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A/n: alright so Stepphenwolf is a bit ooc but I still hope you enjoy this! this isn’t another Halloween smut more of just ya normal fic so Halloween Fic! Enjoy and remember feedback is welcomed always!

Halloween fic 🎃

“Do you think you can stop me?!,” says Stepphenwolf, he holds his hands out on either side of him. The Justice League stands just a few feet from the giant, their weapons ready and their bodies armed. “Stop this Stepphenwolf, you do not have to do this!,” yells out Diana - her eyes stare into his own, deep and alluring, her stance was kept firm and guarded but for a moment she thought she had seen something flicker in the mans eyes, something human. But it all disappeared in a matter of seconds, a smirk raised onto Stepphenwolf’s wolf, wide and cunning and the man spoke back in response to Diana’s words. “Oh but princess Diana, I must.” And with that Stepphenwolf slams his giant axe down onto the ground below him, dust and pieces of earth fly everywhere, the group shields their eyes from the veiw. The ground begins to crack open revealing fire and hot lava like substance and it traveled fast, spreading over the earth until it was just inches from the group of heroes until it just - it just stopped.

The group looks at one another confused. “So did we like - uh, did we stop it?,” asks Barry with a confused expression. “No little one -“ speaks a female voice from behind them. “You all have done no such thing. Instead I have,” the group turns quickly and finds themselves staring into the (e/c) eyes of a women. They notice she is around Stepphenwolf’s height yet still shorter than him but taller than them all, her ears are pointed at the tips like a elf, her clothing white and gold similar to a valkyrie, she’s dressed for war but in a fashionable way - like a queen. “My queen,” Stepphenwolf’s voice sounds surprised - shocked, upon seeing the women that stood before him, the Justice league watches as the women steps over them her head is held high and they notice the way the dress hugs her round belly and curves and how the armor of her stomach and chest plate curves dangerously around the round stomach which belonged to hers. Superman’s eyes widen, “She’s pregnant,” he says almost in disbelief, his voice is low but the group still hears him loud and clear. “Wait what?!,” Barry says with wide eyes.

As the giant women advances forward the group watches the exchange between the two take place. “Stepphenwolf!,” shouts the women angry, “You can not be serious! Trying to take over these mortals home, their planet!” Stepphenwolf goes to reply his mouth falls open and his eyes widen upon being slapped just seconds later - he keeps quiet. “You dare do something so foolish. All for something that happened decades along, long before these mortals were around! You are truly a foolish man Stepphenwolf, a foolish man indeed!,” she shouts. “My love -“ Stepphenwolf’s gets slapped again. “My queen please -“ once again he is slapped. “Hun -“ this time he avoided the oncoming slap by grabbing ahold of the wrist of the women, “Please my love. Let me speak,” he begged.

“No!,” the women harshly replies before throwing a hard knee up into Stepphenwolf’s stomach, followed by a punch to the face and him crashing down harshly his weapon falling from the earths core as his body crashes into it. “We have a baby on the way! Your - no our heir, and you decide now is the time to try and take over another planet?!” Stepphenwolf stands slowly before his eyes grow wide once more upon seeing the pregnant women rushing for him, “My love -“ his voice falls silent as he is punches feet away from his recent spot. “You truly are a foolish man Stepphenwolf! A foolish man indeed my king!”

Date: So do you have any hobbies?

Me: I like reading.

Date: Oh, what do you usually read?

Me: *sweats profusely thinking about all the fanfiction I read*



Me: The menu

Dear writers,

If English is not your native language and you’re writing in English ,ITS OK TO NOT HAVE PERFECT GRAMMAR. I️’m an English speaker and even I️ don’t have perfect grammar .Don’t ever get discouraged if someone tells you otherwise.

Imagine hearing these words from your favorite character

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Like, for real?

It sucks when you can’t even enjoy reading a readers insert when it’s only catered to white people.

Like, it’s a readers insert, I shouldn’t have to read shit like, “you’re long blonde hair laid perfectly on your shoulder..”

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“You’re face turns a bright red in embarrassment..”

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“Your long, tanned slender legs caught my attention..”

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“His mouth moved from one breast to another. Your pink nipples perk as his goes..”

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This list goes on and it’s annoying.

“If it bothers you so much why don’t you just make your own fics?!”

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It’s simple. I shouldn’t have too! If this fandom is truly for everyone, then everyone should be included! Point blank. And let’s not forget that when WOC actually do go out and write their own fics catering to WOC, whether big or small, they get hate message from anons[because they’re to pussy to say it off anon] who think that [Insert Character] wouldn’t be with a WOC. I’ve been follow @wildaboutchrisevans for a while now and I’ve seen the hate that they get for writing fics about a WOC. The same thing happened with @black-mcu-imagines @blackityblackfamdomheadcanons and so on and so forth.

It seems like people are trying to push WOC out of the fandom but when we create our own then we’re called racist and a whole bunch of other shit for making fics for WOC.

