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Lucky - Zico x Reader

Group: Block B

Genre: Fluff??

Word Count: 1,555

Warnings: Slight NSFW mentioned

A/N: So yeah thought of this one night after seeing a sudoku book of @zicosmullet​‘s laying around and joking that she would work on them when waiting for Zico to give her attention, enjoy~!

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My Friend: Hey, who do you think is going to die in Infinity War? Because I think that……

Me: *Puts my hand over their mouth* No, we aren’t going to discuss that, no one is going to die anytime soon. Especially not any of my boys. I swear that I will beat that purple thumb’s ass into outer space if he even takes a breath in the same air as one of them.

*Takes my hand off their mouth slowly*

My Friend: You’re absolutely insane you know that right.

Me: No, I’m just optimistic as hell.


For @ohheylookitsyou…reader is Hotch’s niece as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N’s eyes widened as her jaw gaped as her uncle led her into the BAU. Aaron Hotchner glanced over his shoulder with a small smile. It had been forever since he had seen his niece. So, when she called and asked to visit, he was more than happy to allow it.

The niece slowly caught up to her uncle and latched onto his arm. Her awed gaze returned to Hotch’s smirking one.

“This place looks amazing,” she complimented, “This whole place is probably run on caffeine though.”
Hotch laughed as he nodded. “Let me introduce you to my team.”

Y/N nodded as he led her further into the room. The pair soon slowed down by a clump of desks. Prentiss, Morgan, and Reid glanced up. Having seen Hotch approach, Rossi left his office and made his way down.

“Y/N, these are agents Emily Prentiss and Derek Morgan. This is Dr. Spencer Reid. Everybody, this is my niece, Y/N.”
“I highly doubt that,” Rossi teased holding out his hand. “David Rossi.”
She shook his hand. “Not to sound like a groupie, but I’ve read your work. As well as yours, Dr. Reid.”
Morgan quirked a brow. “Really? I don’t suppose you understood any of it.”
Y/N smirked. “All of it, actually. He explained the content quite well.”

Hotch smirked at a blushing Reid. He stood up and held out his hand. Y/N shook it.

“I-I appreciate the compliment.”

Y/N smiled sweetly at the doctor.

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Who I was looking for -Series Masterlist

Bucky x Reader -Soulmate AU (WIP)

Summary: Even after you started wearing cuffs, the words are engraved in your mind as well as your wrist. You know you’re not destined for love as soon as you learn how to read. How could you? When the words “Sorry, you’re not who I was looking for” are written in black ink on your skin.

Warnings: angst, pining, insecurity, injury, slow burn.

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Why is it that almost every fanfiction I read has something to do with Tony throwing crazy ass parties for no apparent reason at all?


For @nexiumkreeth…reader is female as requested. Enjoy! (honestly, i’m good with writing anything that means Fred lives)

Y/N sprinted through the massive castle that was Hogwarts. She cast spells as she ran in an attempt to help anyone she could. Spotting Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, Y/N skid to a halt. A few dementors were heading toward the four. Without hesitation, Y/N sent her patronus after the soul-suckers.

Both Weasleys gave a nod of appreciation. Y/N turned back to the battle at hand. She shot stun spells at anything that was black and moving through the air. She glanced over her shoulder to see the four had dispersed. Seeing no one in desperate need, Y/N picked up her pace, starting to run again.

Y/N conjured her patronus once again. She led the creature with her wand, pushing away the darkest threats. Hogwarts was the only place that had ever felt like home to her. She’d be damned if she didn’t try and protect it.

The witch finally made it outside on a balcony. Her patronus lunged at a dementor that hung a little too close. The faceless beast moved away with a horrid screech. Y/N looked down the balcony, eyes widening. The Weasley twins were fighting side by side. It seemed like Fred was pushing George inside as a black ashy beam headed in their direction. Y/N could just barely make out the colored sparks coming from the moving Death Eater.

Without hesitation, Y/N raised her wand and pointed. Before she could get the words out, the shield spell she desired shot from her wand and in front of Fred. This effectively blocked the spell from hitting the Weasley. Her protective nature taking over, Y/N hopped onto the balcony rail and started shooting more powerful spells toward the Death Eater. This didn’t allow her to see Fred’s stunned face as she fought the man.

“Arresto momentum!” she shrieked, slowing him down, “Confringo!”

