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Aone Takanobu Week - Day 6: Friends

Let’s change things up a little bit! Instead of a reader insert, we’re gonna take a look back at the day Aone met Futakuchi (because I love them both and I’m weak). Enjoy!

Aone had always been different from the other children. When he was younger, he was small for his age. The other kids teased him, pushing him around on the playground and taking his lunch money on almost a daily basis. He’d learned that it was better to try and act as invisible as possible on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, they’d leave him alone.

He’d hit a growth spurt a few years ago, putting him at more than a head taller than even some of the bigger kids. He had been so used to the taunts and teasing, only to be greeted with whispering behind hands and furtive glances. It was different from before. But still, it was easier to try and act invisible. Fewer people whispered when he pretended he wasn’t even there.

He hadn’t expected middle school to be any better than grade school. Only a few of his old classmates ended up at his new school, but all the looks were the same. He didn’t even open his mouth in class on that first day, hoping that he could be forgotten about.

“Wow, you’re huge!”

Aone had been minding his own business, silently reading a book beneath a tree, when he suddenly found himself cast in shadow. He looked up to see a brown-haired boy with a hand on his hip standing above him. Aone’s eyes widened when he realized the boy had been talking to him.

“Seriously, how tall are you?” the brunette asked insistently.

“I… I don’t know,” Aone mumbled.

“Do you play any sports? You should definitely play sports,” the boy noted. “You’re broad too, so that helps.”

“O-okay,” Aone muttered, not sure of what else to say. Truthfully, this was the longest conversation he’d ever had that didn’t end in him forfeiting his lunch money… Unless maybe that’s what this kid wanted.

“Okay? So you’ll play?” the boy asked.


“Well, we got a team started, but they’re all short, so I wanted someone else tall.”

Aone noticed for the first time that the boy in front of him was actually relatively tall for his age. And he looked to be getting impatient. Still, Aone didn’t know what to say, his mouth opening and closing uselessly.

“Do you want to play or not?” the boy asked urgently.

Aone opened his mouth to say no. He would politely decline and return to his book, hoping against hope that he could get through middle school without drawing too much attention to himself. He would sit in the back of the class with his mouth shut, eyes down, body hunched in a desk too small for him. Alone as usual.

At least, that’s what he thought would happen.

But “Yes” came out instead.

“Alright! Come on, we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do!” the boy cheered.

Aone followed him toward the other kids, all of whom were huddled around a basket of various balls and sport equipment. They all began talking hurriedly behind their hands as the two boys approached. Aone wished he were still sitting under the tree alone.

“What are we playing?” the boy asked, hands planting on his hips.

“Uh… Well, we thought… Maybe volleyball,” one of the shorter boys suggested.

“Tch, like you guys would be any good at volleyball,” the brown-haired boy scoffed.

“Oh yeah, Futakuchi?” the shorter boy said aggressively. “I’ll bet I can beat you and the giant!”

“And when you lose, me and the giant get your desserts for two weeks!” the boy—Futakuchi—goaded.

“Ah, whatever.”

Aone followed the brown haired boy once more. He wasn’t sure what he was doing. But this boy seemed pretty sure of himself.

“What’s your name, by the way?” he asked turning to Aone.


“I’m Futakuchi,” the boy said, jabbing a thumb against his chest. “You and me are gonna wreck this kid and eat his desserts in front of him.”

“We are?” Aone asked.

“Yeah, because he’s a jerk,” Futakuchi replied. “And he’s tiny. We’ll be the tallest wall he’s ever seen. The tallest wall the world has ever seen. You and me are gonna be unstoppable.”

Strangers In the Night

A Jo x Reader Valentine’s Day Fic

Word count: ~2.5k
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re alone in a fancy restaurant waiting for a date you’re slowly realising is never going to show. Based on this post.

You glance at your watch for the third time in under ten minutes. It tells you exactly what it told you the last two times: Jaime is late. Really late. Probably-not-going-to-show-at-all late.

You take another sip of your wine, trying to pretend you don’t see the pitying glances all around you. Any other day of the year would be bad but tonight, with all the tables pulled apart and the place overrun with touchy-feely couples, a girl on her own sticks out like a flashing neon sign. Attention: Stood-up loser.