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I shouldn’t even be making this post but apparently I have to because y’all just aren’t getting it. When you write something, especially a readers insert, and you purposely add a description of the reader [insert hair, eyes, skin color] into the mix then it’s not a readers insert but a fic for white women. If I read a tilt like, “You’re [insert white character] sister..” then I’m already out before I even get a chance to read it.

I know that there are some writers out there who are trying to do better for all the fandom but there are still some out there who refuse to write for WOC because they’re not one themselves. Like, google is free and so are blogs on here that are dedicated to WOC, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind answering any questions.

If this fandom is really for everyone, then fucking start acting like it!

And that’s that on that.

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Name Craving

{Ragnar Lothbrok}

A/n: hi you beautiful people I can’t help but imagine Ragnar having a knife play kink and a blood kink along with the reader(lol, you guys), feedback is welcome also enjoy.

Halloween Smut 🎃

(Y/n) couldn’t help but notice him - hid shape was enormous above her, obscuring the rest of the room behind him. (Y/n) finds herself having to squint, searching for his eyes beneath the darkness that poured into the room but she was unable to find any. There’s only darkness. Darkness that hides the list in his eyes, the greedy smirk he wore as he stared down at her - like a cat, perfectly being able to see her but her not being able to see him. Ragnar moves next to the bed, picking up a item that his lover couldn’t see yet. (Y/n) gasped - soon she could feel his hands touch along her wrists, pulling them up to top of the bed, she bites her lip to swallow out her oncoming moans - before fabric wraps around them, binding her. “Ragnar,” she calls out gently. Heavy breathing echos in the room. Loud and clear from above/beside (y/n). The bed creaks underneath her and (y/n) feels herself bearing Ragnar’s weight over her own body. Her legs are crossing as if she’s an ingénue, but that doesn’t stop him. His hands hastily spread them apart.

“Don’t shy away from me princess,” he calls out low and in a commanding tone. (Y/n) can catch the hint of playfulness in it but she knows he isn’t in a joking manner - right now he wants her, just as badly as she wanted him. Her cunt was practically crying out for King that stood before her. Fingers rest in between her thighs, flesh on flesh, before a gasp leaves her mouth it being the only sound to be heard in the room, she could feel cold metal pressing below her navel - a shiver falls down her shoulder blades.

Ragnar - he’s swift when cutting the fabric of (y/n)’s clothes, her shirt now in shreds - barley hanging onto her panting chest. The knife in Ragnar’s hand travels up to her neck, and he rests the tip of it in the shallow dip. (Y/n) feels herself taking a harsh breath while the two stared each other down, that’s until he moves the knife again. The blade traces around skin, creating a small fine line of scraps along the way. Ragnar chuckles as he teases it over each erect nipple, he laughs lowly to himself - enjoying the way the metal makes (y/n) squirm just below him. He’s in complete control now. When the knife hits the gentle flesh of (y/n)’s abdomen, she can feel the pressure deepen, breaking skin. Ragnar looks closely at the blood that slowly forms into small drops before it begins running down in a straight line. (Y/n) sighs deeply at the feeling - and ragnar looks back up to (y/n) before he continues marking her skin with a knife.

“I’ll make sure to crave my name into you love.”

the best days.

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(steve harrington x henderson sister!reader)
(platonic billy hargrove x henderson sister!reader)

summary: things change a lot for steve when he heads to college, but somehow, you and dustin help him get through it.

word count: 14,318

warnings: some violence, blood and mild gore, allusions to torture. a lot of swearing.

a/n: over 14,000 words, wow. i’m really nervous about posting this one, mainly because it’s huge and really insane. there will not be a part 2. thank you and enjoy! let me know what your thoughts are!

“Dude, I’m gonna be fine. I promise.” Steve was grinning down at Dustin. He reached over, ruffling his hair, causing the curls to skew even more than they had been. “I’ll try to call at least once a week, alright?”

“You better, asshole.”

Steve glanced to his car, and Dustin reached over for your hand, giving it a quick squeeze. You couldn’t remember the last time that he’d reached out for comfort. Your little brother had been nine when he’d stopped sneaking into your room in the middle of the night, terrified of his nightmares.

“So you’re all packed up, then?” You asked. Steve turned around to look at you, Dustin letting go of your hand in an instant.

“I think so. I figure that if I forget anything, I can come home in a month or so, to pick it up.” He gave a shrug of his shoulders, his eyes lingering on you for a second too long. Something in your chest constricted. “I, uh, I actually have something for you, in my car.” He nodded his head to the vehicle that was stuffed to the brim. Dustin took a step forward, and Steve let out a cough.

“Oh. You mean her. Not me. That’s real nice, Harrington. Way to make me, your best friend, feel appreciated. Have fun in college, you prick.” Your younger brother crossed his arms, a scowl settling across his features.

“Are you forgetting how I gave you half of my record collection yesterday?”