The Death Eater she had been facing burst into flames. Y/N turned slightly to see George pulling Fred into the castle. She smiled to herself, happy that he was safe. She shook her head, refocusing on the battle.

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Imagine/One Shot Masterlist

I. New Queen - T’challa x Reader

II. Rhinoceros Touch - W’kabi x Reader

III. Baby Stay - M’baku x Reader

IV. Love, Wakanda - T’challa x Reader

V. Feeling Alive  - T’challa x Reader (Rated R)

VI. The Throne - T’challa x Reader

VII. Beautiful Form 1 - M’baku x Reader

VIII. Beautiful Form 2 - M’baku x Reader (Rated R)

IX. I Understand - T’challa x Reader

X. Be Careful, Sweetheart 1- Killmonger x Reader

XI. Be Careful, Sweetheart 2- Killmonger x Reader (Rated R)

XII. Be Careful, Sweetheart 3 - Killmonger x Reader (Rated R)

XIII. Come Closer - T’challa x Reader

XIV. Are You Cold? - M’baku x Reader

XV. I Accept, Princess - Shuri x MaleReader

XVI. Tell Him - T’challa x Reader

XVII. Wakanda In Bloom - T’challa x Reader

( requests open for all MCU characters and their respective actors )

*** all reader inserts are written without any specific character distinction, with the exception of gender, so any reader, regardless of race, appearance, background, nationality, etc. , can fit in the story, unless stated otherwise. ***

You can’t be serious.

Request: hi, could you please do a richie x reader where the two are dating and the reader is stanley’s sister and stan can’t stand seeing the two being affectionate with one another because 1. he knows richie and doesn’t want to see his sister hurt and 2. because richie is bad with feelings, he always says like inappropriate comments about the reader when she’s not there. then richie makes it clear ( you can decide how ) that he really likes the reader and so stanley approves of their relationship??

Pairing: Fem!Reader / Richie Tozier

Fandom: IT (2017)

Warning: Sexual innuendos/Swearing.

You cant be serious.

Being Stan Uris’ sister had its up and downs. A pro was his kindness. He was always ready to help with anything Y/N needed and hop to Y/N’d defence whenever necessary. A con, he was Richie Toziers best friend. That was a sticky situation considering the fact Y/N had been dating the loud mouth for almost a year now. It was a rather awkward situation which consisted of a lot of eye rolls and warning glares on Stans behalf, and a hell of a lot of passive ‘compliments’ on Richie’s behalf.

Really, Y/N thought it would be much easier than this. She had assumed Stan would welcome Richie with open arms as he was his best friend, but.. Stan knew Richie. He knew his ways and his dirty mind, and he knew he was just going to use Y/N like an old sweater. Stan hated the idea of his sister, teary eyed, locked up in the bathroom and crying her eyes out over Trashmouth Tozier.

It all seemed too surreal to Stan, and even more surreal to Y/N, who desperately wanted her boyfriend and brother to get along well with each other while she was in the room. It was like Richie and Stan were having an eternal staring contest. She hated it.

Today in particular, Stan was in a nasty mood. His father had gotten annoyed at him over something small and stupid, and he had come face to face with that horrendous painting, as he did most days. It was truly awful and Richie was just making it worse.

They sat in Bill’s garage, chatting and joking before Richie started passing comments along about Y/N. The type of comments that don’t sit well with protective older brothers, and he was more than just pissed by now. He was really just about ready to punch Richie so hard he would see next thursday and back again.

“Look Richie, I don’t know if it’s because you’re an idiot or because you just don’t know how to stop talking, but that’s still my sister. Stop talking about her like that.” Stan had warning, cracking his knuckles and running his tongue over the back on his tooth in an attempt to distract himself.

But Richie didn’t take the warning, still passing comments about Y/N, whom he referred to as ‘his sexy piece of ass’ much to Stans disliking. Stan was sick of it, he stood up from his seat and ignored the voices of Ben, Bev, and Mike trying to get him to sit back down again. This time it was too far.

Before Stan actually got the chance to give Richie a swift punch the door opened to the garage and Y/N peeped her head in, going unnoticed by most of the group, spare Bill who waved a little and returned to watching the argument.

“Stan! Seriously! I’m in love with her!” Richie exclaimed, much to Y/N’s surprise. In the space of that year they had never said they loved each other aloud and really Y/N was rather taken back by Richie’s words. Even Stan stopped in his tracks after Richie announced that, they watched eachother for a moment.