Why today? Jaime might never have been the most dependable girlfriend but you’d have deemed it beyond even her to bail on a date on fucking Valentine’s Day. It takes all your effort not to chew on your freshly painted nails as you turn to peer out of the window once again. Maybe you shouldn’t have sent over those flowers earlier. Had that been overkill? The last thing you want to do is come off as clingy and scare her away but it had seemed like an okay gesture at the time. You wish Jaime would just talk to you about this stuff; tell you what she wants and doesn’t want so you can find the balance between you, not just stop texting you mid-conversation or stand you up on the most romantic day of the year when she knows how much all that stuff –

You realize that your dangerously close to tears and suck a breath in through your teeth, fixing your gaze on the ceiling. You’ve already attracted the pity of the entire restaurant, you don’t need to go making that worse. You need to leave here tonight with at least a shred of dignity intact.

Speaking of which… you look back to your watch. It’s clearly over but a large part of you wants to stay, to give her just a few more minutes. It’s pathetic.

Draining your glass, you tug on the sleeves of your jumper and try to work up the nerve to leave. Could you at least manage to walk out of here with your head held high, ignoring the whispers you know would follow after you? You could cry all you liked in your car, if only you –

“There you are! Oh my God, I’m so sorry I’m late!”

You turn at the unfamiliar voice to find a young woman approaching you. She’s dressed in jeans and a tank top and wavy blonde hair falls around her face to her shoulders. Too startled to react, you simply sit there as she reaches you, leaning her hands on the back of your chair and talking loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear, “Classes were a nightmare, Professor Reuben wouldn’t let any of us leave on time. I swear that man’s such a control freak. Anyway, let me go freshen up real quick then we can eat, yeah?” She swoops down and plants a kiss on your cheek, voice dropping to a near whisper, “My name’s Jo, play along, okay?”

Completely blindsided, you gape at her retreating form as she struts across the restaurant in the direction of the toilets. Her movements are large and deliberate as if every step is a challenge. As the door swings shut behind her you realize you weren’t the only one watching her: the murmuring of the other customers is back but now the looks being thrown your way have discarded pity for something rather more like curiosity. You sit up straighter in your chair, fighting the urge to fidget and wondering what the hell is going on.

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Overgrown Baby Part 1 (Bucky x Reader)

“Thanks for looking after Bucky. I know you have an off day today - ”
Before Steve could finish, y/n cut him off.

“It’s okay, I’m fine with this. No need to thank me. He’s my friend as much as he’s yours.”

Y/n had had a crush on Steve since the day she had joined the avengers, she just didn’t have the guts to confront him. So when Steve asked her for a favour of course she didn’t turn him down. Although she wouldn’t have the luxury of a glass of wine and a hot bathtub today, she would certainly love the attention of the super soldier afterwards.

With that Y/n hung up and turned to look at the winter soldier who was sitting on the couch, looking like a lost puppy.

He was still in his suit and was all wet and dirty.

Steve had met his long lost friend some months ago and he was supposedly living in the SHIELD quarters. However due to the recent attack (How many times does SHIELD get attacked ? Y/n rolled her eyes) and of course the total destruction of the base he had no where to go and so Steve being the good guy he is, had brought him to the Avengers Tower.

On this particular day, no one was home except Y/n.

Nat and Barton had gone to investigate the recent attack, Tony was on his business trip, Thor had gone to Asgard, Bruce was working in the SHIELD headquarter’s lab and Steve who was also there was training the new avengers, Wanda, Pietro, Vision , Falcon and War machine.

Bucky was looking around the main hall with his big scared eyes, which were almost covered by his dirty brown fringes. Although a fierce fighter, he looked shaken today.

Y/n however had heard from the widow that he was actually undergoing a psychological treatment after his traumatic situation with hydra. SHIELD but more desperately Steve had wanted him to get better and normal as he was before.

As the dirty fellow was eyeing around the big, elegantly decorated hall, his eyes met hers, at that moment y/n just could not pull herself from staring back at those big brown eyes, devoid of any kind of emotion.

It went for almost a minute before Bucky looked away like nothing had happened.

Y/n turned away and tried to compose herself.

‘What the fuck was that ? Breath baby breath!’

After settling down she walked towards Bucky and offered him a suggestion.

“Would you like to take a bath Bucky ?”

Bucky stared at her again as if trying to process her words and then after a full minute he nodded.

Y/n was confused, yet she found him adorable with his weird behaviour.

“Okay!” Her lips curled up in the brightest of smiles and she offered her hands to the soldier.

“Come with me.”

Bucky again gaped at her, but this time it wasn’t emotionless. His expression showed that he was quite astonished.