Dustin grumbled something unintelligible under his breath. You pressed your lips together, trying to keep from laughing at him. You glanced over to Steve, who was watching the two of you with a small smile.

“You mind giving us a minute?”

“I’m going to stand right here, Y/N.” He motioned to where he was standing on your porch. “The two of you can walk down to his car. But,” he paused, jabbing a finger into Steve’s chest. “Your tongue stays in your mouth, alright? I don’t wanna see any of that shit.”

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To all the writers out there that write imagines,reader inserts ,or just write stories in general ; I️ want to thank all of you for letting me leave this world and join another even if it’s only for a brief amount of time.Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Imagine Being The Only One To Make Dark Genuinely Smile.

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  • slight cursing
  • that’s all I believe, enjoy!


Dark sat on the couch, one leg over the other, and a book in both hands. He delicately turned a page, then continued to straighten his tie. Typically aware of everything that went on around him, his focus was in stead deep with in the inked words reflecting from his sharp eyes. So buried in the world of flowing letters and imagination, he didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching him from the kitchen. Wilford Warfstache crinkled his nose, with squinted eyes and huffed.

“Look at him. He’s always so grouchy looking. Even when doing something as simple as reading.”, he criticized the darker ego.

Bing closed the fridge behind him, walking over and opening a can of soda.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile dude. So not cool.”, he took a swing.

“It ain’t good bruh, causes total stress!”, Bing said putting the drink down and pointing at Wilford.

Wilford sat against the island, twisting and twirling the ends of his mustache in thought. He was trying to think of ways to get the dangerous entity to smile. Partially because he had never seen him do so, mostly just smirks or dark grins. Honestly though, Wilford mostly just wanted to mess with him. While it would be interesting to see Dark’s lips turn up in a non menacing way, he also really liked to annoy him. Hmm, but how would he go about this without getting his head severed? A loud belch beside him made him grimace, and Wilford turned to see Bing.

“That was like…a ten bruh.”, Bing smiled, waving a hang lose sign.

Wilford smirked an idea coming to mind.

“Heya Bing~”, Warfstache slurred, turning in his seat.

Bing finished taking another sip of his drink, completely dense of the other ego’s underlining tone. “Suh dude?!”

“You like challenges right?”

“Ah dude! I freakin love challenges! Bottle flip challenge, maniquin challenge, don’t laugh challenge, food challenges-”

“Alright, alright I get it!”, Wilford cut him off, a bit annoyed with Bing. “How about this~”

Bing watched with interest as Wilford stood up, walking over and wiggling his finger before pointing into his chest. “How about a challenge to see who can get darky over there to crack a smile? A genuine one~!”

Bing thought for a second, his brows furrowing,“ Mmmm, I don’t know bout that bruh…”

A lot of things may have gone over the AI’s head, but even he was smart enough to know that Dark was a force to be reckoned with. He had lived with Google for a while before moving in with you, Wilford, and Dark. And even though him and Google may have not gotten along exactly, even his former roommate warned him of the dark entity sitting in the living room.

“Oh what’s the worry~?”, Wilford slurred, turning and wrapping an arm around the others shoulders.

“Too scared to take up a challenge Bing?”, Wilford grinned glancing up from under his lashes.

“What?! No way bruh!! Challenges are like, my thing!!”, Bing snapped stepping away offended.

“Great!”, Wilford clapped,“ Then you’ll have no problem with going first!”

“Wait, what?”

Bing didn’t have a moment to protest as Wilford shoved him forward to the kitchen entrance harshly. He glanced back at Wilford, who smiled and waved. Bing considered backing out, but his boldness stopped him. There was no way he’d back out of a challenge! He was Bing, and he was going to show that suspender wearing ego and every other ego that he was totally cool and could do anything.

Wilford watched with an amused smile as Bing made his way into the leaving room, skateboard by his side and striding up to Dark. Before he could see Bing utter a word to the other, his attention was drawn away when you had come into the house.

“Hey, what’s up?”, you greeted with a soft smile, laying down your bag on the counter.

You knew something was up as soon as you walked in and saw the shit eating grin on Wilford’s face. The two of you along with Dark had been living together for a long while now, and had become quite familiar with each other’s habits. You especially knew when Wilford was up to something, and it didn’t usually end well.

“Trying to get darkness over there to give us a good ol smile~”, he replied scooting next to you.

Looking over into the living room, you saw Bing, your newest roommate, speaking to Dark. You couldn’t hear what he was saying, but what ever it was it had made the dark entity mad. Dark had stood up abruptly and grabbed hold of Bings shirt, catching the other completely off guard. You couldn’t hear what Dark was saying in this moment either, but what ever it was it made Bing look like he was about to piss himself. Letting go of the terrified ego, Dark sat back down and continued to read, as though nothing had happened, and Bing shakily made his way back over to you and Wilford.

“What’d he say to you?”, you asked concerned for your newest roommate.

Bing’s voice slightly trembled as he looked up at you,“I’d rather not r-repeat it.”