“You love me?” Y/N spoke quietly, causing Stan and Richie to swiftly turn their attention to her with mouths agape.

“I love you.” Both Y/N and Richie said in unison, causing the two to laugh slightly at their like mindedness.

It took another day before Stan realised that he couldn’t protect Y/N from everything, that she had to learn from mistakes, even if she insisted Richie wouldn’t be a mistake, he accepted it. Rather glad to be able to sit down in the living room with Y/N and Richie and not want to rip out his hair.


For anon…enjoy!

Minho stepped aside as he saw Y/N bursting toward Newt. Thomas looked up from his spot next to his friend in confusion. Without saying a word, Y/N grabbed Newt’s collar and lifted him up to his feet. The three boys, and those around them, were surprised Newt was off the ground so easily.

“You’re not immune?!”
He closed his eyes and sighed. “Please, love-”
“No!” was the shouted response, “How could you keep this from me? Why wouldn’t you tell me you weren’t immune?”
“Because I knew you’d do this,” he sadly retaliated.
“I’ll damn well do what I want! Keeping that from me wasn’t protection!”
“Neither was telling you!”

The two fell silent. Y/N licked their lips and glanced down. The others took this as a cue to leave the pair alone. Newt eyed his long time love carefully. He understood their feelings; he was just as angry as they were that he wasn’t immune. To know was rare and was information he didn’t know what to do with. Y/N may not be able to feel his exact level, but he knew they could empathize. After all, they loved him back.

Newt stepped forward and grabbed their hands. He rubbed his thumbs over the knuckles.

“Hey,” he cooed, “look at me.”
Y/N glanced up. He offered a smile of comfort, eyes meaning everything he was going to say.
“As long as we’re together, it won’t matter whether or not I’m immune…because I won’t leave you, Y/N. Ever.”

They bit their lip as their eyes welled up. They pulled him into a hug, clutching him as close as possible. Y/N buried their face into his neck, a few tears slipping out.

“I’m not leaving you either, you bloody idiot.”

Newt let out a brief chuckle before tightening the embrace.

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Winchester Sister





Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

King Arthur (Legend of the Sword)





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Bottom’s Up (TWS Smut)

Originally posted by buckyshell

Summary: you assess the famous winter soldier after he comes home from a mission.

Word Count: 1.7

Warnings: smut.

The sound of someone approaching you caused you to glance up from where you stood in the corridor after assessing a soldier. You let out a small huff of breath as you heard the footsteps approaching you. A smile twitched on the corners of your lips as you recognized your favorite asset coming towards you; James Barnes.

“Y/N,” he greeted with a scowl on his face as Brock Rumlow left our presence.

“How’d the mission go, soldat?” you asked as he circled around you to open the door of the medical ward behind you.

“Damn target got away before I could get ‘im.” He answered with a groan as he stepped inside the observation room and tore his combat vest away from his sore and beaten body.

You strolled over to him after entering the room and closing the door behind you. You directed him over to the medical bench before sitting down in the rolling chair in front of him. You daftly helped him out of his gear until he was clad in a white shirt and cargo pants.

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For anon…reader is caretaker of the younglings as requested. Enjoy!

You quietly left the room where you taught the Younglings. With your key, you locked the door. It had been another late night for you. Mostly, you had stretched your time because of a certain Jedi Knight.

Biting your lip, you started treading down the hall. You walked up the staircase and went on your way. After awhile, you stopped at a seemingly pointless spot in the middle of the hallway. It was only a moment before you felt hands wrap around your waist.

You giggled slightly as you felt Obi Wan rest his chin on your shoulders. You could feel his beard gently scratching at your skin.

“Hello love,” he whispered, “How were the Younglings today?”
You spun in his arms. “A little out of sorts, but a brief visit from your pupil seemed to do them some good.”
He arched a brow. “That so? It was probably good for Anakin as well.”

Obi Wan gazed at you as the two of you fell silent. Without so much as a word, the two of you gently kissed in the quiet of the hallway. You hand held his head as you deepened the kiss, his hands traveling to your hips.

“Beautiful night it is.”

The two of you jumped back from each other as you sheepishly faced Yoda. You kept your gaze away as Obi Wan stuttered to explain.

“M-Master Yoda. I can explain.”
The master simply arched a brow. “For a walk I might go. Many who do at night.”