He finally caught hold of her hand and they walked across the hall, and up the stairs towards Y/n’s room.

This whole time Bucky kept looking at his beautiful host, whom he seemed to take a fancy to.

“Here we are. Now let me get you some clothes and towel ok.”

Bucky nodded.

“Ummmm…. my hand ?”

He realised that he was still holding on to her so as soon as she mentioned the situation he swiftly let go of her hands giving her a very apologetic expression.

Y/n chuckled, which made Bucky blush of course, and went out of the room to fetch stuffs for him.
Being left all alone, Bucky walked slowly across her room checking out everything that was there, posters, books, plants, porcelain statues, soft toys, etc, but what his caught his eye, was a picture of y/n along with the other avengers. It was framed and kept on the bedside table.

Bucky kept on staring at y/n, awed by her carefree beautiful smile. His mind at once, as if stimulated by the picture, was flooded with memories of the past, how he used to smile, how he had fun when he was young, the nonchalant laughter, the fair, bright lights, pretty girls, young Steve…..

“Ummm… Are you okay ?” Y/n gently placed a hand on the Bucky’s shoulder.

This must have startled him, for he abruptly turned around and gave a very frightened look.

Y/n yelped and took a step back, but then seeing Bucky cowering before her, her melted heart. She didn’t know why but she had this sense of protectiveness come over her.

“It’s okay, no one’s gonna hurt you. Your fine. Come with me.”

“What I know from various sources is that, Bucky has a situation. He is very meek and mild almost all the time, just like a reluctant scared child, that is until and unless someone posses him off straight to the level of madness, destruction and killing.”

Y/n remembered what Nat had told her some days before, while they were talking about Steve (Of Course Nat knew about y/n’s crush) and had somehow reached the topic of Bucky.

Shaking away these residual thoughts, Y/n lead Bucky to the bathtub.

“Okay, now I’m leaving. If you need anything just call out my name. Oh btw my name is y/n. So stupid of me.” Y/n slapped her forehead and continued to blabber.

“The shampoo is right there on that counter. Keep your dirty clothes on this basket. And these are Steve’s clothes I got for you. Umm… Okay so umm… If you need anything just call me.”

Y/n got out of the room and as she left she kept eyeing the soldier in order to see what he would do.

She guessed it right, he just kept staring at the walls.

‘Is he on drugs or something ?’

Y/n stomped her way, towards the half dazed man and retorted blatantly, with her hand on her hips.

“I think you are on drugs. Ok now cmon.”

She started preparing the bathtub, as she kept on chattering.

“Steve never told me about this….”

When the bath was ready, she told the winter soldier to open his clothes.

Covering her eyes with her hands, she tried not to peep, but when she caught a glance of his muscular body, all sweaty and dirty, she almost cried like an excited fan girl.

Y/n gulped at the this sight and thought that Bucky was as hot as Steve, with all those toned abs and arms and leg… And….

“Wait ! Wait wait wait !”

Bucky was about to open shorts, but before she could get carried away by this dreamy splendour, y/n controlled herself.

“Don’t open that, open it after you get in the bath tub.”

Bucky did as he said, being a poor lost soul, unaware of how he was making y/n feel.

When he threw open his shorts, y/n took a big gulp again.

She shook her head immediately, trying to get hold of herself.

“Okay, we’ll start with shampoo I guess.”
Love and chocolate, or blood and guts, whatever floats your boat on Valentine’s Day.

via FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL

Ahhh…it’s Feb 14th tomorrow, and you know what that means right? The Walking Dead is back!! You thought I was going to say Valentine’s Day, didn’t you :P OK, well, it’s that too, but for those of us who are single, it really is just another day. However, I know there are loads of you readers who are looking forward to Valentine’s day, so I thought I would do a pink and red post for you! Really, I’ll use any excuse to wear pink and red together.

External image

G Field also helped to push me into doing this post, as they have put out their last year’s Valentine’s Day gift for you to grab if you missed it, as well as 2 new ones for this year! Last years gift is the cute Love knit tunic I have on. This sweet pink sweater has a small red ruffle around the bottom that makes it perfect to wear as a dress. It is a one piece mesh item, in all the standard sizes, and the texture is just amazing, as all G Field clothing is. The little heart-shaped pockets are my favourite :) This year’s gifts are some lovely home decor items, the caged hearts on the right, and the heart branch on the left. All three gifts are free for everyone, just head on down to the store and buy each for L$0. It is just that easy!