You frowned and glanced over at Wilford as he chuckled amused,“And what’d you say to make him want to cut your throat? I’ve never seen him get mad that quickly.”

Bing glanced at you and quickly looked away when you made eye contact,“ I-I’d rather not repeat that either bruh, for like…the safety of my life and stuff ya know?!”

Wilford smirked and brushed his mustache,“ I suppose I win then~!”

“What?! Not uh!!”, Bing snapped back to his usual self.

“What do you mean ‘not uh’? Of course I did! You lost, your disqualified, there for I win!”

“Mmmm actually~”, you cooed beside them.

Both boys turned towards you, seeing the delicate smirk upon your face. “You don’t win Wilford. There’s still one person other then you who hasn’t tried.”

“Oh, and who would that be doll~?”, he slurred with a raised brow, leaning on his elbow close to you.

“Me~”, you winked.

“…you can’t be serious.”, both ego’s said at once.

“Of course I’m serious!”, you grinned.

“Sorry to say it bruh, but Dark is colder then well…uh, cool?”, Bing tried scratching his cheek.

“I hate to agree with the five here, but he’s right (y,n). You’ll only have your feelings crushed by that manipulative ass hat.”, Wilford confirmed, twirling the ends of his stache.

You scoffed,“If I make him smile, you both owe me ice cream.”

“Fine, but it’s your death bed.”, Wilford said raising his hands.

“Good luck, bruh! You’ll need it.”, Bing wished you off as you strode confidentially into the living room.

Dark sighed softly, leaving a bookmark in the second to last chapter of his book before closing it. Cracking his neck, he felt satisfied at the sounds of popping joints.

“Hey Dark~”

Said man looked up, his eyes narrowed expecting to see Wilford, but slightly calmed when he saw it was you.

“Yes? What is it?”, he asked coldly.

You smiled and sat down beside him.

“Oh nothing~”


“What? I can’t just hang out with my roommate?”

Dark narrowed his eyes skeptically,“ I know you (y,n). Now what do you want?”

You sighed, giving up your facade and sprawling down over his lap. You felt him stiffen some, but he didn’t make any notion of pushing you off.

“Okay, so maybe I do want something.”

“And what would that be?”, he asked with his usual, unamused expression.

“Well um…”, your eyes flicked around the ceiling, refusing to look at his face.

Dark watched you with a blank stare, his body relaxing some and becoming used to the warmth that you provided. Biting the bottom of your lip, you finally looked up at him. He raised a brow wondering what was bothering you so much to make you fidgety. Waving your hand down, you motioned for him to come closer. Again he raised his brow, but leaned in none the less. Lifting up a little, you cupped your hands by your mouth and whispered into his ear.

Meanwhile, Wilford and Bing sat on the edge of their seats in the kitchen, trying their hardest to hear what was being said. They were honestly shocked that Dark had even let you lay on him like that. To say the least, both boys were pouting slightly because of it.

Finishing what you had to say, you leaned your head back down in Dark’s lap, looking up at him with a tiny smile. Dark was still leaned forward, processing what you had just told him. Glancing down at you, his dark eyes met your (e,c) ones, and in that moment, he lost it. He threw his head back and a noise strange to the ears of the other two ego’s filled the house.

Dark was…laughing!

Not that sadistic, physcotic cackle that had been deemed his only form of showing any hint of closeness to feeling joy. No, he was laughing purely. It was deep and wholesome, completely foreign to Wilford Warfstache and Bing. Their mouths hung open, eyes wide as Dark’s laugh calmed and he wiped away a stray tear. You smiled below him, teeth showing and eyes crinkled at the edges.

“Well?”, you giggled.

Dark breathed in a soft laugh,“You’re utterly redicioulus, that’s all I have to say.”

“But you laughed~”, you pointed out endearingly.

Dark chuckled shaking his head slightly and…was that…a smile? Indeed it was. A genuine, heart felt smile spread across Darkiplier himself.


(A/N: what is this?! A darkiplier imagine?! Why yes, I do think its is! -3-/ )


Requested Anonymously

(short and sweet)

“Here, hold this,” the Doctor said, reaching his empty hand out to you. You hesitated, confused, but then the Doctor wiggled his eyebrows and gave you a saucy wink.

You smiled at his antics. “Doctor…”

“C’mon, I did it right!” he whined, waving his fingers at you. “I was cute! Don’t tell me I wasn’t cute.”

“Yeah, Doctor, you’re cute.”

“Then hold my haaaaaaaand….”

“You’re such a baby,” you said, grabbing his hand. He immediately linked your fingers together and you stood on your tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek. “You know you can just ask, right?”

The Doctor grinned at you. “But then I wouldn’t have gotten to say the line.”

“You think you’re so smooth.”

“I am so smooth.”

Requested By: @weirdhologram

“I really feel like you two should just sleep together already.”

