anniversary came and went without any reprieve from the night sweats and lack of sleep. If anything, after that day passed, they only got worse. Each night, you could remember the feel of the cuts he made on your body - how it felt to not be able to breathe underwater. It was like your lungs were on fire, threatening to burst from within you, and you felt every sensation before waking up screaming, his face still flashing before your eyes.

“Y/N,” Hotch called from his office, “Can you come in here for a moment?”

With a huff, you pushed away from your desk and walked toward his office. Hotch wasn’t just your boss, he was one of your closest friends, and you knew he was concerned for you, but you had no desire to talk about this with anyone right now. “I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now,” he said, his normally stern-looking face soft with concern, “but I can tell that something is wrong and if you need to talk about it, I’m here.”

Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Maybe it was your pride. Maybe it was a combination of a bunch of things, but you snapped at him, telling him that your problems were your own and you’d deal with them by yourself, before storming back to your desk and attempting to complete your paperwork.

Each day that passed forced you to retreat further and further into yourself, until you only conversed with you friends and teammates when it was absolutely necessary for a case. This waking up every night thing couldn’t last forever right? You could still do your job, which was all that mattered to you. 

It had been nearly a month since the anniversary - about six weeks since you’d first started waking up in a cold sweat. Instead of calling you to his office, which would give you plenty of opportunity to turn around and walk out, Hotch started  walking up to your desk to ask you how you were feeling. “Y/N you have to talk to someone about what’s bothering you or it’s never going to go away,” he’d say. Through sleep-deprived eyes, you’d look up and tell him that you didn’t need to do anything, what you needed was for him and everyone else to leave you alone.

About two days later, you went the entire day without speaking to anyone and returned home. Just as you were getting into something called sleep, you heard a knock at the door. When you looked through the peephole, you saw Hotch standing there. Your first instinct was to get pissed, but you opened the door anyway. “What do you want Hotch?” you asked.

“Something is wrong,” he said, taking a step into your apartment. “You need to talk to someone. Anyone.”

“I’m fine, Hotch,” you retorted, the tears beginning to swell.

As you turned around, he followed you into the apartment and closed the door behind him. “You’re not fine,” he insisted. “Everyone is worried about you.”

“I’ll be fine, Hotch,” you said, as a tear fell from your eye. “I just need time. I can’t…” When you closed your eyes to try and compose yourself, a sheet of tears fell, coating your cheeks in the salty liquid. 

“What is it?” he said, walking toward you and enveloping you in his arms. “What’s been happening?”

The dam broke as you sobbed into his chest. “Every night, I wake up in a cold sweat and see Jerrard’s face in front of my eyes. I can feel everything he did to me. My lungs are on fire. My skin is pricked over and over again with the tip of his knife…I thought this was over. After three years…why can’t I forget. All I want to do is forget.”

At first, Hotch just held you tightly, rubbing your back with the palm of his hand instead of trying to say anything. “You can’t keep this all to yourself. Just because you need help doesn’t make you any less strong,” he said, as he swayed back and forth with you in the middle of the kitchen. “You survived the impossible. There are bound to be some lasting effects.”

A heaving sob brought you to your knees, Hotch still holding you tightly. “I want to forget. I want to stop seeing his face. I want his name to be a bad memory. I just…want to sleep.”

Hotch started to get up from the floor and gathered you in his arms, taking you to the couch where he placed you in his lap. “Go to sleep,” he said as he smoothed your hair. “I’m here.”

Webs *Peter Parker x Reader*

Originally posted by marveldcuniv3rse

title? Webs

request? Could you do a Peter Parker fic where the reader is super clumsy/accident prone and one day they are looking at his spider stuff and accidentally gets stuck in webs? Like gets their hand stuck to their face or gets stuck to the wall? thank youuu

requester? an anonie !

word count? 658

A/N: btw i didn’t know what could get webs off ye so i mean rubbing alcohol? sureeee. xxx

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