External image

I was able to find a Valentine’s appropriate necklace to go along with my outfit, on the Marketplace. The Linked Hearts necklace is free from Valhalla Beach Designs, and comes in 2 cord colour options, black and silver. It really is a nice little bit of sparkle without being over the top and blingy.

External image

Wanting to go full-out with pink and red, I did a little more Marketplace searching for other decor items and found a few things. The whole rug, pillows and beanbag chair setup is a free Valentine’s gift from Pickles on the MP, and is called Lovebean. It has 2 spots with poses built-in, the beanbag chair and the front pillow, and each piece is independantly texture changable with a myriad of Valentiney textures. The pretty, Floral Heart wall art is a dollarbie on MP, and it’s from the Immort@l Store, and I think it just made for the perfect final touch in my pink and red post.

So, all Valentine’s Day stuff aside…is anyone else excited about The Walking Dead being back? *grins*  Maybe I should have put on a zombie skin for this post…hmmmm. Well, whatever you are looking forward to tomorrow, whether it’s a special moment with a loved one, or blood and brains flying from zombies, I hope your Valentine’s Day is wonderful. Until next time (which happens to be accessory day, the 15th!! yayyy) TTFN!

What is Calle showing you…

Dress – *GF* 2015 Valentine Gift! (free)
Necklace – VBD Linked Hearts Necklace (free on Marketplace, HERE)
Earrings – Inca Temple – Valentina (store closed)
Hair – AD – enja  (past Christmas special, originally modeled by Astrid, HERE)
Skin – Lumae :: Alaska ~ Tone 3 ~ Latte // Deep Cherry
Hairbase – +elua+ hairbase_long black1_2015
Brows – Soiree – Sloane Brows #Ebony
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Silverleaf(right) & Fjord(left)
Hands and Feet – SLink

Heart Branch in Vase – *GF* Heart Branch (2016 Valentine) (free)
Caged Hearts – *GF* Heart in Cage (2016 Valentine) (free)
Rug, Pillows and Beanbag Chair – *PICKLES*  Lovebean (free on Marketplace, HERE)
Heart Wall Hanging – Immort@l Store – Floral Heart wall art (L$1 on Marketplace, HERE)

Standing Pose – //elephante poses// Fancy

External image

External image
External image

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if I could get a Sam Winchester x reader valentin-y request. You can do whatever you want with it, but I would love for it to be based on "When you sleep" by Mary Lambert.

I’m sorry I don’t write song based imagines :(

Ps: this is posted in my Q&A also if you’re looking for a Sam x reader Valentine’s Day imagine there is one posted on my blog 

You can read that imagine here 

blu3tid3s asked:

Hi! Could I get a Daryl Dixon x reader imagine? One where Daryl and the reader secretly have feelings for each other. One day the reader mentions that Daryl would look really attractive if he grew his hair out and Daryl does just that.

Of course! :D

You Hold the Woo-Key to My Heart (Poe Dameron)

A Oneshot requested by Valentine’s Day anon.

You Hold the Woo-Key to My Heart
Star Wars | Poe Dameron + Rey + BB-8 | SFW + Awful Flirting + A Kiss | Female Reader

Day 1

“You look good in uniform,” Poe told you after the debrief while walking beside you. You smiled and punched his shoulder playfully.

“Thanks. I think orange is my new color. It feels great to be on the team.”

“Yeah,” Poe’s face fell slightly but you didn’t notice. He was a little disappointed you hadn’t caught on to his casual flirting. “Great to have you on the team.”

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stardustdandere asked:

I remember when l read the Christmas chapter with Adrain and Franziska I was wondering if I was interpreting their relationship correctly lol (I love their ship, so no worries of annoying this reader) (still loving the story btw, I look forward to the new chapters every day :) )

aaaaa Thank you! :D

(actually that reminds me, I have a thing I have to mention here about updates next week. note to self: don’t forget that.)

Author’s Note: Updates

Hi readers! Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Lunar New Year (late)! 여러분、새해 복 많이 받으세요! Just taking some time to tell you about 2 updates:

1. Took this past weekend to revamp the site! Check out the Current stories that I am working on AND a Masterlist of everything I’ve posted and written. What do you guys think?!


2. It’s official! I’ll be traveling to Korea (again) at the end of March. Coincidentally, it’ll be the week of Hoya’s birthday ㅋㅋㅋ Will definitely get new inspiration! Will any of my readers be there to meet up? Hope to make new friends and meet you!!