Gasping at Kevin’s words, you whirled your head towards him, glaring fiercely. His eyes widened, putting his hands up in surrender. “I’m just saying…”

“Well no,” you snapped, turning your gaze back to where Archie and Jughead talked, separated from the rest of you guys. “God I hate him.”

“Suree you do,” Betty smirked, causing Veronica to giggle. 

“What we’re trying to say, (Y/N),” Veronica spoke up. “Is that you and Jughead have an…interesting relationship. One that wouldn’t be surprising if you both ended up dating each other.”

You shook your head in exasperation. “Not happening you guys, so keep dreaming.” You narrowed your eyes as Jughead and Archie laughed at something you couldn’t hear. “What does he have that I don’t?”

“A Penis,” Kevin commented, getting an elbow from Ronnie. 

“You guys need to work out your love-hate thing (Y/N),” she said, turning serious. “We honestly believe there’s something there.”

You rolled your eyes, gathering your stuff before standing in front of them. “I don’t know guys, it just really seems unlikely. I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

There was a chorus of goodbyes as you turned your back and left the student lounge, feeling Jughead’s eyes on your back as you walked out of the school, very aware that any minute he’d follow you.

Later that night, you lay in your bed, sweaty and breathing heavily as Jughead lay beside you, on his side gazing down while you were on your back. He was playing with your (h/c) hair while you both talked after spending some…intimate time together, and now it felt like you two were the only ones left in the world.

After a few moments of silence and just staring into each other’s eyes, you spoke up. “The Scooby gang believes we’re gonna sleep together sooner or later. I didn’t tell them that it was a lot sooner than when they caught on.”

Jughead snorted, and you pushed his black hair out of his eyes. “Did they get that impression before or during your glaring at me and Archie?”

You opened your mouth in surprise, ready to defend yourself. “I was not glaring at you guys!”

“Yea you were.”

“Okay, but not that bad!”

Jughead only raised his eyebrow, and you sighed in defeat. “It’s just that your bromance makes me jealous sometimes.”

He smirked. “Why, because you want more time with me?”

You snorted. “No, because I feel like Archie and I could be better friends if you weren’t in the way all the time.”

The look on his face made you giggle, and he rolled his eyes.

“Absolutely not,” he stated, moving to lay on his back while you rested your head on his bare chest. “No way I’m letting you get close to Archie.”

“And why is that?”

“Because he’s my bro.”

“Cool story dude, I don’t care. I could be his bro.”

“(Y/N) I swear to God–”

One More

Here’s my first smut! I hope you guys like it. Fluffy blurbs are more of my forte, but hopefully this works out okay. Be gentle with me. x 

Please let me know what you thought!  (if y’all liked this I have another more ‘complete’ smut idea I can try out) 

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(short hair harry is the focus of this blurb but he’s too pretty in this) 

It’s the gentle feeling of his fingers trailing up and down your spine that awakens you. They’re smooth and soft as he taps along the length of your spine, dancing along the bone. You smile to yourself as you tuck your face into the pillow, not wanting to alert him that your awake because it’s not often that you receive such a nice wakeup call from your boyfriend. There’s a shift in the bed to accommodate his movements as he presses a kiss to your head and then brushes your hair aside from your neck, lowering his lips to press them to the newly exposed skin with the lightest of touches. He’s on the move again, clambering on top of you as he trails his lips down the path his fingers had traced earlier. His warm hands are pushing away the covers and gripping your hips with a squeeze as he moves lower with his lips, pressing a final smacking kiss at the end of your spine. 

You hum in contentment, hiding the sound in your pillow.  He’s chuckling sweetly at your meek effort, as he crawls back up the length of your body and presses a few hard kisses to your bare shoulder. “C’mon now, angel. Wanna see your face, don’t hide from me. Kno’ you’re awake…” He implores into your ear with a warm, raspy morning voice. 

You can’t fight it anymore, especially when he’s this adorable in the morning. He’s gotten the weekend off from filming and hadn’t hesitated a moment to fly you out. He’s lifting onto his elbows to let you turn onto your back, greeting him with a sleepy smile. “Morning, love o’ mine.” He rumbles, leaning down and pressing his lips to yours immediately. 

You let out a sound of surprise against them, wrapping yours arms around his neck while you let one of your hands run through his short, messy locks, tugging at them as they tickle your fingers. His haircut had been an adjustment, but you liked it short. He looked just as handsome as he did with his long hair. He pulls away, pressing a kiss to your cheek  before giving you a dopey smile. You let out a soft laugh, pushing down with your hand to bring his face back towards you so you can press a smacking kiss of your own right next to his nose, which scrunches up and bumps into your cheek as he turns towards you. “Morning, sleepy boy.” You greet as you lower back down to the bed. 

He scoffs at the pet name, using one hand to push your hair back from your forehead and tuck it behind your ear, “Sleep well, pet?” 

“Mhm… Not sure how much sleep I actually got though.” You quip back with a knowing smile.