Obi Wan’s eyes widened slightly. He glanced back at you; you answered with a shrug.

“Sir?” the Jedi Knight chanced at asking.
“Be sneakier you must. Might see someone will.”

The two of you watched in confusion as Master Yoda continued to walk past you.

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Request: Hi I’m not sure if you’re open to take request right now. If you are can you please make a Eddie Kaspbrak for IT imagine. Can it be where Bill’s cousin who is the reader and Eddie both like each other so Bill and everyone else try’s to get the together? Please if you have the time of course thank you!

Fandom: IT (2017)

Pairing: Reader/Eddie Kaspbrak

Rating: General

Warning: strong language!


It was needless to say that Y/N was just as oblivious as Eddie was. Y/N had only recently moved to Derry with their mother and father so they could be somewhat closer to their family from their mothers side. Of course, Y/N thought the move was ridiculous until Bill had introduced them to the entire Losers’ club. Though Y/N wasn’t a fan of the name, the people in the club definitely didn’t seem like losers’, they stuck it out and remained quiet happy.

Y/N enjoyed the company, they always found Richie to be the funniest (when he wasn’t being insulting that was.) but always found Eddie to be their very favourite. Of course, they didn’t believe they actually like-liked Eddie. Not until Bill actually suggested it and really got Y/N thinking. It was bothersome for a few days, Y/N couldn’t concentrate on anything else besides the fact they could possibly like their friend, but of course, what Y/N didn’t know was that Eddie had just as big a crush on them — maybe even a little bigger.

Now, everyone else in the group knew it, they constantly teased Eddie when Y/N wasn’t around much to his disapproval. He tried denying it but simply gave up after a few attempts once he had realised the teasing would never stop.

”Just ask them out you twat-waffle.“ Richie would muse with a shit-eating grin on his face as he prodded at Eddie endlessly.

”And have them hate me for all eternity? I think not.“ Eddie would reply every time without fail, which would cause Richie to make the most disgusted look in the world before offering to do it for him.

Eddie had been rather distraught about the entire thing, Richie and Ben had been endlessly trying to edge him towards talking to Y/N about his feelings but Eddie resisted each time without fail.

Meanwhile, Bill and Beverly had been nudging Y/N in the right path of confessing their minor infatuation with Eddie, but Y/N was persistant. They didn’t want to rush into anything before they were certain that Eddie liked them back, they didn’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position and have an entire friendship ruined in a matter of seconds. That wasn’t how they planned to spend their time in Derry.

What neither Eddie nor Y/N knew was the elaborate plan created by Ben, Bev, Bill, Mike, Stan, and Richie in an attempt to hook the two up, persay. It was really quite a badly thought out plan, and if it went wrong they decided that blaming Richie was their best bet, much to Richie’s dismay. The plan had been to slip poorly made love notes into each of the pairs lockers to make it seem like they both had an equal liking for each other (which wasn’t exactly false!) and have the two finally get together and cut the ever looming tension that seemed to linger on forever.

Needless to say, their awful plan pulled through somewhat. Beverly had used her neatest hand writing to scribble out a ‘mushy’ love letter addressed from Y/N to Eddie, and Stan had used his second neatest to write out Eddies. Originally Richie wrote out the letter from Eddie, but this was scratched and used as guidelines of what not to write in the love letter.

“You can’t talk about Y/N like that! It’s a love letter not an erotic novel!“ Stan had objected, his eyebrows pulled together in a scolding fashion whilst Bill passed distasteful glances at Richie whilst he read over the original draft.

“Y-you know they’re suh-suh-still my cousin, r-right?“ Bill eventually managed, his lips pulled together in a thin line whilst Richie grinned proudly to himself from across the room.


Monday morning came quickly, and surprisingly enough everyone besides Eddie and Y/N arrived to school a half an hour earlier than they usually did. They had to make sure everything was perfect and that they didn’t slip the wrong letter into the wrong locker, really that would have been utterly disastrous. They slipped them both in on the count of three, fortunately Eddie and Y/N’s lockers were close by, four lockers away from each other. This definitely gave the losers’ a better view of everything that went down.

Once Y/N and Eddie arrived about fifteen minutes apart from each other, the losers’ knew what was about to go down. Y/N was the first to open their locker, the blue piece of paper fluttering onto the ground and resting there till they leaned over to pick it up, unfold it, and scan it over for the moment before glancing around in search of Eddie. Speaking of Eddie, he had opened his locker with ease, grabbing his books and ultimately failing to notice the deep purple coloured page for the moment before he picked it up and glanced over it, looking over to find Y/N.