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I Found You Pt.2 (Loki Laufeyson Soulmate AU)

Summary: (Y/n)’s soulmate tattoo is Loki in Nordic runes and now thinks fate is playing with her and he doesn’t exist because they gave her a mythological god. During the battle of NY (y/n) happens to meet him but what occurs once the battle is over? 

A/N: Helloo beautiful people, i’m back with an update (finallyyyyy) I’m super not proud of this ahaha feels like a bit of a filler but i’ll be back soon with more!

Pairings: Loki x Reader &  Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Crazy fucking reader

[Part 1] [Part 3]


(Gif belongs to @lokitty )

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“Excuse you?” His eyebrows shot up.

“You’re Loki?”

“You weren’t listening,” Loki said this as more of a statement rather than a question, looking as if he regretted talking to her at all.  

“No! no, sorry I was I was… its just… well- “

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Ego Assistant AU Imagines

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(A/N: It’s doesn’t annoy or bother me at all, so no worries there ^-^)



  • Dark had just returned from a ‘business trip’ when he found you sprawled across the kitchen table
  • seriously, you were just laying on top of it passed out
  • papers were scattered every where, and a half full cup of once hot chocolate gripped in your hands
  • he felt himself stiffen, but relaxed when he heard your snores
  • after taking you to your room he checked your laptop to see your work status
  • two days straight?! Are you kidding me s/o?!
  • while he’s very appreciative that you put so much effort into helping him with work, he’s a bit annoyed that you weren’t taking care of yourself
  • he’s going to have a talk with you when you wake up, but don’t take it to heart if he sounds at all harsh
  • you’re the one light in his life and he just cares a lot about you and your well being

Wilford Warfstache:

  • Wil decided to check up on you when you hadn’t visited him during the weekend
  • entering your house/apartment he found you resting your head over your arms on the coffee table
  • from the scattered papers, cold cup of coco, and the bags under your eyes, he knew you had been up late
  • he simply shakes his head and goes to grab you a blanket
  • it’s not the first time you’ve spent long hours working on one of his shows; but he was starting to think he should say something about the over work
  • it was super sweet what you were doing, but everyone needs rest cupcake
  • he’ll put the blankets he finds on you, but won’t pick you up or anything; he doesn’t want to accidentally wake you
  • while he’s waiting for you to wake up, he’s thinking of what kind of vacations to send you on; a cruise maybe?
  • either way, he’s definitely coming with you! To make sure you don’t try working while on vaca as well as to spend some much needed time with you


  • Anti only shows up because he hasn’t been given enough attention from you and wants to know why
  • he finds you at your desk passed out over a bunch of papers and an almost empty cold cup of coco
  • this lil shit will wake you up unlike the others
  • he wants to know why you weren’t spending time with him as well as spend time with him now
  • when you tell him you had been working for two days straight on trying to find a way to get him his own body, he’s very taken aback
  • one because no ones ever done something so big for him like this, and two because dear lord s/o, how are you even processing right now? Anti’s an entity, no sleep required for him, but he knows darn well humans need it
  • he’s a little upset when he sees your head begin to nod desperately for rest and that you two more than likely won’t be able to hang out
  • but then he gets the idea for cuddles and immediately snatches you up ,and glitches you both to the bedroom where he throws on a Disney movie ,and holds you close as you start to fall back asleep



Requested Anonymously

The Doctor hadn’t imagined that you wearing a skirt would bother him so much. That’s not to say that he didn’t like it. He did like it. That was the problem - he liked it too much. It wasn’t even that short of a skirt, either. There wasn’t anything overly sexy or promiscuous about it. That, he would have been able to ignore. He had been ignoring flaunted sexuality all his lives (it never failed to make him uncomfortable), and it came easily to him at this point. But you weren’t flaunting anything. You were in a tasteful, flowing skirt that cut off right at the knee. It flared out a bit whenever you turned, giving just the slightest tease of your lower thigh, but there was no inappropriate exposure. None at all. It was perfectly perfect. But the Doctor was scared of it.

“Wait a minute. What are you dressed like that for?” he asked when you finally joined him in the console room. He immediately bit his tongue when he realized how he sounded, but… he really wanted to know why you were wearing that… thing. And heels. Oh, no, you were wearing heels. They weren’t especially tall and the wedge was hardly more than an inch, but this was more heel than he had ever seen you stand on.

You made a silly face at him in response, too accustomed to his non-ginger rudeness to be offended. “Is this alright for where we’re going? I’ll just change real quick if it’s not. I just never get to wear it.”

That’s right, you never got to wear it. (Forget the heels. Can’t run well in those, so they were out of the question.) The Doctor had never seen so much leg on you. You wore trousers, always, because you were smart enough to know that skirts were not for adventuring. Even in hot weather, though, you didn’t wear shorts. You just wore trousers with thinner material. Shorts were nice, but the idea of running through dense underbrush or stinging nettles or a bog with bare legs didn’t appeal to you, so you kept your legs safely covered. Until today.