The two held eye contact for a moment, causing Beverly to chew her tongue in anticipation. Eventually Y/N slowly closed their locker and approached Eddie, who stiffened on the spot and looked at the other with utter nervousness in his eyes.

“I got your letter.” Y/N started, gaining a very confused look from Eddie before he glanced at the others who gave him a thumbs up.

”Oh right, yes, my letter–“ He was practically lost for words, terrified that Y/N would hand him back the forged letter and ask him to keep out of range of sight from them for the rest of the year. But, he was pleasantly surprised to find that they simply smiled sweetly and nodded quietly.

“We can go to the park or something after school if you’d like?” Y/N spoke quietly, passing a glance at Beverly who gave them a thumbs up.

Eddie was almost entirely lost for words, terrified that if he spoke he would start to sound like Bill and embarrass himself already. He simply nodded, a smile crossing his face and suddenly he was conscious that he may have been nodding a little too eagerly, but his suspicious were overturned once Y/N smiled and kissed his cheek happily.

“It’s a date.” They stated with ease, turning on their heels and walking off at last, and once they were out of sight there rang a chorus of exhales and dopey smiles from every other loser. Finally, they could all sit in the same room without any unresolved romantic tension.

{I hope this is what you were looking for? I feel like it’s a bit short, I’m sorry! If it doesn’t meet your expectations I solemnly apologise.}

Royale Russian Roulette (mobster steve x reader drabble)

Originally posted by beccaplaying

Summary: Steve doesn’t like ou walking around alone late at night. And he has his reasons.

Requested by @killmongrer

Steve is the mobster king thingie and you’re his wife and pregnant and he’s protective of you cause he has lotta enemies so basically you convince him to let you go to the store a few streets down, telling him nothing will happen to you, but it’s late at night and you’re walking back home and someone attacks you and you scream but Steve turns up and kills the man and takes you home and you ask him how he knew where you were and he was following you and you get angry cause you don’t need protection and Steve tells you that you were being tracked or something and then fluff

A/N: uhhh… yeah… this turned out to be so much better than I had planned and like halfway through writing this, I made the decision of making this a semi Part Two of Poison Pen Letters. The request isn’t exact, so sorry about that. But i do hope y’all enjoy this!!


Warnings: pregnant reader, assault, tony is a complete asshole, steve is protective, flangst??

Word Count: 1.3K

Read on Ao3!

“Oh come on baby,” you purred, pulling at his jacket, bringing him closer to you, even though your belly prevented the closeness. “It’s just a little milk run. I won’t get taken away by Tony or anything; I promise.”

“You know I don’t like you walking around this city at night unaccompanied. His goons, they don’t play nice.” He replied, caressing your cheek with a finger. “It’s not you I don’t trust, Y/N. It’s Tony and his goons. You must understand why I can’t allow this to happen.”

“Tell you what,” you bargained, a sly smirk sliding across your features. “I bring you back some caramel apples and we have dessert for dinner tomorrow night?”

Scoffing with the small roll of his gentle blue eyes -a look he only ever reserved for you, his queen- he agreed. “Take the pistol, please, doll?”

“It’s only a few blocks away,” you mumbled against his lips as he leaned over and pressed his palms against your swollen belly, his lips grazing your own. “I’ll be okay; I promise.”

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Originally posted by princesscas

Jack Kline x reader

I put two requests in one, I hope that’s okay hunbuns!

AnonWould you ever write a first time smut w Jack? So many kisses n giggles? 

@draielaHi could I request a Jack x Reader fics inspired by the Imagine Dragons (ft. Lil Wayne) song ‘Sucker For Pain’? :) 💜 (maybe even a little smutty if you’re alright with that?) 

Summary: What starts off as cuddling, turns into a tickle fight, and accidental grinding that sparks a primal lust. There’s an abundance of giggles for Jack’s first time, but once he gets going…he can’t ignore his human instincts talling him what to do.

WARNINGS: SMUT. rough. Fluffy giggly-ness for Jack’s first time

Notes: I don’t know why it’s not tagging you @draiela, but here it is!

Song: “Sucker for Pain” by Imagine Dragons ft. Lil’ Wayne.

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