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Imagine Sam warning Jack about the dangerous of liking Dean’s bestfriend


Jack watched from across the library as both Dean and (Y/n) laughed at something on Dean’s laptop, Sam who sat across from Jack at another table could see the smile forming on his face.
“Jack;” Sam called out loud enough to get Jack’s attention but not gain his brother’s or his brother’s bestfriends attention. “You okay there buddy?”
Jack smiled toward Sam before turning his face back in the direction of (Y/n), “Yes, I’m quite fine.”
“Jack;” Sam licked his lips staring at the side of Jack’s head, “Is there something you want to tell me, perhaps about (Y/n)?”
Jack’s head snapped over towards Sam a hint of red started appearing on both of his cheeks.
He was blushing, Sam noticed. ‘Could Jack like (Y/n)?’ Sam thought to himself before his mind started to wander off of many of the dangerous things (Y/n) has done on hunts.
He thought of the many times she’s come home covered in creatures blood and guts, the time’s where she would inject holy water into dean’s veins or bath them in a tub filled with gallons upon gallons of holy water, and grin when they screamed in pain.
Him and his brothers may be known in the famously known in the hunter community, but she was know as the women from hell.
And Sam was actually think that she might be from hell, but the testes they’ve ran on her would prove other wise.
“I- I’m not sure what you mean Sam.” Jack replies.
“Jack, do you perhaps like (Y/n)?” Sam askes.
“As a friend? Of course I like her as a friend.” Jack responds with his blush getting deeper, “She’s a very likeable person.”
Shaking his head Sam leaned over telling Jack to the same. Jack repeated Sam’s action a bit confused, “No I mean like do you like like her, do you get a weird feeling in your gut and chest?”
“I do not understand why I feel weird in my gut and heart section but I sometimes feel my heart pounding fast around her that she sometimes warns me if that is normal for me.” Jack explains.
‘This is bad. Very bad.’ Sam thinks.
Not wanting to hurt his feelings Sam gave Jack a nervous look, “Jack you cant like her.”
“Why not?” Jack says with his head tilted.
“She’s older then you.” Sam says.
“Dean says older women are the best.” Jack replies.
“She’s a hunter.” Sam replies back.
“She’s a nice hunter.”
“She’s dean’s bestfriend.” Sam says.
Jack pauses and looks back toward the direction of Dean and (Y/n) only to find (Y/n) gone and Dean looking up at them both.
“You look worried, fellas.” Dean says.

The sight of his child

Master List

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Stephen Strange sat in his room in Kamar-Taj, looking at his hands. I have been four months from when he started his learning there. He was getting progressively better with the mystic arts, but yet, he knew that something was distracting him. The Ancient One saw that too, hell even Wong and Mordo knew there was something wrong about him, different than his attitude from the beginning of his learning, much more distracting than that. Yet Stephen didn’t say a thing about the matter that was bothering him, and why it started now.

With furrowed brow Stephen stood up from his crouching position and went to his desk where he kept his tablet. His inbox was opened in doctor’s desperate hope for a message to appear. The response to his latest email which he send to the one person he wounded before he came to Nepal. You…

“Hey, hon. I got some Chinese, I hope you don’t mind.” You walked into the apartment, bags with food in your hands, your jacket undone, showing off your belly, where your and Stephen’s baby was growing. The said man looked from the papers he had in his shaking hands, frown clearly seen on his face.

“My whole life is destroyed, and you are concerned about some stupid take-out?” Now you frowned at his words. You were with him from the moment he woke up after the accident, tried to help and support him with anything he did, even if he was spending all his money. But how much can one woman take?

“Your life is not destroyed, Stephen. Your hands will heal, just give them time. Beside, you definitely have some more important things to worry about than your job.” He stood up harshly, looking at you with hard eyes.

“And what would that be? You? Don’t be ridiculous. My work was what really mattered.” You felt anger building up in you, but tried to stay calm.

“Our child is what should have mattered to you. It doesn’t need a neurosurgeon, it needs a father.

“Then go and find some!” His eyes widened at the sound of his own scream and sight of tears running down your cheeks. Just in that moment, he knew that he went too far.

“Well then.” You dropped the bags you had in your hands, not giving a shit when they hit the ground and made a mess, making your way to the doors. “You finally gave me a clear view at our apparently destroyed marriage. Good to know what you want. We will make sure not to get with our petite problems in your life anymore.” With that you left your apartment, not giving him a chance to speak. He didn’t saw you since then.

Stephen refreshed his inbox, only to find it empty again. It was your sixth month of pregnancy back then. It was half year ago, and you really kept your word, and didn’t even informed him about giving birth to your child. He tried to contact you for over a week now, but you never answered his emails. Stephen thought about opening a portal to your apartment and beg you for forgiveness, but he knew that if he do that, there will be no way for him to come back to Kamar-Taj…

Strange took a deep breath hearing knocking to his doors. When he opened them he faced Mordo, who took him to the training grounds. Strange went with him, knowing that if he wanted to see you the child, he need to finish his training and heal his hands.

 After defending Kaecelius and Dormamu, and becoming the master of the New York sanctuary, Stephen Strange found himself facing the hardest trial that his new life could possibly face him with. And it was standing in front of doors to your new apartment in not really nice building. He found himself more nervous than in day he proposed to you. The cape of levitation was probably the only reason he was standing on his shaking legs. It also was the cape who ringed your doorbell, too feed up with its master’s nervousness.

“Coming!” Stephen swallowed hearing your voice. When the doors opened, your brow furrowed at the sight of the man in front of you, the smile that was on your lips only second before now fading away. “What the hell are you doing here? And what is that on your face, something bit you?” You placed your hands on your hips, looking at him with certain hardness he was really afraid of. Stephen knew why he came here, yet he wasn’t able to say a word. Right here in this moment you were exactly what he dreamed about for the last months. Your (h/c) hair pulled in a messy bun, your clothes a little too big and dirty from food and something that seemed to be the baby vomits on your left shoulder, you was the most beautiful person ever walking on this planet.

“So?” He snapped form his thoughts and pulled you to himself, hugging you with all he had. It didn’t last long because you pushed him away. “What the hell you think you are doing?”

“I know I messed up, but please, let me in, let me explain.”

“You are coming here, after literally telling me you want nothing to do with me, after abandoning me on the hardest time of my freaking life, doing nothing for a long time except sending me some meaningless emails and now you are expecting me to let you in, as if nothing happened? Do you really think I’m so stupid?!” You closed your eyes for a moment, not wanting to show him your tears. “Where the hell have you been?”

“I will tell you. I will tell you everything, but please let me in. I have been dying to see you, believe me, but it’s not conversation for a hallway.” You looked at him for a while, watching his blue eyes, full of tears and pleads. After a while of watching his suffering you stepped aside, letting him in your apartment.

Once inside, Stephen looked around taking in the look of the place you lived in, only now understanding how much he destroyed your life. With no work because of baby and with the little money he left you when he went to Nepal, you barely made the living. Stephen felt as an ass now, for not paying attention at anything but himself and his hands back when he did had the money…

When you passed him and went into the living room, Stephen walked behind you, but stopped the moment he saw the crib, surrounded by the bags of diapers and some baby toys. Swallowing hard, man looked at you, asking for permission. Sighing you nodded. Even with what he did said to you when you last saw each other, he is the baby’s father and have the very right to meet his child.

With hands shaking more than normal, Stephen walked to the crib and looked inside, only to back off a little and cover his mouth with hand, tears building in his eyes at the sight of his child, covered with pink blanket. He looked at you once more.

“I-it’s a girl?” At your nod, he laughed quietly trying not to cry. “Can I… Can I hold her?” When you nodded once more, he reached for the baby and took her in his hands, holding her close to his chest. “She is perfect.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“What’s her name?”

“Rose.” You walked to him with slight smile on your face, all your anger slowly disappearing at the sight of them together. You touched your daughter delicately before you looked at your husband. “You better want to tell me what’s going on.” Stephen nodded and told you everything, all the time rocking the small girl in his hands.

“You really expect me to believe that? That’s how you want to explain your absence? Magic Stephen? Really? You pushed us away because of your hands, and now you expect me to believe that you don’t care anymore about it, nor your job, because you went to Hogwarts?” You looked at him over the isle which separate kitchen and living room, tea in your hands. He was on your couch, your daughter, now awake, in his hands, playing with his shaking hands.

“It’s Kamar-Taj, and it’s in Nepal. I’m now the master of New Your sanctuary.”

“Oh yes, right, sanctuary. And you are watching over it now, after you saved the world.”

“I can prove it to you.”

“Stephen I think it’s time for you to leave. Your costume was funny, but your lies are not. If you can’t be honest with me, then…” Before you moved to him, the cape that Stephen had on himself moved and flew to you, stopping in front of your face. Squealing slightly you jumped back, looking at the cloth in front of you.

“Stephen, what…?”

“It’s the cape of levitation. It’s my relict and it has mind of its own.” Stephen stood up and walked to you, girl in his arms stretching her hands in direction of the cloak, which turned to her and stroked her face. You stood there stunned, not knowing what to do. “I wasn’t lying to you (y/n), never have and never will. As I said earlier, I know I messed up, I knew it the moment I screamed at you, and I know that you are very right to not to want me in your life again.” He came closer to you, handling you your child and catching your arms with his scarred hands and looking you in the eyes. “Rose needs a father, you told me that. And now? I feel that I’m really ready to be one. I want to protect, not only her, but also you as well. How can I save the world if my own whole one doesn’t want me?” He stroked your cheek with his hand, putting his forehead against it, you barely noticing cape resting back on his shoulders. “I love you. Always had and always will.”

“I… Stephen I love you too.” Doctor smiled covering your lips with his. It lasted a mere second before he pulled back.

“Will you take me back?”

“I will… we will. We both need you.”

“And I need the both of you.”